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Ellucidate's Guide to Demon Slayer

Oct 21, 2023

This guide will not particularly focus on the early levels of game play, but catered towards those that are more interested, and planning on establishing their DS as their main. I will be looking over various character set-ups as well as some game play mechanics.

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The Master Thief Phantom Guide

Feb 9, 2018

Welcome to MapleStory's Master Thief Phantom Guide! Learn how to become the Master Thief Phantom by choosing the correct Skills to Steal, optimizing your V Matrix, obtaining the necessary important stats and correctly managing your attacks and 5th Job Skills during battle! You will also learn some Tips and Tricks, the skill build you should go for, how to efficiently farm and train, learn about Phantom's skills and gameplay, and more!

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Petite Planet Guide

Apr 30, 2018
General Guides

Help tiny uninhabited Petite Planet become a beautiful planet like Maple World! Characters Lv. 33 and above can begin by accepting the quest '[13th Anniversary Planet] The Barren World'. Petite Planet begins as a small barren world.

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