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iTCG Crafting & Badge Exchange Guide

Dec 19, 2019
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Saught's in-depth guide for iTCG Crafting, Badge Redemption/Exchange Quests, and related items. Full Prequest spoonfeeding included. Item pictures & previews also included. Expand all the spoilers if you want to ctrl+f something. Balanced Furies & Crystal Ilbis sections at the bottom.

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Wind Archers — [Witty Subtitle Here]

Oct 29, 2017

It appears you’ve clearly made some poor life decisions if you’ve happened upon this. If you’re here on purpose, welcome, I guess. If someone else referred you to this guide, slap them in the face and find a new friend. But if you really intend on sticking around, here’s a guide written by somebody who has no clue how to play a proper class in Maplestory and somehow got thrown into some class that just sits there and lags because of all the damage lines, Wind Bre— I mean Archer.

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