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iTCG Crafting & Badge Exchange Guide

Dec 19, 2019
General Guides

Saught's in-depth guide for iTCG Crafting, Badge Redemption/Exchange Quests, and related items. Full Prequest spoonfeeding included. Item pictures & previews also included. Expand all the spoilers if you want to ctrl+f something. Balanced Furies & Crystal Ilbis sections at the bottom.

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Chaos Root Abyss for Dummies - Crimson Queen

Feb 3, 2018
Bossing Guides

Chaos Root Abyss gives the most important end game gears: Royal hat, Eagle eye top, Trixter bottom and Fafnir weapons. It's also one of the most challenging bosses to break from the low funding range and clearing the bosses means you've hit the benchmarks from low funded character to a mid-high funded one. This guide will tackle in depth the first step of your journey as the carry rather than the carried.

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