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      A Comprehensive Guide to Monster Collection

      Table of Contents:
      1. Introduction
      2. Benefits from Monster Collection
      3. Negative things about Monster Collection
      4. Beginner's Guide to collecting 150 and 300 monsters
      5. Recommended 6 and 24 hours lines
      6. Notes
      7. Frequently Asked Questions
      8. Credits

      DISCLAIMER: Some of the terminology used by me may be deemed as incorrect as MSEA and GMS have different names for different items, I'm using MSEA terminology


      I'm JuddStorm, also known as u/JuddtheStormcaster on Reddit. After receiving some feedback, I've decided to upload a comprehensive guide to the forums to guide others on monster collection.

      Some general rules on monster collection before we start

      Monsters are registered on a SAME NAME basis, that said, you can register Horus from Mirror World Pyramid while doing Zero's questline and you can collect Poison Golem by doing Monsterpark Ellin Forest (See note 1 below)
      A lower level monster is significantly easier to collect compared to a higher level monster, that said, this does not affect elites and bosses, for example, you can register Warrior and Magician Specter from Ark's questline and you'll have a better chance of adding them quicker compared to Tyrant Castle, a detailed example is in Note 1. For Level 121 and above monsters, the registration rate is on average 1 in 3000
      Mirror World is useful for farming various bosses that can only be entered a limited number of time a day and/or party quest bosses
      Elite Monsters should be avoided at all costs (example: Speedy Violet Clam Slime) if you're just aiming for the boxes as it is incredibly time consuming to spawn the correct elite and then pray hard that it gets registered, there are other 6h/24h boxes that do not require elites

      This guide currently does not cover Elite Monsters that are required for monster collection


      Good things about monster collection:
      - Constant flow of mileage
      - Crimson flames, epic pot scrolls and yellow cubes can be obtained occasionally from running exploration boxes,
      - Trait items are handy for getting the charm level of mules to level 30 to unlock pocket slots,
      - You can get some spell traces from exploration at a high chance


      - The process is incredibly long and tedious, trust me, there will be at times where you just want to give up on that one monster, you need to have that determination to continue this long journey, this process is not done in one day, not done in one week, it takes months to years to do this,
      - While there are shortcuts and loopholes to collect certain (mostly boss) monsters, others depend on your ability to defeat certain bosses (requires massive fundings or carries), finding people to do party quests with you (there are quite a number of PQ related monsters in the collection), Elite Monsters that require a specific elite (and not 100% chance to register), or just simply luck dependent with the odds stacked against you (Salvoroid Red/Blue, Modded Megaroid to name a few)


      New to monster collection? Which monsters should I collect first? What is the fastest way to 150 monsters?

      This guide assumes you're using your main or an at least Level 120 kanna to collect monsters, my recommendation is to start with Victoria Isles, Victoria Island and Edelstein, general rule of thumb, focus on Level 50 and below monsters first as they have the highest probability of being added

      In addition, I'd recommend creating a NEW Eunwol (Shade), Illium and Cadena for the purpose of monster collection

      This is my recommendation for the first 150 and 300, NO boss monster (excluding the Black Viking) is included in this list, however, you may want to defeat those mini-bosses as well as I recommend collecting them on your way to your first 300 monsters, the number in brackets refers to cumulative number, every single monster in the list is below Level 120

      Shall we start? Wait! Not so fast, you CAN get your very first monster right away, click on that light bulb relating to monster collection to receive a simple monsterbloom, double click on it and you have your very first monster, the poison flower! Only 149 more to go!

      Let's start off with Ereve and Rein, then let's make our way to Lith Harbour
      Victoria Isles - Lith Harbour, Rein and Ereve monsters, collect those 14 monsters (15)
      Victoria Island - Henesys and Nautilus - 12 monsters (ribbon pig, blue ribbon pig, strange pig, green/orange/horny/blue/crying blue mushrooms, 4 types of golems EXCLUDING the Ice Golem) (27)
      Victoria Island - Ellinia - 2 fairies, 2 slimes, 4 types of "eyes", you'll obtain your first 3hr line here from collecting the 4 "eye" monsters {35), congratulations on hitting 30 monsters and unlocking your second line
      Victoria Island - Perion - 6 types of stumps, 4 types of skeletons from the excavation site, 2 types of pigs (iron hog and iron boar, IGNORE the 3 star monsters) for a total of 12 monsters (47)
      Victoria Island - Kerning City - 4 monsters in the subway for your second 3hr line box, another 4 monsters from Kerning swamps for a total of 8 monsters (55)
      Victoria Island - Sleepywood - 5 types of drakes, wild kargo and tauromacis for a total of 7 monsters (62)

      Moving on to Edelstein
      Using a level 100 and above character, collect ALL the monsters from Edelstien page 1 EXCEPT the 3 star monster, as all these monsters are below level 100 (or level 121), they are easy to be collected, total 24 monsters (86)

      Let's go to Orbis next
      The first page of Orbis contain some easy monsters to collect, 8 different types of kitties (grupin, lioner, cellion and lucida along with their jr versions), 2 types of nependeaths and two types of pixies (star and lunar) for a total of 12 monsters, you'll also obtain your third 3hr line box here (98)

      Down the Orbis tower we go
      4 types of sentinels, two leattys and jr pepe resides here, collect them for a total of 7 monsters (105)

      It's cold here, we're in El Nath!
      There's not much here but you can collect two types of jr yetis, dark pepe and hector for a total of 4 monsters (109)

      Under the sea, in Aqua Road
      14 monsters are available here for collecting the first THREE lines except for Seruf, you'll also obtain your fourth 3hr line box here (123)

      Dry, dry desert, Ariant and Magatia
      Collect two types of cactus, two types of sand rabbits, two types of pleads, bellamoa, meerkat, kiyo, two types of sand dwarves, sand giant and sand rat for a total of 13 monsters, you'll obtain your fifth 3hr line box here (136)

      Cube slimes, rumos, iron and mirthril mutaes and their reinforced variants, homun, homunculus, roids and saitie for a total of 11 monsters (147)

      The last stretch, Ludibrium Eos Tower (NOTE: if you farmed some boss monsters along the way, you can ignore this section for the purpose of collecting 150 monsters)
      Two types of toy rats, spiders (trixters), a drumming bunny, three types of toy planes and two types of birds, two weirdly shaped octopus blocks and a golem made of blue toy blocks are available here for a total of 12 monsters (159), if you follow the guide, you should be able to collect 159 different monsters below Level 100

      ALTERNATIVES without using job specific characters (for the purpose of the guide, I'll add on cumulatively from the previous section)
      Grandis (Pantheon) - Page 1, bottom three rows with exceptions: three types of gobblers, two types of tokkas, laloong and kaloong, and two types of stonegars (9 monsters, I recommend using an angelic buster or kaiser to collect these monsters while doing the storyline quest) (168)

      Grandis (Savage Terminal) - the bottom three lines of Page 3 under Grandis for a total of 13 monsters (EXCEPT Mr Hazard's Underling A aka Hazard's Vile Crony as it can only be fought by Cadena, however, I recommend using a Cadena to collect these monsters) (181)

      Grandis (Verdel) - the first three lines of Page 4 for a total of 12 monsters, depending on your version, I cannot confirm if the specters can be registered, for MSEA, it seems to be possible to register Warrior Specter from Verdel (193 excluding Warrior Specter)

      Ellinia Fairy Academy - 8 monsters excluding the elite and mole king (201)

      Gold Beach - 9 monsters excluding the two elites and Captain Darkgoo (210)

      Reina Strait - 7 monsters excluding the elite and Demolisher (217)

      Mushroom Castle - 10 monsters excluding the TWO elites, this includes Black Viking and Viking Squad so you can collect an extra monster from a momong (the Black Viking line yields a 6 hour box when sent for exploration, and you will get an extra monster, the Prime Minister Mushroom for your collection) (227)

      JOB SPECIFIC monsters
      Note: Please farm the monsters UNTIL you have registered the required monster BEFORE completing the quest for that specific monster
      Eunwol/Shade - create a shade and follow the questline, 10 monsters here (237)
      Illium - create an illium to farm inside the academy, 9 monsters here (246)
      Cadena - to collect Mr Hazard's Underling A, you might want to FORFEIT the quest after killing like 25/30 of the required monster to give it another try until you've collected the monster, while granted that there are more than one opportunity to collect the specific monster, I recommend playing safe by forfeiting the quest during the first wave after you've killed like 25/30 of the monster and redoing it until collected (247)
      Angelic Buster and Kaiser - there are 6 monsters in Grandis page 1 that are only accessible by the two specific jobs, however, they do not have a level cap whatsoever for entering the map and the map is still accessible even after completing the quest (253)

      Following ALL of the above information, you should have a total of 253 monsters collected, you're close to 300 now, 47 more monsters to 300 and you'll realise your options are getting limited

      Ludibrium toy factory, three types of teddies, a duck, a toy trojan, red robo, tick and tick-tock, three types of chronos for 11 monsters (264)

      Ellin Forest - snail, tree rod, stone bug, mushroom, boar and two types of fairies for 7 monsters (271)

      Minar Forest (page 1) - 15 regular monsters (286)

      Minar Forest (page 2 line 1) - 3 regular monsters except blood harp (289), the non-starforced variant of blood harp is EXTREMELY rare as it only spawns in Sky Nest 1 so I'll ignore this (289)
      11 monsters left? What should we do to make it? If you collected some bosses along the way, you should have 300 monsters, otherwise, head back to hunt some area bosses and you should have 300 monsters, I recommend doing Silent Crusade questline as well while collecting as the Kentaurus King Line yields a 6 hour box as well

      Note: The above is a recommendation for the easiest monsters based on difficulty of registering, however, do not forget to do your dailies as some of the monsters can be "easily" registered by doing dailies diligently, examples include

      Blazing Imp and Spear Imp from Normal Root Abyss, Spear Imp has a relatively low chance of adding, however, you can farm this by taking mules and running Normal Vellum, in addition, you can collect the 4 Normal Root Abyss bosses for your collection

      Road to Extinction/Vanishing Journey
      You can collect 8 different types of Edras here (Joyful, Angry, Sad, Pleasant, Rocky, Flaming, Robust Soul and Edras Lantern) while doing daily quests

      Scrapyard and Fallen World Tree
      Various monsters can be registered here while farming for dailies

      Morass, Esfera and Tenebris
      See Road to Extinction above


      6 hour boxes:
      - Black Viking Line (IMPORTANT NOTE: to farm Viking Squad, you'll need to FORFEIT the quest IMMEDIATELY after entering the map, kill the mobs and repeat until it drops), as the target monster is Level 63, it shouldn't be too hard to register
      - Werewolves line (Werewolf, Lycanthrope, Riche and Snowman, Riche can be found inside Mystic Gates (for MSEA ONLY) and Snowman can be acquired from Tangyoon PQ, not too difficult), IMPORTANT NOTE: For GMS, you can't use the mystic gate to farm Riche as the monster inside is named Lich, credits to PirateIzzy on Reddit for pointing this out)
      - Root Abyss Daily (Normal mode RA is easily obtainable if you do root abyss daily diligently, you can speed up the process by bringing in mule characters to run NRA and collecting some money from crystals in the process)
      - Kentaurus Line (three starforced kentaurus, regular black kentaurus along with kentaurus king that can be collected from mystic gates, farm using mules using mystic gates to speed up this collection)
      - Kerning Tower have TWO (see Note 2)
      - Lord Pirate Line (three pirate mob + Lord Pirate, Lord Pirate can be farmed via Dojo, and in mirror world for non-reboot servers)
      - Cygnus Commander Line (you can farm this in Easy Cgynus by entering and defeating the 5 commanders WITHOUT killing Cygnus, once you defeated all the commanders, leave the map and try again until you collected all 5, you can also collect Shinsoo using this method)
      - Phantom Watch Line (As of Chaos Papulatus patch, any variant of Papulatus in the Papulatus bossroom will count, formerly known as [*] Papulatus and it was slightly harder to collect at then, now it can be farmed/collected in Mirror World Ludi in MSEA as second form matches the text monster exactly)
      - Bellflower Line (Giant Bellflower can be collected from Polo's castle minigame or Mirror World, also, bellflowers CAN drop a bellflower momon, see Note 3)

      24 hour boxes:
      - Ephenia Line (The difficult part is 2 mobs from Dimensional Library, recommended to use a mule to farm these mobs in the Dimensional Library while during the quest as the map after you completed the questline has a terrible spawnrate, thankfully these mobs are below Level 121)
      Chryse Line (Recommended to use mules below Level 121 to collect the 2 pq mobs, used to be much easier when the entry level was lowered back then), Xerxes will eventually be collected if you run Chryse many times to train mules
      - Cygnus Line (Use 4th job KoC advancement to farm Cygnus, NOTE: similar to Viking Squad, you enter the quest map, FORFEIT the quest before defeating the monster, repeat until it drops), for Shinsoo, see -Cygnus Commander Line
      - Pink Bean Line (Nothing much to say except you'll need to do Pink Bean bossing diligently, Chaos Pink Bean (CURRENTLY) have 14 forms which makes it easy to collect (not in the case in the future when Chaos Pink Bean is left with 3 bodies)
      - Horntail Line (Have fun collecting the two monons/monsterblooms from Horntail AND Chaos Horntail, the other mobs are two starforced skeleton dragons, this line is actually quite easy for a 24h box, see Note 4 for details on Horntail)

      Misc - Magnus Line
      For MSEA, if you're lucky enough to collect Hard Magnus, just simply defeat the 3 mini-bosses and the red totem (shouldnt be difficult as they are Level 107) to get a black box
      Misc - Chaos Root Abyss Line

      A black box is available for players who do Chaos Root Abyss weekly, it is a matter of time before you collect it


      Note 1: The basis above is how I collected Deadly Altar for Aswan set. During that time, Aswan liberation was still available in MSEA, I used a mule to farm a Level 50 variant of Deadly Altar by spawning it in Hard Mode Aswan, it took 36 tries (after killing I just left the map) over a span of 4 days to collect the monster which was significantly much easier compared to "farming" it in Hilla.

      In addition, both GlobalMS MapleSEA has an inconsistency in naming. Take note that only correctly named monster can be registered
      For MSEA, Netherworld Monk, only Normal Arkarium's and Mihile's quest Arkarium summon the correct variant, other variants do not count.
      For GMS (as covered above), the mystic gate in Forest of Dead Trees 4 contains a Lich instead of Riche, as such, you're unable to register Riche via mystic gate farming

      Note 2: Kerning Tower has an interesting collection method, TWO special monsters can only be obtained via a momon/monsterbloom, the first line yields a 6 hour box for collection, which requires you to complete line 3 and 5, it is not too difficult for most of the part as you can easily train mules from lv145 to lv150 here by running the quests. In addition, you'll need to collect 5 starforce monsters which you can train mules on. The fourth line in that collection requires you to collect 4 monsters and Rock Spirit, Rock Spirit can be defeated over and over again once you complete Kerning Tower questline and click on the guitar in the penthouse

      Note 3: In the game file, an item named Bellflower Momon/Monsterbloom was added during the patch where Giant Bellflower spawns in Bellflower Valley, however, I do not know which monsters can be added using this momon, this image was taken from MSEA facebook from a post with permission from the owner of the pic

      Bellflower Root Momon

      Note 4: Horntail* and Chaos Horntail cannot be registered by killing the boss itself, this is due to the boss design where Horntail refers to the entire monster and not the separate body parts, Nexon has fixed this issue by programming Horntail and Chaos Horntail to drop momons (monsterblooms) for players to collect these two monsters, see the below picture
      *Horntail can be registered by killing the Mirror World Horntail head in Chapter 1 of Zero's Storyline, however, this can only be done ONCE per Zero

      Horntail Momon/Monsterbloom


      Q: 600 monsters out of 870? That's way too much to ask!
      A: Yes, it is a lot to ask for, however, you can actually obtain most of the high-leveled non-elite monsters by training on mules, for example, a mule from Level 180 to Level 200 can potentially obtain all the future perion monsters if they train on each monster until registered, use kannas to speed up the spawn rate to make it slightly easier to collect
      NOTE: I DO NOT, in any circumstances, guarantee you will collect all the monsters in a single run, it is highly luck dependent as I spent 2.5 levels on a Lv18X character trying to register a regular Fox Valley monster

      Q: Where's Zombie Mushmom?
      A: Ant Tunnel Square 2, or you can run Dojo

      Q: Where's Crimson Balrog? Does it still spawn on the ship to Victoria/Orbis?
      A: I've collected my Crimson Balrog some time back when the ship spawned Crimson Balrog, currently, it seems like Crimson Balrog doesn't spawn on the ship anymore. However, you can have a chance to register Crimson Balrog from Dojo and very rarely in Balrog Boss when Balrog's left hand (player PoV) summons a Crimson Balrog, in addition, there is a charm level 80 quest that requires you to defeat a Crimson Balrog,
      According to u/PirateIzzy on Reddit, you can continue farming Crimson Balrogs by not picking up the ETC item that it drops from the Level 80 charm quest)

      Q: Is Sage Cat supposed to an elite monster?
      A: I don't know if it was intentionally made a 3 star monster or it was originally supposed to be an elite, then again, just appreciate the fact that it is an easy monster to collect

      Q: Is that the Ice Golem from Coke Town? Where can I find this monster?
      A: Collect the line from El Nath that requires a Dark (Shadowy) White Fang elite monster to obtain its momon

      Q: What does [*] mean when it is placed in front of a monster's name? (Eg Black Kentaurus and [*] Black Kentaurus)
      A: This asterisk [*] refers to a starforced variant of the monster which you need to hunt to collect, that said, it really makes Eye of Time an incredibly time-consuming monster to collect due to its fairly low spawn rate (note: if the collection asks for a regular non-starforced Eye of Time, it would probably be collected after you did a few runs on time temple clearing the Pink Bean prequest for mules, unfortunately, the developers decided to increase the difficulty on this low-spawn monster to add to the challenge for one miserable box)

      Q: Are 2 star monsters easier to collect than 1 star monsters?
      A: Honestly, based on experience, no, they are the same as two star monsters typically refers to a starforced version of a monster (or an arcane river monster as they require arcane force), there are a few exceptions to the starforce rule such as Fallen Eagle Warrior (anti-AFK mob from Fallen World Tree) and Dark Eye from Another Dimension, however, they are equally as difficult to register as compared regular monsters, bosses with 2 star difficulty seem to have the same collection rate as other bosses

      u/PirateIzzy on Reddit

      No parts of this guide, whether whole or part of it, should be reproduced without my permission, if you wish to re-upload this guide, kindly drop me a message or contact me on Reddit, my username is u/JuddtheStormcaster
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