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      A Comprehensive Guide to Monster Collection

      Table of Contents:
      1. Introduction
      2. Benefits from Monster Collection
      3. Negative things about Monster Collection
      4. Important Notes on Monster Collection and Tips
      5. Recommended 6 hour lines
      6. Recommended 24 hour lines
      7. A Page By Page Guide on which monsters to collect
      8. Elite Monster Collection Guide
      9. Guide to Collecting Certain Rare and Specific Monsters
      10. Monster Collection Guide for The Seed
      11. Monster Collection Guide for Party Quests
      12. Collecting monsters using Mysterious Momon
      13. Frequently Asked Questions
      14. Credits

      DISCLAIMER: I'm using MSEA names on monsters and items, note that the names of items and monsters may vary between MSEA and GMS

      As of KMST V1.2.112 (Neo Patch), there are 64 new monsters added into the collection, increasing the total from 870 to 934, these monsters are not available in MSEA and GMS yet but I'll be including these monsters in the guide as well


      I'm JuddStorm, also known as u/JuddtheStormcaster on Reddit. After receiving some feedback, I've decided to upload a comprehensive guide to the forums to guide others on monster collection.


      Good things about monster collection:
      - Constant flow of mileage (Note that there is an overall mileage cap per day)
      - Crimson flames, epic pot scrolls and yellow cubes can be obtained occasionally from running exploration boxes
      - You can obtain Cube Chairs (Totem Chairs) by completing specific collection pages
      - Trait items are handy for getting the charm level of mules to level 30 to unlock pocket slots,
      - You can get some spell traces from exploration at a decent chance

      Q: How do I run an exploration?

      To unlock an exploration line, you'll need to collect a line of monsters, the number of hours for the exploration depends on the line itself which varies - 1hour, 3hour, 6hour and 24hour lines. In addition, collecting a line of monsters will yield a box.

      In the picture below, I have sent 5 24hrs lines of monsters for exploration. To send monsters on exploration, click on the exploration tab and then select a line to send the monsters on an exploration. A player will unlock the exploration tab with 5 monsters collected, the second exploration line at 30, third at 150, fourth at 300 and the final at 600.


      Q: What are Cube/Totem Chairs?

      Cube Chairs are stackable chairs that can be customised to your liking using different cube/totem chairs. Seen below is a character sitting on a stackable Cube Chair consisting of chairs from Monster Collection, from top to bottom: Orange Mushroom, Scuba Pepe, Specter Dog, Ripe Wolfroot, Water Thief Monster and Tino Cube Chairs. These cube chairs are compatible with other cube chairs such as the heroes cube chairs from the Heroes of Maple storyline.


      List of rewards from Monster Collection Explorations (Work in Progress)

      Many thanks to all the contributors in the Monster Collection Discord Group for helping me gather and compile the data for the rewards from exploration

      1 hour exploration rewards:
      5-10 mileage (possible amounts are 5, 8 and 10)
      1 quantity of random trait item, and
      25 to 35 spell traces (requires further testing) OR a Suspicious Cube


      3 hour exploration rewards:
      Some mileage (TBD)
      TBD quantity of a trait item or a trait boost potion (incredibly rare), and
      ONE of the following: (TBD quantity) of spell traces, a yellow cube, a carved silver seal or TBD number of Suspicious Cubes

      6 hour exploration rewards:
      40 to 65 mileage (mileage is in increments of 5)
      5 to 7 of a random trait item or a trait boost potion (incredibly rare), and
      ONE of the following: 80-120 spell traces (increments of 10), 3 Suspicious Cubes, a yellow OR purple cube, a carved silver OR gold seal, an epic potential scroll 50%, a crimson resurrection flame

      24 hour exploration rewards:
      110 to 170(?) mileage per bundle (require confirmation on maximum amount)
      7 to 10 of a trait item or a trait boost potion (incredibly rare), and
      ONE of the following: 160 to 300 (average seems to be 200, requires more detailed testing) spell traces, a yellow OR purple cube, a carved silver OR gold seal, an epic potential scroll 50%, an additional potential scroll 50%, a crimson/rainbow resurrection flame or 5 Suspicious Cubes


      The process is incredibly long and tedious, trust me, there will be at times where you just want to give up on that one monster, you need to have that determination to continue this long journey, this process is not done in one day, not done in one week, it takes months to years to do this, while there are shortcuts and loopholes to collect certain (mostly boss) monsters, others depend on your ability or extreme luck such as:
      - Certain bosses which may requires massive fundings or carries, also, note that PRACTICE MODE BOSSES DO NOT COUNT
      - Finding people to do party quests with you (there are quite a number of PQ related monsters in the collection)
      - Elite Monsters that require a specific elite (and not 100% chance to register),
      - Low Spawn Monsters with the odds stacked against you such as Missile Android Red/Blue (Salvoroid Red/Blue), Remodeled Failed Android (Modded Megaroid) to name a few
      - Boss Monsters that are coded as regular monsters making them extremely difficult to register due to their rarity, this applies to King Castle Golem from Lionheart Castle, Giant Golem and Reverse Dark Soul (Blackheart Negative) from Labyrinth of Suffering which are treated as boss monsters in the game but are coded as regular monsters for the purpose of monster collection
      - Monsters from The Seed, notably the two ancient beetles and monsters on Floor 13 which have a limited spawn


      4.1 Monsters are registered on a SAME NAME basis, that said, you can register Horus from Mirror World Pyramid while doing Zero's questline and you can collect Poison Golem by doing Monsterpark Ellin Forest (see spoiler below)


      4.2 Mirror World is useful for farming various bosses and certain monsters that can only be entered a limited number of time a day such as Alishar (Ludi PQ), Horus (Pyramid PQ) and Giant Dark Soul (Dimensional Invade, MSEA only) which are monsters from Party Quests.

      In GMS, you can register Advisor Mummy (Pyramid PQ) from the Pyramid Dungeon similar to Horus and Papa Pixie through a Mirror World Magatia storyline quest. These two examples does not work in MSEA as Advisory Mummy and Papa Pixie are labelled differently from the requirement making it impossible to use this workaround.


      4.3 A lower level monster is significantly easier to collect compared to a higher level monster, that said, this does not affect elites and bosses. For Level 121 and above monsters, the registration rate is on average 1 in 3000. As covered in Section 4.1, all monsters are registered on a same-name basis regardless of appearance.

      Transcendion, a Level 261 monster found in Limen was registerable using Glory event's monsters which are scaled to level, note that minimum level to enter the quest is Level 101 and it is repeatable. It took me a total of three runs before successfully registering the monster.

      4.4 One Small Tip to improve your chances to register monsters

      Explorer Archer's link skill (introduced in Glory patch update) gives you a 35% increase in chance to register monsters (at Level 6), it is recommended to train Bowmaster, X-Bowmaster and Pathfinder to at least Level 120 to obtain the Level 2 link from each class to help you in your journey in monster collection.
      In addition, take advantage of Sunday Maple events that increases the collection rate of monsters.

      4.5 One very important key point before we move into the main body of the guide:

      Please pay attention to the name of the monster required by the collection and hunt for the correct monster based on name and not by appearance, DO NOT EVER assume that it is the "correct monster" because it looks similar. A good example is Netherworld Monk for MSEA as shown below in the spoiler.

      The monster we're looking for is Netherworld Monk:

      As seen below, Netherworld Monk can be farmed via Mihile's quest variant Arkarium

      However, Easy Mode Arkarium summons Otherworldly Priest instead of Netherworld Monk, hence, it is NOT possible to collect Netherworld Monk via Easy Mode Arkarium, this also applies to Kritas Invasion and Mu Lung Dojo as the monsters are named differently from the target monster.

      Note that the above example does not apply to GMS as Easy mode Arkarium, Kritas Invasion and Mu Lung Dojo Netherworld Monks variants can all be used to register "Netherworld Monk"


      5.1 Black Viking Line, Victoria Island Page 4, bottom line

      This line requires Black Viking (unlimited entries), along with two regular monsters and a quest mob named Viking Legion
      IMPORTANT NOTE: to farm Viking Legion, you'll need to FORFEIT the quest IMMEDIATELY after entering the map, kill the mobs and repeat until it drops), as the target monster is Level 63, it shouldn't be too hard to register.

      5.2 Werewolves Line, El Nath Page 2, Line 4
      This line requires Werewolf, Lycanthrope, Riche and Snowman. Riche can be found inside Mystic Gates (for MSEA ONLY) and Snowman can be acquired from Tangyoon PQ. IMPORTANT NOTE: For GMS, you can't use the mystic gate to farm Riche as the monster inside is named Lich, credits to PirateIzzy for this info.

      5.3 Root Abyss Daily, Victoria Island Page 5, Line 4
      Normal mode RA is easily obtainable if you do root abyss daily diligently, you can speed up the process by bringing in mule characters to run NRA and collecting some money from crystals in the process.

      5.4 Kentaurus Line, Minar Forest Page 1, Line 4
      This line requires all three starforced kentaurus (2 star monsters), regular black kentaurus (1 star) along with Kentaurus King that can be collected from mystic gates. You can find King Kentuaurus in mystic gates. A tip is to use mules to farm this boss in Mystic Gates to increase your chances to collect this boss.

      5.5 Lord Pirate Line, Mu Lung Garden Page 2, bottom line
      This line requires Mr Alli, Kru and Captain which can be found in regular maps and Lord Pirate which is the boss of Herb Town PQ. Lord Pirate can be farmed via Monster Park. In addition, you can also farm Lord Pirate in Mirror World.

      5.6 Cygnus Commander Line, Temple of Time Page 3, Line 4
      You can farm this in Easy Cgynus by entering and defeating the 5 commanders WITHOUT killing Cygnus, once you defeated all the commanders, leave the map and try again until you collected all 5. In addition, you can also collect Shinsoo using this method. However, please note that there is a 30 minute cooldown between entries for Easy Cygnus. Also, note that Easy and Normal Cygnus shares a weekly clear limit.

      5.7 Papulatus/Phantom Watch Line, Ludas Lake Page 2, bottom line
      The difficulty of this line comes from Papulatus as there is a daily limit of one entry. To increase your chances of registering, you can farm Papulatus in Mirror World or using the Mystic Gate to fight Papulatus with the original moveset.

      Note that in MSEA, only the second form of the Mirror World Papulatus counts in as the first form is named Papulatus Watch, this does not apply to GMS.

      5.8 Bellflower Line, Mu Lung Garden Page 1, Line 4
      Four regular monsters and a boss is required for this line, Giant Bellflower spawns at Bellflower Valley. In addition, Giant Bellflower can be registered from Polo's castle minigame or via Mirror World.

      5.9 Kerning Tower

      5.9.1 Kerning Tower Line 1
      In order to complete this line, you would need to collect Line 3 and Line 5 in order to obtain the two monsterblooms required as seen in the image above, this isn't too hard as they do not require collecting any elite monsters. Line 3 consists of monster residing in Floor 3 and 4 of Kerning Tower while Line 5 (aka bottom line) requires hunting the Starforced variants of Kerning Tower monsters found in the fourth map of each floor.

      5.9.2 Kerning Tower Line 4
      This line is significantly easier as compared to 5.9.1. To collect Rock Spirit, you'll need to complete Kerning Tower's questline and click on the strange guitar in the Penthouse where you'll be teleported to a map with Rock Spirit. This can be repeated as many times as you like (or until you collected Rock Spirit). In addition, it is possible to register Rock Spirit while doing the questline.

      5.10 Fox Valley, Grandis Page 2, bottom line
      This line contains 4 regular monsters and a boss monster from Fox Valley, an area that is only accessible by Level 185 and above characters. The monsters in this line can be accessed normally after completing the Fox Valley questline.


      6.1 Ephenia Line, Ludas Lake Page 3, bottom line
      The main difficulty of this line comes from the 2 mobs from Dimensional Library. It is recommended to use a mule to farm these mobs in the Dimensional Library while during the quest as the map after you completed the questline has a terrible spawnrate, thankfully these mobs are below Level 121.

      6.2 Chryse Line, El Nath Page 1, bottom line
      I personally recommend to using mules below Level 121 to collect the 2 pq mobs (and using Explorer Archer's Link Skill as well). This line used to be much easier when the entry level was lowered back then). Xerxes will eventually be collected if you run Chryse many times to train mules.

      6.3 Cygnus Line, Temple of Time Page 3, bottom line
      I recommend using Cygnus Knights fourth job advancement to farm Cygnus. Similar to Viking Squad, you enter the quest map, FORFEIT the quest before defeating the monster and repeat it until it registers. To register Shinsoo, see section 5.6 Cygnus Commander Line. Ifrit can be easily registered while farming Advanced Knight B using characters training at Knight Chamber 2.

      6.4 Pink Bean Line, Temple of Time Page 1, bottom line
      Nothing much to say except you'll need to do Pink Bean bossing diligently. Normal Pink Bean can be accessed once a day while Chaos Pink Bean can only be cleared ONCE a week, sharing a daily entry limit. A workaround for Chaos Pink Bean (which is NOT recommended as you'll be using up your daily count which could be used on Normal Pink Bean instead) is to defeat the first two bodies of Chaos Pink Bean and exit, and return the next day to try your luck. In addition, only NORMAL MODE statues will count towards the two statues required by the collection.

      6.5 Horntail Line, Minar Forest Page 3, bottom line
      This line requires both regular and chaos mode Horntail along with starforced Skelegon and Skelosaurus.

      But wait, Judd, you told me that monsters are registered on a same-name basis, but I can't seem to register (Chaos) Horntail, am I missing something?
      Explanation: Horntail and Chaos Horntail cannot be registered by killing the boss itself, this is due to the boss design where Horntail refers to the entire monster and not the separate body parts. Nexon has fixed this issue by programming Horntail and Chaos Horntail to drop monsterblooms for players to collect these two monsters, see the below picture:

      Horntail Momon/Monsterbloom

      In addition, Horntail can be registered by killing the Mirror World Horntail head in Chapter 1 of Zero's Storyline, however, this can only be done ONCE per Zero.

      6.6 Magnus Line, Grandis Page 2, bottom line
      IMPORTANT NOTE: In MSEA, you'll need to collect HARD Magnus instead of Magnus. The other monsters required for this line is relatively easy to collect. For more information on the Magnus workaround, see point 9.2 below.

      6.7 Chaos Root Abyss Line, Victoria Island Page 5, bottom line
      For players who do Chaos Root Abyss weekly, it is a matter of time and luck before you collected all four Chaos Mode Bosses

      In GMS, upon defeating Chaos Crimson Queen and Chaos Pierre, these two monsters will spawn a box, these boxes are named "Chaos Crimson Queen" and "Chaos Pierre" respectively, as monsters are registered on a same-name basis as mentioned above, this gives the player (who "killed" the box) an additional chance to register the boss into the collection.

      In MSEA, the box is "correctly" labelled as "Chaos Crimson Queen's Treasure Chest" and "Chaos Pierre's Treasure Chest", hence the player doesn't get any additional chance to register the boss. In normal mode Root Abyss for both GMS and MSEA as the box is named as "Crimson Queen's Treasure Chest" and "Pierre's Treasure Chest" respectively and as such, you do not get an additional chance to register the boss.


      7.1 Introduction
      7.2 A page by page breakdown

      7.1 Introduction

      When I was re-writing this guide to make it more user-friendly, I was thinking of a way to sort out which monsters would be considered as the "easiest" to obtain and it could be very subjective, as such, I decided to simply list out every single page in the collection and recommend them in this format:

      PAGE NAME (Recommended for: 150/300/600)
      [Insert Description of Page and Monsters to avoid]
      Total Monsters for this page: n monsters

      But before we get into the page by page recommendation, did you know you can get your very first monster right away? Just click on that light bulb relating to monster collection to receive a simple monsterbloom to register Poison Flower.

      (Side Note: I have no idea where does Poison Flower even appear in this game. The monster appeared in the files when Ellin Forest PQ was introduced in the game, however, this monster never appeared in the PQ or anywhere else for that matter, as such, it is virtually impossible to obtain except using the monsterbloom given by the quest)

      7.2 A Page By Page breakdown on recommended monsters to collect

      As a general rule of thumb, I AVOID Party Quest Monsters, rare spawn Monsters and Elite Monsters, certain bosses such as Damien, Chaos Root Abyss, Mu Gong etc. I've also added a separate section below for a guide to Monster Collection in The Seed in Section 10. I also did not include any recommendations for Esfera and beyond as I believe it is possible to collect 600 monsters without touching those areas at all.

      NOTE: I use Chaos Horntail/Normal Pink Bean as the benchmark for bossing, any boss that is harder than that benchmark will NOT be included in the guide.

      For monsters that appears exclusively inside mystic gates, note that there is a daily limit of 15 mystic gates entry per character if you want to farm that particular monster (shared across all gates).

      In Summary:
      For 150 monsters, my recommendations are just simply low level monsters including area bosses (aka below Level 121).
      For 300 monsters, my recommendations are almost similar to 150 monsters but also includes job specific monsters and monsters that hoover around the Level 120 range.
      For 600 monsters, I have listed which monsters to avoid collecting in each page which mostly consists of elites, difficult bosses and rare spawning monsters.

      Click on the spoiler to see the page by page breakdown:

      I used red crosses (X), blue circles and green circles as indicators:

      Red X indicates that that monster should be avoided for the purpose of collecting 150/300/600, this includes Party Quest Bosses that can be collected from Monster Park, Mirror World and Dojo.
      Blue circles indicate that this monster have a limited entry daily, this is usually indicated on boss monsters.
      Green circles indicate that this monster can only be accessed via a specific character and/or quest.

      Victoria Island Page 1 (Recommended for 150/300/600)
      Collect all the monsters in this page except the two elites, Obese Pig and God of Cookery. Zombie Mushmom spawns at Ant Tunnel Square 2.

      Total: 19 Monsters

      Victoria Island Page 2 (Recommended for 150/300/600)
      Collect all the monsters except the elite Wooden Mask and Ice Golem.

      Total: 21 Monsters

      Judd, is that the Ice Golem from Coke Town? Where can I find this monster?
      You'll need to complete El Nath Page 2, Line 2 which requires a Dark (Shadowy) White Fang elite monster to obtain its monsterbloom.

      Victoria Island Page 3 (Recommended for 150/300/600)
      Avoid the three elite monsters. Mole King and Captain Darkgoo can be accessed by completing Elliniel Fairy Academy and Gold Beach Theme Dungeon respectively.

      Total: 18 monsters

      Victoria Island Page 4 (Recommended for 150/300/600)
      Collect everything except the two elite monsters. In order to obtain Prime Minster Mushroom for monster collection, you'll need to complete Black Viking Line (See Section 5.1 for more info) to obtain its Monsterbloom.

      Lord Skeleton can be accessed via the mystic gate in the Perion Excavation Site.

      Total: 20 monsters

      Victoria Island Page 5 - PART 1: TOP TWO LINES (Recommended for 150/300)
      Collect everything except the elite Taurospear. Balrog Boss can be entered up to 7 times a day per character and killing Balrog's hands also counts towards registering Balrog.

      Total: 9 monsters

      Victoria Island Page 5 - PART 2: BOTTOM THREE LINES (Recommended for 600)
      If you do Normal Root Abyss diligently, you would be able to register the regular mode seal guardians. The Elite Imps can be found in a map of their own which can be accessed after completing the Root Abyss questline while the regular Blazing and Spear Imps can be found on the map before the boss(es) itself.

      Note that there is a 30 minute cooldown between Normal Mode entries if you did not clear the boss(es) and as such, I indicated the regular ones with blue circles as they are considered to have a limited entry.

      For the purpose of this guide, I did not include Chaos Root Abyss bosses.

      Total 8 monsters

      Victoria Island Page 6 (Recommended for 600)
      The top three lines (excluding the Imp) are monsters from Crimsonwood Castle, these monsters are Level 130 and above.
      In order to obtain Master Red Nug, you'll need to run Crimsonwood Castle questline. As you only have one chance to register him before turning in the quest, my recommendation is that upon entering the boss room where Master Red Nug spawns, IMMEDIATELY forfeit the quest before defeating Master Red Nug so that in the event that you do not register him, you can fight him again and again until you register him.

      The bottom two lines consists of Fallen World Tree monsters. I recommend collecting them while doing your Fallen World Tree weeklies. For the purpose of collection, I've excluded the elite, Damien, the eagle rider and the Fallen Imp (the latter two being anti-AFK mobs with an extremely poor spawnrate).

      Total: 17 monsters

      Victoria Island Page 7 aka Kerning Tower (Recommended for 600)
      Collect everything except the elite. For a detailed guide on Kerning Tower, see Section 5.9.

      Total: 21 monsters

      Victoria Island Page 8 (Recommended for 300/600) - Currently only available in KMS, original image credits to Orange Mushroom Blog
      Avoid the 3 elites. The top 3 row contains easy to collect monsters (noting that Elludin monsters have a maximum upper level limit of 59). The bottom 2 rows contains Level 135 and above monsters (and 2 monsters below Level 50).

      Currently in MSEA, the boss of Partem can be only accessed once per character similar to Master Red Nug above, it is unknown whether this will change in the future and hence, follow the guide for Master Red Nug to collect the boss of Partem.

      Total: 22 monsters

      Victoria Isles (SEA)/Near Victoria (GMS) Page 1 (Recommended for 150/300/600)
      Collect everything except the elite.

      Total: 22 monsters

      Edelstein Page 1 (Recommended for 150/300/600)
      Collect everything except the elite.

      Total: 24 monsters

      Edelstein Page 2 (Recommended for 600)
      This page is filled a number low spawning mobs alongside THREE elites and Lotus. Due to the high number low spawning mobs in this page, I recommend collecting these monsters while doing Scrapyard weekly quests and hope that it registers. Despite Georg (SEA)/Demolisher (GMS) having a poor spawnrate, the monster is coded as a boss monster and can be registered easily, alternatively, it also can be registered in Reina Strait as it shares the same name.

      I have crossed out elite monsters, Lotus and Missile Android Red/Blue (SEA)/Salvoroid Red/Blue (GMS) and Remodeled Giant Android (SEA)/Modded Megaroid (GMS) for the purpose of collection (note that the three "regular" mobs that I've pointed out are very difficult to collect due to extremely low spawnrate. For information on collecting Lotus, see point 9.5 below.

      Total: 15 monsters

      El Nath Page 1 (Recommended for 150/300/600)
      Avoid Crimson Balrog, the elite Pixie, Papa Pixie, Ghost Pixie, and the three Chryse PQ mobs. For more information on Crimson Balrog, see point 9.4 below. In GMS, you can register Papa Pixie via Mirror World (see point 4.2 above).

      Total: 17 monsters.

      El Nath Page 2 (Recommended for 300/600)
      Avoid the elite white fang and ignore the bottom line as they are PQ mobs. Note that you'll need to hunt Separated Pepe and not regular Pepe for the for the Monster Collection. Separated Pepe only spawns after defeating Yeti & Pepe.

      Total: 17 monsters

      El Nath Page 3 (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid Golden Bee, King Castle Golem, elite monsters, Prison Guard Rhino and Boar, Zakum summons and Chaos Zakum. Note that killing any difficulty of Von Leon will count towards the monster collection. Zakum (Easy and Normal shared limit) and Von Leon have a daily entry limit of one entry a day.

      Punco is summoned by Easy and Normal Zakum, Opachu is summoned by Normal Zakum, Chaos Kusko is summoned by Chaos Zakum.

      Side note: This screenshot is taken in MSEA and as such, the image for Zakum looks different from the GMS version, this is an aesthetics difference and doesn't impact gameplay in any way.

      Total: 15 monsters

      Ludus Lake Page 1 (Recommended for 300/600)
      Avoid the two elites, Rombot, the PQ mob (Dark Eye from Another Dimension) and Alishar. Note that Alishar can be obtained from Mirror World and Dojo. Rombot spawns in pairs in a hidden map off Eos Tower alongside (Yellow) Block Golems and King Block Golems.

      Total: 19 monsters

      Ludus Lake Page 2 (Recommended for 300/600)
      Avoid the elite monster. Easy and Normal Papulatus have a shared daily limit of one entry per day while Chaos have a weekly clear limit of once per week. Note that defeating any difficulty of Papulatus will count towards Papulatus for monster collection. Alternatively, Papulatus can be obtained from Mirror World.

      Total: 21 monsters

      Ludus Lake Page 3 - Ellin Forest (Recommended for 300/600)
      Avoid the elite and the PQ mobs including Poison Golem. Poison Golem can be obtain via Dojo or Monsterpark. The third line, Neon Bat and Peace Spirit are found in the Dimensional Library. The Poison Flower is obtained from the simple monsterbloom.

      Total: 16 monsters (including Poison Flower)

      Ludus Lake Page 4 - Fantasy Theme Park & Korean Folk Town (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid the elites. Note that there are FOUR bosses in Fantasy Theme Park and it might take some time to collect all four.

      Due to naming differences between the monsters in Ludibrium and the monsters in Malaysia, it is not possible to register most of the monsters using Malaysia map variants (eg: Ratacula required for collection is name as Ratatula in Malaysia) with the exception of Targa and Angry Targa (even then, it is recommended to farm the Ludibrium variants as they have unlimited entries)

      Total: 19 monsters.

      Ludas Lake Page 5 (Recommended for 600) - Currently only available in KMS, original image credits to Orange Mushroom Blog
      The top row contains the 3 Ludibrium monsters that were excluded from the monster collection when it was first released. All of the other monsters are from Omega Sector. Avoid the 2 elites and Wipe-O-Matic.

      Wipe-O-Matic is summoned by Kawoong (SEA)/OMNI-CLN (GMS) and will "disappear" after a while if it is not killed. You can enter Kawoong once per day per character.

      Similar to Edelstein Page 2, you'll have to hunt both regular and elite versions of certain monsters for Monster Collection.

      Total: 16 monsters

      Aqua Road - (Recommended for 300/600)
      Avoid the elites. I did not include Goby House (aka Bombing Fish House) in the list as it is a low-spawning monster similar to Rombot, although it have a rather decent spawn rate (about 4-5 in Deep Sea Gorge 1 and Grave of a Wrecked Ship). Gobies will only spawn after a Goby House is "destroyed"/defeated.

      Total: 21 monsters.

      Nihal Desert Page 1 - Ariant (Recommended for 150/300/600)
      Collect everything except the elite, ignore the bottom two rows as the fourth row consists of Pyramid PQ mobs and the bottom row consists of difficult to collect monsters and Hard Hilla. See section 9.6 below for a guide to collecting the bottom row monsters.

      Total: 14 monsters

      Nihal Desert Page 2 - Magatia (Recommended for 300/600)
      Avoid the three elites, D. Roid, Frankenroid and Angry Frankenroid.

      For a guide to collect Homun from Closed Laboratory (bottom row, middle monster), see Point 9.8 below

      D. Roid is extremely rare spawning in pairs in Alcando Lab C-3, similar to Rombot above, it is classified as a regular monster with a low spawnrate.

      Chimera can be accessed after completing Parwen's secret passage quest. Deet and Roid and Chimera also spawns inside the mystic gates.

      Total: 15 monsters.

      Mu Lung Sky Forest Page 1 (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid the elite snake and Mu Gong, despite having three stars, Sage Cat is NOT an elite monster. Giant Bellflower spawns at Bellflower Valley (alternatively, you can register it via Mirror World or Polo's Castle Map)

      Total: 18 monsters.

      Mu Lung Sky Forest Page 2 (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid the elite and Lord Pirate. For information on how to collect Lord Pirate, see point 5.5 above. You can enter Ravana twice a day after completing the Golden Temple questline, note that you will need a sunburst (obtained by combining 10 burning sunbursts) to battle Ravana.

      Total: 16 monsters

      Minar Forest Page 1 (Recommended for 300/600)
      Master Harp, Master Hoblin and King Kentaurus can only be found in Mystic Gates. Master Birk spawns at Valley of the Antelope 2. The two-starred monsters are starforced variant monsters.

      Total: 21 monsters

      Minar Forest Page 2 (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid the two elites and Blood Harp (see image below), you'll need to complete Stone Colossus questline to be able to battle Tarantulus, note that there is a limit of 10 entries a day.

      Total: 17 monsters

      Note: (Regular) Blood Harp only spawns in the platform circled below in Sky Nest 1 alongside regular Harps, due to the low spawnrate, I have excluded it from the list of monsters recommended to collect.

      Minar Forest Page 3 (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid the entire Dragon Rider line and elite starforced Dark Wyvern. For more info on how to obtain Horntail and Chaos Horntail, refer to Section 6.5.

      Total: 15 monsters

      Minar Forest Page 4 - Kritas (Recommended for 600)
      This is a straightforward page with no elites, bosses or low-spawning monsters.

      Total: 18 monsters

      Temple of Time Page 1 (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid the two elites, Starforced Eye of Time, Chaos Pink Bean, Arkarium and his summons. I recommend using a Kanna to farm the two distorted temple of time monsters. Arkarium and Netherworld Monk can also be registered via Mihile's Arkarium quest where you'll have to defeat a weakened version of Arkarium a total of 6 times over a span of at least 6 days (you can still enter after you have completed the quest and you can enter as many times as you like).

      Note that Normal Pink Bean have a daily entry limit of 1 entry per character and Chaos Pink Bean have a weekly clear limit of 1 time per week, in addition, there is a shared daily entry limit of 1 entry to both Normal and Chaos Pink Bean. The two statues can only be collected in Normal Pink Bean and not in Chaos Pink Bean.

      Total: 18 monsters

      Temple of Time Page 2 (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid the elite monsters and collect everything else.

      Total: 17 monsters

      Temple of Time Page 3 (Recommended for 600)
      For the purpose of collection as I've set the benchmark for bossing at Chaos Horntail/Normal Pink Bean, I have excluded Cygnus, Shinsoo and the commanders. You will need to collect starforced Knight C and Knight D instead of the regular version for Monster Collection. Ifrit can be collected while farming Advanced Knight B.

      Please note that killing Monster Park variants of the knights and the commanders will not count as they are named differently

      Total: 16 monsters

      Grandis Page 1 (Recommended for 300/600)
      The top two lines circled in orange can only be accessed by Eunwol/Shade during their first job, once Eunwol leaves Pointy Fox Town, these monsters are no longer accessible to be collected (Note: Sparrow also spawns in Ellinia near Mage Guild's map)

      Nefarious and Heretic Monks circled in green can only be collected using Angelic Buster or Kaiser, unlike the top two lines, you can enter the map anytime you wish even after you completed their required quests.

      Total: 25 monsters.

      Grandis Page 2 (Recommended for 300/600)
      Avoid the elite reaper specter. In MSEA, you have to hunt for Hard Magnus, in GMS, you can hunt any variant of Magnus to collect "Magnus" for the monster collection.

      Total: 21 monsters

      Grandis Page 3 (Recommended for 300/600)
      The top two lines circled in orange can only be accessed by Illium during their first job, once Illium completes the storyline, the monsters can no longer be accessible, in addition, Dark Obsidian and Corrupt Practice Bot can only be registered during a specific quest.

      The monster circled in green, Mr Hazard's Underling A (SEA)/Hazard's Vile Crony (GMS) can only be registered in Cadena's questline which gives you a few opportunities to defeat the monster. Once Cadena completes the questline, this monster is no longer accessible.

      It is recommended that you use the very first quest to farm Mr Hazard Underling A by forfeiting the quest upon entering the questroom that requires you to defeat 30 of these guys and keep farming until it gets registered.

      Total: 23 monsters

      Grandis Page 4 - TOP THREE LINES (Recommended for 150/300)
      The top three lines is incredibly easy to register and is accessible to everyone.

      Total: 12 monsters

      Grandis Page 4 - BOTTOM TWO LINES (Recommended for 600)
      The bottom two line contains monsters from Fox Valley. Avoid the elite.

      Total: 9 monsters

      Arcane River Page 1 (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid the elites, Slurpy Tree can be obtained while doing the questline or Hungry Muto.

      Total: 18 monsters

      Arcane River Page 2 (Recommended for 600)
      Avoid the two elites, Lucid and her two summons, note that Softened Cleaner (SEA)/Weakened Dreamkeeper (GMS) is not required for monster collection and you'll need to hunt the Cleaner/Dreamkeeper that spawns in the clocktower to collect it.

      Total: 18 monsters

      Arcane River Page 3 (Recommended for 600) - Arcana minimum Lv225, Moras minimum Lv230
      Avoid the elite and the rarely spawning Spirit Remains/Spirit Debris. Corrupted Spirit of Harmony can be fought repeatedly after completing Arcana's questline.

      Total: 20 monsters (11 from Arcana, 9 from Moras)

      Arcane River Page 4 - Esfera minimum Lv235, Moonbridge minimum Lv245, Labyrinth of Suffering minimum Lv250
      Avoid the elite, Will, Giant Monster Dusk/Gloom and Huge Golem.

      Total: 21 monsters (9 from Esfera, 6 from Moonbridge and 6 from Labyrinth of Suffering)

      Arcane River Page 5 - Labyrinth of Suffering minumum Lv250, Limen minimum Lv255
      Avoid Heretic Hilla, Incarnation of Desire/Greed Echo, Djunkel and his summon, Blackheart Negative and Black Mage. Note that you do not have to fully clear Black Mage to register him as Black Mage's 2nd, 3rd and 4th form all have a chance to register him.

      Total: 12 monsters (7 from Labyrinth, 5 from Limen)

      Arcane River Page 6 (Recommended for 600) - Currently only available in KMS, original image credits to Orange Mushroom Blog
      Avoid the 3 elites. Kindly pay attention to the monster requirements as certain monsters will ask for a potent variant instead of a regular variant monster.

      Total: 17 monsters


      8.1 What are elite monsters in monster collection?
      8.2 Strategies to collect them
      8.3 Tips for Elite Monster Farming
      8.4 A List of Elite Monsters in Monster Collection
      8.5 Bonus Section - To collect a Gassy Homunscullo

      8.1 What are elite monsters in monster collection?

      In monster collection, you'll notice certain (non-boss) monsters are marked with three stars, such as the example in the pictures below. These monsters (with the exception of Sage Cat) have a three-star difficulty. You'll notice that these monsters have a preflix in front of their name for example: Evasive Wild Boar and Strong Fire Boar (MSEA)/Beefy Fire Boar (GMS) as pictured below.

      However, Magic Resistant Commander Suspicious Seal (MSEA)/Magic Resistant Commanding Possibly-Evil Seal (GMS) is an elite with a 4 star difficulty. Despite that, it doesn't seem to affect the collect chance in any way as it behaves similarly to any other elite, the only key difference is the difficulty to spawn this elite as it have TWO prefixes instead of one.

      8.2. How do I collect elite monsters?

      Elite monsters are extremely hard to collect due to their rarity as you need to spawn a specific elite and defeat the elite, just hoping that it will register. Sometimes you'll get lucky and register it on your first try, sometimes it can take a long time, Evasive Red Flower Serpent took me a record 6 tries to register. That said, there are two methods that I use to farm elites and some tips to speed up collection.

      Method 1: Farm the specific elite using a character within the monster's level range:

      Note that there is a maximum of 20 level difference between the level of the elite and the character level (Eg: The highest level a character can get to spawn a Level 93 Triple Rumo elite is a Level 113 character). In addition, elites will still spawn when there is a rune curse, making it possible to farm elites without levelling up, however, this method is extremely tedious. (Credits to u/squishypearls of Reddit for clarifying the maximum level range to spawn an elite.)

      Method 2: Using Darkness Runes (Rune of Asteria in MSEA):

      8.3 Tips for Elite Monster Farming

      8.3.1. Spawn an elite in the map, defeat it, change to the next channel.

      8.3.2. Spawn a rune in the map, DO NOT USE the rune unless it is a darkness rune, change to the next channel until you spawn a darkness rune and use the rune to spawn three elites (ethics are questionable for this method as it would result in several maps "plagued" with cursed runes)

      8.3.3. Stick around when you're aware an elite boss is going to spawn as two elites will spawn alongside the elite boss, this DOES NOT apply to maps with monsters below Level 140 as elite bosses will not spawn

      8.3.4. Not exactly a tip but it seems like certain elites are much more common compared to others. Healer and strong seem to be more common while gassy and potion hater variants generally have a lower chance to spawn

      8.3.5. Occasionally you might see a darkness rune in a map left by another player while channel surfing, you can use it to spawn three elites. Just take note that elites wont spawn for the next few minutes and that particular channel will NOT spawn any runes for the next 15 minutes

      8.3.6. Study the map spawn layout, this is quite useful in mixed maps so that you do not spawn three of an elite monster that you do not want from a Darkness Rune (aka "wasting" a rune), an example is Truffet, That Day 2 below:


      Based on the picture above, there are a few platforms that I colour coded. The green platforms guarantees to spawn a Hammerer elite while the red platforms could either spawn a Royal Guard or Hammerer. All the other platforms (with the exception of the two platforms that do not spawn any monsters on the far left not coloured WILL spawn a Royal Guard) This is because when spawning elites (be it normally or via a rune), they only spawn on areas where regular monsters spawn. In this case for the two platforms on the far left, the nearest spawn point is at the green platforms.

      As such, I've noticed the layout of the map and lured all of the monsters to the far left before killing them in order to greatly increase my chance to spawn a Seal Master Hammerer. This method also works for other maps (eg: Ice Valley 1 would spawn either elite Hector or White Fang depending on the platform). However, this method is not 100% guaranteed to work as it requires precision in most cases and many of these maps have "random" spawnpoints where any of the two (or more) types monsters can spawn at the same designated spawnpoint.

      For monsters with a "pure map" with an occasional spawning monster (Neo Huroid map and Alloy Generoid A map), there is a chance to spawn an elite D. Roy and Remodeled Giant Android respectively while farming for elites. The rate is quite low as they do not have many (designated) spawn points but it can be annoying at times to spawn an elite of a monster that you do not need.

      8.3.7. Take advantage of Sunday Maple benefits as occasionally, Sunday Maple may have a special event where TWO elites spawn instead of one, this can help to speed up the collection process as you'll have a slightly higher chance to spawn the elite you want (assuming that the spawn point is the "correct" spawnpoint as mentioned in 8.3.6. for the case of maps with mixed spawn). In the picture below, I've used Sunday Maple (double elites + 100% additional collection chance) to help me collect Healer Cold Shark.


      8.4 A List of Elite Monsters in Monster Collection

      Here is a list of elite monsters sorted by level, note that the name of the monster varies between MSEA and GMS.

      Note that during certain events such as Halloween, elite monsters may take the appearance of an event monster, but it will still retain the elite monster's name (eg: An elite that looks like a Frankenbalrog but is named as Evasive Wild Boar) and as such, you can still collect the elite as it is registered on a same-name basis as covered earlier.

      Information is correct as of MSEA V1.99 (AWAKE)/KMST V1.2.112 (Neo)

      Level 30-59: Healer High-Class Magic Book (SEA)/Healer Raging Tome (GMS)
      Found in: Elliniel Fairy Academy
      Required for the Orange Mushroom Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: No runes spawn in the maps that this monster spawns in, this monster's level is variable and scaled up to Level 59

      Level 30-59: Strong Purple Clam Slime (SEA)/Beefy Violet Clam Slime (GMS)
      Found in: Gold Beach
      Required for the Orange Mushroom Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: No runes spawn in the maps that this monster spawns in, this monster's level is variable and scaled up to Level 59

      Level 30-59: Petrifying Starfish Octopus Slime
      Found in: Gold Beach
      Required for the Orange Mushroom Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: No runes spawn in the maps that this monster spawns in, this monster's level is variable and scaled up to Level 59

      Level 30-59: Magic Resistant Commander Suspicious Seal (SEA)/Magic Resistant Commanding Possibly-Evil Seal (GMS)
      Found in: Reina Strait
      Required for the Tino Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: No runes spawn in the maps that this monster spawns in, this monster's level is variable and scaled up to Level 59

      Level 30-59: Unstoppable Straw Ball (SEA)/Unstoppable Hay Bundle (GMS)
      Found in: Secret Forest Elludin
      Required for the Earthenware Rabbit Cube Chair [​IMG] (unofficial name)
      Notes: Available in KMS only as of now, no runes spawn in the maps that this monster spawns in, this monster's level is variable and scaled up to Level 59

      Level 55: Evasive Wild Boar
      Found in: Perion Burning Land
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only

      Level 58: Strong Fire Boar (SEA)/Beefy Fire Boar (GMS)
      Found in: Perion Burning Land

      Level 60: Sticky Wooden Mask
      Found in: Perion Excavation Site

      Level 60: Strong Mushroom Chanderlier (SEA)/Beefy Mushroom Chanderlier (GMS)
      Found in: Mushroom Castle

      Level 64: Petrifying Solemn Viking
      Found in: Mushroom Castle

      Level 70: Petrifying Taurospear
      Found in: Sleepywood

      Level 74: Chaotic Luster Pixie (SEA)/Befuddling Luster Pixie (GMS)
      Found in: Orbis Cloud Park 5 and 6

      Level 81: Dark White Fang (SEA)/Shadowy White Fang (GMS)
      Found in: El Nath Ice Valley
      Note: This monster is required in order to obtain the Ice Golem Momon/Monsterbloom

      Level 84: Poisonous Enhanced Security System
      Found in: Verne Mines
      Required for the Water Thief Monster Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 90: Undead Scorpion
      Found in: Magatia Sahel Desert
      Required for the Desert Rabbit Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 93: Healer Triple Rumo
      Found in: Magatia Zemuist Lab 103

      Level 95: Gassy Homunscullo
      Found in: Magatia Zemuist Lab 202
      Important note: This elite monster is exceedingly rare and very, very difficult to obtain, for detailed information on this infamous monster, check out Section 8.5

      Level 95: Seal Master Neo Huroid
      Found in: Magatia Alcando Labs Areas C2 and C3
      Note: There is a chance to spawn an elite D. Roy on the lower platform while farming at Area C-3. (See Section 8.3.6)

      Level 96: Poisonous Block Golem
      Found in: Eos Tower
      Required for the (Master) Robo Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 99: Evasive Violent Primitive Boar
      Found in: Ellin Forest

      Level 107: Sticky Bone Fish
      Found in: Aqua Dungeon Deep Sea Gorges 1 and 2
      Required for the Scuba Pepe Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 109: Healer Cold Shark
      Found in: Aqua Dungeon Grave of a Wrecked Ship
      Required for the Scuba Pepe Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only, note that the level for elite monsters that spawn in the map which Cold Shark spawns is Level 109, Cold Shark is a Level 110 monster

      Level 113: Unstoppable Robo
      Found in: Ludibrium Toy Factory
      Required for the (Master) Robo Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 115: Petrifying Reaper Specter
      Found in: Tyrant Castle
      Required for the Specter Dog Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 119: Fragile [*] Dual Pirate (SEA)/Fragile [*] Dual Ghost Pirate (GMS)
      Found in: Ludibrium Clocktower
      Notes: This is a star force monster

      Level 123: Potion Hater Pans (SEA)/Dry Jellybus (GMS)
      Found in: Fantasy Theme Park (Ludibrium)

      Level 124: Gassy Coolie Zombie
      Found in: El Nath Forest of Dead Trees
      Required for the Yeti Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 127: Seal Master Castle Golem
      Found in: Lion King's Castle
      Required for the Yeti Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 136: Petrifying Red Goblin
      Found in: Golden Temple

      Level 136: Dark Dangerous Incense Rabbit (SEA)/Shadowy Flared Chargin' Sprout (GMS)
      Found in: Partem
      Required for the Earthenware Rabbit Cube Chair [​IMG] (unofficial name)
      Notes: Available in KMS only as of now

      Level 137: Evasive Red Flower Serpent
      Found in: Mu Lung Sky Forest
      Required for the Grizzly Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 139 Chaotic Green King Goblin (SEA)/Befuddling Green King Goblin (GMS)
      Found in: Korean Folk Town
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only

      Level 141: Potion Hater [*] Dark Wyvern (SEA)/Dry [*] Dark Wyvern (GMS)
      Found in: Leafre Dragon Canyon
      Required for the Birk Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: This is a star force monster

      Level 142: Gassy Dangerous Ruins Offender B (SEA)/Gassy Frenzied Ruins Sentinel (GMS)
      Found in: Partem
      Required for the Earthenware Rabbit Cube Chair [​IMG] (unofficial name)
      Notes: Available in KMS only as of now

      Level 149: Evasive Steaming Coffee Machine (SEA)/Evasive Enraged Espresso Machine (GMS)
      Found in: Kerning Tower 2nd Floor
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only

      Level 149: Knock Out Chief Qualm Guardian (SEA)/Overwhelming Chief Qualm Guardian (GMS)
      Found in: Temple of Time Regrets Zone
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only

      Level 154: Strong Chief Oblivion Guardian (SEA)/Beefy Chief Oblivion Guardian (GMS)
      Found: Temple of Time Oblivion Zone

      Level 158: Poisonous Poison Hornet
      Found in: Colossus
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only

      Level 163: Chaotic Spirit of Fallen Stone (SEA)/Befuddling Corrupted Rock Spirit (GMS)
      Found in: Colossus

      Level 168: Undead Mutant Ribbon Pig
      Found in: Future Henesys
      Notes: Be careful as elite variants of this monsters hit for extremely high damage!

      Level 178: Undead [*] New Gray White (SEA)/Undead [*] Gray Commuter Saucer (GMS)
      Found in: Omega Sector
      Required for the Kawoong Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: Available in KMS only as of now, this is a star force monster

      Level 179: Fragile Black Drone (SEA)/Fragile Black Robosaucer (GMS)
      Found in: Omega Sector
      Required for the Kawoong Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: Available in KMS only as of now

      Level 192: Potion Hater Transformed Axe Stump (SEA)/Dry Swollen Axe Stump (GMS)
      Found in: Future Perion

      Level 195: Gassy Puffy Squirrel (SEA)/Gassy Vicious Squirrel (GMS)
      Found in: Fox Valley
      Required for the Sky Guardian Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 198: Seal Master Ancient Mixed Golem
      Found in: Future Perion

      Level 202: Chaotic Remodeled Failed Android (SEA)/Befuddling Modded Broken Android (GMS)
      Found in: Scrapyard

      Level 205: Evasive Monto
      Found in: Reverse City Subway
      Required for the Kumpider Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: Available in KMS only as of now

      Level 207: Dark Erdas of Rest (SEA)/Shadowy Tranquil Erda (GMS)
      Found in: Road to Extinction Cave of Rest
      Required for the Ripe Wolfroot Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 209: Sticky Annihiliation T-Drone Type B (SEA)/Sticky Exterminator T-Drone Model B
      Found in: Reverse City M Tower
      Required for the Kumpider Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: Available in KMS only as of now

      Level 213: Poisonous Ripe Wolfroot (SEA)/Poisonous Ripe Wolfruit (GMS)
      Found in: Chew Chew Island Slurp Forest
      Required for the Ripe Wolfroot Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only

      Level 215: Unstoppable Fallen Demon Enhanced Axeman (SEA)/Unstoppable Dark Demon Axemaster (GMS)
      Found in: Corrupted World Tree
      Required for the Blood Stirge Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only

      Level 218: Knock Out Steel Generoid B (SEA)/Overwhelming Steel Xeneoroid EX (GMS)
      Found in: Scrapyard
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only

      Level 219: Potion Hater Alloy Generoid A (SEA)/Dry Alloy Xeneoroid DX (GMS)
      Found in: Scrapyard
      Notes: There is a chance to spawn an elite Remodeled Giant Android on certain platforms while farming at Black Heaven Interior Mazes 6 & 7 (See Section 8.3.6)

      Level 219: Fragile Chief Crilla (SEA)/Fragile Patriarch Crilla (GMS)
      Found in: Chew Chew Island Mt Whale

      Level 220: Healer Powerful Stonpy (SEA)/Healer Potent Stonepy (GMS)
      Found in: Yum Yum Island Hidden Illiyard Moor
      Required for the Kumpider Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: Available in KMS only as of now, mixed spawn map only

      Level 225: Unstoppable Dancing Red Heels (SEA)/Unstoppable Red Dancing Shoes (GMS)
      Found in: Lacheln Ballroom

      Level 234: Dark Spirit of Lightning Cloud (SEA)/Shadowy Thunder Cloud Spirit (GMS)
      Found in: Arcana
      Required for the Nameless Cat Cube Chair [​IMG]

      Level 243: Seal Master Hammerer, Caught in Ritual (SEA)/Seal Master Thralled Warhammer Knight (GMS)
      Found in: Moras Truffet that Day
      Required for the Nameless Cat Cube Chair [​IMG]
      Notes: Mixed spawn map only

      Level 249: Knock Out Dark Executor (SEA)/Overwhelming Dark Executor (GMS)
      Found in: Esfera Mirror Light Shrine

      8.5 Bonus Section - To collect a Gassy Homunscullo

      Click on the spoiler button below for information about this infamous elite

      The most infamous elite of them all, Gassy Homunscullo, the one elite that is a nightmare to monster collectors and is comparable in difficulty against some of the rarest and hardest monsters to collect such as Dark Eye from Another Dimension, Soaring Griffey, Pharaoah Mummy etc.

      While the other mixed spawn map elites including the Cold Shark and the Coffee Machine can be reasonably obtained while training mules at the maps that spawn those monsters despite their limited spawn by spawnpoints, the Gassy Homunscullo requires extreme precision and lots of luck to be collected.

      You might be wondering, why is this particular elite so difficult to collect, here are the reasons:

      1. Homunscullos only have two designated spawnpoints in Lab 202, as covered in Section 8.3.6 earlier, the positioning of where you stand will affect the monster type that spawns, as such, if you were to hunt this elite like any other elite, you'll most likely end up spawning a Homunculus elite.

      Note that you can spawn more than one elite Homunscullo from a Rune of Darkness if the position is "correct" as seen in the picture below:

      2. Gassy is a prefix that is among the rarer ones as compared to other prefixes such as Shadowy/Dark and Chaotic, this combined with Point #1 above makes the Gassy Homunscullo an extremely rare elite variant.

      3. The maximum level to naturally spawn an elite monster in Lab 202 is Level 115 (not Level 117) as any elite monster regardless of being spawned naturally or via runes are at Level 95 be it Homunculus or Homunscullo. Due to this low upper level limit of Level 115 combined with the extreme rarity of said elite, it is likely that you might overlevel your characters attempting to collect this monster.

      Note that regular non-elite Homunscullos are Level 97 monsters, however, this doesn't seem to affect the average mob level of the map which is Level 95.

      The two images below indicate the spawnpoints of Homunscullo as circled in green, note that elite Homunscullos can still spawn on these spawnpoints even when regular Homunscullo is on spawn cooldown.

      Spawnpoint #1 (in-between the chalkboard and the ladder)

      Spawnpoint #2: The right of the platform with a chalkboard

      I spawned and collected my Gassy Homunscullo by luring Homunculus to spawnpoint #2 (near the portal). When the Homunculus are attacking me as I stood on top of the chalkboard platform waiting for the mobs to approach me, I'll kill the Homunculus when they are directly below me and hope that killing the mobs will trigger an elite Homunscullo to spawn.

      The two pictures below illustrates how I spawned an Elite Homunscullo by killing monsters within the level range, the blue rectangle indicated where I stood, the yellow circle indicates the spawnpoint of Homunscullos.



      NOTE: This method is NOT 100% guaranteed to work but I felt that this is the most consistent and reliable method to spawn a Homunscullo elite, occasionally, you might trigger a Homunculus to spawn instead even though you're standing at the "correct" position, precision is important here as if you were to stand to your left, you might trigger the Homunculus spawnpoint which is located to the left of the stairs.

      9. Guide to Collecting Certain Rare and Specific Monsters (WORK IN PROGRESS)

      Formerly known as List of Known Workarounds for Monster Collection

      9.0: Introduction
      9.1 Bounty Hunter Portals
      9.2 Registering Monsters through the shooting minigame
      9.3 Monsterpark
      9.4 Crimson Balrog
      9.5 Story Mode Bosses (Lotus, Damien and Lucid)
      9.6 Aswan Monsters
      9.7 Prison Guard Boar and Rhino
      9.8 Homun of Closed Laboratory
      9.9 King Castle Golem (and Golden Bees)
      9.10 Huge Golem and Reverse Dark Soul

      9.0 Introduction:
      As mentioned in earlier sections, there are certain monsters that can be collected using workarounds while others require you to complete a specific questline to be able to obtain them. In the list below in the table of contents for Section 9, I'll be covering certain monsters that are relatively difficult to obtain and/or requires a specific method to register them. Note that I'll not cover in detail on Mirror World workarounds as they are covered in Point 4.2 above.

      Feel free to submit workaround suggestions, however, the following will not be accepted due to reasons as explained below:

      9.0.1. The target monster is a commonly-spawning low-levelled monster, the workaround monster is a high-levelled monster, this uses the same-name basis to register the target monster:

      Example: Dark Axe Stump can be registered from Korean Folk Town, while this workaround is acceptable, it is actually easier to register the Perion variant due to its level.

      Example 2 (MSEA): Freezer the fire extinguisher from CBD shares the exact same name as Freezer the seal from Aqua Road, while this workaround is also acceptable, I strongly recommend registering it through Aqua Road as you'll still have to register the other Aqua Road monsters as well.

      Exception(s): D. Roy due to its rarity (see Point 9.3 Monsterpark)

      9.0.2. The target monster is a commonly-spawning high-levelled monster, the workaround monster is a low-levelled monster that spawns in a special map that is not commonly accessible, this uses the same-name basis to register the target monster:

      Example: A lower-levelled variant of Hogul (Level 60) can be farmed inside the Kenta Tamable Monster map, however, to access that map, you'll need to spend 20 million mesos as part of Kenta's Hog quest and do some other quests which includes protecting the hog. While this workaround could be useful if you really want the Hog mount for your adventurer, a more straightforward way would be to farm Hogul (Level 135) normally at Korean Folk Town for two reasons:
      1. The amount of time (and mesos) to do the hog quest with the intention to register Hogul would be more time consuming as compared to farming Hogul normally which can be done while training Union/Legion mules, killing two birds with one stone
      2. Don't forget that there are also other monsters from Korean Folk Town that needs to be registered for the collection, so it is best to do them together as a set

      9.1 Bounty Hunter Portal

      Bounty Hunter Portals are a good way to collect certain rare spawn and party quest monsters as detailed below.

      Protect Polo
      [​IMG][​IMG]Soaring Hawk and Soaring Eagle for both MSEA and GMS,[​IMG]Dragonoir (GMS only)

      Soaring Hawk, Soaring Eagle and Dragonoir (GMS only) from Dragon Rider PQ can be obtained from Protect Polo, note that you can also register regular Griffey (NOT Soaring Griffey) from the portal.

      [​IMG]Golden Bee

      The low-spawning Golden Bee from Lionheart Castle spawns inside here alongside various monsters, Golden Bee usually spawns during the later waves when you have cleared a few Stormwings.

      When using a low-levelled character to access these portals, you'll have a significantly higher chance to register the monsters listed above, that was how I registered Soaring Hawk and Golden Bee for my collection (note that Dragonoir and Griffey are not affected by this as they boss monsters).

      9.2 Registering monsters through the shooting minigame
      Originally titled as "Obtaining Magnus through Friendstory"

      When playing a shooting minigame, every successful "hit" will count as a "kill", this applies to two monsters: General Hornet and Friendstory Magnus.

      Magnus can be registered through Friendstory by kicking a ball at Magnus during the third chapter, this unfortunately DOES NOT work in MSEA as in MSEA, the monster that is required for registration is Hard Magnus, the reasoning is that GMS names Easy/Normal/Hard Magnus as "Magnus" while MSEA intentionally named Hard Magnus as "Hard Magnus" instead of Magnus.

      9.3 Monsterpark

      Various Monsters including:
      [​IMG]Poison Golem from Ellin Forest
      [​IMG]Lord Pirate from Herb Town
      [​IMG]D. Roy from Magatia

      Several regular spawning and mystic gate bosses can be registered through Monster Park, the most notable ones being Poison Golem (pictured above in Section 4.1) and Lord Pirate. Upon defeating the boss, click on Spiggelmann to end your run without deducting your completion count, repeat this process until you register the monster required. Also, you can register D. Roy through Monster Park using the same method.

      9.4 Crimson Balrog

      Due to Crimson Balrog no longer spawning on the ship to Victoria and Orbis, players will need to rely on other methods to register this monster as follows:

      A Crimson Balrog may be summoned by Balrog's RIGHT hand (left side of the screen from the player's point of view) when it's HP is depleted to a certain point

      You can still find Crimson Balrog in Mu Lung Dojo

      In addition, according to u/PirateIzzy on Reddit, a Crimson Balrog spawn when doing the Charm Level 80 quest in a special map, as such, you can continue farming Crimson Balrogs by not picking up the ETC item that it drops from the charm quest.

      9.5 Story Mode Bosses - Lotus, Damien and Lucid

      Lotus and Damien
      [​IMG]Lotus and [​IMG]Damien

      Lotus can be registered from Black Heaven storyline. A tip is to defeat Lotus' phase 2 and exit and repeat until you've registered Lotus. Note that Lotus phase 2 and 3 shares the same name, as such, you can just repeatedly farm phase 2.

      Damien can be registered from the Fallen World Tree storyline, unlike Lotus, Damien only have one form which means if you do not register him, you'll have to re-do act 4 again for a chance to register him.

      Lucid and Nightmare Golem
      [​IMG]Lucid and[​IMG]Nightmare Golem
      Lucid and Nightmare Golem can be registered through story mode Lucid (minimum Level 220), as long as you DO NOT turn in the quest, you can fight story mode Lucid as many times as you like, however, please take note that you'll need to complete story mode Lucid before you can proceed to Arcana.

      Alternatively, upon defeating story mode Lucid (the second phase), leave the party during the 10 second period after Lucid is defeated, the run will be counted as not completed and you can try again.

      9.6 Aswan Monsters - Monster Collection Nihal Desert Page 1, bottom row

      The Aswan line is the bottom row consisting of the following monsters from left to right: Deadly Altar, Spearman Skeleknight, Bloodfang, Hard Hilla, Giant Dark Soul

      Note that the details below may differ between MSEA and GMS. Credits to PirateIzzy for information pertaining to GMS monsters.

      9.6.1 Deadly Altar (First monster from the left)

      Deadly Altar can ONLY be registered from both Normal and Hard Hilla as a summoned monster at a low rate

      9.6.2 Spearman Skeleknight (Second monster from the left)
      MSEA: Spearman Skeleknight can ONLY be registered via Dimension Invasion Stage 5 from the Obelisk Shield

      GMS: Spearman Skeleknight can be registered via Dimension Invasion Stage 5 AND from Kritas Invasion, note that only the purple helmet spear-wielding variant will count as the red spear-wielding variant is named differently as "Infernal Spearman Skeleknight"

      Important note: the first two stages of Dimension Invasion spawns "Skeleton Knight" (MSEA)/"Pikeman Skeleknight" (GMS), in addition, the monsters on the way to Hilla are named "Pikeman Skeleknight", hence, the only method(s) to register the monster is via Dimension Invasion Stage 5 (MSEA and GMS) and Kritas Invasion (GMS only).

      9.6.3 Bloodfang (Third monster from the left)
      Bloodfang can be registered when fighting the Bloodfangs (both purple and red variants) on the way to Hilla and Hard Hilla, in addition, Hard Hilla can summon Bloodfangs as well. Dimensional Invade Bloodfangs are named differently and hence, they can't be used to register Bloodfang into the collection.

      In addition for GMS, you can register Bloodfang from Kritas Invasion, note that ONLY the purple variant will count as the red variant is named differently as "Infernal Bloodfang". This method does not work in MSEA due to naming differences as MSEA labelled the monster as "Blood Tooth" and "Infernal Blood Tooth" for the purple and red variant respectively.

      9.6.4 Giant Dark Soul (MSEA)/Giant Darkheart (GMS) (The rightmost monster)
      Giant Dark Soul (MSEA) can be registered through both Dimension Invasion and Mirror World Kritas (both easy and hard mode). The recommended method to collect Giant Dark Soul is through Mirror World Kritas as Dimension Invasion no longer guarantees that you'll be able to encounter Blackheart/Giant Dark Soul after stage 5.

      Giant Darkheart (GMS) can ONLY be registered through Dimension Invasion, the mirror world Kritas variant uses a different name (it is named as Giant Blackheart) and hence, it can't be registered through Mirror World

      9.7 Prison Guard Boar and Rhino
      This section is submitted by reddit user u/RobinLionHeart as quoted below:

      Reddit user u/Retredre have also suggested an alternative method to register those two monsters using Winter Bard (Dimension Library Book 4). I've did a test run on the method:

      You'll encounter the Boars and Rhinos twice, the first time is during a stage based quest where the Boars and Rhinos spawns in their own map in Stage 3 and 4 (final stage) respectively with a spawn total of 14 each, while it may look tempting to farm in stages 3 and 4 by restarting the quest (similar to how monsterpark works), there is also one more opportunity to find the Boars and Rhinos afterwards in a later quest where you can farm them indefinitely until you've collected both of them which is the recommended method. The monsters in the quests are Level 110 as compared to the tower method at Level 115-117.

      Side note: You cannot use Winter Bard to register The Seed's monsters despite the similar appearance.

      In addition, I'll like to add on other methods to register the target monster:

      Prison Guard Boar and Rhino are summoned by Von Leon and Prison Guard Ani, they also appear in Escape PQ (mostly Boars though) and appears during Kritas Invasion alongside Lionheart Castle Monsters

      9.8 Homun of Closed Laboratory


      To access this monster, you'll need to complete quests pertaining to Zemuist NPCs. Here is a brief summary of quests needed to be completed:

      1. Talk to Broker Han, complete the Zemuist cape quest, this requires you to drop the water bottle etc to create a tree branch at Carson's map
      2. Talk to Beldin after obtaining the cape and collect 50 Flame of the Desert etcs
      3. Talk to Beldin after completing the previous quest and kill 200 Reinforced Mithril Mutaes
      4. Talk to Beldin after completing the previous quest, the quest you'll receive involves you walking into a dark room to retrieve a scroll

      After completing the quests above, you'll receive this quest from Carson, this quest below will require you to enter the Closed Laboratory to kill special Homuns to collect an etc. After accepting the quest, click on the option that says "I wish to go to the closed laboratory"

      In the closed laboratory, you'll find Homun of Closed Laboratory (Level 65 mobs), you'll be required to kill these for a light controlling device etc.
      Note that all the Homuns will automatically be killed if you drop a light controlling device at the platform where my Pink Bean is standing (this includes if a Homun is killed and the etc is dropped at the platform), if you accidentally triggered the "kill switch" for the Homuns (by accidentally dropping the purple gem etc on the book), you can try again by dropping the depleted light control device.

      9.9 King Castle Golem (and Golden Bees)

      King Castle Golem is among one of the hardest regular monsters to collect, this is because it is a boss monster coded with the registration rate of a regular monster.


      King Castle Golem (and Golden Bee) spawns in any of the Rose Garden maps after a random number of monsters is killed in the map, this includes the starforce maps. Note that Golden Bee spawns in groups of threes and are more frequent in spawnrate compared to King Castle Golems. However, in Castle Wall's Edge (the map with regular Garden Golems, NOT the starforced ones), the spawn quantity for King Castle Golems and Golden Bees are doubled, meaning that you'll see two King Castle Golems (or six Golden Bees) spawning at once.

      There are two methods to farm King Castle Golem, this also applies to Golden Bees as they share the same mechanics

      Method 1: Channel surf Castle Wall's Edge in a similar manner for elite monster farming, kill monsters until the King Castle Golems spawns and kill them before changing to the next channel, as there is no upper level limit to spawn a King Castle Golem unlike elite monsters

      Method 2: "Scavenger Hunt" - walk around the first three maps, occasionally, another player may leave behind a King Castle Golem (or Golden Bees), kill it for a chance to register the monster.

      9.10 Huge Golem and Reverse Dark Soul

      Similar to King Castle Golem above, these two monsters are similarly coded as regular monsters for the purpose of Monster Collection.

      Huge Golem (SEA)/Giant Golem (GMS)

      Huge Golems spawns in the blue zone (Labyrinth of Suffering - Interior 4 to 6)

      Note that only ONE Huge Golem will spawn at a time in any given channel. For example, if a Huge Golem appeared in Suffering Interior 4 in Aquila Channel 7, no Huge Golem will spawn in Interior 5 and Interior 6 concurrently, the only way to get another Huge Golem to spawn in Aquila 7 would be to kill the Golem in Interior 4.

      Huge Golems have a 10 minute respawn timer that activates the moment the first body is killed. If you were to only kill the Huge Golem and leave the Broken Golems (second and/or third forms) roaming around the map, a new Huge Golem will spawn even though golem fragments are still in the map.

      Note that Huge Golem will spawn in any of the three maps based on the first player that enters any of the three maps after the spawn timer is up. For example, if I were to kill the Huge Golem in Aquila 12 in Interior 5 and then leave the map and ten minutes later, a player enters Aquila 12 Interior 4 and kills a monster, a Huge Golem will spawn there.

      Reverse Dark Soul (SEA)/Blackheart Negative (GMS)


      Similar to Huge Golem, Reverse Dark Soul uses the same spawning mechanics. Up to TWO Reverse Dark Souls can spawn anytime in any given channel, however, only ONE Reverse Dark Soul can appear in each of the Central (Purple - Central 2 or 4) and Deepest (Green - Deepest 1, 2 or 6) area at a time. Reverse Dark Soul have a 10 minute respawn timer that activates when a Reverse Dark Soul in the particular zone is killed.

      For example, if I were to kill a Reverse Dark Soul in Central 2 on my way to Deepest Area, the Central/Purple area will not spawn any Reverse Dark Souls for the next 10 minutes. However, I might see a Reverse Dark Soul appearing in the Deepest/Green area as the spawn pattern there is not affected by what happens in the purple zone.

      Due to the popularity of the maps in the Green and Purple zones, it can be really difficult to track the spawn of Reverse Dark Souls. For example, if I were to kill a Reverse Dark Soul in Deepest 1 in Aquila 13 and then I timed myself to return 10 minutes later, I may not be able to get a Reverse Dark Soul to appear in Deepest 1 as there might be another player in Deepest 2 or 6 training there and would have triggered the spawn for Reverse Dark Soul.


      This section covers only the Monster Collection details and specifics for The Seed, for a comprehensive guide on how to tackle The Seed, check out Sky's guide on Dexless under General Guides.

      The second page of Victoria Isles (Near Victoria in GMS) consists of 25 monsters from Tower Under the Sea (aka The Seed), this page is among the most difficult to collect due to the amount of technique and luck involved in collecting these monsters.

      In the picture below, I've circled certain monsters in different colours. Monsters without any circles can be obtained using a seed practice ticket, monsters circled in blue can be obtained using a seed practice ticket but have limited spawn while monsters circled in red and green (bosses) cannot be obtained via practice mode as you can't teleport to that floor to farm the monster.


      In order to unlock a floor to practice, a player must reach the floor at least once in order to unlock that floor to practice, however, not all floors can be practiced (see below for details). In practice mode, Finley the monkey will not appear and you can collect monsters in The Seed's practice mode.

      Collecting Blue Flower Cow, a Stage 13 monster from Practice Mode

      Personally, I do not recommend farming the regular mobs in the Top 2 rows by using a ticket or exhausting the timer as you'll eventually need to run The Seed many, many times in order to collect the two Beetles which have a limited spawn and you are not able to teleport to that map alongside the bosses.

      The Seed specific floors guide for Monster Collection:

      Note that I did not include bosses in the guide as the only way to collect them is to encounter them and hope that it registers for you, you cannot use a practice ticket on a boss stage.

      In General: All monsters in The Seed can be registered at a low chance by simply killing them on the way to Floor 50, this section of the guide covers the usage of seed practice tickets and other methods in an attempt to speed up the collection process.

      10.1 Floors 1 (ancient blue and purple slimes), 3 (ancient turtles), 8 (volcano bugs) and 11 (flower golems)
      Note that Ancient Blue Slime in Floor 1 is not the same monster as Blue Ancient Slime in Floor 32 and are treated as two distinctively separate monsters with different appearances despite the similar sounding names

      I do not recommend farming these mobs as they are easily accessible with some practice, the flower golems may take a few tries due to it being above Level 120 but as you'll need to hunt 300 golems (of any kind) to complete the stage, it is only a matter of time before you collect them. If you wish, you might want to use up a few rounds without any hazy stones (SEA)/stupid pills (GMS) to farm stage 1 for the two slimes as they can be accessed from the start.

      10.2 Floor 13 (4 monsters and one stage filled with meteors)
      Floor 13 is required for the third row alongside Cowardly Lion, while you're clearing this stage, you might collect these mobs after several runs as you progress further deeper into the tower, collecting monsters in this stage is luck based due to limited spawns as each monster is guaranteed to spawn 15 times alongside 25 randomly spawning monsters from one of the four types for a total of 85 at the end.

      However, due to a relatively cheap practice ticket cost of 348 points (338 points + ticket costing 10 points), saving up seed points and buying tickets to use on Sunny Sundays is a good way to collect these limited spawn mobs.

      10.3 Floor 26 (Orange Ancient Slimes) and Floor 34 (Yellow and Purple Curly Cows)
      [​IMG](Floor 26) and[​IMG][​IMG](Floor 34)
      The monsters in Floor 26 and 34 cannot be accessed with a practice ticket, the reason seems to be related to the monster's ETC being used as an item to complete the stage as Floor 29 which involves Dark Sand Dwarves is also not accessible via a practice ticket.

      Finley will spawn after 5 minutes in Floors 26 and 34. in Floor 26, you're required to kill 300 orange ancient slimes, as such, you should be able to collect this mob after a few runs.

      For Floor 34, this stage is rather straightforward for The Seed's requirement, however, this stage is extremely annoying for Monster Collection as the purple cows have a heavily limited spawnrate (spawning about 1-2 per platform) and it is affected by the spawn of yellow cows.

      As you can't practice this stage, a way to collect this monster is to use Sunny Sundays double collection chance and use up a few runs hoping you can register it. Note that similar to Stage 13 (or any other stage), it is possible to register the mobs with some luck when running The Seed.

      10.4 Floor 31 (Insectivore Slimes)

      You're required to kill 200 slimes (of any kind) per run, similar to Stage 26, you should be able to collect these two mobs after running The Seed a few times, alternatively, you can spend 1932 seed points (ticket costs 10 points + 1922 points) to enter Stage 31. In addition, you can purchase hazy stones (SEA)/stupid pills (GMS) to increase the timer before entering the stage, this is best done on Sunny Sundays to greatly increase your chances to collect these two mobs.

      It is also cheaper to spend 3 Highest Grade Engraved Hazy Stones (SEA)/Prescription Pants on Head Stupid Pills (GMS) for 1800 points to increase your timer to 58 minutes for a total cost of 3722 points rather than to pay for 2 rounds (20 minutes) at a cost of 3844 points, combined with Sunny Sunday, this would greatly increase your collection chances for both mobs in this stage.

      10.5 Floor 32 (Blue Ancient Slimes)
      These ancient slimes have a limited spawn and you're required to kill them all to advance. Thankfully, these monsters have a slightly better spawn rate compared to the Floor 13 mobs. Similar to floor 13, you can buy a practice ticket, the cost is rather expensive (costing 2058 seed points in total) and as such, my recommendation is to stock up on seed points and buy seed practice tickets on Sunny Sundays if you really want to collect this monster quickly.

      10.6 Floor 48 (Ancient Beetles)
      With a limited spawn and this stage being inaccessible via practice tickets, collecting these two beetles takes a good amount of luck to collect. There seem to be 9 orange beetles and 16 purple beetles spawning in each attempt (confirmation required on the number of beetles).

      10.7 Scarecrow via Mirror World (Zero's prequest)

      This workaround was originally discovered by KMS Youtuber SSUNEE which requires creating a new Zero and doing the prequest.

      When you enter the map with the Scarecrow, kill the Scarecrow and log out without turning in the quest. Repeat until it is registered. Note that you cannot forfeit the quest and in the event that you accidentally turned in the quest as Alpha, Beta will also have a chance to collect the Scarecrow mob as Beta needs to kill the Scarecrow as well.


      Thanks to Sky of Dexless for information pertaining to Finley's spawn time and for the comprehensive guide to guide me to clear specific stages such as Floor 22 and 24 for The Seed


      There are a number of party quests monsters that are required for Monster Collection. This section here will cover the various party quests that have monsters that you'll need to collect for Monster Collection.

      If possible, try to keep the party average level as low as possible as a lower levelled monster would have a significantly higher chance to register, this scales up to Level 121. Note that in certain party quests, this is not possible due to the lower level limit of the monster being Level 121 and above.

      I did not include Lord Pirate PQ in this section of the guide as the only monster that is required from the PQ, Lord Pirate, can be obtained through Monsterpark and Mirror World as alternative registration methods.

      11.1 Cooking with Tangyoon
      11.2 Xerxes in Chryse
      11.3 Resurrection of the Hoblin King (Rex/Shammos PQ)
      11.4 Dragon Rider
      11.5 Dimensional Crack (Ludi PQ)
      11.6 Romeo and Juliet (Magatia PQ)

      I'll update this section for Pyramid PQ on a later date

      11.1 Cooking with Tangyoon (Minimum 1 player)

      Minimum level to enter: Level 60 (monsters level cap at Level 90)
      Required monsters for Monster Collection:

      [​IMG] Obese Pig (SEA)/Portly Pig (GMS)

      [​IMG] God of Cookery (SEA)/Mr Chomps (GMS)

      Obese Pig is one of the five monsters that can be selected to be spawned during the second stage of the PQ, while it is tempting to spawn Obese Pigs on every single run until you've collected the monster, I strongly recommend against it as God of Cookery is much more difficult to register in comparison. God of Cookery will only spawn if you have completed the PQ "successfully" by following the instructions of the dish by adding the correct ingredients.

      In addition, you can register various other monsters such as Snowman, Grape Juice Bottle and Nependeath from the PQ to name a few.

      11.2 Xerxes in Chryse (Minimum 1 player)

      Minimum level to enter: Level 110 (monsters level cap at Level 129)
      Required monsters for Monster Collection:

      [​IMG]Golden Scopie and[​IMG] Golden Mammoth
      Golden Scopie and Golden Mammoth spawns in Stage 2 of Chryse PQ alongside various other monsters spawning in waves

      [​IMG] Xerxes
      Xerxes is the final boss of Chryse PQ and is found at the end of the PQ

      11.3 Resurrection of the Hoblin King (Minimum 2 players)

      Minimum level to enter: Level 170 (monsters level cap at Level 189)

      In this PQ, you will have to protect Shammos from waves of monsters that will spawn while escorting Shammos to where Rex is sealed, Hoblin Hectors, Elite Hoblins and Combat Hoblins (alongside the not required Elite Green Hoblin) will appear in waves throughout the PQ in an attempt to damage Shammos. In addition, in the second and third maps, specific hoblin monsters will spawn naturally alongside the waves of monsters.

      Required monsters for Monster Collection:

      [​IMG] Hoblin Hector
      Hoblin Hector spawns in waves in all three maps, note that in the second and third map, Hoblin Hectors will spawn alongside other monsters in the waves, in addition, whenever Shammos attacks, he will summon a Hoblin Hector

      [​IMG] Elite Hoblin
      Elite Hoblin spawns in waves in the first two maps, note that in the second map, Elite Hoblins spawning in waves will appear alongside other monsters

      [​IMG] Combat Hoblin
      Combat Hoblins spawns naturally in the second map and spawns in waves in the third map alongside Hoblin Hectors (and Elite Green Hoblins)

      [​IMG] Ferocious Hoblin
      Ferocious Hoblins only spawns in the third map as a natural spawn, due to its rarity, it is considered as the most difficult of the four regular monsters to collect as they do not appear in waves at all

      [​IMG] Rex
      The boss of the PQ, Rex can be fought if you successfully escorted Shammos to the ice cave.

      11.4 Dragon Rider (Minimum 3 players)

      Minimum level to enter: Level 150 (monsters level cap at Level 169)

      Please note that all players would need to complete a prequest to obtain the soaring skill before being able to enter the PQ. In this PQ, you will need to eliminate all monster to proceed to the next stage.

      Required monsters for Monster Collection:

      Stage 1: Soaring Eagle (Green) and Soaring Hawk (Purple)
      A total of 20 Soaring Eagles and 20 Soaring Hawks will spawn in this stage (total 40 monsters)

      Stage 2: Soaring Griffey
      A Soaring Griffey will appear in Stage 2 alongside a swarm of soaring wyverns, Soaring Griffey seems to be classified as a regular monster for the purpose of Monster Collection

      Stage 3: Dragonoir

      Stage 5: Dragon Rider

      11.5 Dimensional Crack (Minimum 3 players)

      Minimum level to enter: Level 120 (monsters level cap at Level 139)
      Required monsters for Monster Collection:

      [​IMG] Dark Eye from Another Dimension

      There are a total of 5 Dark Eyes from Another Dimension in Stage 2, these monsters only spawn in the bottom two portals of the stage, the top 3 portals contains Shadow Eyes (total of 9 of them) which are not required for Monster Collection

      Important note: I strongly do not recommend using a team of 3 Level 120 players to run this PQ in an attempt to collect Dark Eye for Another Dimension as the difference of collection chance between Level 120 and 121 monsters is not really much of a difference, further made worse by the exceedingly low spawnrate which relies extremely heavily on luck

      Alishar is found at the end of the PQ, note that you can register Alishar from Dojo and Mirror World as an alternative

      11.6 Romeo and Juliet (Minimum 4 players)

      Minimum level to enter: Level 70 (monsters level cap at Level 99, note that this does not matter for the purpose of Monster Collection in Magatia PQ as both monsters required are bosses)

      Required monsters for Monster Collection:

      [​IMG]Frankenroid and[​IMG]Angry Frankenroid

      In order to spawn Angry Frankenroid, you'll need to very carefully enter Stage 5 and click on Yulete without (or rather, before) triggering the popup, this popup will appear if you get too close to Yulete (note that you will need to trigger the popup in order to progress through the PQ. If successful, a blue text will appear in your chatbox and Angry Frankenroid will be summoned at the end of the PQ.

      Regular Frankenroid can be registered in Dojo as an alternative.


      The Mysterious Momon (Mysterious Monsterbloom in GMS) is occasionally available during events and Sunny Sundays as pictured below.

      What does a Mysterious Momon do? It basically selects a monster at random from the monster collection to be registered. If it lands on a monster that you currently do not have in your collection as pictured below (in this case, Blackheart Negative), a text will appear to tell you which monster you've registered using the Monsterbloom. If it lands on a monster that you have already registered, you'll obtain one 24 hour box (aka the black box) instead.


      Important Note: The Mysterious Momon DOES NOT guarantee you to register a new monster, personally, I have purchased Mysterious Momon from every single event that had it for sale and I've only gotten FOUR new monsters out of at least 20 Momons. Most of the time, you'll get a black box assuming that you have quite a good number of monsters collected which can be extremely frustrating.

      This pop-up will appear if the Mysterious Momon lands on a monster that you already have.


      Q: What does [*] mean when it is placed in front of a monster's name? (Eg Black Kentaurus and [*] Black Kentaurus)

      A: This asterisk [*] refers to a starforced variant of the monster which you need to hunt to collect, that said, it really makes Eye of Time an incredibly time-consuming monster to collect due to its fairly low spawn rate (note: if the collection asks for a regular non-starforced Eye of Time, it would probably be collected after you did a few runs on time temple clearing the Pink Bean prequest for mules, unfortunately, the developers decided to increase the difficulty on this low-spawn monster to add to the challenge for one miserable box)

      You'll need to hunt a Starforced Eye of Time to complete the first line as seen below:

      Q: Are 2 star monsters easier to collect than 1 star monsters?

      A: Honestly, based on experience, no, they are the same as two star monsters typically refers to a starforced version of a monster (or an arcane river monster as they require arcane force), there are a few exceptions to the starforce rule such as Fallen Eagle Warrior (anti-AFK mob from Fallen World Tree) and Dark Eye from Another Dimension, however, they are equally as difficult to register as compared regular monsters, bosses with 2 star difficulty seem to have the same collection rate as other bosses.

      To further elaborate based on observations, registration chance seems to be divided into three categories regardless of number of stars:

      Regular Monster (1 or 2 star mobs): Collection chance is scaled to level (up to Level 121)

      Boss Monster (excluding King Castle Golem, including 2 star bosses like Mushmom and Timer): All bosses seem to have an average of 1/50 chance of registering

      Elite Monster (unsure if Sage Cat classifies as this or as a boss): The exact chance is unknown it takes around 1-3 tries on average, results may vary as it took me 6 tries to register Evasive Red Flower Serpent

      14. CREDITS
      PirateIzzy for various information pertaining to GMS monster variants, Aswan monsters information in GMS and information relating to Crimson Balrog
      u/squishypearls on Reddit for the clarification on monster level range to spawn elite monsters
      u/RobinLionHeart and u/Retredre on Reddit for information relating to Prison Guard Boar and Rhinos
      Sky on Dexless for The Seed Guide
      Orange Mushroom Blog for images of the 3 new pages of Monster Collection released in KMST Neo Patch
      Maplestory Monster Collection Discord server for helping to compile information on rewards and trait items
      SSUNEE on Youtube for the guide to collecting Scarecrow via Mirror World

      No parts of this guide, whether whole or part of it, should be reproduced without my permission, if you wish to re-upload this guide, spotted any errors in the guide or have any interesting tips to share and would like to contribute, kindly drop me a message or contact me on Reddit, my username is u/JuddtheStormcaster

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