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      Table of Contents
      Please note that there are several sections in this guide, such as a Skill Info section and a Gameplay/Skill Explanation section. Click on the tabs at the top of the guide to switch sections.

      Why Bowmaster?

      Bowmaster is a ranged, utility-based and varied class. Whether you like it or not depends on what sort of playstyle you prefer. If you're on the fence of playing Bowmaster, I'd recommend you just try playing it because the best way to know that you like (or dislike) a class is by simply playing it!

      The general pros and cons of Bowmaster are listed below:

      • Best HP recovery skill in the game - yeah, for some reason...see Gameplay -> Skill Explanations -> 2nd Job section for an explanation.
      • High mobility - has left, right, upwards, and downwards flash jump, along with Hookshot to latch onto mobs and also has a backwards leap/hover skill.
      • Highest constant Status Resistance in the game - 120 Status Resistance from Focused Fury while attacking monsters.
      • Scales well to high PDR mobs - Armor Break gives more final damage based on monster PDR (up to 100% of the monster's PDR, so 300% PDR = +300% Final Damage).
      • Mobile attacking - while using Hurricane, you can jump and move, albeit with 100% movement speed.
      • Strong summons - utilizing Arrow Blaster, Fury of the Wild, Guided Arrow, and Storm of Arrows can allow you to attack effectively for half a minute while not pressing a single button.
      • Sharp Eyes - good for buffing parties, and no need for Decent Sharp Eyes. Additionally, does not require Decent Speed Infusion either.
      • Low amount of buffs - toss three skills onto pets and you just need to manually buff Maple Warrior and one other skill. Buffs last 5 minutes at minimum.
      • Great mobbing - Arrow Blaster can take a platform and Arrow Stream provides nice vertical mobbing. Storm of Arrows and Fury of the Wild can be rotated in 5th Job for very excellent post-5th mobbing.
      • Relatively simplistic Nodes - Bowmaster's nodes are relatively easy to understand and it's relatively easy to obtain perfect trios.
      • Squishy at lower levels - when you're training at lower levels you may find yourself low on HP, but this won't be a factor when you get some good armors and against bosses that do %HP damage.
      • Skill rotation-heavy - you need to keep your skills up for optimal damage; Bowmaster is NOT a single-button class, BUT it's NOT one where you need to press stuff every 3 seconds like Kinesis or Evan. (in KMS, BM is somewhat known as the "30-second Master")
      • Underplayed class - not many people play Bowmaster, so you may have difficulty finding a bow or secondary to purchase.
      • No innate stance - well, except for the 150 Hyper Skill, but no passive stance. I don't find this much of an issue though - it can be supplemented by Knight's Watch (Mihile's Link Skill) anyways if really needed.
      So there you --- "wait, what about the damage!" ...oh.

      Bowmaster's damage is pretty middle to upper-ground, I guess? It's neither phenomenal (e.g. Demon Avenger) nor terrible (e.g. Kanna). But this changes by the patch and should not be a big factor in what you choose to main. Choose a class that you have fun with, not a class that does good damage. But as of the Black update, it's #7 DPM if you really, really want to know. But that can change in the next patch. And the next patch. And the next.


      Bowmaster's Node setup is pretty straightforward to set up.

      Must-have Skill Nodes
      • [​IMG] Storm of Arrows (for bossing and grinding)
      • [​IMG] Inhuman Speed (for bossing and funded grinding)
      • [​IMG] Quiver Barrage (for bossing)
      • [​IMG] Silhouette Mirage (for bossing)
      • [​IMG] Vicious Shot (all-purpose)
      Other Skill Nodes
      • [​IMG] Fury of the Wild (for grinding)
      • [​IMG] Guided Arrow (all-purpose)
      • [​IMG] Maple Goddess's Blessing (all-purpose)
      • [​IMG] True Arachnid Reflection (Lv. 235+ node from Esfera, all-purpose)
      • [​IMG] Erda Nova (for bossing)
      • [​IMG] Decent Holy Symbol (for grinding)
      Boost Node Priorities
      1. [​IMG] Hurricane
      2. [​IMG] Quiver Cartridge
      3. [​IMG] Advanced Final Attack
      4. [​IMG] Arrow Blaster
      5. [​IMG] Arrow Stream
      6. [​IMG] Phoenix or [​IMG] Gritty Gust - whichever you choose doesn't matter much. If you prefer bossing, choose Phoenix. For grinding, choose Gritty Gust.
      Sample Node Setup (for Lv. 250)
      • [​IMG] Storm of Arrows (slot enhanced)
      • [​IMG] Inhuman Speed (slot enhanced)
      • [​IMG] Quiver Barrage (slot enhanced)
      • [​IMG] Silhouette Mirage (slot enhanced)
      • [​IMG] Vicious Shot (slot enhanced)
      • [​IMG] Maple Goddess's Blessing (slot enhanced)
      • [​IMG] Guided Arrow
      • [​IMG] True Arachnid Reflection
      • [​IMG] Erda Nova
      • [​IMG] Decent Holy Symbol
      • [​IMG] Fury of the Wild
      • [[​IMG]] Hurricane + [​IMG] Quiver Cartridge + [​IMG] Advanced Final Attack (slot enhanced)
      • [[​IMG]] Quiver Cartridge + [​IMG] Hurricane + [​IMG] Advanced Final Attack (slot enhanced)
      • [[​IMG]] Arrow Blaster + [​IMG] Phoenix + [​IMG] Arrow Stream (slot enhanced)
      • [[​IMG]] Arrow Stream + [​IMG] Phoenix + [​IMG] Arrow Blaster (slot enhanced)
      [Brackets] signify the main skill of the Boost Node. I've highlighted the combinations of Boost Nodes together.

      Matrix Points
      See the Skill Build section on where to allocate your Matrix Points to enhance node slots.

      Link Skills

      Bowmaster's Link Skill (same as Marksman and Pathfinder. Stacks up to level 6 by sharing them into one character.):

      [​IMG] Adventurer's Curiosity [Master Level: 6]: Your curiosity and attention to detail grants you bonuses to Critical Rate and the chance of adding monsters to your Monster Collection. This bonus is multiplicative rather than additive.
      This Link Skill can be stacked up to 3 times, once for each unique Explorer Bowman job character you have on this world.
      This skill can also be used by one character you have in this world.
      Chance to add monsters to Monster Collection: +35%, Critical Rate: +10%

      Bowmaster has a standard set of [​IMG] Link Skills. Perhaps you could exchange one for [​IMG] Knight's Watch (Mihile Link Skill), but I don't see it as too necessary. Others might have a different view though. Priorities that I personally would have from highest to lowest for bossing:
      1. [​IMG] Fury Unleashed (Demon Slayer)
      2. [​IMG] Wild Rage (Demon Avenger)
      3. [​IMG] Elementalism (Kanna)
      4. [​IMG] Solus (Ark)
      5. [​IMG] Judgment (Kinesis)
      6. [​IMG] Focus Spirit (Beast Tamer)
      7. [​IMG] Empirical Knowledge (Explorer Magicians)
      8. [​IMG] Hybrid Logic (Xenon)
      9. [​IMG] Tide of Battle (Illium) (jump in place with Hurricane to activate)
      10. [​IMG] Thief's Cunning (Explorer Thieves) (Phoenix/Binding Shot/Gritty Gust/Poison Arrows activates this)
      11. [​IMG] Terms and Conditions (Angelic Buster)
      12. [​IMG] Spirit of Freedom (Resistance)


      Bowmaster has a standard Legion setup; nothing can be specialized for Bowmaster in terms of Legion. If you have your board expanded, prioritize Critical Damage and Boss Damage first, then Ignore Defense.

      For a more in-depth guide on Legion and how it works and what Legion effects there are, see Jushiro's Legion Guide.

      DEX Legion Effects
      • Bowmaster (DEX)
      • Pathfinder (DEX)
      • Wind Archer (DEX)
      • Xenon (STR/DEX/LUK)
      • Angelic Buster (DEX)
      Sample Legion Board Setup

      Inner Ability

      Bowmaster doesn't need +1 Attack Speed as it's a primarily key-down skill class. It also doesn't really need buff duration, but it's a nice thing to have to extend Enchanted Quiver's duration, as well as having 8+ minute buffs!

      If you have Legendary Ability, the first Ability line is always Legendary, but the other two may end up being Unique/Epic. Consult the guide here for more information.
      1. Boss Damage - up to +20% Boss Damage on Legendary line.
      2. Attack - up to +21 Attack on Unique line.
      3. Buff Duration - up to +38% Buff Duration on Unique line.

      Hyper Stats

      I'd recommend getting most of the following list of Hyper Stats to level 7 first for efficiency purposes before you push any Hyper Stat to level 10 or beyond.

      General priority list:
      1. Boss Damage
      2. Critical Damage
      3. Ignore Defense
      4. Damage (worse scaling than Boss Damage)
      5. Attack
      6. DEX
      7. Critical Rate (going beyond 100% still helps the 5th Job Skill [​IMG] Vicious Shot slightly)

      200+ Training Areas

      After level 200, a little variety can be kicked in if you're feeling it. I've bolded recommended areas. This isn't a huge change from where most leveling guides will tell you to go to.

      Refer to the Training Guides page here on Dexless for other more in-depth guides regarding leveling. Training areas is not a main focus of this guide by any means.

      • Forsaken Excavation Site 2 (up to 210 at most)
      • Fire Zone
      • Below the Cave
      • Cave Depths
      • Slurpy Forest Depths
      • Below the Falls
      • Chicken Festival 2
      • Nightmare Clocktower 1F
      • Revelation Place 3
      • Between Frost and Thunder 2
      • Deep in the Cavern - Upper Path 1
      • Deep in the Cavern - Lower Path 1
      • Cavern Lower Path (with Frenzy Totem, this is pretty much the hands-down the best map 225-255 for most classes, and most certainly for Bowmaster. Install Arrow Blaster at the bottom row, and key-down Arrow Blaster on the middle row and just move the angle up and down. If you don't have Frenzy Totem, consider training in another map.)
      • Path to the Coral Forest 4
      • That Day in Truffet 4
      • Living Spring 4
      • Radiant Temple (the Radiant Temple maps are pretty good maps to train in if you don't have Fury or Frenzy Totem.)
      • Mirror-touched Sea 2 (nice with Kishin or Fury Totem.)

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  • Build

    Table of Contents
    I won't go too far in-depth on this section since leveling is fast enough nowadays to not really matter, especially if you burn your character.

    1st Job

    I recommend putting a point into Arrow Blow, Double Jump, and Archery Mastery first when you advance. From there, max out Double Jump for mobility and the rest as you feel like. All 1st Job skills will be maxed.

    [​IMG] Arrow Blow (20/20)
    [​IMG] Double Jump (10/10)
    [​IMG] Critical Shot (20/20)
    [​IMG] Archery Mastery (15/15)

    Result: all maxed.

    2nd Job

    I recommend putting a point into Arrow Bomb, Soul Arrow: Bow, and Bow Mastery when you first advance. When you level afterwards, get Bow Mastery to at least level 5 so you can use Bow Booster. From there, do as you like. All 2nd Job skills will be maxed.

    [​IMG] Arrow Bomb (20/20)
    [​IMG] Covering Fire (9/9)
    [​IMG] Bow Booster (10/10)
    [​IMG] Soul Arrow: Bow (20/20)
    [​IMG] Quiver Cartridge (1/1) - automatically allocated
    [​IMG] Bow Mastery (10/10)
    [​IMG] Final Attack: Bow (20/20)
    [​IMG] Physical Training (5/5)

    Result: all maxed. (Note: as of GMS v209, you can max all skills. If you're missing SP, you may have to use a SP reset scroll.)

    3rd Job

    I recommend putting a point into Arrow Blaster, Flame Surge, and Marksmanship when you first advance. When you level afterwards, I'd recommend putting SP into Reckless Hunt: Bow, Phoenix, and Evasion Boost. Level as you like from there. All 3rd Job skills will be maxed.

    [​IMG] Arrow Blaster (20/20)
    [​IMG] Flame Surge (20/20)
    [​IMG] Phoenix (10/10)
    [​IMG] Hookshot (10/10)
    [​IMG] Reckless Hunt: Bow (10/10)
    [​IMG] Mortal Blow (10/10)
    [​IMG] Focused Fury (20/20)
    [​IMG] Evasion Boost (4/4)
    [​IMG] Marksmanship (20/20)

    Result: all maxed. (Note: as of GMS v209, you can max all skills. If you're missing SP, you may have to use a SP reset scroll.)

    4th Job

    I recommend putting a point into Hurricane, Arrow Stream, and Bow Expert when you first advance. From there, put some points into Enchanted Quiver, Illusion Step, and Sharp Eyes. Binding Shot's active effect isn't useful, but its passive effect of boosting Arrow Blaster is really nice. Don't prioritize leveling Armor Break at all, as that's a very specific skill for endgame bosses. All 4th Job skills will be maxed.

    [​IMG] Hurricane (30/30)
    [​IMG] Binding Shot (10/10)
    [​IMG] Arrow Stream (30/30)
    [​IMG] Sharp Eyes (30/30)
    [​IMG] Illusion Step (30/30)
    [​IMG] Hero's Will (5/5)
    [​IMG] Maple Warrior (30/30)
    [​IMG] Enchanted Quiver (10/10)
    [​IMG] Bow Expert (30/30)
    [​IMG] Advanced Final Attack (30/30)
    [​IMG] Armor Break (20/20)

    Result: all maxed.

    Hyper Skills

    Bowmaster has a pretty straightforward Hyper Skill build:

    Level 140: add into [​IMG] Concentration
    Level 150: add into [​IMG] Hurricane - Reinforce and [​IMG] Sharp Eyes - Guardbreak
    Level 160: add into [​IMG] Gritty Gust
    Level 165: add into [​IMG] Hurricane - Boss Rush
    Level 180: add into [​IMG] Arrow Stream - Extra Strike
    Level 190: add into [​IMG] Hurricane - Split Attack and [​IMG] Epic Adventure

    Result: all Hurricane Hypers, Arrow Stream - Extra Strike, and Sharp Eyes - Guardbreak are all allocated into. All active Hyper Skills are all allocated into.

    5th Job (Matrix Points)

    Every level after Level 200, you get one Matrix Point that can be used to level up your nodes, even past the Rank 25 limit (up to Rank 30).

    Level 201 - 205: add into [​IMG] Storm of Arrows
    Level 206 - 210: add into [​IMG] Inhuman Speed
    Level 211 - 230: add into [​IMG] Boost Nodes
    Level 231 - 235: add into [​IMG] Vicious Shot
    Level 236 - 240: add into [​IMG] Quiver Barrage
    Level 241 - 245: add into [​IMG] Maple Goddess's Blessing
    Level 246 - 250: add into [​IMG] Silhouette Mirage
    Level 251 - 255: add into [​IMG] Fury of the Wild
    Level 256 - 260: add into [​IMG] Guided Arrow

    Result: Storm of Arrows, Inhuman Speed, Boost Nodes, Vicious Shot, Quiver Barrage, Silhouette Mirage, Fury of the Wild, and Guided Arrow all are fully allocated into as of Level 260.
  • Skill Info

    Table of Contents
    This section contains skill info from the Global MapleStory service.

    Beginner Skills
    Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description Skill Readout (Master Level)
    [​IMG] Adventurer's Curiosity [Master Level: 6]
    Your curiosity and attention to detail grants you bonuses to Critical Rate and the chance of adding monsters to your Monster Collection. This bonus is multiplicative rather than additive. This Link Skill can be stacked up to 3 times, once for each unique Explorer Bowman job character you have on this world. This skill can also be used by one character you have in this world.
    Chance to add monsters to Monster Collection: +35%, Critical Rate: +10%

    1st Job
    Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description Skill Readout (Master Level)
    [​IMG] Arrow Blow [Master Level: 20]
    Shoots arrows at multiple enemies.
    MP Cost: 11, Damage: 295%, Max Enemies Hit: 4
    [​IMG] Double Jump [Master Level: 10]
    Allows you to double-jump to cover more distance. Double-tap the Up arrow key to jump once in midair. Double-tap the Down arrow key to descend quickly.
    MP Cost: 10, jumps further
    [​IMG] Critical Shot [Master Level: 20]
    Increase Critical Rate.
    Critical Rate: +40%
    [​IMG] Archery Mastery [Master Level: 15]
    Builds proficiency in the fundamentals of Archery. Increases Range, Movement Speed, and Max Movement Speed.
    Range +120, Movement Speed +30, Max Movement Speed Increases to 160

    2nd Job
    Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description Skill Readout (Master Level)
    [​IMG] Arrow Bomb [Master Level: 20]
    Fires arrows with bombs attached to them temporarily. Stun your target and enemies near your target.
    MP Cost: 15, Damage: 525%, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Stun Duration: 6 sec, Stun Chance: 60%
    [​IMG] Covering Fire [Master Level: 9]
    Fire arrows while leaping backwards. If you press and hold the skill key, you will fire arrows rapidly while in mid-air.
    MP Cost: 5, if you press and hold the skill key after jumping a certain distance backward, you will attack enemies at up to 103% of damage for 2 sec while in mid-air
    [​IMG] Bow Booster [Master Level: 10]
    Increases the attack speed of your weapon for a short time. Must have a bow equipped. Required Skill: Bow Mastery Lv. 5
    MP Cost: 11, Bow Attack Speed increased for 300 sec
    [​IMG] Soul Arrow: Bow [Master Level: 20]
    Increases Attack Power and allows you to use Bows without using arrows for a short time.
    MP Cost: 22, Attack Power + 30, Duration: 300 sec, able to attack without using arrows
    [​IMG] Quiver Cartridge [Master Level: 1]
    Fires 1 arrow from 1 of 3 types of special arrowheads. The quiver is refilled when you have used all 3 types. Press the skill key to change the current arrowhead. You will switch to the next arrowhead automatically if you use up all of the current type.
    [Blood Arrow] - Restores a set percentage of Max HP.
    [Poison Arrow] - Deals poison damage over time, stacks up to 3 times.
    [Magic Arrow] - Fires an additional magic arrow when attacking.
    Fire 1 arrow out of 10 from a quiver containing one of three types of Special Arrowheads. Automatically recharges when all three types are expended.
    [Blood Arrow] 50% chance to restore 3% of Max HP
    [Poison Arrow] Inflicts debuff which deals 150% damage over 8 sec, and can stack up to 3 times. When attacking an enemy with Poison Arrow's DoT applied, Critical Damage is increased by 4%.
    [Magic Arrow] Has a 30% chance to fire a magic arrow that deals 220% damage.
    [​IMG] Bow Mastery [Master Level: 10]
    Increases Bow Mastery. Level 10 required to learn Bow Expert.
    Bow Mastery: +50%
    [​IMG] Final Attack: Bow [Master Level: 20]
    Grants a chance to activate an additional hit after an attack. Must have a bow equipped.
    Required skill: Bow Mastery Lv. 3. Level 20 required to learn Advanced Final Attack.
    Proc Rate: 40%, Damage: 150%
    [​IMG] Physical Training [Master Level: 5]
    Permanently increases STR and DEX through sheer physical training.
    Permanently increase STR by 30 and DEX by 30.

    3rd Job
    Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description Skill Readout (Master Level)
    [​IMG] Arrow Blaster [Master Level: 20]
    Shoots an arrow at a high angle. If you press and hold the skill key, it will fire continuously. While firing, press Up or Down to control the force of the shot.
    While casting the skill, press the Interact/Harvest key to set up an Arrow Blaster, which will fire arrows automatically at your location.
    Alernatively, use a custom command to use the attack key, instead of the Internet/Harvest key, to set up the Arrow Blaster.
    Unaffected by attack reflection.
    Right-click to toggle custom commands ON/OFF.
    MP Cost: 7, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Damage: 181%. While casting, use the Interact/Harvest key to set up Arrow Blaster, firing arrows that deal 85% damage for 30 sec.
    Cooldown for installed Arrow Blaster: 5 sec.
    [​IMG] Flame Surge [Master Level: 20]
    Fire arrows imbued with flame power to attack up to 6% enemies. Hit enemies continue to take damage after they're hit.
    MP Cost: 36, Damage: 360%, Number of Attacks: 3, Damage Over Time: 100% damage every 1 sec for 6 sec
    [​IMG] Phoenix [Master Level: 10]
    Temporarily summons a Phoenix to deal Fire damage to up to 4 enemies. Has a chance to stun enemies. Permanently increases Defense. Not affected by enemy damage reflection skills.
    MP Cost: 70, summon Phoenix for 220 sec. Attack up to 4 enemies at once with 390% Damage. 95% chance to Stun
    [Passive Effects: Increase Defense by 30%]
    [​IMG] Hookshot [Master Level: 10]
    Fire a hook at the furthest enemy within range, dealing damage and pulling yourself along. While moving, you won't collide with monsters. Also increases your HP.
    MP Cost: 21, after attacking with 170% damage, moves by passing through enemies
    [Passive Effects: Max HP increases by 40%]
    [​IMG] Reckless Hunt: Bow [Master Level: 10]
    Reduces Defense and increases Attack Power and Damage.
    Can be toggled On/Off.
    DEF: -25%, Attack Power: +40, Final Damage: +30%
    [​IMG] Mortal Blow [Master Level: 10]
    Deal heavy damage to the enemy after a certain number of hits.
    After 9 number of attacks, the following attack's damage +80%.
    [​IMG] Focused Fury [Master Level: 20]
    Constant attacks focus your concentration, increasing your Abnormal Status Resistance. Getting an Abnormal Status while this buff is in effect will reset the increases Abnormal Status Resistance. Also increases Abnormal Status Resistance and All Elemental Resistances permanently.
    While attacking Abnormal Status Resistance will increase by 5 for 90 sec regularly. Resets when a Abnormal Status is received.
    [Passive Effects: Increases Abnormal Status Resistance by 20 and Elemental Resistance by 20%]
    [​IMG] Evasion Boost [Master Level: 4]
    Grants you a chance to dodge enemy attacks. When you succeed, attacks made by you in the following 1 second will result in Critical Hits.
    Dodge Chance: 30%, all attacks following a successful dodge for 1 sec will be criticals.
    [​IMG] Marksmanship [Master Level: 20]
    When attacking, ignores a portion of enemy Defense. Permanently increases your Attack Power.
    When attacking, ignores 25% of a monsters Weapon DEF. Attack Power +25%

    4th Job
    Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description Skill Readout (Master Level)
    [​IMG] Hurricane [Master Level: 30]
    Launches arrows at a tremendous speed like a catastrophic rainstorm. Holding the skill key will fire arrows continuously. You can also move while firing.
    MP Cost: 9, 350% damage per arrow. While casting, move at 100% speed
    [​IMG] Binding Shot [Master Level: 10]
    Inflict a wound on an enemy to reduce their HP Recovery and Speed. Also increases damage for Arrow Blaster and placed Arrow Blasters.
    MP Cost: 26, Damage: 530%, Number of Attacks: 6, Duration: 20 sec, HP Recovery effect: -60%, Speed: -30%
    Cooldown: 10 sec
    [Passive Effects: Increases damage for Arrow Blaster and installed Arrow Blaster by 90%]
    [​IMG] Arrow Stream [Master Level: 30]
    Shoots a wild flurry of arrow straight ahead.
    MP Cost: 32, attack up to 8 enemies with 350% damage 5 times.
    [​IMG] Sharp Eyes [Master Level: 30]
    Temporarily grants party members the ability to locate an enemy's weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy.
    MP Cost: 45, Critical Rate: +20%, Critical Damage: +15%, Duration: 300 sec
    [​IMG] Illusion Step [Master Level: 30]
    Greatly increases DEX and Avoidability for a short time. Also permanently reduces damage taken.
    MP Cost: 35, Duration: 300 sec, DEX: +80, Avoidability: +30%
    Passive Effects - Damage taken: -20%
    [​IMG] Hero's Will [Master Level: 5]
    Hones your resolve to ignore certain abnormal status effects. Immune to Abnormal Status for 3 sec after use.
    MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 360 sec
    [​IMG] Maple Warrior [Master Level: 30]
    Temporarily increases the stats of all party members. Does not stack with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, President's Orders, or Rhinne's Protection.
    MP Cost: 60, Increases all stats assigned APs by 15% for 900 sec
    [​IMG] Enchanted Quiver [Master Level: 10]
    Allows you to shoot without consuming arrows for a short time. The quiver cannot be changed. In addition, permanently increases each quiver's quantity and effect.
    MP Cost: 20, Current arrowhead is not consumed for 30 sec. Cooldown: 30 sec
    [Passive Effects]
    Blood Arrow - Activation Chance: 70%, Max HP Recovery Ratio: 5%.
    Poison Arrow - Damage-Over-Time: 220%. Critical Damage Increase Rate: +8%.
    Magic Arrow - Activation Chance: 60%. Damage increases to 260%.
    Poison Arrow and Blood Arrow count increased to 20 arrows. Magic Arrow increased to 40 arrows.
    [​IMG] Bow Expert [Master Level: 30]
    Increases Bow Mastery, Attack Power, and Critical Damage.
    Additionally, allows you to set Arrow Blaster's firing angle instantly when placing. Placing while holding the up arrow key will fire at the highest angle and placing while holding down the down arrow key will fire at the lowest angle.
    Required Skill: Bow Mastery Lv. 10
    Bow Mastery: +70%. Attack Power: +60, Critical Damage: +8%
    [​IMG] Advanced Final Attack [Master Level: 30]
    Permanently increases Attack Power. Greatly increases the damage and activation rate of your Final Attack. Required Skill: Final Attack Lv. 20
    Attack Power +20 permanently. Final Attack Chance: 70%, Damage: 210%
    [​IMG] Armor Break [Master Level: 20]
    Pierce the enemy's defenses while attacking and increases damage in proportion to enemy DEF. Does not activate for monsters with 0 DEF.
    Final damage increases as much as 100% of Enemy DEF while attacking, and 50% of Enemy DEF is ignored.
    Cooldown: 9 sec, Cooldown reduced by 1 sec every time you attack. Minimum cooldown of 1 sec.

    Hyper Skills (Passive)
    Skill Icon Skill Name Required Level Skill Description Skill Readout (Master Level)
    [​IMG] Sharp Eyes - Persist Lv. 140 [Master Level: 1] Increases Sharp Eye's duration. Duration: +30 sec
    [​IMG] Sharp Eyes - Guardbreak Lv. 150 [Master Level: 1] Add the Ignore Defense effect to Sharp Eyes. Add 5% Ignore Defense Effect
    [​IMG] Sharp Eyes - Critical Chance Lv. 180 [Master Level: 1] Increases the Critical Rate of Sharp Eyes. Critical Rate: +5%
    [​IMG] Arrow Stream - Reinforce Lv. 140 [Master Level: 1] Increases Arrow Stream's damage. Damage: +20%
    [​IMG] Arrow Stream - Spread Lv. 165 [Master Level: 1] Increases the max number of monsters hit by Arrow Stream. Max Enemies Hit: +1
    [​IMG] Arrow Stream - Extra Strike Lv. 180 [Master Level: 1] Increases Arrow Stream's number of attacks. Number of Attacks: +1
    [​IMG] Hurricane - Reinforce Lv. 150 [Master Level: 1] Increases damage for Hurricane, Arrow Blaster, and installed Arrow Blaster. Damage: +30%
    [​IMG] Hurricane - Boss Rush Lv. 165 [Master Level: 1] Increases damage when attacking Boss Monsters with Hurricane. Boss Damage +10%
    [​IMG] Hurricane - Split Attack Lv. 190 [Master Level: 1] Increases the number of attacks. Reduces the damage of Hurricane. Number of Attacks: +1, reduces Damage to 75% of the original Damage

    Hyper Skills (Active)
    Skill Icon Skill Name Required Level Skill Description Skill Readout (Master Level)
    [​IMG] Concentration Lv. 140 [Master Level: 1]
    Steel yourself for battle to increase damage.
    MP Cost: 300, Duration: 30 sec, Attack Power +50, Knockback Resistance: +100%, When Attacking Boss Monsters - Damage: +20%
    Cooldown: 90 sec
    [​IMG] Gritty Gust Lv. 160 [Master Level: 1]
    Blasts nearby enemies with a gust of wind to tear them apart.
    MP Cost: 200, Enemies Hit: 12, Damage: 500%, Number of Attacks: 8, 200% damage every 10 sec.
    Cooldown: 15 sec
    [​IMG] Epic Adventure Lv. 190 [Master Level: 1]
    Call upon the bravery deep within to increase damage output.
    MP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%
    Cooldown: 120 sec. Applies to any Explorer class in the party

    5th Job
    Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description Skill Readout (Master Level)
    [​IMG] Storm of Arrows [Master Level: 30]
    Arrows shot into the sky fall like rain. Unaffected by attack reflection. Has no effect in towns.
    MP Cost: 1000, Damage: +30%, Duration: 70 sec. Arrows rain down on a zone every 5 sec for 2.5 sec when you attack with your own skills. Up to 6 of these zones can be created, but they cannot overlap.
    The falling arrows deal 1320% damage to up to 10 enemies, 8 times. If currently attacking more than one enemy, the number of attacks increase by 2 for each additional enemy, for up to 6 additional attacks.
    Has 2x more of a chance than Quiver Cartridge does to activate Magic Arrow on attacks in this area.
    Cooldown: 120 sec
    [​IMG] Guided Arrow [Master Level: 30]
    Creates spirit arrows that pursue and attack nearby enemies. Unaffected by attack reflection.
    MP Cost: 350, Duration: 60 sec, Arrow Damage: 880% damage 90 times to 1 nearby enemy when in combat
    Cooldown: 60 sec
    [​IMG] Inhuman Speed [Master Level: 30]
    [Active Effect] Causes you to attack so quickly you produce afterimages. Unaffected by attack reflection.
    [Passive Effect] After performing a certain number of attacks while the skill is on cooldown, an afterimage is created that attacks for a short time.
    MP Cost: 800, Duration: 3 sec. Fires arrows at set intervals dealing 880% 3 times to enemies within range of your afterimages.
    Cooldown: 30 sec
    [Passive Effect: Every 10 attacks performed while this skill is on cooldown, an afterimage is created that lasts 1 sec and periodically attacks enemies within its range for 880% damage 3 times.]
    Active and Passive Effects cannot trigger simultaneously.
    [​IMG] Fury of the Wild [Master Level: 30]
    Temporarily infuses Phoenix, Frostprey, and Shadow Raven with mysterious power for a devastating attack. Can only be used when either Phoenix, Frostprey, or Shadow Raven are summoned.
    MP Cost: 800, Duration: 40 sec, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 900%, Number of Attacks: 7
    Cooldown: 105 sec
    [​IMG] Vicious Shot [Master Level: 30]
    When inflicting a critical wound, your strike hits the enemy where they are most vulnerable, dealing greater damage.
    MP Cost: 500, Duration: 30 sec, Allows Critical Rate to exceed 100% and Critical Damage to increase by 50% of Critical Rate.
    The attack's additional Critical Rate is not applied.
    Cooldown: 120 sec
    [​IMG] Quiver Barrage [Master Level: 30]
    Use every type of arrowhead at once, including a special flaming arrowhead that explodes when it hits an enemy. The Flaming Arrow is unaffected by attack reflection.
    Does not consume arrowheads in the quiver and cannot use Enchanted Quiver while in use. Enchanted Quiver will be canceled if Quiver Barrage is used while Enchanted Quiver is active.
    MP Cost: 1000, Duration: 30 sec, Attack Power: +20%, use every type of arrowhead at once, including a flaming arrowhead
    Flaming Arrow: Launches 6 flaming arrows consecutively at a certain interval. Max Enemies Hit: 6, Damage: 1650%, Number of Attacks: 3
    Cooldown: 120 sec
    [​IMG] Silhouette Mirage [Master Level: 30]
    Evade enemy attacks by moving fast enough to create illusory doubles of yourself.
    Illusory doubles disperse the enemy's attention to either reduce damage taken by Bow Master or inflict damage on the enemy. Not affected by Buff Freezer effects. Illusory doubles are unaffected by Attack Reflection.
    Can be turned On/Off.
    Creates up to 2 illusory doubles every 45 sec
    When you either receive damage that is at least 50% of your Max HP, or you receive damage that leads to death, 1 illusory double disappears and that damage reduces by 90%.
    If you have even 1 illusory double, direct skill attakcs that hit will shoot 5 illusory bullets dealing 880% damage 3 times, MP Cost: 80, Cooldown 7.5 sec
    Cooldown 1.50 sec (Toggle)
  • Gameplay

    Table of Contents
    This section contains gameplay-related explanations.

    Final Damage

    Final Damage, huh? What is this Damage that is now Final? Well, it's literally just the final multiplier on your damage!

    Final Damage formula: (1 + sourceA) * (1 + sourceB) * (1 + sourceC) and so on, if you got more sources.

    Regular (Boss) Damage formula: (1 + sourceA + sourceB + sourceC) and so on, if you got more sources.

    Try to calculate the difference between Final Damage and Damage! Here's an example:

    +70% Boss Damage from equips
    +40% Boss Damage from skills
    +12% Damage from equips
    +30% Damage from skills
    +20% Final Damage from nodes

    Now Nexon wants to buff you by doing one of two things:

    A) Give +40% Damage.
    B) Give +30% Final Damage.

    What would be the difference?

    We are assuming that you do 8m on a line of a skill attack without any damage boost.

    Scenario A: +40% Damage
    (1 + 0.7 + 0.4 + 0.12 + 0.3) * (1 + 0.2) = 3x improvement from the equips/skills/nodes before Nexon hands out any buff.
    So (8m * 3) = 24m per line regularly.

    Now...Nexon gives out +40% Damage.

    (1 + 0.7 + 0.4 + 0.12 + 0.3 + 0.4) * (1 + 0.2) = 3.5x improvement from the equips/skills/nodes after Nexon gives a +40% Damage boost. Note that we add the 0.4 (40%) Damage boost.
    So (8m * 3.5) = 28m per line after the buff.

    24 -> 28m is a 4m increase per line...a 16% overall increase. Not bad, but...

    What if it was Final Damage...? And even a lower number to boot?

    Scenario B: +30% Final Damage
    (1 + 0.7 + 0.4 + 0.12 + 0.3) * (1 + 0.2) = 3x improvement from the equips/skills/nodes before Nexon hands out any buff.
    So (8m * 3) = 24m per line regularly.

    Now...Nexon gives out +30% Final Damage.

    (1 + 0.7 + 0.4 + 0.12 + 0.3) * (1 + 0.2) * (1 + 0.3) = about a 4x improvement from the equips/skills/nodes after Nexon gives a +30% Final Damage boost. Note the difference in calculating Final Damage.
    So (8m * 4) = 32m per line after the buff.

    24 -> 32m is a 8m increase per line! Nice! About a 30% overall increase. Sound familiar?

    There are no diminishing returns with Final Damage.

    You'll need to know this to appreciate how well Nodes and Armor Break go together, which I explain in the Armor Break section under 4th Job.

    Skill Explanations

    This section attempts to explain some practical uses and quirks of some skills that may not be obvious at first glance.

    1st Job

    [​IMG] Arrow Blow
    Nothing to note. A standard first job mobbing skill.

    [​IMG] Double Jump
    This one is a bit special. You can flash jump left, right, and up, but in addition to that, you can also flash jump downwards! It doesn't have many practical uses, other than if you get used to using it to simply descend faster from a platform. The only real practical use for it that I found is in Phase 2 and 3 of Lotus where he shoots players upwards - you can nullify the upwards momentum by using Double Jump downwards.

    [​IMG] Critical Shot
    Nothing to note. Gives a great amount of Critical Rate.

    [​IMG] Archery Mastery
    Nothing to note. Increases attack range and speed.

    History lesson: after the RED update, this used to give a passive effect that made you not consume arrows. It was however changed later to make Soul Arrow once again useful.

    2nd Job

    [​IMG] Arrow Bomb
    History lesson: when the damage cap was still a commonly hittable thing, Arrow Bomb could actually break it by 5.75x! Yes, pre-V, you could hit up to 287.5m with Arrow Bomb. Not sure if that quirk still applies, but it's not exactly easy to hit the 10b damage cap...or beyond it.

    [​IMG] Covering Fire
    A backwards jump skill! It's not really any faster than Double Jump, but...hey...there is one practical use for it, again in Lotus. When he uses the electrical floor move in Phase 2 and 3, if you time it properly, you can hold it down long enough to where you'll be in the air just long enough to avoid all of it. It does technically give more jump height than if you were to normally Double Jump left/right, but not by much.

    History lesson: after the Illium patch, there was a bug where you could use Covering Fire in jump quests, such as Flag Race and Tower of Oz. That was fun for a week...

    [​IMG] Bow Booster
    Nothing to note. Increases attack speed.

    [​IMG] Soul Arrow: Bow
    Nothing particularly interesting to note. Gives attack and makes you not consume the arrows in your inventory. With Soul Arrow active, attack from your arrows will not have any effect, and since there's not an arrow that's above 30 Attack Power, don't waste your time or mesos on getting any sort of arrow other than the cheap standard ones.

    [​IMG] Quiver Cartridge
    Bowmaster's Specialized Skill! With this, you can infuse your arrows with magical quiver arrowhead powers. Choose from the Blood Arrows, Poison Arrows, or the Magic Arrows. Here's details on each:

    Blood Arrowhead (after being enhanced by Enchanted Quiver) - recover 5% of max HP at a 70% rate per each hit done to a monster. You can lock into this mode with no downtime, making it the best HP drain skill in the game thanks to Bowmaster's high hits per second. You lose ~13% of your DPS, but you can't do damage if you're dead!

    Poison Arrowhead - increases your Critical Damage by 8% when attacking an enemy with the Poison Arrows DoT debuff active. The DoT damage itself is not very useful, unfortunately.

    Magic Arrowhead - essentially an Advanced Final Attack 2.0. History lesson: it used to be actually counted as a magical attack until they decided that Magic Arrows weren't magic...

    At the end of the day, just lock in Magic Arrows for maximum damage.

    History lesson: Quiver Cartridge, for some reason, prior to GMS v214, if you didn't have it active yet (e.g. after login or death), it will give you 10 of each arrowhead if you press the skill button even if you have the Enchanted Quiver quantity increase.

    [​IMG] Bow Mastery
    Nothing to note. Standard Mastery skill.

    [​IMG] Final Attack: Bow
    Nothing to note. One of Bowmaster's key passive skills.

    [​IMG] Physical Training
    Nothing to note. Standard Training skill.

    3rd Job

    [​IMG] Arrow Blaster
    Arrow Blaster was once a pretty large part of Bowmaster's damage, but now it's more or less 5-10% of the total DPS. It is however an extremely good mobbing skill and a stable bossing skill thanks to it having a 30 second summon duration with only a 5 sec re-installation cooldown.

    Arrow Blaster has some an odd properties, though. First off, it's technically NOT a summon skill. It's an installation skill, which initially made it activate damage reflect (but was patched later to not). It, unlike summon skills, can gather Soul Weapon energy. Secondly, it will not activate any of Quiver Cartridge's Arrowheads or Advanced Final Attack. And lastly, it can instantly hit and kill monsters in its path before a ton of other skills in the game, making it the ultimate KS skill. Cool!

    Arrow Blaster used to be bugged, sporadically failing to install starting from GMS v177 and until the GMS v193 patch. Those were really annoying times.

    Arrow Blaster's Installation is slower than the keydown version. Installation Attack Speed: ~200ms (~5 hits per second)

    [​IMG] Flame Surge
    Nothing to note. Standard mobbing skill.

    History lesson: this was Bowmaster's original 4th Job mobbing skill, and was worse than Hurricane at mobbing until Hyper Skills came along. It was also initially once "Inferno" and "Ultimate Inferno" until it suddenly became "Roasting Shot" and "Broiler Shot" then "Flame Surge" as it is now.

    [​IMG] Phoenix
    Phoenix is not much of a contributor to damage. One thing to note though that doesn't really matter, but is a random fun tidbit: for some reason if you have a Mortal Blow stack at 9, Phoenix gets enhanced by it and doesn't consume the stack.

    [​IMG] Hookshot
    Hookshot is a rather good mobility skill. It has a decent vertical and great horizontal grapple area. Anyways, it does give invincibility frames to mobs, but not to stuff like Lotus's laser...except for like a fraction of a second. Sadly no use there. It does however, for some reason, make pretty much all bosses flinch for a second when you use it. Hookshot, back when Hard Magnus loved to freeze up and glitch, could actually make Hard Magnus unfreeze. What a savior. Speaking of savior, it's nice in Spirit Savior.

    [​IMG] Reckless Hunt: Bow
    Nothing to note, other than that it's a toggle skill, so you should always remember to toggle it on when you login or die.

    [​IMG] Mortal Blow
    Hitting an enemy stacks it up to 9, then afterwards the next skill receives +80% Damage. Pretty nice. These are this skills that can't increase Mortal Blow stacks: Arrow Blaster installation, Inhuman Speed, Advanced Final Attack, Magic Arrows, Phoenix, and Quiver Barrage.

    This means Hurricane, Guided Arrow, and Storm of Arrows can increase the stacks. These are incidentally same set of skills that are the only ones that can activate Magic Arrows. I personally call them "direct impact" skills.

    [​IMG] Focused Fury
    Every hit you do with Focused Fury, you get +5 Status Resistance, stackable up to 100. Thanks to Bowmaster's high hits per second, it stacks pretty quickly. Status Resistance is pretty much useless, yeah, but it's something. Bowmaster has the highest innate Status Resistance in the game.

    [​IMG] Evasion Boost
    Nothing to note. Standard evasion skill.

    [​IMG] Marksmanship
    Bowmaster's Marksmanship skill is +25% Attack Power, while Marksman's Marksmanship skill is +15% Damage. Apparently Bowmaster is better at being a Marksman than Marksman is...

    4th Job

    [​IMG] Hurricane
    In the Nova patch, the delay for starting up Hurricane has thankfully been significantly reduced. While it was more useful before the reduction in the delay, you can still do a jump attack (press Hurricane and jump) and move forward to essentially cancel the delay. You can easily stack Illium's Link Skill by jumping with Hurricane.

    Attack Speed: 120ms (8.33 hits per second)

    [​IMG] Binding Shot
    Reduces the debuffed target's HP recovery (useful for...Hard Hilla and Empress...and Blackheart in DIPQ...) and the target's movement speed (useful!). The movement speed reduction seems to work pretty well, especially for Queen, Pierre, and Magnus, the latter being rather significantly impacted by it for some reason. Additionally, this skill does in fact count as a debuff for Cadena's link skill, which is nice.

    [​IMG] Arrow Stream
    Nothing to note. Rather vertical mobbing skill, and pierces monsters, as well as hits on all layers (foreground and background) of a map.

    [​IMG] Sharp Eyes
    Nothing, uh, critical to note. Great party skill.

    [​IMG] Illusion Step
    Bowmaster's Illusion Step gives +80 DEX while Marksman's Illusion Step gives +40 DEX. Hooray!

    [​IMG] Hero's Will
    Nothing to note.

    [​IMG] Maple Warrior
    Nothing to note.

    [​IMG] Enchanted Quiver
    For some reason, Enchanted Quiver isn't maintained after death with buff freezers :(

    If you use this with Blood Arrows, as long as you don't receive severe damage repeatedly or get one-shot, you can pretty much always live as long as you're hitting something consistently enough. Almost like the Breath of Divinity skill...hmm...

    History lesson: pre-Reboot, this skill had one heck of a skill delay, but the delay was entirely removed in the Reboot patch, which was awesome. Also, when you used to use Enchanted Quiver without the Quiver Cartridge active, it would act like it's not locked at all and still consume arrowheads.

    [​IMG] Bow Expert
    Nothing in particular to note. Standard 4th Job Mastery skill. But it does additionally give a passive effect that allows you to instantly install Arrow Blaster at the topmost and lowest angles if you pressed up or down respectively while pressing the install key. Pretty handy in select situations, such as Chaos Vellum, as the lowest angle can't hit him, but if you instantly install Arrow Blaster to the up position, it hits!

    [​IMG] Advanced Final Attack
    Nothing to note. Simply enhances Final Attack: Bow and gives some Attack Power.

    [​IMG] Armor Break
    Armor Break increases your final damage in proportion to the boss's PDR. Basically, if the boss has 300% PDR, you will do an extra +300% Final Damage to it when Armor Break activates.

    It has a 9 second cooldown, but attacking an enemy will reduce the cooldown by 1 sec each hit, though it has a minimum cooldown of 1 second no matter what. The skills that can reduce Armor Break's cooldown and what can use Armor Break's final damage increase are limited to direct impact skills (see: Mortal Blow section).

    So, on Chaos Vellum, (+300% Final Damage), your damage will look like this every 1 second, using the Final Damage formula from the Final Damage section at the top:

    (1 + 3) = 4x Final Damage. So if you hit 100m regularly with Hurricane you'll burst to like 400m every 1 second due to Armor Break.

    Source by source breakdown:

    Regular Hurricane damage (+0% Final Damage) so (1 + 0) = 1x = 50m without nodes

    Max nodes (+100% Final Damage) so (1 + 1) = 2x = 100m regularly with max nodes

    Armor Break (+300% Final Damage) so (1 + 3) = 4x = 400m bursting with Armor Break

    History lesson: before they made Armor Break cater to Hurricane more, Arrow Stream in addition to max 5th Job nodes was actually quite a bit more powerful than Hurricane due to the higher skill percentage of Arrow Stream.

    Hyper Skills

    [​IMG] Concentration
    Nothing to note. Nice Hyper Skill that gives Knockback Resistance and a pretty good amount of Boss Damage and Attack Power.

    [​IMG] Gritty Gust
    Nothing to note. A nice vertical mobbing skill, but has no real use in bosses damage-wise.

    [​IMG] Epic Adventure
    Storm of Arrows and Epic Adventure have the same cooldowns, so I'd recommend using them together (cast Storm of Arrows -> Epic Adventure).

    5th Job

    [​IMG] Storm of Arrows (KMS: Arrow Rain)
    Storm of Arrows is skill that scales better the more monsters are in its spawned zones. When you directly hit a monster, it takes the direction that your character is facing, scans a certain distance from the hit mob in your character's direction, and spawns an Arrow Rain zone for each monster in that range, but the zones cannot overlap. If there are more than 1 monster within a single zone, up to 6 additional lines can be added to the Arrow Rain zone for a maximum for a 14 line Arrow Rain, each monster adding 2 lines.

    In content such as Dream Defender, Storm of Arrows can do great damage due to the amount of mobs bundled close together.

    [​IMG] Guided Arrow
    Combine Guided Arrow with Storm of Arrows to keep Storm of Arrows always firing on a boss, such as Lucid Phase 2. It also can consume Quiver Cartridge and activates all of its arrowheads, including Magic Arrows.

    [​IMG] Inhuman Speed (KMS: Afterimage Shot)
    This used to be a severely weak skill in KMST and the first KMS patch that it was in, but now it makes up 15% of Bowmaster's damage. The only thing to note right now is that, for some reason, it has one heck of a downwards range area (still good upwards but not as good) and that it can also be casted on ladders/ropes. So I guess it's technically a buff-type skill?

    [​IMG] Fury of the Wild (KMS: Evolve)
    Your evolved Phoenix will attack when you attack (even if there's no target nearby) or if a skill hits a monster (e.g. Guided Arrow). Phoenix is re-summoned at its full duration once this skill expires.

    Generally speaking, if you attack, Fury of the Wild will fire off even if there's no monster in range, but for some reason key-down Arrow Blaster doesn't make it fire until you actually impact a monster - so here's a Dojo strategy with floors 21-29 with that in mind: just use only Arrow Blaster and Fury of the Wild to wipe the map quickly! The moment Arrow Blaster hits a mob, Fury of the Wild will clear the floor.

    Phoenix Boost Nodes do not affect Fury of the Wild's damage.

    [​IMG] Vicious Shot (KMS: Critical Reinforce)
    Nothing special to note, other than it isn't really worth trying to sacrifice anything else for Critical Rate to make this skill better.

    [​IMG] Quiver Barrage (KMS: Quiver Full Burst)
    This skill does a great amount of damage, despite its short duration. During its 30 second duration, it has DPS contribution of around greater than Hurricane's (~30%), and after its cooldown is over, it has a DPS contribution of around Inhuman Speed's (~12%). My only complaint is that you need to make sure to use Enchanted Quiver right as it's over, or you'll burn arrowheads out.

    Flaming Arrows fire out every 2 seconds. You can switch arrowheads while using Quiver Barrage unlike during Enchanted Quiver, though it obviously doesn't impact anything. You can use it to unlock your Quiver Cartridge I guess though. Additionally, you can also use it without Quiver Cartridge active (e.g. when first logging in).

    Flaming Arrows are fired out only when you directly impact a monster (see: Mortal Blow section), and only if you're in a certain horizontal range, unlike Magic Arrows. The vertical range for the Flaming Arrows is practically infinite (it can go between the two rooms in Will!). Horizontally, it's actually a little shorter than Hurricane's range.

    Also, Quiver Barrage's Flaming Arrows doesn't fire out when you're sitting on a chair. Just a random tidbit.

    A tip during Damien (can be applied to any boss, but using Damien as an example) is that when Damien is midair shooting out his Magnus meteors-like skill, you can use Guided Arrow and hit him with Gritty Gust to lock Guided Arrow on him. Since Guided Arrow is a direct impact skill, Flaming Arrows will fire upwards and damage him as long as Guided Arrow is attacking. Be wary of the limited horizontal range that you have to be in to fire out Flaming Arrows, though.

    [​IMG] Silhouette Mirage
    Surprisingly, this is a skill that has not been renamed for GMS!

    So Bowmaster finally has a skill that can allow Bowmaster to survive one shot skills. This skill's "defensive" feature, when activated, can take any attack (including %HP attacks) that does 50% or more damage or leads to death (e.g. you have 10% HP and an attack that does 20% hits you, that will protect you as well) and reduce the damage you take by 90% at level 30. This skill stacks twice for two consecutive (or non-consecutive) preventions of certain death.

    The skills is currently slightly bugged in GMS as of the initial Awake patch, in the sense that if an illusory double is consumed while you only have 1 stack, the recreation time is reset to 45 sec. This will be fixed in a future patch from KMS.

    As for the "offensive" feature, it's not really that powerful at all. It accounts for around 3% of DPS during a 40 sec burst. Any attack, even normal attack, or skill will activate the illusory attack. It has pretty good horizontal range (longer than Hurricane), but poor (but not bad) vertical range.

    99% of this skill is meant for increasing your survivability - do not get this skill thinking it'll boost your DPS by any good amount.

    Skill Rotation

    Bowmaster's skill rotation is actually not too bad. Please note that the DPS contributions are estimated, and tested in a 60 sec Battle Analysis with max nodes. This does not account for increases in damage from buffs (such as Quiver Barrage's +20% Attack Power buff). Storm of Arrows does not activate on Dojo Scarecrows for some reason, so Balrog is used instead. Note that Storm of Arrows only spawns one time in Balrog (it normally spawns twice on most bosses, and in certain boss battles such as Damien, Lucid, and Will, it may spawn the maximum of 6 times for significantly higher contribution), so Storm of Arrows's DPS contribution in realistic scenarios may be higher than listed here.
    Skill DPS Contribution Duration Cooldown
    [​IMG] Hurricane ~26% - -
    [​IMG] Advanced Final Attack ~6% - -
    [​IMG] Silhouette Mirage ~4% - -
    [​IMG] Concentration - 30 sec 90 sec
    [​IMG] Terms and Conditions (AB Link) - 10 sec 90 sec
    [​IMG] Arrow Blaster ~5% 30 sec 5 sec
    [​IMG] Enchanted Quiver (Magic Arrows) ~11% 30 sec 30 sec
    [​IMG] Inhuman Speed ~10% 30 sec 30 sec
    [​IMG] Guided Arrow ~4% 60 sec 60 sec
    [​IMG] Fury of the Wild ~2% 40 sec 105 sec
    [​IMG] Vicious Shot - 30 sec 120 sec
    [​IMG] Storm of Arrows ~12% 65 sec 120 sec
    [​IMG] Epic Adventure - 60 sec 120 sec
    [​IMG] Quiver Barrage ~20% 30 sec 120 sec
    [​IMG] Maple Goddess's Blessing - 60 sec 180 sec

    It may look like a lot to keep up with, but when it comes down to it, many of the cooldowns align with each other for simplicity. Every 30 seconds, use Arrow Blaster, Enchanted Quiver, and Inhuman Speed. Every 2 minutes, use Storm of Arrows, Epic Adventure, Fury of the Wild (you can wait the extra 12 seconds to use Fury of the Wild with everything else, it's not too much of a contributor to damage), and Quiver Barrage. Guided Arrow's kinda on its own though, but essentially doesn't have a cooldown. Maple Goddess's Blessing is definitely an odd one though on its own.

    [​IMG] Concentration can be paired up with [​IMG] Terms and Conditions (Angelic Buster Link Skill) if you opt to get that Link Skill.

    I've highlighted the groups of skills you can just use pretty sequentially thanks to their same cooldowns.
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