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      First of all, thank you for clicking on my guide, it really means a lot, so lets just get right into this guide to the Explorer warrior branch known as Dark Knight!

      Explorer Warriors are one of the 5 job branches you can choose as an explorer, the other 4 being Magician, Thief, Bowman and Pirate. Warriors are the beefier melee class of the Explorer job branch, with each different type of warrior bringing their own unique skills and play style to the game.

      When you first get your choice of job branches when you hit lvl 30, you are faced with 3 options, Fighter (which later becomes Hero), Page (which later becomes Paladin) and finally, Spearman (which later becomes Dark Knight) the reason you came to this guide.

      Dark Knight is what Id like to call the in between of Hero and Paladin. Where Paladin has extreme tankiness and immunity, and Heros have a more glass cannon style where they do large amounts of damage per second, Dark Knight falls just in between that, with a larger health pool, a health restoring summon and some extra built in survivability, along side a high damage, fast attacking skill that's great for singular bosses, Dark Knight is the perfect middle ground between the End-all Tank that is Paladin, and the Massive-Damage Hero class.

      Now, lets get into the Pros and Cons of Dark Knight

      Larger amount of AoE skills for training in 4th job and beyond
      A strong bossing skill in Gungir's Descent
      100% Stance passive
      Free stats from Evil Eye summon
      Health restoring abilities
      Final Pact!

      Highly inflated range
      Low Mobility

      No monster debuffs or helpful party buffs
      A slower start than Heros and Paladin have pre 4th job
      Needs to chain Evil Eye skills for maximum uptime while bossing
      Requires Attack speed and Buff Duration for maximum optimization
  • Build

    First Job

    1. Slash Blast (1)
    2. War Leap (MAX)
    3. Warrior Mastery (MAX)
    4. Slash Blast (Max)
    5. Iron Body (Max)

    For first job it's very simple. Put a point into slash blast for training and max out war leap first, just to get around better. After that, max out warrior mastery for the 40% stance. Finally, use the last of your points to finish off slash blast and iron body.

    Second Job

    0. Evil Eye is auto-maxed.
    1. Spear Sweep, Piercing Drive (1), Weapon Mastery (2)
    1. Weapon Mastery (5)
    2. Weapon Booster (6)
    3. Weapon Mastery (MAX)
    4. Physical Training (MAX)
    5. Weapon Booster (MAX)
    6. Piercing Drive (MAX)
    7. Spear Sweep (MAX)
    8. Final Attack (MAX)
    9. Iron Will (3)
    10. Hyper Body (MAX)
    11. Iron Will (9)

    For second job, you'll want to grab a point in your attacking skills so you aren't stuck using slash blast forever. After that you'll want to get enough points into weapon mastery so you can unlock weapon booster. Following that I'd recommend maxing out weapon mastery and physical training for some extra damage. Finally max out your attacking skills, final attack and hyper body, leaving iron will at 9/10 points because it does almost nothing.

    Third Job

    1. Rush, La Mancha Spear, Lord of Darkness (1)
    2. Lord of Darkness (MAX)
    3. Cross Surge (MAX)
    4. Hex of the Evil Eye (MAX)
    5. La Mancha Spear (14)
    6. Rush (MAX)
    7. Evil Eye Shock (MAX)
    8. Endure (MAX)
    9. Evil Eye of Domination (Max)

    For third job you'll again want a point in your attacking skills, but you'll also want a point in lord of darkness for the extra crit rate, crit damage and heath gain on hit.
    Max out lord of darkness first for the most benefit then move on to cross surge. After cross surge is maxed, max out hex of the evil eye for some free attack, and get a few more points into your attacking skills. I'd leave la mancha spear at 14, because after third job, you'll rarely use it again. Finally max out evil eye shock, endure and evil eye domination.
    Fourth Job

    1. Barricade Mastery (1), Dark Impale (2)
    2. Dark Impale (MAX)
    3. Final Pact (MAX)
    4. Barricade Mastery (MAX)
    5. Stance (MAX)
    6. Gungnir’s Descent (1)
    7. Sacrifice (MAX)
    8. Gungnir’s Descent (MAX)
    9. Magic Crash (MAX)
    10. Revenge of the Evil Eye (MAX)
    11. Maple Warrior (MAX)
    12. Hero’s Will (MAX)

    For fourth job you'll, as usual, want to get some points in your attacking skills. Throw a point into barricade mastery and two points into dark impale to start. After that I'd say to max out dark impale to max training easier. After that max out final pact for the life line and barricade mastery for the extra damage. Next up you'll wanna put a point into gungir's descent and then max out sacrifice to be able to use it well. Following that, max out gungir's descent for use as your main bossing skill, followed by magic crash yo cancel lower level bosses annoying buffs/debuffs, and revenge of the evil eye for the extra return damamge. Lastly max out maple warrior for the free all stats and hero's will for the cleanse.
  • Skill Info

    Now that that's out of the way, lets get into some of Dark Knight's Skills,

    Evil Eye

    Evil eye is your best friend. The summon may not seem like much at the start, but after 3rd job, it starts becoming completely worth it to sell your soul to the dark side. With a whopping 40 attack and 10% critical rate for free just for having it up, that later increases 70 attack, as well as Evil eye gaining its own skills, Dark Knight's whole kit just rounds its self together.

    Evil Eye Shock
    Evil Eye shock is the first of your floaty eyeballs skills, this skill is a huge part of your combo. Making sure to use this skill off cooldown will not only increase your general training speed, but also increase your boss killing prowess

    Radiant Evil

    Radiant evil is Dark Knight's second 5th job skill, but I'll be covering it first. With a large area of effect and a lengthy duration, Radiant evil is a great tool for hitting hard to reach bosses, multi part bosses, and general training purposes

    Revenge Of The Evil Eye

    A pretty straight forward skill. When evil eye is out and about floating around, when you get hit, he'll hit them right back, stealing you a decent chuck of HP right back to your health bar. This skill also increases the damage of Evil Eye Shock so that's just a plus


    Sacrifice is your main bossing buff, your "Oh S**t" button and the killer of your best friend.

    With Sacrifice, you consume your ever faithful companion, Evil Eye, heal 100% of your max hp and unlock some great abilities, such as no cooldown on Gungir's Descent, a free 10% Ignore enemy defense and 10% Boss damage. This buff scales with buff duration increasing effect and the cool down is shortened by using Evil Eye skills.


    Gungir's is your bread and butter bossing skill, with a whopping 12 hits, this skill deals a lot of damage per cast, as well as having a passive 30% ignore enemy defense built into it, it makes itself Dark Knight's best tool against any boss.

    You'll want to put your hyper skill points into each of Gungir's passive effects, giving it an extra 20% dmg, another 20% ignore enemy defense and an extra 10% Boss damage

    Dark Impale

    Dark Impale is your main training skill once you hit 4th job, with a good horizontal range and relatively high damage, you'll be clearing maps in no time at all!

    Dark Thirst

    Dark thirst is your hyper skill unlocked at level 150, giving you extra attack when active, but most importantly, giving you 9% of your HP when you attack anything, giving Dark Knight some of its amazing survivablility.

    Nightshade Explosion

    Nightshade is your hyper skill you unlock at lvl 170. It is an amazing skill for training and bossing if you can weave it into your combo efficiently.

    Spear of Darkness

    Spear of Darkness is the first of your 5th job skills. A very good skill for general mobbing and bossing, and extremely straight forward to use, just throw it and forget it!
    Final Pact

    Final Pact is the coup de grâce of Dark Knight's skills. A completely unique just for Dark Knights. When you are dropped to 0 hp, you come back with full hp and are immune to damage, debuffs and basically everything. This also allows you to use your main damage skill, Gungir's Descent, without any cool down, and the duration of it currently scales with Buff Duration increasing effects! While that may sound completely overpowered, there are some drawbacks. Primarily, Final Pact is on a 600 second cool down, meaning in most boss fights it is your one free mistake, don't get use to it, and if you are unlucky enough to not get either 30 enemies killed or 30 hits on a boss, you die when the buff ends.

    Hyper Skills

    Like every class, at level 140 you gain access to Hyper skill. Hyper skills are a mix of passive and active skills that increase the effectiveness of your previous jobs skills.
    I'm going to go over each hyper passive, what they do, and if you'll want to use them.

    Evil eye Passives
    Evil eye has 3 passive hyper skills
    -Evil eye Reinforce
    -Evil eye Hex Reinforce
    -Evil eye Aura Reinforce

    The first passive , Reinforce, increases the damage of evil eye's skills by 150%. This passive is a very good thing to get as you'll be wanting to weave as many evil eye skills in your combos for the most damage you can do, so adding more damage to them is always a good thing.

    The second passive, Hex Reinforce, increases the attack power that evil eye grants you, giving you a whopping +30 attack on top of the already generous 40 it granted you before. A must pick in my opinion

    The third passive, Aura Reinforce, increases the amount of health evil eye restores, from a low 20 health every 24 secs, into a large 10% of your maximum every 24 secs. I welcoming buff, but with the built in health restore in Dark Thirst and Sacrifice, its hardly needed.

    Final Pact Passives
    Final pact has 3 hyper skills as well, it has
    -Final Pact Damage
    -Final Pact Reduction
    -Final Pact Critical Chance

    The first passive, Final Pact Damage, increases your final damage by 20%, but only while final pact is active. I'm personally not a fan of this one, seeing as it forces you to die for it to be effective. While I have my own reasons for not using it, others have said that it is a good passive for bursting down harder boss. I say if you have good control and need a little extra damage, its not a horrible thing to pick up

    The second passive, Final Pact Reduction, reduces the amount of monsters killed or bosses hit to revive you by 30%. This passive is very weak, as getting 30 skills should be easy, and in a boss fight, 30 hits is even easier. I'd avoid using this one.

    The third passive, Final Pact Critical Chance, does just what it sounds like, give you 20% more critical chance. In a world without legion effect, this is a pretty good passive, but now that we have legion, I'd say this is basically not needed. If you truly need the extra 20% critical chance, go for it.

    Gungir's Descent Passives
    Gungir's Descent has the last 3 of the hyper passives for Dark Knight, which are
    -Gungir's Descent Reinforce
    -Gungir's Descent Guardbreak
    -Gungir's Descent Bossrush

    The First passive, Gungir's Descent Reinforce, increases Gungirs damage by 20%, all around good passive, would always grab this one.

    The second passive, Gungir's Descent Guardbreak, give Gungir's and extra 20% passive ignore enemy defense. While not needed, if you haven't used your points anywhere else, its perfectly fine to put one of them here.

    The third passive, Gungir's Descent Bossrush, gives Gungir's and extra 10% damage vs bosses. 10% doesn't seem like a lot, but again, if you decided not to use the points in something else, perfectly fine to use them here.

    Fifth Job Optimization
    With 5th job comes a lot of new and confusing thing, mainly Nodes. I'm going to show you, in my opinion, the best way to set up your nodes on a Dark Knight

    Boost Nodes

    For boost nodes you're going to want to max out these four skills, Dark Impale, Gungir's Descent, Nightshade Explosion and Evil Eye.

    The first 3 are very obvious, they're your most used training and bossing skills, but having Evil Eye in there might seem a bit confusing. The reason you want this, is because it actually increases the damage of all of your evil eye skills, as seen here.


    Skill Nodes

    For skill nodes you'll definitely want your two 5th job skills, Spear of Darkness, and Radiant Evil. You'll want to max Spear of Darkness as soon as you can, and you'll be better off leaving Radiant evil at a lower level because of its poor scaling.

    You'll also want some general quality of life skills, such as
    Decent Holy symbols for general training purposes (Max ASAP)
    Erda Nova for a bind
    Rope lift for extra moblity
    Decent Speed infusion for the extra attack speed
    Decent sharp eyes for more critical hit rate and damage
    Decent Advanced Blessing for extra stats
    Decent Combat Orders for some extra skill damage

  • FAQ

    If you have any Questions you can message me here, or PM me on discord at @Macerno#4623
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