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      Chaos Crimson Queen - The Old Lady

      CQueen is arguably one of the easiest bosses in Chaos Root Abyss, this is because of the plentiful time, simple and easy to dodge mechanics and the lack of RNG (I'm looking at you clown).

      CQueen has 4 noticeable faces (or phases) and they're not health dependent so you just have to remember how to play around them. Each face has 3 patterns.


      Crimson queen's attack divides into the deadly attack, a status effect and the continuous swipe. This is also likely the easiest face to deal with and the face you can get the most damage in

      The first pattern is the deadly blow that pretty much guarantees a 1 hit kill is the fire breath, this instantly inflicts 80,000 damage and you'll most likely die as a solo player.

      If you see her doing this you fucking run for your life towards her back.

      You never assume you're far enough in front to dodge it, I have been killed by it at a very questionable distance multiple times. If you're also close enough to the back of the queen, you'll often not be hit so stay close to her!

      I'm going to talk about is the continuous dot, if you see her doing this,

      it means you're now under her spell. This pattern does a continuous dot damage to characters affected and it's therefore important to have your pet heal substantially higher than normal (I do it on about 90%) to avoid dying to an attack pattern immediately followed by the dot damage. This dot damage however can avoided with Dark sight.

      There are two main ways to remove the dot, one is to be hit by the fire (?!) and the other is to die.

      BUT JUNO! Wouldn't getting hit by the fire also make me die? If you're soloing, yes, and there is no way to remove this dot. However, such a thing as fire party exists where the people you're carrying also comes into the room to eat up the breath (the more people that gets hit, the less damage you take from the fire) with you. If you're solo well, then you're fucked, this dot is going to last till the very end of your run.

      The last pattern is something that can be seen in all faces, which is the swipe,

      it does 20% of your total damage causes a different status per face. In the wrathful phase, when you get hit by her swinging arms in this face you'll be blinded and that's about it. However a lot of players panic and flash jump around when they're blinded. DON'T PANIC!

      If you panic and flash jump around often the Queen will breath fire and instantly kill you, don't be stupid.

      An important tip is -2 second status duration nebulite (B). This is crucial if you're a low range bossing or just bossing in general. In Queen's case, the swipe status duration will be reduced to the point of almost no relevance. So consider investing into one!

      Combined, as long as you stay towards the center of the queen and be weary of when her body glows (to dodge the fire) -- you'll prefer this face to stick around. Often the most difficult part about this face is the fact that you have to play majority of it in the dark and that's pretty spooky.

      This is probably one of the scariest face out of the 4. Once this face kicks in you'll notice that she instantly goes into a red bubble with the quote "feel my pain!".

      Now, I'm no literate but even a dummy can tell that this means damage reflect. Unless if you're feeling brave (or stupid), or a class that can ignore DR (such as AB) or a class that can cancel DR (like phantom), the best you can do is just run.

      But the true fear of this face is the Zombifying, which is indicated by this satanic mark that she makes.

      This can be removed with dispel if you're with a bishop but assuming you're not, the only other way to remove this is with Hero's Will (or a cleansing potion). The moment you see the symbol you need to open up your option and drop your pet heal to 0, because if you consume a pot while zombified you'll take damage and most likely die along with the dot.

      But why drop the pet heal to 0 instead of just removing the potion from equips? Isn't that faster?

      It is, but that also implies you can't put the potions back in due to the dot, you'll repeatedly get the "TAKE A BREATH AND TRY IT AGAIN! :)" error until you die.

      What happens if I'm dotted and I can't heal or have Hero's Will?

      Then you're off to meet your maker. See ya later.

      Other than that, the swipe in this phase is not too relevant since it's just a short dot damage on top of your existing one.
      A lot of people tend to struggle on this face, this face is distinguished by the wink and the pattern is often pretty annoying. Her swipe in this face is disable (which temporarily disables skill use, including flash jump/teleport) so it's best to not be hit if possible.

      Following this you just have to pay close attention to her fingers. If she spins her arms and the heart pops, it means there's going to be hearts generated on the floor. These hearts get destroyed if you hit them just once but once you're hit you'll be be knocked back and be dealt damage about half your health. There's 2 main ways to avoid this, one is to watch where they appear on the floor and to dodge and the others is to use Mihile link skill (since this isn't super knock back) and continue hitting her anyways.

      The next pattern is the infamous mirror. If the hearts pop outwards this indicates a mirror has appeared on the map and you need to fucking run towards and bash it the down immediately.


      You will be seduced if you're within mirror's range (about half the map from the center of the mirror) and fail to kill it within 5 seconds. If you get too close and see your face in the mirror, you'll be instantly killed and she will regen about 1/5th of her health. If you're already cutting it close in terms of time vs Cqueen and you die to a mirror it means that run is basically over.

      Alternatively it can be argued you to stay in the corner and avoid the mirror's range but that limits your space greatly and could mean trouble with the next face.

      This is the last face and depending on your situation it can be your best and worst face. The swipe in this face is confusion (opposite arrow keys) and the primary attack is the black hole. When you see her make this satanic symbol once again, a black hole will appear on the ground that sucks you towards it.


      Standing in it will inflict continuous damage and you can easily flash jump/tp/walk out of it. What makes this black hole scary is the pattern that often follows directly after it, which can be distinguished by the queen's sudden urge to bend over and suck stuff in. If you stand too close to her mouth within suction range you'll instantly be killed and combined with the black hole previously created can be a bit tricky.


      The safe way to play is to run away to one end of the map, the best way to counter this play is to stick to her ass (ehem). From experience I can tell you this is the death zone


      and if your character is about here from her back you'll be safe from the suction.


      But sometimes if you're laggy and cut it too close you can be killed, so it's often best to avoid this by cutting it too close and standing a decent distance from her ass and hitting her from behind.

      Aside this, if you stay behind her you can usually do enough dps to her no problem at all. It's best to take advantage and practice to learn your safe distance where you can hit her.


      You have now defeated Chaos Old Lady! Woo hoo! You'll see your reward box at the center and it's affected by drop rate, so put on all your drop gears/familiars before beating it open. Alternatively, if you're being carried (and I can't stress this enough) DO NOT TOUCH THE BOX!

      All in all, that was much longer than I expected or wanted it to be. I know it was boring to read but that's the in depth guide to Chaos Crimson Queen. Till then, I hope you enjoyed this guide! Happy Mapling!

      ( •ᴗ•)❤
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