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      Like I said before, this is the method I use to do daily bosses in Maple. This may change in future with boss requirements, but for now this is what I got.

      Video here: (Shameless self promotion) ~800RP in 20minutes

      Requirements (To complete ALL of this):
      - Lv200+
      - Able to easily kill all the bosses (Hardest ones would be Arkarium, Hard Hilla)
      - Maple guide stamps for the following areas: Sleepywood, Destroyed Dragon Nest, El Nath, Dead Mines
      - Have completed all of the prequests (And to have a Knight's Magic Scroll already in inventory for Von Leon).
      - Matilda's teleport rock with either Tyrant Castle Foyer (Magnus) or Memories Of The Heart Tree (Gollux)​

      Temple Of Time
      1. Maple Guide to Nameless Town and go to the Three Doors map (Temple of Time).
      2. Take the Chaos Marble from the Temple Keeper and do Pink Bean.
      3. Return to Three Doors, go to the Dimensional Schism and do Normal Arkarium. (Pretty sure Easy doesn't give RP anyway but L>Confirmation).

      . Maple Guide to Destroyed Dragon Nest and do Horntail on both Chaos and Normal mode.

      Dimensional Mirror
      . Maple Guide to Haven/Scrapyard and buy the Teleport Rock from Matilda. Then use the Dimensional Mirror for entry to Azwan (Fight Normal and Hard Hilla) and Root Abyss (Queen, Clown, Chicken, Snake).

      El Nath
      . Maple Guide to El Nath, go to the Chiefs' residence and go to Zakum. Fight once on normal, then exit to the Cave of Trials III (No reason, its just close).
      7. Use the Knight's Magic Scroll for teleport to Von Leon. Defeat Hard VL, get a new scroll from Luden when you exit, enter Normal VL (And beat it), exit and get a SECOND Magic Scroll. (You need this for TOMORROW's Von Leon runs). Also fight Ani while you're here.
      8. Use Maple Guide to Dead Mines and walk to Dead Mine III. Fight Ranmaru (Normal and Madman).

      . Use Maple Guide to Sleepywood and go to Pantheon. Here use your Teleport Rock to go to Tyrant Castle Foyer. Walk to the throne room and beat Normal Magnus.
      10. Exit the throne room, return scroll to the Hideout, exit through the portal on the left and return scroll to Reclamation HQ. Fight Easy Magnus.

      . Maple Guide to Haven. Go to Crimsonheart Castle and walk to Gollux. Fight on whatever difficulty you're comfortable with.
      12. Teleport out using Maple Guide.

      Note: You can only buy one teleport rock daily from Matilda. I use this to teleport to Magnus but you can teleport to Gollux instead. I personally prefer walking to Gollux due to the number of Legendary Veins and Herbs but that is up to you.

      All of this should earn you about 800RP. Do this with Monster Collection and you can earn well over 1k RP daily.

      1. Can't I just queue to the bosses?
      Absolutely! I came up with this method as a long time GRAZED player so you can understand why queuing isn't particularly viable for me.

      2. What if I have a Hyper Teleport Rock?
      From personal experience, even using a HTR will only be saving a few minutes (Mainly in walking to Magnus and Gollux). If you have a HTR, I would suggest priority of Memories of the Heart Tree and Tyrant Castle Foyer followed by Dead Mines III and Peak of the Big Nest.

      3. What if I can't do all of these bosses?

      You can exclude them from your daily rotation. Even the hardest bosses will only be worth 50 RP (Which is the same as Normal Zakum!) so don't feel too bad about it. You can splice the boss cycle together so you can do them even faster than I do.

      4. My Knight's Magic Scroll doesn't work?
      You can only use this in a Map that can be teleport to in the El Nath region. (So not the entrance to Zakum).

      5. I can't get another Magic Scroll, what do?
      You can only receive two of these a day from Luden, and only when you do NOT have one in your inventory (ie, you can only hold one at a time). You delay by one scroll so that you ALWAYS have one in your inventory. This means you do not have to walk to LHC and can teleport from anywhere in El Nath.

      Edits may come in future. Also formatting.
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