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      The purpose of this guide is to introduce and familiarize newer players to the mechanics and the nature of the Damien boss. The guide is quite lengthy as everything from requirements to gameplay tactics will be looked over!
      • Requirements
      • Drop Table
      • Boss Information
      • Battle Phase 1
      • Battle Phase 2
      • Tips & Tricks
      • Conclusion
      • Lv. 190 and above
      • Act 4 of Heroes of Maple completed
      • Can attempt once per day and defeat once per week
      • Twisted Stigma Spirit Stone [​IMG]
      • *Ruin Force Demon Shield [​IMG]
      • *Magic Eyepatch (Hard Mode) [​IMG]
      • *AbsoLab Headpiece (Hard Mode) [​IMG]
      • *AbsoLab Overall (Hard Mode) [​IMG]
      • *AbsoLab Shoulder (Hard Mode) [​IMG]
      • *AbsoLab Weapon (Hard Mode) [​IMG]
      • Power Elixir [​IMG]
      • Elixir [​IMG]
      • Advanced Potential Scroll [​IMG]
      • Potential Scroll [​IMG]
      • Boss Medal of Honor [​IMG]
      • Damien's Soul Shard [​IMG]
      • Prototype Soul Enchanter [​IMG]
      • Crusader Coins [​IMG]
      • Intense Power Crystal [​IMG]
      • Twisted Time [​IMG]
      * = Low and random chance to obtain



      To start off, you will have 30 minutes and 10 lives (Individual) to take down Damien.

      There is a boss mechanics called the Stigma Stacks. Every 30 seconds, a random player will receive one stigma stack (shown on top of their heads) for a maximum of 7 stacks at which they will die. If any player reaches 7 stacks, not only will they die, but an additional flying sword will spawn (gets annoying) and one crystal will be added to Damien's crystal count. Stigma Stacks are reset at death.
      If Damien's crystal count reaches 7 (shown in UI beside boss timer) then he will move to Phase 2 regardless of his current HP (Normally enters phase 2 at 30% HP left).

      You can cleanse the stigma stacks on you by holding the "Interact/Harvest" key on the World Tree's Altar (without getting hit) which spawns randomly throughout the fight. Take note that only ONE player may cleanse their stacks per altar, so coordinate which players take priority via their stack number.

      Damien has many distinct skills which he will use throughout phase 1:
      1. Flying Sword: A sword will fly around the map dealing 20% Max HP touch damage. The sword will lock onto a random player and then will plant itself into the ground and create a blast zone which deals 100% Max HP damage to anyone caught. [​IMG] [​IMG]
      2. Demon Mark: Damien will erupt pillars of darkness from the ground which deal 100% Max HP damage to anyone caught.[​IMG]
      3. Nebula Strike: A purple galaxy cloud will appear and Damien charge up and dash through it dealing 30% Max HP damage and a powerful knockback to anyone hit. [​IMG]
      4. Fireballs: Damien will soar up to the sky and shoot fireballs down at the players which deal 90% Max HP touch damage. However, they travel quite slow. [​IMG]
      5. Blue Spirits: Damien summons blue spirits which float to the air and then transform into a claw after 5 seconds which will strike downwards dealing 15% Max HP damage. It also seduces players hit and players will be forced to play an arrow minigame (Similar to the Fritto's Chicken Dance and Rune Activation) to be released. [​IMG]
      6. Divebomb: Damien will fly up to the sky and then dive diagonally towards the direction he is facing to deal 30% Max HP damage with a strong knockback. Players hit will also have their Stigma Stacks increased by one. [​IMG]

      Phase 2 begins once Damien is down to about 30% HP or has reached 7 Crystals.
      Stigma Stacks are no longer reset upon death.
      A random Stigma Stack is placed every 20 seconds now instead of 30 seconds.
      There isn't a huge difference between phase 1 and phase 2, however some of Damien's skills have changed and he has gained some new skills:

      Flying Sword: Will only appear if a player is killed by the 7 Stigma Stacks.
      Demon Mark: No longer used in this phase.
      Nebula Strike: Damien no longer has to charge and a cloud will not form and is instantaneous.
      Divebomb: Deals 100% Max HP damage and targets the player with most Stigma Stacks. Will now dive to anywhere regardless of the direction he is facing. Can be avoided by standing directly below him when he is charging up.

      Damien has gained some new skills which he will use exclusively in phase 2:
      1. Transcendent Orb: A big blue ball(s) will hover across the map. Deals 5% Max HP touch damage and reduces your damage as well as potion recovery by 10% if you are inside them. [​IMG]
      2. Spatial Rip: Damien lunges forward and summons three blue "space rips" which burst after a few seconds dealing 100% Max HP damage. [​IMG]
      3. Fire Tornado: Damien channels a tornado to shoot out 2 lines of fireballs (four in total) which deals 60% Max HP damage and gives one Stigma Stack. The fireballs have a limited range and will disappear after a certain range. [​IMG]
      4. Root Trap: Damien traps everyone and channels a full map explosion. To get out of the root, players must spam the left and right arrow keys (similar to the Gollux roots). Damien is immobile while using this skill so if you break out early, you can deal a great amount of damage to him. [​IMG]
      Here are some tips and tricks that my party and I use when doing our weekly Damien runs.

      • Bring a HP/MP recovery familiar as these are extremely helpful for when you are unable to use a potion and can sometimes even save you a life.
      • Set a "cap" Stigma Stack for you and your party members. Personally, my party and I use a cap of 3 - 4 Stigma Stacks so this way there is a very low chance of one of us dying to the 7 Stigma Stacks and making life miserable for the rest of the party.
      • Damien's dive attack can be avoided in both phases by standing directly underneath him as he charges up his dive.
      • In Damien's second phase, you can avoid the fireballs from the tornado by standing at the edges of the map (depends on where Damien began his channel) or standing directly where Damien is.
      • Voice com's aren't really needed but are very helpful I found. It is much easier to coordinate where and what Damien is doing as well as Stigma Stack priority.
      • Below is a video from my favourite MapleStory channel taking on Damien

      I hope this guide helped you somewhat on what/how Damien works. This guide was made based off of external MapleStory sources as well as my personal experience. I am sure that I probably missed a few points here and there. Feel free to let me know what I can do better to improve this guide or future guides.

      Big thanks to Orange Mushroom and MapleWiki for the wonderful images and information!

      Thanks for reading!
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