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      (2/8/2018) Oh boy its been a while hasn't it? Well I guess a guide doesn't need much updating anyways.
      Thought I come back to fix my dumb anchor links...

      By no means is this something you should follow until the bitter end. This is just a collection of my experiences as a Dark Knight tossed into a bucket and poured onto a forum. Enjoy.

      This guide isn't the most newb friendly, though there are some useful tips for all to know when playing a Dark Knight.


      The Dark Knight is one of the three explorer warrior sub-classes after achieving the second advancement. They boast a large sum of health that can be maintained with life leech and are able to provide buffs to the party that increases survivability. However mobility is underwhelming compared to other classes.

      • Large health pool
      • Life leech
      • Prevent bosses from casting damage reflect and cancels
      • 100% Knockback resistance
      • Easy node setup
      • Not mechanically taxing (could be a con too)
      • Invincibility after death
      • Main bossing skill has no physical contact with monsters
      • Controls a summon to attack
      • Bossing skill requires a buff to be active in order to attack
      • A very weak flash jump compared to other classes
      • Vertical reach is terrible until 4th job and 5th job
      • Cannot have a one handed animation with a spear
      • Annoying animation by simply existing (unless you like it)
      [​IMG] Ugh...

      Inner Ability
      1. +1 Attack Speed
      2. 38% Buff Duration
      3. Item drop rate, Attack, or Critical Rate
      This setup is somewhat unrealistic at first (unless you're crazy lucky) so I recommend settling for an epic rank buff duration (19% - 25%) on the second line.

      This setup seems to oppose the whole point of maximizing buff duration. However the +1 attack speed is required in order to hit the attack speed cap.

      Unfortunately with around 6k levels in Legion, a SS rank mechanic card (200), and 100 empathy won't completely give enough buff duration for 100% up time on Sacrifice. However this is where the Evil Eye comes in...

      Evil Eye

      This will be your best friend until the day you retire as a Dark Knight. This is like having a second character... but with 2 attacks only.

      Because having 100% up time on Sacrifice is impossible with just passives alone. We need the assistance of your summon: The Evil Eye

      Each hit from an Evil Eye skill reduces the cooldown of Sacrifice by 0.3 seconds. Including
      • Evil Eye Shock
      • Evil Eye of Domination
      • Revenge of the Evil Eye
      • Radiant Evil
      Radiant Evil is the major factor in why Sacrifice can be used 100% of the time. The skill covers a large area while consistently hitting for 3 seconds.

      In order to maximize damage, micromanaging Evil Eye is essential to Dark Knights.


      Note: The range of the skills listed below are estimates, not 100% accurate.

      Spear of Darkness

      When using Spear of Darkness, try to get close to the monster before activating it. There will be a significant damage difference attacking from a distance and being up close.

      From a distance:

      Up close:

      The range on this skill is simply INSANE.

      Radiant Evil

      But wait, there's more! If you thought Spear of Darkness was crazy, check out Radiant Evil's range

      Note that other Evil Eye related skills cannot be used while Radiant Evil is active. (Sacrifice, Evil Eye Shock, Evil Eye)

      Gungnir's Descent

      The main bossing skill is quite interesting. This is the horizontal range

      And this is the vertical range

      Not bad eh? Gungnir's Descent is kind of finicky because it may hit something different than what you may expect (From personal experience). It seems that it will target the "oldest" monster spawned (From a quick test), thats why it works so well on bosses that may spawn extra monsters. Fortunately you will not be using this for mobbing.

      Dark Impale

      Over several patches, Dark Impale has been buffed over and over. Not necessarily damage wise, but with its reach

      Horizontal reach is pretty good. But the real deal is with its vertical reach.

      Thats amazing!


      Pretty straightforward: Bossing skill, use other skills when off cooldown
      • Evil Eye/Sacrifice
      • Spear of Darkness
      • Radiant Evil
      • Gungnir's Descent
      • Evil Eye Shock
      Use Spear of Darkness/Radiant Evil whenever off cooldown, Evil Eye Shock while Radiant Evil is on cooldown. Gungnir's Descent in between everything else. Rinse and repeat.

      Attack Speed

      Spear (6)
      - Booster (2)
      - Weapon Mastery (1)
      - Inner Ability (1)
      - Extreme Green Potion (1)
      - Decent Speed Infusion (1)
      = 0​

      Most spears have a speed of NORMAL (6). It is important to notice that there is a soft attack speed cap at (2). Only certain buffs can break that barrier, like the Extreme Green Potion. More can be learned about attack speed here and here

      But doesn't pole arms have a faster attack speed? Yes, however...

      Spear vs Pole Arm

      Although the FAST(5) attack speed on the pole arm seems tempting, there is really no benefit damage wise. Using a spear is better straight out.
      • Attack speed is compensated by Weapon Mastery
      • 5% Damage from Weapon Mastery
      • Higher base attack

      Hyper Stats

      When first leveling your character, never just focus on one stat. For each point into a hyper stat, the requirement to increment will increase.

      Critical Rate
      You will need to figure out how many points to put into Critical Rate in order to just touch 100% critical rate, although hyper stats should be the last place you optimize your critical rate. A general order would be: Link Skills, Legion Member Bonus, Decent Sharp Eyes, Hyper Stats

      This is the priority list from highest to lowest.
      • Damage
      • Critical Damage
      • Boss Damage
      • Ignore Defence
      • Critical Rate
      • STR
      Of course if you really need a certain stat then by all means, go for it.


      Since Dark Knights run on Sacrifice (a buff), we will need LOTS of buff duration. Again you will need to find the correct balance so you can recast Sacrifice as the buff ends. Buff duration aside. Critical Damage is the most beneficial, assuming 100% critical rate.

      Character cards are also important in achieving the balance of critical rate. Notable characters like
      • Marksman (Crit Rate)
      • Night Lord (Crit Rate)
      • Jett (Crit Damage)
      • Shade (Crit Damage)
      • Hayato (Crit Damage)
      • Mercedes (Reduce Skill Cooldown)
      • Mechanic (Buff Duration) - For Sacrifice
      Other bonuses to go for:
      • STR
      • Boss Damage
      • Ignore Enemy Defence
      • Max HP
      • DEX


      With the release of Radiant Evil, Evil Eye has become much more important than it was in the past.

      Boost Nodes

      Essential skills
      • Gungnir's Descent
      • Dark Impale
      • Evil Eye
      Not so essential skills
      • Nightshade Explosion
      • Rush
      • Final Attack
      These 2 sets of tri-nodes can be configured in any order. Though having tri-nodes in the way it is split would be optimal.

      If you aren't patient with leveling two tri-nodes, having three tri-nodes is another option so that you can have maxed boost nodes earlier at the cost of another node slot.

      Skill Nodes

      Must get skills
      • Radiant Evil
      • Spear of Darkness
      Should get skills
      • Decent Holy Symbol
      • Rope Lift
      • Erda Nova
      • Decent Sharp Eyes (Unless on glove)
      • Decent Speed Infusion (Unless on glove)
      Nice to have skills
      • Decent Combat Orders
      • Weapon Aura
      If you have extra space
      • Decent Advanced Blessing
      • Blitz Shield

      Decent Sharp Eyes and Speed Infusion are nice to have on a glove to save node slots. But as you level up, more slots will open up. Allowing you to open up your glove for better potentials.

      Radiant Evil is highest priority because of the fact that it is a Evil Eye type skill. Meaning for each hit Radiant Evil does, the cooldown of Sacrifice decreases.

      Swap Rope Lift with Erda Nova when bossing



      Can swap a boost node with Decent Speed Infusion and/or Decent Sharp Eyes

      Is more of a multipurpose setup. There isn't Decent Speed Infusion or Decent Sharp Eyes because I have both potentials on my gloves. Though that's to be changed in the future.


      This has been a fun experience for me. Learning how to use BBCode to format, revisiting my skills that have been ingrained into my mind. I would definitely like to continue improving this guide so that aspiring Dark Knights can experience the most of their class.
      Skill Build Reference - AyumiLove
      Skill Icons - Maple Wiki
      Attack Speed 101 - hyperfire7 on BasilMarket
      lodwyvern - Bossing optimization and extra tips (thanks)
      People who comment on my guide giving ideas and reasoning (thanks)
  • Build

    The skill build for warriors are generally straight forward. But its here in case you need it.
    It is widely accepted that one point should be invested to each skill before maxing passives followed by actives. But do whatever you'd like.

    First Job - Warrior Basics
    1. Slash Blast (1)
    2. War Leap (MAX)
    3. Warrior Mastery (MAX)
    4. Slash Blast (MAX)
    5. Iron Body (MAX)

    Second Job - Spearman Techniques
    Max all but Piercing Drive
    1. Piercing Drive (1) Spear Sweep (1) Weapon Mastery (5)
    2. Weapon Booster (MAX)
    3. Warrior Mastery (MAX)
    4. Physical Training (MAX)
    5. Piercing Drive (19)
    6. Final Attack (MAX)
    7. Iron Will (MAX)
    8. Hyper Body (MAX)
    9. Spear Sweep (MAX)

    Third Job - Beyond Berserk
    Max all but La Mancha Spear
    1. La Mancha Spear (1) Rush (1)
    2. Lord of Darkness (MAX)
    3. Cross Surge (MAX)
    4. Hex of the Evil Eye (MAX)
    5. La Mancha Spear (14)
    6. Rush (MAX)
    7. Evil Eye Shock (MAX)
    8. Endure (MAX)
    9. Evil Eye of Domination (MAX)

    Fourth Job - Dark Knight of Darkness
    1. Barricade Mastery (1)
    2. Dark Impale (MAX)
    3. Final Pact (MAX)
    4. Barricade Mastery (MAX)
    5. Stance (MAX)
    6. Gungnir's Descent (1)
    7. Sacrifice (MAX)
    8. Gungnir's Descent (MAX)
    9. Maple Warrior (MAX)
    10. Magic Crash (MAX)
    11. Revenge of the Evil Eye (MAX)
    12. Hero's Will (MAX)

    Hyper Skills
    1. Gungnir's Descent - Boss Rush
    2. Evil Eye - Buff Reinforce
    3. Final Pact - Damage
    4. Gungnir's Descent - Reinforce
    5. Evil Eye - Reinforce
    Gungnir's Descent - Boss Rush may be replaced with Gungnir's Descent - Guardbreak if more IED is needed
  • Skill Info

    Some extra info about the skills offered

    First Job - Warrior Basics
    Icon Name Notes
    [​IMG] Slash Blast Your only attack. Use it.
    [​IMG] War Leap Mediocre flash jump, changes to a dark purple colour when advancing to spearman
    [​IMG] Iron Body Extra HP is nice. Reduced damage taken doesn't mean squat for %HP attacks
    [​IMG] Warrior Mastery All explorer warriors get 100% stance by 4th job.

    Second Job - Spearman Techniques
    Icon Name Notes
    [​IMG] Piercing Drive New mobbing skill has zero vertical reach
    [​IMG] Evil Eye A summon that defines a Dark Knight later on
    [​IMG] Spear Sweep Useful for monsters out of reach
    [​IMG] Weapon Booster Who doesn't want faster attacks?
    [​IMG] Iron Will Alright for early game, however falls off quickly late game
    [​IMG] Hyper Body Excellent buff to have when in need of HP. Careful using it around bosses that do %HP attacks
    [​IMG] Weapon Mastery USE A SPEAR NOT A POLEARM
    [​IMG] Final Attack Extra damage
    [​IMG] Physical Training Extra stats

    Third Job - Beyond Berserk
    Name Notes
    [​IMG] La Mancha Spear SPIN2WIN. The finishing blow deals a lot of damage
    [​IMG] Rush Will save your life. Distance is shorter compared to the Hero subclass
    [​IMG] Evil Eye Shock Useful to reduce cooldown of Sacrifice
    [​IMG] Cross Surge Every Dark Knight's favourite buff
    [​IMG] Evil Eye of Domination Reduces cooldown of Sacrifice
    [​IMG] Lord of Darkness Life leech. Dark Knights are fueled by BLOOD
    [​IMG] Endure Free resistances
    [​IMG] Hex of the Evil Eye Hyper passive boosts the skill even more later on

    Fourth Job - Dark Knight of Darkness
    Icon Name Notes
    [​IMG] Gungnir's Descent Bossing attack. Requires sacrifice to attack without cooldown.
    [​IMG] Magic Crash DOES NOT REMOVE WEAPON AND MAGIC CANCEL. But can prevent it from happening
    [​IMG] Dark Impale Mobbing attack. This attack actually has decent vertical range
    [​IMG] Sacrifice Full heal can be useful when potion is limited. Eve Eye related attacks will reduce the cooldown of Sacrifice (Command attacks only).
    [​IMG] Maple Warrior Stat boost
    [​IMG] Hero's Will Great for when seduced (cannot control character)
    [​IMG] Final Pact Gungnir's Descent is spammable. Remember to remove your counters before the duration ends (Bosses count per hit).
    [​IMG] Barricade Mastery More damage
    [​IMG] Revenge of the Evil Eye Reduces cooldown of Sacrifice

    Hyper Skills
    Icon Name Notes
    [​IMG] Evil Eye - Reinforce Will affect a future 5th job skill Radiant Evil and the damage gain is amazing.
    [​IMG] Evil Eye - Hex Reinforce Boost Hex of the Evil Eye
    [​IMG] Final Pact - Damage -
    [​IMG] Gungnir's Descent - Reinforce -
    [​IMG] Gungnir's Descent - Boss Rush -
    [​IMG] Nightshade Explosion Your only high reaching attack until 5th job
    [​IMG] Epic Adventure Affects ALL explorer classes only.
    [​IMG] Dark Thirst Great stat boost, Awesome life leech boost when low on HP

    Fifth Job - V
    Icon Name Notes
    [​IMG] Spear of Darkness Skill will hit MULTIPLE times when initial animation clips a monster. ABUSE THIS.
    [​IMG] Radiant Evil Amazing vertical reaching attack (FINALLY). Reduces cooldown of Sacrifice too. Note: Cannot use Evil Eye related skills while active
    [​IMG] Weapon Aura Mirrors the attack used with reduced damage. CAN reach further than your attack normally does
    [​IMG] Blitz Shield If you're able to one shot with this skill, it can be useful to wipe a large area at once. Great for training in Arcane River.
  • Gameplay

    A general guide I use as an outline on where I should train.

    An old boss run to give you a feel what a Dark Knight might be like. I don't use evil eye shock because I have enough buff duration to sustain myself (and I'm lazy). Note that I have auto HP/MP on.
  • FAQ

    Q: Should I use a polearm?
    A: No.
    Why: Spears get +1 attack speed to be on par with most end game pole arms. 5% Damage when equipping a spear. Higher base attack on spears.

    Q: Can I hold my spear one-handed?
    A: At the moment, No.
    Recommended for cosmetics only: Get a surfboard and fusion anvil that to a stronger polearm. Then slap on a cash cover on it. Boom. One hand.

    Q: How can I achieve 100% crit rate?
    A: A balance (in the order) of: Link Skills, Legion Member Bonus, Decent Sharp Eyes, Hyper Stats

    Q: What are the optimal tri-nodes for fifth job?
    A: Important: Dark Impale, Nightshade Explosion, Gungnir's Descent, Evil Eye
    Not as Important: Final Attack, Rush

    Q: What should my Inner Ability look like?
    A: +1 Attack speed, 38% Buff Duration

    Q: How can I hit the attack speed cap?
    A: Spear (6) - Booster (2) - Weapon Mastery (1) - Extreme Green Potion (1) - Inner Ability (1) - Decent Speed Infusion (1) = 0

    Q: How can I achieve 100% uptime for Gungnir's Descent?
    A: Inner ability + Legion + Empathy + Mechanic Card + Evil Eye

    Q: What should my legion board look like?
    A: Aim for Buff Duration as well as Critical Damage since you'll be at 100% crit rate... Right???
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    Version Changes Date
    • Removed some spoilers to reduce clicking
    • Fixed anchor links
    • Added boss run video
    • Added general training guide
    • Fixed some grammar
    • Fixed attack speed soft cap
    • Moved legion board from FAQ to main body
    • Added screenshots of node setups
    • Changed Gungnir's Decent - Guardbreak to Gungnir's Decent - Boss Rush
    • Changed maxing La Mancha Spear to Evil Eye of Domination
    • Changed note on Blitz Shield
    • Added recommended buff duration for inner ability
    • Added reasoning for Gungnir's Descent's odd behaviour
    • Added "If you have extra space" in Nodes and shifted some skills
    • Removed spoilers for skill build due to requests
    • Added Spear vs Pole Arm
    • Added a general order for Critical Rate
    • Changed Transparency for Spear of Darkness due to requests
    • Changed the order of headings
    • Did not add a training guide
    • Initial Revision
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