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      It's very to the point, but this is how to get equipment without spending a single meso or cent (except maybe on potions). This is for GMS, other versions of Maplestory may differ. This was tested on and mainly aimed at Reboot (tested on NA, but should certainly work for EU), but can be used on non-reboot servers for first characters, pure f2p players, or those still working up funds/saving mesos and dollars. This guide is mainly for training equipment-equipment for use until you can replace it with endgame-it covers up until Level 150. I've been using this one for my characters for the most part.

      First Job:

      Unfortunately, as of this patch, there isn't anything of note for first jobs. For the time being, stick with the equipment that drops from monsters.

      Second Job:

      Level 30+: Around this time, you'll be given four different theme dungeon quests. Do both Ellinia Fairy Academy and Riena Straight. You'll get a glove, cape, and eye accessory from the former and a face accessory from the latter. Everything can be star forced up to 5. In addition, both give you medals. Small note that some class storylines might take you through the other theme dungeons-this is fine, you can start those ones concurrently. Plus they're still doable after you hit Level 60.

      Level 33+: Completing the tutorial for pets gives you a badge.

      Third Job:

      Level 60+: If you want another/different cape, you can do the Mushroom Castle questline-it also grants a pendant. You are also given a shoulder and a ring from the tutorial quests.

      Level 75+: Do The Afterlands questline in order to get 4 permanent totems, each one giving +20 to one of the four main stats (you get one of each type). Would be advised to use your primary and secondary for the first two, your choice for the third-having three of them equipped gives you bonus stats (Xenon and Demon Avenger classes are the exception to this advisory. The former it would be advised to have all but the INT granting figurine equipped, the latter can mix and match.)

      Level 80+: The tutorial quest for the Transfer Hammer gives you a pair of earrings.

      Level 90+: Start the Silent Crusade questline. You'll get gradually upgrading titles AND rings. The final ring can be star forced.

      Level 95+: You can also go through Ellin Forest questline, the boss at the end should drop a ring.

      Fourth Job:

      Level 100+: Easy, job-based quest gives you an emblem. Mushroom Kingdom Tales also unlocks now, this grants a temporary medal and a cape.

      Level 110+: Monad unlocks at this point. It can get you two temporary medals, random equipment boxes, a chair, a badge, and a mount, along with a hat appearance change coupon. Rewards are granted at the end of each act.

      Level 140+: Start the Temple of Time questline-while doing it, the mobs you're fighting will drop Utgard weapons and Pensilar armor.

      Level 150+: The Commerci theme dungeon should unlock, and you'll get a set of armor and some accessories through this. In addition, this is how you can get Sweetwater equips, which are pretty decent according to multiple places.

      BONUS: Level 160+: Masteria Through Time unlocks at this point. It can be done to get a chair, android, pendant, and medal (Note: Android and Chair gotten depends on a choice in Act 3, the game warns you ahead of time about this-Functionality is the same regardless of choice, it's more a matter of aesthetics) Rewards are upon completion of the entire questline.
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    1.1-Added headers//1.2-Patch 208 changed level requirements for Monad, adjusted guide to account for this//1.3-Made differences between titles and medals, added pendant from Mushroom Kingdom quest, added Mushroom Shrine Tales. Clarified further with the theme dungeons, added another questline//1.4-Adjusted Masteria Through Time level, removed old Masteria content due to Patch 210.
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