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      Why do Kritias?

      If you’re looking at Kritias you’re probably after:

      • Tyrant Gloves, costs 400 Kritias coins, converted from 480,000 Anti-magic and 400 Anti-magic Stones
      Kritias is the only place in the Reboot world to obtain Tyrant Gloves, a component of the best in slot glove (transposed Sweetwater Glove).

      • Boss entry reset tickets, costs Anheim coins, 700 Anti-magic for each coin
      These allow you to clear the boss again as many times as the weekly limit allows, halving the weeks it takes to obtain gear, currency, souls, whatever you’re doing them for.


      Other rewards include:

      • Damage skins, including the basic damage skin

      • A.M.P. Entropy
        • Amplifies Anti-magic gain by 1.5x
      • Inverse Codex (Pocket Equip)
        • Best in Slot pocket equip, but unrealistic to maintain the stats due to daily exp decay.
      • Inverse Earring/Shoulder
      Map Mechanics


      Kritias is an annoying place to navigate because of the large number of maps and inability to teleport between most maps. There are three versions of each map, prequest, normal and invasion maps. Each map serves different purposes, the prequest and normal maps have the same looks but the mobs in prequest maps have lower level. Invasion maps have different look and BGM, and only are available at certain times of the day. Invasions will be explained later. There is a different ingame timer for every map and channel of Kritias, every 120 seconds (interval) the game checks whether the characters in the map are in the versions they should be in. If not, the character will be teleported to the right one.

      If you:
      Have not completed the prequests

      You will only have access to the prequest map and you will not experience any forced map changing

      Have completed the prequests and it is not an invasion time

      You will be teleported to the normal map if you are in a prequest or invasion map

      Have completed the prequests and invasion has started

      You will be teleported to the invasion map if you are in the prequest or normal map

      The Hyper Teleport Rock (HTR) does not work in normal and invasion maps, with the except of Kritias: Town Hall. In prequest maps, HTR is able to use the saved maps function (so you can save maps while doing the prequests) but you can’t double click maps to teleport to them. I recommend saving Northern Barracks and the map(s) you prefer for invasion. Don’t worry if you haven’t saved the maps you needed and finished the prequests already, it’s still possible to save the maps. Using HTR to teleport into a saved map will always bring you to the prequest version. To save a map after the prequest is already completed, have someone else be in the prequest map of choice, HTR to the player, and save the map before it forces you into the normal/invasion map.

      Return to nearest town scrolls and Mystic Door can be used in prequest/normal maps, they teleport you to the nearest barracks map in the clockwise direction.[​IMG]



      Invasions occur every 2 hours from 8am-10pm server time (UTC). The above notification will appear no matter where you are at xx:01 and at the same time a timer will be at the top of the screen while in a normal Kritias map. The timer starts at 35:00 and counts down. When the timer reaches 30:00, the invasion will commence, everyone who completed the prequests will be teleported to the invasion maps every interval. Any prequest/normal map with mobs will also have mobs in the invasion map.


      The boss (Hilla, Magnus, Von Leon or Arkarium) has a HP bar of 100m. In each map a variety of mobs affiliated with the bosses will spawn. The goal is to lower the boss’s HP to zero by looting the mob drops (call them what you want, I call them bombs). Bombs drop at around a 1% rate without drop modifiers do a random amount of damage between 10k and 400k. Blundell at Northern Barracks will have a quest available which will damage the boss for 500k-1m when completed. Your damage dealt will be recorded by the number next to “CONTRIBUTION”.


      When the HP of the commander reaches 75% the above message will appear. Master mobs will begin to spawn, they have much higher HP than normal mobs and drop two instanced bombs, unaffected by drop modifiers. Master mobs will spawn every interval in random maps with players in them that haven’t reached the mob capacity. There can also only be 3 master mobs each channel in the whole of Kritias.


      At 25% HP the above message will appear, commander mobs (Hilla, Magnus, Von Leon or Arkarium) will spawn. They mostly have the same behaviour as the hardest difficulty of the actual boss but with much lower HP. They each drop 6 instanced bombs, unaffected by drop modifiers. They spawn similarly to master mobs but with only once per channel.

      When either the timer goes down to 00:00 or the if boss HP is depleted, the invasion will end. Everyone will be teleported back to the normal Kritias maps every interval. Blundell at Northern Barracks will give the invasion rewards, which must be collected before the next invasion starts. Everyone who damaged the boss will receive 1 Anti-magic Stone, and Anti-magic (maximum 1000) based off the damage dealt. In a successful invasion, where it ends from the boss dying, Anti-magic rewards will be (damage dealt)/3000. In an unsuccessful invasion the reward will be (damage dealt)/5000. The player that did the finishing blow on the commander will receive 4 Anti-magic stones.

      Getting Anti-magic

      One Kritias coin costs 1200 Anti-magic and 1 Anti-magic Stone. With quick maths you’ll realise that each invasion won’t quite give enough Anti-magic for a Kritias coin, even with maximum. So there are two other ways of earning Anti-magic to make up for this, dailies’ rewards or farming Anti-magic drops. Dailies give usable Anti-magic Stone pieces, every set of dailies will give 3 pieces that give 600 Anti-magic, 1 that gives 1200 Anti-magic and an Anti-magic stone. The Anti-magic obtained can be amplified by 1.5x using the A.M.P. Entropy, purchased from Keilbarren at the Marketplace for 2 Anheim coins (1400 Anti-magic). It is best to save these until you absolutely need the Anti-magic. The other method I would only recommend with drop gear or multipliers, and when you’re behind on dailies. All mobs in all Kritias maps drop bits of 10-20 Anti-magic, which can be by the A.M.P. Entropy. There is a daily cap of 10,000 Anti-magic obtained from mob drops, the bonus from the A.M.P. Entropy does not count towards this cap, so there is effectively at 15,000 cap since you’ll be using the A.M.P. Entropy while farming this way. The best map to farm Anti-magic for most classes is Corrupted Magic Forest 2, it has a similar layout to Forsaken Excavation Site 2 and Cavern Lower Path.
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