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      Evan the Dragon Master
      Hello people of the internet. I'm an Evan main from the long lost world of GRAZED. Having mained the class since 2010, I've seen and lived through the ups and downs of the class over the years. I'll try to cover what I can with this guide, but I might forget to add a thing or two every here and there.

      I'll go over the class mechanic, how it affects mobbing and bossing situations, and various other details pertaining to the class such as Inner Ability, Nodes, and Legion.

      Class Summary
      Evan is one of the two Mage heroes in MapleStory, using a dragon in tandem with magic attacks to attack enemies. As a Magician, Evan uses either Wand or Staff with a Shield or Document as the secondary weapon.

      The class is fairly mobile, having access to a teleport and an upjump (Though this can't be used while Mir is attacking, it is still very useful for navigating maps). Like most mages, most skills can't be jumpcasted though they can be telecasted. This leads to average mobbing mobility and excellent bossing mobility. Additionally, you can do significant damage while dodging in a boss such as Hard Magnus since more than half of the skills allow you to move freely while they are cast (More on that later).

      Evan has no particular sensitivity to ping, so users with bad internet shouldn't suffer beyond the usual things. Some skills can glitch out and disappear (I have a detailed video of this) but this doesn't happen very often in regular gameplay.

      Damage wise, Evan hits hard in both mobbing and bossing situations, owing to its unique Mechanic which allows you to effectively be in two places at once. This does not come without a cost, and Evans may require higher range than other classes to achieve maximum mobbing potential.

      • Top tier mobbing potential
      • Dragon Partner
      • 100% stance
      • High damage
      • Not many buffs (Only 4)
      • Can take a hit (Magic guard)
      • Interactive gameplay (Definitely not a one button wonder)
      • Not a one button wonder
      • Skills bug out sometimes
      • Needs some co-ordination to play
      • The 5th job skill makes your screen flash and flicker
      • Needs a legendary hat to achieve maximumer potential

      Class Mechanic - Fusion Skills
      Playing Evan is a bit like controlling two characters simultaneously. Your character takes the role of Evan, and you command Mir (The Dragon). Personally, I think this embodies the Essence of what Evan should be and I greatly enjoy the class because of it but that bit is up to you.

      The class can be broken up into three categories of skill; Evan, Dragon and Fusion.

      Evan skills are used directly by you, the player. They are no different or special to any skill you would encounter on any other class. However, some Evan skills serve as triggers for Fusion Skills.

      Dragon Skills manifest in the form of short lived, very fast and very strong summons. Dragon Skills fall under a unique category of summon; they can only attack in the direction you were facing when you first cast the skill, do not trigger Damage Reflection and Summon Duration % does not affect it. When a certain Evan Skill is cast while a Dragon skill is active, a Fusion Skill is triggered.

      Fusion Skills are essentially enhanced Dragon Skills. Each Fusion Skill has a unique Dragon + Evan trigger combination and similarly each have a unique combination of power and attack range. This gives Evan a lot of potential and versatility, and it is important to make use of this while playing the class.

      A subcategory of Fusion Skills are Return Skills. Return makes Mir stop attacking and activates effects depending on the Dragon Skill that's active.

      There are three Dragon skills and four Evan skills (Not counting 5th job skills since they only link to each other) that are a part of this mechanic. It can be a little confusing which combinations create which Fusion Skill so here's a chart to get you started. At the end of the day, like any other class, you've just got to learn and practice using the mechanic.

      Dragon Skills
      Evan Skills [​IMG] Dragon Flash [​IMG] Dragon Dive [​IMG] Dragon Breath
      [​IMG] Wind Circle [​IMG] Wind Flash No Skill [​IMG] Wind Breath
      [​IMG] Thunder Circle [​IMG] Thunder Flash [​IMG] Thunder Dive No Skill
      [​IMG] Earth Circle No Skill [​IMG] Earth Dive [​IMG] Earth Breath
      [​IMG] Return [​IMG] Return Flash [​IMG] Return Dive [​IMG] Return Flame

      The limit on triggering Fusion is the duration of the Dragon Skill. You can tap a Dragon Skill and its Evan Skill trigger in quick succession to trigger Fusion without any issues.

      I've separated the 5th job skills since they do not interact with any previous skills except Return.

      5th Job [​IMG] Dragon Slam
      [​IMG] Elemental Barrage [​IMG] Wyrmking's Breath
      [​IMG] Return [​IMG] Ludicrous Speed

      Since the Dragon/Fusion Skills are independent of your character, you do not need to spend a lot of time triggering the Fusion skills. This means that most of the time, you will only be using one skill and playing Evan will be just like any other class.
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  • Build

    Skill Rundown
    All Evan skills can be maxed so SP distribution is not an issue.
    For all jobs, follow the standard practice of:
    One point in each attack -> Max out passives -> Max out attacks

    Beginner Tab
    Not much to see here.
    [​IMG] Rune Persistence Increases the duration of runes by 30%/50%/70% at level 1/2/3
    [​IMG] Back to Nature Returns you to Evan's Farm. You can use a Henesys Return Scroll here but not much else.

    1st Job
    Mobbing: Just teleport around with Mana Burst. Not much to say.
    [​IMG] Mana Burst I Can't be casted in the air but can be telecasted. Skill actually has two "halves" so teleporting between the halves extends the skills reach. Note that the first half does less damage than the second.
    [​IMG] Teleport The usual teleport, tap the skill button while holding an arrow key.
    [​IMG] Magic Guard Standard magic guard. It is a toggle so remember to turn it on after relogging or dying.
    [​IMG] Dragon Soul Just a passive, nothing to note.
    [​IMG] Magic Link Just a passive, nothing to note.
    [​IMG] Dragon Spark Works a bit like Final Attack, nothing to note.

    2nd Job
    Mobbing: Same Mana Burst routine as before with some Wind Flash.
    [​IMG] Mana Burst II Boosts damage of Mana Burst. Doesn't need key assignment.
    [​IMG] Wind Circle Used to trigger Wind fusion skills, not much else.
    [​IMG] Return Use while Mir is attacking to activate certain effects. Two second cooldown.
    [​IMG] [Mir Skill] Dragon Flash 8s cooldown, attacks in a horizontal line in front of your character.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Wind Flash Use Wind Circle while Dragon Flash is active to trigger. Shoots out wind blades with long horizontal and vertical range. Note that damage is reduced on single target.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Return Flash Use Return while 'Flash' Mir is active. Debuffs 8 enemies around you for one minute for 10% damage.
    [​IMG] Magic Booster Normal weapon booster skill, boosts by two stages. Three minute duration.
    [​IMG] Support Jump Triggered with Up + Jump while in the air. Can only be activated once per jump and cannot be used while Mir is attacking.
    [​IMG] Advanced Dragon Spark Upgrade for normal spark, nothing to note.
    [​IMG] Partners 20% damage. Activated when Mir attacks
    [​IMG] Spell Mastery Just a passive, nothing to note.
    [​IMG] High Wisdom Just a passive, nothing to note

    I shouldn't need to say this, but having Mir attacking for as long as possible is important for damage. The extra lines and the 20% partners buff is important (Duh).

    3rd Job
    Mobbing same as always, you can use Thunder Circle if the map permits. Thunder Flash and Thunder Dive aren't particularly good for mobbing, but you can use Thunder Flash to clear out an Elite Mobs if you need to.
    [​IMG] Mana Burst III Boosts Damage of Mana Burst. Doesn't need key assignment.
    [​IMG] Thunder Circle Used to trigger Thunder fusion skills, not much else.
    [​IMG] Magic Debris Debris spawns when a mob is hit by a Fusion Skill. Not extremely useful.
    [​IMG] Elemental Decrease Reduces elemental attribute, has a passive %Final Damage effect and a three minute duration.
    [​IMG] [Mir Skill] Dragon Dive 8s cooldown, attacks in front of your character.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Thunder Dive Use Thunder Circle while Dragon Dive is active to trigger. Makes small thunder orbs that move along the floor of the map.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Thunder Flash Use Thunder Circle while Dragon Flash is active to trigger. Creates a pentacle that does damage at the five points as Mir crashes into them.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Return Dive Use Return while 'Dive' Mir is active. Gives a one minute buff that boosts attack speed by one stage.
    [​IMG] Critical Magic Passive. Boosts Crit rate by 30% and Crit damage by 8%.
    [​IMG] Magic Amplification Passive. Increases MP usage and %Final Damage.
    [​IMG] Dragon Potential Passive. 20% IED
    [​IMG] Magic Resistance Just a passive, nothing to note.

    4th Job
    At this point, you've unlocked all of the main skills in Evan's kit. Mobbing can be taken care of with Earth Breath and Wind Flash and bossing is done with Earth Dive and Dragon Breath. These should make training and bossing fairly straightforward. I prefer Earth Circle over Thunder Circle but that is up to you.
    [​IMG] Mana Burst IV Boosts Damage to Mana Burst. Doesn't need key assignment.
    [​IMG] Earth Circle Used to trigger Earth fusion skills, not much else.
    [​IMG] Dark Fog Full map attack. Not particularly strong. 40s cooldown.
    [​IMG] Enhanced Magic Debris Increases damage of Magic Debris. Still not particularly worth using.
    [​IMG] Blessing of the Onyx 50 Magic Attack, three minute duration.
    [​IMG] Maple Warrior Same as every other Maple Warrior. Gives 15% of your AP main stat.
    [​IMG] Hero's Will Removes abnormal status effects. Six minute cooldown.
    [​IMG] [Mir Skill] Dragon Breath 10s cooldown, attacks in front of your character.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Wind Breath Use Wind Circle while Dragon Breath is active to trigger. Basically a shorter, fatter Dragon Breath that does better damage when enemy HP% is below a certain threshold.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Earth Breath Use Earth Circle while Dragon Breath is active to trigger. The damage from this skill is SPLIT between the mobs it hits but it will do a minimum of 35% of the skills damage per mob.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Earth Dive Use Earth Circle while Dragon Dive is active to trigger. Probably the strongest skill Evan has provided you can land an attack with at least two crashes.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Return Flame Use Return while 'Breath' Mir is active. Lays down fire on the ground around you for thirty seconds.
    [​IMG] Magic Mastery Increases mastery, gives Magic Attack and 8% Crit damage.
    [​IMG] Onyx Will Passive. Gives stance (Gets you to 100%) while Mir is attacking. More incentive to keep Mir attacking all the time.
    [​IMG] Dragon Fury Passive. Gives 35% Magic Attack while your MP% is above a certain threshold.
    [​IMG] High Dragon Potential Passive. Gives 20% boss damage.

    Hyper Skills
    [​IMG] Dragon Master You ride Mir and fly through the air. Mir breathes fire while the skill is held down and you are invincible for the duration of the skill. Four minute cooldown.
    [​IMG] Heroic Memories 10% damage for 60 seconds. Two minute cooldown.
    [​IMG] Summon Onyx Dragon Summons an Onyx Dragon. 40s duration, 80s cooldown, increases status resistance while active. Not terribly useful.

    Hyper Passives
    Use whichever pleases you, I'll bold the ones I use and recommend. I put in my reasoning for why I did this at the end of the section.

    Dragon Flash
    [​IMG] Speedy Dragon Flash Reduces Dragon Flash's cooldown by 25%.
    [​IMG] Howling Wind +1 Wind Blades
    [​IMG] Rolling Thunder +1 attack per area

    Dragon Dive
    [​IMG] Speedy Dragon Dive Reduces Dragon Dive's cooldown by 25%.
    [​IMG] Thunder Overload +2 Orbs
    [​IMG] Earth Shattering Dive Increases Earth Dive's damage by 20%.

    Dragon Breath
    [​IMG] Speedy Dragon Breath Reduces Dragon Breath's cooldown by 25%.
    [​IMG] Lungs of Stone +2 Enemies hit
    [​IMG] Wind Breath Opportunity Target minimum HP range + 5% (To 35%), additional damage +85% (To 150%)

    For bossing, Earth Dive, Dragon Breath and Wind Breath are the Dragon Skills to use since they'll be applicable in more bosses than Wind Flash (Reduced single target damage), Thunder Flash (Unreliable hitbox) and Thunder Dive (Low orb spawn rate). So from this you boost CD reduction Dive and Breath, Earth Shattering and Breath Opportunity.
    Since Earth Breath does a minimum of 35% of max damage to each enemy it targets, increasing enemies hit by 2 is a substantial increase in the skills damage output against mobs. I guess you could switch one of the above for Wind Flash but I wouldn't recommend it unless you already have the damage.

    5th Job
    The Evan skills are good to use, though they are basically just FMAs. I wouldn't make Freud's Wisdom a priority but a buff is a buff.
    [​IMG] Mana Overload Increases Mana use and gives %Final Damage.
    [​IMG] Erda Nova Binds a mob/boss. Lv1 is fine.
    [​IMG] Rope Lift Self-explanatory. Lv1 is fine.
    [​IMG] Freud's Wisdom 30s duration, 25s Cooldown. 180s cooldown when stacks fail or max stack (6) is reached.
    [​IMG] Elemental Barrage Attacks in front of you with a triangular hitbox. 60s cooldown. You get a %Final Damage buff for each of the four attacks that land.
    [​IMG] [Mir Skill] Dragon Slam Functions like Dragon Dive with a shorter duration.30s cooldown.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Wyrmking's Breath] Use Elemental Barrage while Dragon Slam is active to trigger. Deals enormous damage in the direction Mir is facing.
    [​IMG] [Fusion Skill] Ludicrous Speed Use Return while 'Slam' Mir is active. Has a short duration.

    There are about 6 skills worth boosting, but it can vary depending on your playstyle. Your priority for nodes should be:
    1. Level up primary boosts
    2. Level up secondary boosts
    3. Level up Evan Skill nodes
    4. Level up Freud's Wisdom (Optional)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] For skill nodes, you need to at least have both Evan skill nodes. They help immensely in just about every situation. I don't think there is any particular push to be leveling these skills since the only gain is skill damage but if you happen to find yourself in a position to do so, go ahead.
    [​IMG] Freud's Wisdom is just a regular buff, not particularly strong or necessary.
    [​IMG] Mana Overload is ironically only good on classes that don't use MP. It'll drain you dry of MP and is completely unusable with potion cooldown.
    Real time, Mana Burst only.
    And it'd be even faster if I had attack speed buffs up.

    As always, its recommended you get [​IMG] Decent Sharp Eyes, [​IMG] Decent Speed Infusion and [​IMG] Decent Holy Symbol which should be pretty self explanatory.

    The boost node configuration can vary a bit depending on how you play. Here is my ranking of boosts for Evan:
    Primary Set - Mana Burst, Dragon Breath, Earth Circle
    Secondary Set - Wind Circle, Dragon Spark, Dragon Master
    Possibly useful but I don't use it - Thunder Circle, Dragon Flash, Dragon Dive
    Junk it - Summon Onyx Dragon, Magic Debris, Dark Fog

    I've put my reasoning for this in spoilers because its just a wall of text.

    [​IMG] Mana Burst is self explanatory. It's the main skill Evan has to use, no way around boosting it.
    [​IMG] Earth Circle boosts Earth Dive and Earth Breath. Earth Dive is the strongest bossing skill, and Earth Breath is the best (Realistically) mobbing skill. Earth Circle by itself is not a bad skill to boost for mobbing either.
    [​IMG] Dragon Breath also boosts Return Flame. The three Dragon Skills have comparable damage outputs but I prefer cycling Breath-Earth Dive rather than Flash-Earth Dive in a bossing situation. It transitions well into Wind Breath which is stronger at low HP.

    [​IMG] Wind Circle boosts Wind Flash and Wind Breath. Wind Flash is the best for mobbing, though its damage leaves something to be desired. Wind Breath has higher damage than Dragon Breath at low enemy HP so it finds use in bossing. Wind Circle itself isn't bad.
    [​IMG] Dragon Master is an okay skill to be boosting. It's main use is for the invincibility effect that is applied while the skill is active so it really sees limited use. Don't feel too bad about skipping this skill.
    [​IMG] Dragon Spark is a passive source of damage. It isn't a great deal of extra damage but I value it over the remaining skills.

    [​IMG] Thunder Circle boosts Thunder Flash and Thunder Dive. I don't find either of these skills particularly useful (Very few bosses are big enough for Thunder Flash to be effective and Thunder Dive is...Very not big enough). If you find use with skills, feel free to switch it out with Dragon Master or Dragon Spark above.
    [​IMG] Dragon Flash doesn't see much use from me. It's similar in damage and hitbox to Dive and Breath, but Breath boosts Return Flame as well and I use Dragon Dive for Earth Dive.
    [​IMG] Dragon Dive is just used as a precursor to Earth Dive for me. I wouldn't boost this skill since the hitbox and damage isn't any better than competing skills.

    [​IMG] Summon Onyx Dragon is not worth it in any scenario much like most summons. It has an uptime of about 50%, and attacks slowly with mediocre damage. I use this skill to be a "complete" Evan, but I don't count it as a damage source at all.
    [​IMG] Magic Debris, like Summon Dragon does low damage and I only use it for the sake of completeness, not for the damage. However, it is generated passively in regular gameplay so boosting it is up to you.
    [​IMG] Dark Fog has a long cast time and the damage isn't too great. Between that and the cooldown, it isn't even worth using let alone boosting.
  • Skill Info

    I know this tab is called "skill info" but I feel like the "skill build" tab already took care of anything that could've gone here. Instead, I've hijacked this section to input anything I feel is related to building an Evan but doesn't go anywhere else.

    As outlined earlier, Evan has a choice of Wand or Staff, and Document or Shield as a Secondary. Between Wand and Staff, the attack speed of the weapon does not affect Cast speed which remains at Normal (6) regardless of the weapon. Staffs have a slightly higher base magic attack while wands have a bonus 3% Critical Rate from Spell Mastery. I would not consider using a wand for this since Evan has enough base Crit Rate that getting to 100% isn't too big of a challenge.

    Between Document and Shield, Documents have higher base stats while shields can be scrolled and starforced. A Timeless or Fearless Prelude will outperform a Document greatly.

    As mentioned in the Pros/Cons, Evan makes use of a Legendary tier Hat to maximise damage throughput. When cycling through Dragon Skills, you can notice a period of time where the cooldown doesn't come off quickly enough to maintain a complete skill cycle. The Cooldown Reduction line found on Legendary Hats can remedy this difference. That said, you can certainly live without it and be a completely capable Evan.

    Getting 100% Crit Rate
    I highly recommend getting 100% crit rate. Regardless of class, it is an important factor of damage. I've broken up Crit Rate sources for Evan to make it easier for you to see how you could get to 100%.

    Evan has a base crit rate of 50% (Spell Mastery and Critical Magic)
    Using a Level 2 Phantom Link Skill (15%) gets you to 65%
    Using a Level 2 Beast Tamer Link Skill (7%) gets you to 72%
    Using an S Grade (Lv140) Marksman and Night Lord Legion Attacker (3% each) gets you to 78%
    Using Decent Sharp Eyes (10%) gets you to 88%

    For the remaining 12%, you can use one or more of Potential, Boss Soul, Hyper Stats, Inner Ability, or Legion grid effects.

    It is important to have 100% crit rate, and it is often worthwhile to sacrifice some damage to attain it.

    Inner Ability
    At a cast speed of Normal (6), Evan benefits from Attack Speed so this is the prime line to get. Note that since Mir is effectively a summon, attack speed will not affect Dragon skills.

    Speed Stage (6) + Weapon Booster (2)
    Speed Stage (4) + Return Dive (1)
    Speed Stage (3) + Attack Speed Inner (1)
    Speed Stage (2) + MPE Green Potion (1)
    Speed Stage (1) + Decent Speed Infusion (1)
    Speed Stage (0) Hard Cap

    You can also get %Boss Damage, +Magic Attack and %Crit Rate lines from Inner Ability which you may find useful.

    Legion and Hyper Stat
    There isn't much to say here, the advice is much the same for all classes.

    For Hyper Stats, prioritise point allocation into Crit Rate (However much is necessary), Critical Damage, Ignore Defense, Boss Damage and Damage. Not much else is beneficial to Evan.

    For Legion, you'll want the following classes for their effect:

    • %Crit Rate - Night Lord, Marksman
    • %Crit Damage - Shade, Jett, Hayato
    • %Boss Damage - Demon Avenger, Kanna
    • %Ignore Defense - Blaster, Beast Tamer
    • +Int - Ice/Lightning Mage, Bishop, Luminous, Battlemage, Kinesis, Blaze Wizard
    • %EXP - Zero
    Similarly, you'll want to arrange the grid to boost these areas. I recommend crit rate until 100%, then Boss Damage, Critical Damage and Ignore Defense.

    The ones below are optional effects that you may find beneficial.
    • %MP - Fire/Poison Mage
    • %HP - Dark Knight
    • +HP - Mihile, Dawn Warrior
    • %Buff Duration - Mechanic (Optional, but Evan buffs are only three minutes long)

    If you aren't sure about what Legion is or how it works, I'll leave a link to a Legion guide if/when one gets made.

    Silent Crusade
    When doing the Silent Crusade questline on Evan, you can notice that Evan gets a special storyline to match up with the relation to the Heroes. Doing the Silent Crusade earns you some special rewards. I've spoilered the rest because of lore but this can be important to you.

    I did these quests a very long time ago and I haven't remade an Evan since so I can't vouch for the accuracy of what I'm about to say.

    When you go into Past Leafre to find Arkarium, you'll find Afrien. After some conversation and a short kill and collect quest, you're rewarded with an Evan specific skill, Inherited Will.


    The skill appears in your beginner tab. It isn't much but I feel that it is worth mentioning.

    The Ailliance
    As one of the Maple Heroes, Evan gets a quest to join the Maple Alliance. After proceeding with the quest and joining the Alliance, you are rewarded with a skill, Will of the Alliance
    The skill isn't much but it is basically a free source of damage.
  • Gameplay

    As a class, Evan is just as strong as any other class but individual skills are half as powerful due to the split between Evan and Dragon skills. If you make use of this split, and have the damage to boot, your mobbing ability will be virtually unmatched. I'll explain how this works in this section.

    Evan has a teleport and an upjump. All skills can be telecasted so this isn't anything new but the upjump can not be used while a Dragon or Fusion Skill is active. Since you need maximum Dragon time while attacking enemies, upjump isn't really an option for you. Your options are:

    • [​IMG] Teleport around the map
    • Use hidden portals in the field
    • [​IMG] Use Rope Lift (5th job) to move
    • [​IMG] Return Mir, upjump, then continue attacking (You lose damage doing this)
    To reduce the reliance on upjump or Rope Lift (Its animation is quite long), I would recommend not training in maps that are tall especially if they do not have hidden portals.

    [​IMG]Evan Skills
    The primary Evan skill to be using is Mana Burst. It has a quick cast time, allowing you to move around the map faster. Mana Burst is also made up of two half skills, which combined with telecasting, gives you access to extended range at the cost of damage. Note that you can only telecast before the second half of the skill and that the first half is weaker.


    Having said that, there are situations where the taller hitboxes of Earth Circle or Thunder Circle are better despite cast times. It's up to you to determine which skill to use in which maps, or even where in a single map. Just remember that Mana Burst is better horizontally, Earth and Thunder circle are better vertically.

    (You should also be activating Fusion Skills but I feel like this should be obvious by now).

    [​IMG]Dragon and Fusion Skills
    Dragon Skills can be treated as very fast summons. Unlike normal skills, which deal all their damage in a single set of lines, Mir skills spread out their damage over the duration of the skill and over many sets of lines. The additional time element of Dragon Skills means that a single skill can clear the map multiple times if the spawn rate permits.

    Each Fusion Skill has a different combination of range and power. The ones with better reach have less power and require more damage to be effective. The main skills I use are Earth Dive, Earth Breath and Wind Flash and I've included some approximations of the hitbox for these skills. I can't guarantee accuracy but it is what it is.

    Wind Flash [​IMG] In terms of range, Wind Flash is the best. If there is a mob in range, it will be hit, no questions asked. The downside is its damage is the worst of the mobbing skills you use.
    Earth Breath [​IMG] Earth Breath's range is comparable to Wind Flash but it doesn't always hit mobs that are in range. It does substantially more damage than Wind Flash though.
    Earth Dive [​IMG] Earth Dive deals its damage in the form of three sequential crashes labelled here. Its mobbing capabilities are miniature compared to the previous two skills, but its damage far outclasses them as well.

    Note that since the cooldown on Dragon Skills is twice as long as their duration, you will need to alternate between two or more.

    The power difference between the skills divides mobbing ability into multiple "tiers" with certain damage requirements. I've put in a table to try and quantify the damage requirement for each tier of mobbing ability. Earth Dive is taken as one "Unit Of Damage" and I've scaled it accordingly. Keep in mind these are estimate numbers based on my character and can vary depending on your use case.

    UOD Qualifier
    1 [​IMG] 1HKO with Earth Dive - Earth Dive condenses all of its damage into three sets of "crashes." This makes it much more powerful than other skills so scoring a kill with it is not particularly tricky.
    2.5 [​IMG] 1HKO with Wind/Thunder/Earth - These skills make up for their slow casts with increased damage. You can benefit greatly depending on the usage of these skills.
    3.7 [​IMG] 1HKO with half Mana Burst - By telecasting with this, you can get double the attack range without penalty. The mobbing gains should be obvious from this.
    6.5 [​IMG] 1HKO with Earth Breath - Earth breath shoots out 4-6 laser beams that target mobs and attacks continuously. It has excellent range, and being able to efficiently kill with this means you'll easily dispatch far more mobs than any other skill could hit.
    10 [​IMG] 1HKO with Wind Flash - Similar to Earth Breath, Wind Flash sends out many wind blades which target and hit mobs. Being at this tier means you can have near 100% dragon uptime in combination with Earth Breath.
    25 [​IMG] 1HKO with Return Flame - Return Flame covers a fairly large area with a Damage Over Time Area of Effect. Return Flame hits mobs the moment they spawn so 1HKOing with it means you pretty much can't be KSed.
    36 [​IMG] 1HKO with Magic Debris - Magic debris spawns when a mob is hit by a fusion skill, and generally doesn't do enough damage to be considered using. HOWEVER, it has infinite range and can hit ANY mob on the same map. Being able to 1HKO with this would mean you're the uncontested champ of the map.

    Some notes on this table
    None of these skills have boost nodes or hyper stat allocations however, Earth Breath is assumed to be attacking the maximum mob count. Past 1HKO with Wind Flash, I struggle to see any significant gains moving up a tier short of having a Frenzy boosted map. If you have the funds available to you, by all means go ahead, but I cannot recommend this to anyone.

    [​IMG] Honorary Mention - Wyrmking's Breath
    5th job is fun times for everyone. Elemental Barrage has an enormous hitbox in the direction you are facing, and Wyrmking has an enormous hitbox in the direction that it is facing. The skill has a fairly low damage ceiling and a gigantic hitbox but it can only be activated once a minute and only for all of about four seconds. That said, they are a very nice four seconds.


    How do I train?
    It should be apparent that Dragon skills have far greater reach than Evan skills. Even though these can't move around with you, you'll find that Fusion skills do the bulk of your mobbing without some very active gameplay.

    I can't tell you exactly how to train in every map, but I'll put some rotations to get you started.

    Go to the left side of the map, use [​IMG]Dragon Breath.
    Go to the right side of the map, use [​IMG]Earth Dive.

    Go to left side of map, use [​IMG]Earth Breath.
    Go to right side of map, use [​IMG]Wind Flash.

    For both horizontal maps, you shouldn't be moving far from the centre of the map.

    Go to the second highest platform, use [​IMG]Earth Breath.
    Jump down, use [​IMG]Earth Dive if single platform, [​IMG]Thunder Flash if platforms are closely spaced, [​IMG]Wind Flash if platforms are farther apart.
    Use [​IMG]Support Jump or [​IMG]Rope Lift to return to start.

    Check the map for a hidden portal from bottom to top.
    Jump down along the side of the map and alternate [​IMG]Earth Breath, [​IMG]Earth Dive and [​IMG]Wind Flash as you go.
    Use [​IMG]Return after every jump so Mir is available for the next platform.
    Use hidden portal to return to start.

    There are different rotations for different maps and even for the same map. You really need to play around with it to decide which one works best for you.

    Tips and Techniques
    • [​IMG] Telecast your attacks
    This should be obvious. Telecasting your attacks means you move around faster, your maps rotation are completed faster, you get xp faster. If you can't 1HKO with the halves of Mana Burst, do not telecast it.

    • [​IMG] Use Return Dive
    Return Dive boosts your attack speed by one stage. Naturally, if you can attack faster, you attack more mobs, get more xp.

    • [​IMG] Use Return Flame
    Earlier I said that the damage requirement for Return Flame is quite high compared to other skills. This is only the case if you are trying to 1HKO every mob. If your Return Flame is able to clear a platform within one spawn cycle, there is no reason not to use the skill. It makes your map rotations shorter and you spend less effort moving around.

    • Cast your Dragon Skills before monsters spawn
    Since the position of Mir is fixed, you can use a Dragon Skill then run to another part of the map. When the monsters spawn, Mir will clear that area while you are clearing monsters elsewhere.
    You can extend the duration of Mir by triggering a Fusion Skill before the Dragon Skill expires which will give you more time to clear other parts of the map.

    • Use the map layout
    The different hitboxes of skills make them suited to different maps. Remember this when deciding what skills to use. As an extension to the previous point, you can use hidden portals on the map to put more distance between you and Mir.

    • [​IMG] Magic Debris
    I know I said that Magic Debris doesn't do enough damage to warrant using but there is one circumstance in which it is a valuable tool. In the event that your skills are just barely strong enough to kill a mob, you can use Magic Debris to finish them off. The skill has no cast time and no range limit, so it will hit anything you missed.
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