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      Hi! Flames are being added to GMS, so I’ve taken the liberty of essentially converting the information available at Strategy Wiki into something more friendly for GMS.

      Disclaimer: This guide does not tell you exactly how and where to get Flames, or what hypothetical Flames give what Levels as Nexon America could most certainly change a lot of things around. Additionally, this is information on Flames that is currently available to us in English, and does not reflect it being available in game for GMS.

      Flames are additional options that give either a set amount of stat (useless or useful) or m/att based entirely on the level of the item and RNG. You can get stats on equips even if the equip doesn't currently have it, granted if the equip allows it (no Jump on Weapons, etc). They also can give other options like %all or Level requirement reduction on all equips, or a possible selection of %boss, or %damage on Weapons. Flames will either give 1-4 unique options, or they’ll always give 4 unique options if the item drops in some shape or form from a boss. The options have Levels of stat gained; from 1-7 (In KMS; it might be different when it gets ported over to GMS as MSea’s max level is 5)

      Do note, The following item slots cannot get Flames:
      Secondary Weapons (including katara)

      Yes, you can get Flames on your pocket item.

      That said, Flames can be divided into a few categories. The first is if it’s a Weapon or not. Weapons gain m/att from flames based on the base m/att of the weapon, and gain the same amount of stat as non-weapons. The second classification only really applies for weapons; if it’s a Boss item or not. Boss items gain less attack than non-boss items.

      List of Possible Options:
      STR + DEX (neither this or the ones below in Pairs are “interchangeable options” ie: only STR + DEX exists, not DEX + STR and STR + DEX)
      STR + INT
      STR + LUK
      DEX + INT
      DEX + LUK
      INT + LUK
      ATT (armor)
      ATT (weapon)
      MATT (armor)
      MATT (weapon)
      %Boss (weapon)
      %Damage (weapon)
      Equip Level Requirement Reduction

      Identical Values:
      Main Stats and DEF
      M/ATT (armor), Speed, and Jump.
      HP and MP
      %All and %Damage
      M/ATT from weapons (regardless if it’s a mage weapon or not)

      Values that do not change from level:
      M/ATT from armor, speed, and jump: Always 1-7.
      %All and %Damage: Always 1-7%
      %Boss: 2-14%

      Useless Values:
      Speed and Jump
      Equip Level Requirement Reduction in Reboot

      All that said, here’s the values of all the equips at relevant levels; aka 100-160, 180, and 200.

      Main Stats:

      Level Values
      100-119 6-42
      120-139 7-49
      140-159 8-56
      160 9-63
      180 10-70
      200 11-77


      Level Values
      100-119 3-21
      120-159 4-28
      160 & 180 5-35
      200 6-42


      Level Values
      100-109 300-2100
      110-119 330-2310
      120-129 360-2520
      130-139 390-2730
      140-149 420-2940
      150-159 450-3150
      160 480-3360
      180 540-3780
      200 600-4200

      Percent of Base M/ATT from Non-Boss Weapons: (Redacting Levels 100-139, and 180)

      Level Values
      140-149 5-50%
      150-160 6-60%
      200 7-70%

      Percent of Base M/ATT from Boss Weapons: (Redacting Levels 100-139, and 180)

      Level Values
      140-150 4-40%
      160 5-50%
      200 6-60%
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