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      GMS BiS + Progression Guide

      Picture by Saught

      Please note: Minimum Level before you should follow this is Level 140. It is implied UNLESS OTHERWISE SAID that you can purchase all of these from the Marketplace/Auction House (and by extension, trading where applicable). There is also a separate Demon Avenger progression due to how they work. Xenon's should prioritize All Stats over individual stats.

      Italicized Items are not currently available. Bolded in a set of items is the most preferable in that set.
      Tier's are descending order, meaning the higher the better. Rings do not have a table by default.
      Primary Weapons
      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra (200) Stats at the end of the day are unrivaled.
      2 Fafnir (150) Enables you to use 4 set Chaos Root Abyss (when paired with the 3 other CRA).
      3 Utgard/Dragon Wing/"Japanese" (140/140/150) Utgard is the last set from Mob drops with Dragon Wing and "Japanese" being similar in strength before you inevitably go to Tier 2.
      4 Frozen (100) Decent set effect.

      Specifics where necessary:

      What Exactly Reasoning
      One-Hand+Shield Only if you don't already have to use a Two-Handed Weapon like Aran or Dark Knight
      Mages Staff Technically, this doesn't really matter but it gives slightly more stats compared to Wand.
      Dawn Warrior Two-Hand + Cygnus Secondary This is because you can equip a Two-Hand with the Cygnus Secondary, which is better than One-Hand + Shield
      Zero Arcane Umbra Weapon and Set Effect


      Secondaries vary by class.

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Look below. Too many specifics to list in one table row.
      2 Princess No. (140) Best base stats of any secondary before specific secondaries.
      3 Secondary Shop/Frozen Secondary/Evolution Lab (100) Evolution Lab > Secondary Shop, but some classes only have a Frozen Accessory with stats.

      Item (Level) Reasoning
      Mages Deimos Sage Shield (130) Only mage secondary that has 16+ stars.
      Kanna Equivalent Primary Weapon This should be equipped to Haku and should be prioritized to have Magic Attack.
      Shadower Deimos Thief Shield (130) Only shadower secondary that has 16+ stars.
      Dualblade Transposed Sweetwater Katara from 16* Japanese Katara (150 and 160 respectively) The changes to starforce affected Sweetwater Katara, allowing you to gain a free 16th star from the Japanese Katara.
      Warriors One-hand + Terminus Defender (160) This only applies if you don't already use a specific Two-Handed Weapon.
      Demon Avenger Princess No. or Ruin Force Shield. You should only use Ruin Force if you have some form of protections as it also increases your damage taken (e.g, Reaper Pendant, Breath of Divinity, Heaven's Door, etc.)


      Level 100 Emblem, Honor Roll Emblem, or MapleStory Fest Emblem
      Optionally, Tower of Oz emblem.


      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra (200) Trumps Tier 2 due to it's Ignore Enemy Defense
      2 Transposed Sweetwater Hat (160) Loads of all stats. You need the Aquarius Crown for the Transposed Sweetwater Hat. Ironically isn't affected by the loss of 25 stars; can still star to 22.
      3 Absolab Hat (160) A good option if you don't have Transposed Sweetwater Hat, and are currently waiting for Arcane Umbra.
      4 Royal (150) Necessary for having 4 set Chaos Root Abyss.
      5 Pensalir/Dragon Wing/"Japanese" (140/140/150)
      6 Frozen (100)

      Top/Bot or Outfit:
      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Trickster + Eagle Eye (150) Top+Bot > Outfit
      2 Pensalir/Dragon Wing/"Japanese" (140/140/150)
      3 Frozen (100)

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra Shoes (200) Can trump SW if you have 22 stars on all star-able items. Requires 5 other Arcane Items to do so.
      2 Transposed Sweetwater Shoes (160)/Tyrant Boots (150)
      3 Absolab (160) Should be used as an alternative to Tier 2.
      4 Pensalir/Dragon Wing/"Japanese" (140/140/150)

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra Gloves (200) Can trump SW if you have 22 stars on all star-able items. Requires 5 other Arcane Items to do so.
      2 Transposed Sweetwater Gloves (160)/Tyrant Gloves (150)
      3 Absolab Gloves (160) Alternative to Transposed Sweetwater Gloves
      4 High Quality Dimension/Dimension Gloves (140)
      5 Pensalir/Dragon Wing/"Japanese" (140/140/150)

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra Cape (200) Can trump SW if you have 22 stars on all star-able items. Requires 5 other Arcane Items to do so.
      2 Transposed Sweetwater Cape (160)/Tyrant Cape (150) Does not star up to 22.
      3 Absolab Cape (160) An alternative if you don't already have a Transposed Sweetwater Cape.
      3 Nova/Enraged Zakum Cape (110/150)
      4 Pensalir/Dragon Wing/"Japanese" (140/140/150)
      5 Frozen (100)

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Dreamy Belt (200) Best all around.
      2 Tyrant Belt (150) Should be used while you wait 10k+ years for a Dreamy Belt to drop.
      3 Superior Gollux Belt (150)/Enraged Zakum Belt (150) Should be used if you don't have a 12 star+ Tyrant Belt.
      4 Tinkerer's Black Belt (100) This is assuming you have Tinkerer's Black Shoulder as well.
      5 Any other Gollux Belt (120-140) There's not really good Belt options in general.

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Superior Gollux (150)
      2 Dominator Pendant (140) I wouldn't go out of my way to get this.
      3 Chaos Horntail Necklace (120) Good before Gollux.
      4 Horntail Necklace/Mechinator Pendant (120) Both not necessarily worth getting, but if you do they're here on this list.

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Superior Gollux (150)
      2 Any other Gollux (120-140)
      3 Dea Sidus/Will-o-Wisps (130) The latter isn't really worth the effort.

      This section is odd because nothing is absolute here besides at the end. Rings are listed in sets, however you can replace each individually in a set with one of a higher tier.

      Highest Tier:
      Superior Gollux (150)
      Breath of Divinity (150) (Can be used at 17 stars as is; no better rings to replace it)
      Meister Ring (140)
      Reinforced Gollux (140)

      Secondary Tier:
      Solid Gollux (130)
      Hilla's/Magnus' Rage (100)
      Forest Guardian (100)
      Lightning God (100)

      Lesser Tier:
      Blackgate (120)
      Cracked Gollux (120)
      Silver Blossom (110)

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra Shoulder (200)
      2 Scarlet Shoulder (135) The only shoulder that can (should be able to) be flamed.
      3 Absolab (160)
      4 Tinkerer's Black Shoulder (100) Should be used with Tinkerer's Black Belt
      5 Royal Metal Black Shoulder (120)

      Face and Eye

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Berserked & Magic Eyepatch (160) Both are Level 160 and have their own Set Effect.
      2 Sweetwater Glasses and Sweetwater Tattoo (160) You should transpose a 16 star Papulatus Mark onto Sweetwater Glasses.
      3 Aquatic Letter Eye & Condensed Power Crystal (100)


      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      1 Anything more powerful than previous tiers. (Variable) I put this here because there's a lot of medals that are already better than Tier 3 but are event tied.
      Chaos Vellum or Chaos Von Bon Medals (0) Both are hypothetically more powerful than Tier 3 under the right damage increasing circumstances.
      3 Antellion Guardian (33) Best obtainable medal at this time.


      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Sengoku Hakase (160) This has Tier 4 potential.
      2 Ghost Ship Exorcist (150) While no longer obtainable, this is here for posterity
      3 Crystal Ventus (130) This cannot be potentialed but it's apart of the boss set making it somewhat viable until you get Tier 2

      Note: You need an Android to use a heart (unless you're Xenon)
      All Hearts are considered Permanent to be on this list.
      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Outlaw Heart (150) Best Heart available.
      2 Titanium/Fairy (100)
      3 Some Level 30 Heart/Lidium/Event Heart (30/Variable)

      With totems, there's way too many for there to be a list-able hierarchy. Why Rings got one is because there isn't 20+ significant rings, and most of these are Event based anyway.

      Highest Tier of Totems:
      Dark Lords of Darkness
      Hunter Totem


      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Cursed Spell Book (160) Specific variations of it drop from Hard Will.
      2 Inverse Codex (150) This is highly unrealistic and only viable with constantly up keeping it.
      3 Holy Pink Cup (140)


      Tier Item Reasoning
      Time-Limited Titles Despite the stats being time-limited, they tend to be better than the ones before it.
      2 Holy Pink Beanity Available whenever the Pink Bean event comes out.
      3 Chaos Root Abyss title This is just slightly worse than HPB but is always available.
      4 Superior Hunter This title is always available from Silent Crusade, and is generally reliable.

      Technically, this section only has one notable item; Battleroid. The only reason why this is here is because Battleroid is basically an infinite Buff Freezer; the only Android that does this.

      Demon Avenger

      This part of the guide tells of how Demon Avenger differs. There isn't much changes here due to the nature of Demon Avenger.

      Absolab is a good placeholder for DA until you get Arcane Umbra. Arcane Umbra breaks Transposed Sweetwater due to the prevalence of attack, Boss Damage, and IED in the set effects. Additionally, the set effect gives you 20% more HP over the combination of CRA+Tyrants, making it much more preferable.

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra (200) Best weapon for DA.
      2 Absolab (160) Necessary for 6 set Absolab.
      3 Fafnir (150) Placeholder before Absolab.


      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra (200) Hat is the best there is.
      2 Absolab (160) Necessary for 6 set Absolab.
      3 Royal (150) Placeholder before Absolab


      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra (200)
      2 Transposed Sweetwater (160) ATT is all powerful.
      3 Absolab (160) Necessary for 6 set Absolab.

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra (200) Please see above.
      2 Transposed Sweetwater (160) ATT is all powerful.
      3 Absolab (160) Necessary for 6 set Absolab.

      Tier Item (Level) Reasoning
      Arcane Umbra (200) Please see above.
      2 Transposed Sweetwater (160) ATT is all powerful.
      3 Absolab (160) Necessary for 6 set Absolab.

      Use any medal that gives HP and/or Attack.

      Where can I find these?


      Can be obtained from level 140+ enemies.

      Dragon Wing:

      Obtain Emblems from Normal Cygnus to eventually trade Emblems for a weapon.

      Note: These Emblems are "Use" tab emblems and cannot be equipped.


      Crafted via various materials.

      Weapons/Recipes can be obtained from Mori Ranmaru Boss Fight.

      Frozen: (Cannot be traded)

      Obtained via events, most specifically, the Burning Event at Level 100 from the chest.

      Fafnir/Trickster/Royal/Eagle Eye (Aka "Chaos Root Abyss"):

      Obtain Emblems from Chaos Root Abyss Bosses to eventually (by using them in inventory) trade for the respective item.

      Amount Needed:

      Fafnir: 15 Chaos Vellum Emblems.

      Trickster: 5 Chaos Pierre Emblems.

      Royal: 5 Chaos Crimson Queen Emblems.

      Eagle Eye: 5 Chaos Vonbon Emblems.


      Obtain Tyrant Coins from Hard Magnus.
      Tyrant Capes may drop from Hard Magnus.

      Amount Needed for Items:
      Cape and Boots: 70
      Belt: 100

      A note about Tyrant Gloves. In normal server, it is not worth farming it from Kritias at all. You're better off either doing the following:
      Roll it on Marvel Machine
      Buy it off the Free Market/Auction House.
      Definitely the second one if you don't want to spend 100$+.


      Sweetwater can be obtained from the Commerci Party Quest at random (yet very low) rates.

      In Normal Server, you're better off buying it from the Free Market or Auction House.

      Sweetwater Glasses and Tattoo can be obtained via trading in 250 Denaros.

      Sweetwater Gloves, Cape, Belt, and Shoes are limited to 15 stars maximum.

      Transposing is taking the Blue (or Bonus) stats of a Level 140-150 item, and applying it to a Sweetwater Item.

      • This completely overwrites the stats and slots on the Sweetwater item, while resetting the potential of the item to the rank of the item transposed.
      • This also carries all of the stars over, minus 1.
      • If the item transposed had less slots than the Sweetwater Item, you may scroll it for more stats. You may only hammer the Sweetwater item if the total number of scrolls used on the transposed item isn't greater than the total possible slots on the Sweetwater item.
      • The Sweetwater Cape, Gloves, Boots, and Belt cannot be starred beyond 15 stars.


      Transposing a Unique Tyrant Cape with 5 stars and 4 slots (Really 2+2 via Hammers) will give the Sweetwater Cape 3 slots, 4 stars, 2 more slots via hammers, and reset the potential to Unique.


      Obtain Faint Stigma Spirit Stones & Twisted Stigma Spirit Stones from Dark World Tree and Damien (Normal/Hard difficulties) or Diffusion-Line Energy Cores (A Rank) and Extraordinary Energy Cores (S Rank) from Lotus (Normal/Hard difficulties) to trade in for Stigma coins and Absolab coins respectively.

      Amount Needed for Coins:
      Absolab Coins:
      1 Extraordinary Energy Core (S Rank)
      20 Diffusion-Line Energy Cores (A Rank)

      Stigma Coins:
      1 Twisted Stigma Spirit Stone
      20 Faint Stigma Spirit Stones

      Amount needed for items:
      of either for Weapon
      2 for respective Armor

      Absolab Coins Unlock:
      Gloves, Boots, and Cape

      Stigma Coins Unlock:
      Outfit, Gloves, and Shoulder


      Arcane Umbra:

      Obtain Lucid Droplets from Hard or Normal Lucid, and Arcane River Droplets from random enemies in Arcane River, to trade into coins.

      Amount Needed for Coins:

      1 Lucid Droplets & 10 Arcane River Droplets

      Amount needed for items:
      24 for weapons
      20 for Zero weapon
      4 for Arcane Umbra set effect on said Zero weapon
      16 for respective Armor

      Lucid Coins Unlock:
      Gloves, Boots, and Cape

      Hard Will Drops:
      Shoulder, Outfit, Hat.

      Amount Needed for Items:
      Cracked: 15
      Solid: 50
      Reinforced: 110
      Superior: 160

      Cracked: 10
      Solid: 40
      Reinforced: 90
      Superior: 150

      Belt and Pendants:
      These drop depending on what difficult of Gollux. These aren't bound to always drop.
      Cracked: All Difficulties
      Solid: Normalux or Higher
      Reinforced: Hardlux or Higher
      Superior: Hellux only.

      Difficulties of Gollux:
      Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hell.

      Other Items

      Boss Items:
      Item Who to get it from
      Dea Sidus Any Horntail Difficulty
      Horntail Necklace Normal Horntail
      Aquatic Letter Eye & Condensed Power Crystal Normal Zakum
      Chaos Horntail Necklace Chaos Horntail
      Will-o-wisps Hard Hilla
      Dominator Pendant Normal Arkarium
      Mechinator Pendant Easy Arkarium
      Nova, Crystal Ventus, and Royal Metal Black Shoulder Any Magnus Difficulty
      Princess No. Secondary From the Princess No. Boss Fight.
      Holy Pink Cup Any Pink Bean difficulty.
      Berserked Hard Lotus
      Magic Eyepatch Hard Damien
      Dreamy Belt Hard Lucid
      Cursed Spellbook (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) Hard Will

      Non-Boss Items:
      Item Where to get it from
      Dimension/High Quality Dimension Gloves DIPQ; pieces of each randomly from boxes dropped by the final phase boss or mob swarm.
      Tinkerer's Belt and Shoulder Via Tinkerer's "Kill X Mobs" quest when Marvel Machine is around. Need boxes from Marvel Machine.
      Breath of Divinity Must be obtained via trading.
      Forest Guardian Obtained via Gachapon
      Hilla's/Magnus' Rage Obtained via Gachapon or Marvel Machine
      Blackgate Ring Dropped randomly from Blackgate's pseudo-bosses.
      Lightning God Ring Obtained via Marvel Machine
      Antellion Guardian Complete Masteria through Time.
      Ghost Ship Exorcist Complete the "The Secret of the Ghost Ship" questline.
      Sengoku Hakase Trade in for ?? during the Sengoku High event.
      Any Permanent Heart Obtained via Marvel Machine or Gachapon.
      Dark Lords of Darkness Obtained via the (Halloween) Event by the same name, or Marvel Machine.
      Hunter Totem Obtained via Marvel Machine. Was obtainable via the Hunter event.
      Rifle Bullet Obtained via Marvel Machine. Was obtainable via the Hunter event.
      Inverse Codex Obtained via Kritias.
      Holy Pink Beanity Obtained via the Pink Bean event.
      Chaos Root Abyss title Defeat all CRA 10 times each.
      Superior Hunter Complete the Silent Crusade questline. (Except Arkarium)
      Battleroid Obtained via Marvel Machine.
      Aquarius Crown Randomly drops from Tower of Oz's high floor boxes.
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