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      Entry Level: 245+, must have completed Moonbridge questline

      - Note that Story Mode Gloom is unchanged, and will be fought the same way as pre-revamp

      Arcane Force/Power: 730

      Entry/Clear Limit: One entry a day, one clear a week (shared between Normal and Chaos)
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      Boss Stats

      Level: 255

      HP (estimated for both):

      - Normal Mode: 26,000,000,000,000 (26 trillion)
      - Chaos Mode: 126.000,000,000,000 (126 trillion)

      Time Limit: 30 minutes

      Life Count: 5

      Boss Battle

      Thought Fragments

      Meteors (or Thought Fragments) will constantly fall from the sky, inflicting one of 3 different status effects while dealing 15% HP damage in Normal mode and 30% HP damage in Chaos mode.
      The magenta meteors with a horizontal elongated hexagon shape in the middle will inflict Blind, reducing your accuracy and causing you to miss.

      The blue meteors with an X shape in the middle will inflict Stun.

      The purple meteors with a vertical elongated hexagon shape in the middle will inflict Zombify.

      Tentacle Shield

      Throughout the battle, Gloom will cover its eye with two large tentacles, during which you will deal 10% of your normal damage.


      While the Tentacle Shield is up, Gloom can use additional tentacles to attack you (indicated by a flashing red light).
      These tentacles will deal 65% HP damage in Normal mode and 99% HP damage in Chaos mode:

      Every 55-60 seconds (affected by server lag), Gloom will attempt to impale you with the tentacles covering its eye, during which it will strike with both tentacles in an X shape, with one appearing at a higher trajectory than the other. The only way to dodge them is to high jump or duck in the far left / right corner. These tentacles will deal 115% HP damage in Normal mode and 300% HP damage in Chaos mode.

      When Gloom uses this attack, these tentacles can be used as platforms to stand on to avoid the other tentacle and to attack the eye, which will now receive full damage.

      Vertical Laser

      After approximately 20 seconds of the second tentacle attacking, the tentacles will retreat and the eye will fire a laser vertically below, pulling players toward the center and dealing 300% HP damage on the initial hit, along with an additional 300% HP damage every 0.5 seconds, for a total of 5 seconds. It is important to dodge the meteors during this phase, especially the ones capable of stun. Once this attack is complete, the eye will be covered by its Tentacle Shield once more. Gloom will perform this set of attacks (Platforms, retracting tentacles, and Vertical Laser) every 55 seconds, lasting a total of 36 seconds, and every 3rd time Gloom uses this set of attacks, Gloom will use it again immediately after.

      Foggy Storm
      Gloom will sometimes create several small tornadoes on the ground, dealing 35% HP damage in Normal mode and 55% HP damage in Chaos mode.

      Fear Gauge
      Finally, the most important part of the Gloom Boss Battle is the Fear Gauge. Each player will have their own Fear Gauge which will rise over time, filling up faster as you take damage. Once the gauge is completely filled, you (and only you) will be under a state of Fear, blocking your vision, with the rest of the screen turning black as various illusion monsters appear. During this time, all Meteors / Thought Fragments will stop falling. The gauge depletes slowly over time (faster as you kill the monsters, but it will not deplete if you die). Once the gauge is depleted, your vision will return to normal and all the hallucination monsters will die. Any players that deplete their Fear Gauge without dying will receive a glowing yellow effect, reducing the Fear Gauge of nearby party members. However, any players that die under a state of Fear will receive a grey aura, increasing the Fear Gauge of nearby party members.

      One of the monsters is the Monstrous Illusion, which will fly around the map. These have 10 billion HP in Normal mode and 30 billion HP in Chaos mode.

      When they attack, they can inflict Reverse Key while dealing 5% HP damage in Normal mode and 15% HP damage in Chaos mode.

      Another of the monsters is the Terrible Grasp. These have 30 billion HP in Normal mode and 2 billion HP in Chaos mode, but they cannot be killed in Chaos mode (only dying once the Fear Gauge is fully depleted).

      When they attack, they can inflict Petrify while dealing 10% HP damage in Normal mode and 20% HP damage in Chaos mode.

      Finally, black flames that cannot be attacked will attack periodically, inflicting Seal while dealing 30% HP damage in Normal mode and 50% HP damage in Chaos mode

      Gloom will drop Sparks of Determination, which are a necessary material needed to enter the Black Mage. Normal mode will drop 13 per person, while Chaos mode will drop 16 per person. Gloom will drop 6 Bonus Occult Cubes in Normal mode, 10 in Chaos mode. Gloom will also drop an Intense Power Crystal worth 49,612,500 mesos in Normal mode and 92,450,000 mesos in Chaos mode (split between your entire party).
      At a low chance, Chaos mode can drop the Endless Terror Ring [​IMG]
      • Req Level: 200
      • STR: +5
      • DEX: +5
      • INT: +5
      • LUK: +5
      • Weapon Attack: +4
      • Magic Attack: +4
      • 2 Slots
      This Ring is part of the Pitched Boss Set.


      Namu/Tree Wiki for information on Gloom's attacks:
      https://namu.wiki/w/거대 괴수 더스크

      진격캐넌 for a screenshot
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