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      Getting Started
      First things first, there will be a portal you're going to use for the majority of the fight. It also divides what two directions Gollux can look at to aim his attacks. The portal will teleport you to the eyes once you finish the jaw phase. Also, you need to stand near the portal so it's easier to get to the opposite direction Gollux is facing and dodge his attacks.

      Gollux's adds, potatoes, etc.

      This is probably the first thing you see when you get in the boss room. It slowly moves to the center of Gollux. If they reach the center, you will get a counter on your head that will prevent you from leaving the room and your party. If the counter reaches 5, you will get insta-killed. It is important you focus on these guys for the entire fight too.

      Jaw Phase

      In this phase, Gollux has 3 attacks. A dark purple breath that deals half of your HP and leaves you binded for a while, a punch that will one hit you, and a bright pink breath that sucks you in and one shots you. The key here is to keep eye contact with Gollux and constantly move to left or right side if he is facing your direction.

      Gollux's attacks are marked like this
      • Purple breath - Purple Eyes for a couple of seconds
      • Punch - Purple Eyes (blinking)
      • Pink Breath - Pink glowing eyes follow by Gollux taking a deep breath in

      To avoid the purple breath attack, just go to the other side of the map.

      To avoid the punch attack, get out of it quick! The punches Gollux throws will only kill you if you are still inside and this impact animation plays. Otherwise, you're free to dodge. This is what the animation should look like if the attack actually starts dealing damage.

      The pink breath attack will obviously never hit you if you are on the opposite direction Gollux is facing and is a bit harder to dodge than the purple breath. Any attack that gives a quick burst of movement is amazing for dodging this if he attacks with this and you need to get to the other side.

      Examples of what his eyes look like for his attacks

      Purple -

      Pink -

      Eye Phase
      This is probably the most annoying phase of the fight. Once you get to this phase, platforms will spawn. Take the portal from the ground and get up there. Also make sure to stand near the portal like this - it will help avoid most of the hitboxes on Gollux's attacks.

      He has much more attacks this time around. I'll number the attacks in italics, and their counter in standard text.
      1. weak aoe that can't one shot (orange eyes, deals about a quarter of your health)
      2. punch that can one shot (orange eyes glow for little bit, attacks whatever platform you're on)
      3. super charged aoe that one shots (electric energy charges on Gollux's gem, followed by orange eyes)
      4. reverse controls debuff with massive damage and stun after it has finished (orange eyes blink, deals ~90% HP)
      5. marked areas to bomb on the ground floor that can't one shot, plus screen shaking (about half of your HP)
      1. It deals a bit of damage, you can easily avoid it by standing near the portal as pictured above. If you are on the ground, just stay away from his jaw. If you are on the ground and close to the portal, you still got time to run up to the eye platforms and get out of the hitbox.
      2. If on the eye platforms, take the portal down or duck. Ducking will prevent damage from the punch, but only if you are on the upper platform. if you are on the ground, same thing as the jaw phase, dodge it.
      3. See #1. The animation is also quite long since Gollux has a charging animation before the AOE.
      4. See #1. One thing about this attack is that it can actually affect you anywhere on the ground floor, so be careful if you need to go down to kill adds but Gollux hasn't attacked. The debuff itself can be avoided by -2 seconds abnormal status nebs. If you can time it properly, iframe skills can prevent the damage+stun if you use it after about 5 seconds of having the debuff.
      5. Avoid the marked areas and get to the top platforms ASAP. They will take a couple of seconds to actually blow up.
      Gem Phase
      Home stretch! The only attack Gollux has now is a really weak AOE attack. Get to the top floor on the right side of the eye's platforms through a portal and unload on that gem. Make sure to kill the adds too and enjoy your Hellux clear!


      • randolf in the Gollux entry room will sell one potion a day that gives +20% boss damage ONLY if you are against gollux.
      • if you are carrying, leave Gollux's gem at a low amount of health (1-10% should be fine) and leave your party. If you have the counter from Gollux's adds, leave your party and press LEAVE from the map.
      • save all your heavy damage buffs/skills with long cooldown until gem phase. you have more than enough time to solo Hellux. on gem, you only have 90 seconds to kill.
      • during eye phase, attack the adds once Gollux throws a punch on the platform - you will have plenty of time to kill adds. also taking the portal back down instead of jumping down seems to be faster and less risky for killing gollux's adds for me.
      • don't get greedy with Gollux's potatoes in eye phase, his ground attacks are much more devastating than they are on the platforms.
      • turn off pet auto heal. potion cooldown is a minute and you wouldn't really want to trigger it if you got hit by weak attack like Gollux's breath.
      If something is missing or wrong leave a comment and I'll update the guide. Also in case anyone is curious I took the cover from here - https://www.minecraftforum.net/foru...15448-boss-battle-gollux-huge-maplestory-boss
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