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      As a new player, it's really easy to miss important quests you're supposed to do. After all, there are a TON of quests in that dreaded lightbulb. Here are the most important quests you need to do in order to be able to boss and get good gear!

      This guide was a lovely collaborative effort from: Babble, Cerno, Incorrigible, and me. (There was also huge input from ??? and Jushi!)

      If we missed something important that you thing is noteworthy, let me know and we'll add it onto this very long list of stuff. We worked hard to make this guide friendly to players on Reboot and non-Reboot servers, as well!

      Every boss gives you Reward Points every day for killing them, and some will even drop Master cubes and Flames if you’re lucky! Soul shards drop from a majority of bosses and Magnificent souls are typically worth having to use or sell. Listed below are only the bosses that drop noteworthy gear (which is almost all of them)!

      ☆ Bosses ☆

      Notable drops:
      • Condensed Power Crystal
      • Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory
      Boss Level Requirement: 50 for Easy, 90 for Normal, 90 for Chaos
      Quest Level Requirement: 50
      Starting Quest: Zakum: Statue of Dread

      Notable drops:
      • Dea Sidus Earrings
      • Silver Blossom Ring
      Boss Level Requirement: 130 for Easy and Normal, 135 for Chaos
      Quest Level Requirement: 120
      Starting Quest: [Horntail] Moira's Whereabouts

      Notable drops:
      • Tyrant Capes (Hard only)
      • Magnus Coins (Hard only, trade to Shadow Merchant for Tyrant Boots, Belts, Capes)
      • Shadow Merchant Coins (Normal only, trade to Shadow Merchant for Nova gear)
      • Nova Capes/Belts/Boots
      • Elite Heliseum Capes/Belts/Boots
      • Royal Black Metal Shoulder
      • Crystal Ventus Badge
      • Magnus Soul Shards (Magnificent Magnus Soul)
      Once you get to Downtown Heliseium in the questline, you do not need to do anymore quests. You should be able to queue for Magnus after that.

      Boss Level Requirement: 115 for Easy, 155 for Normal, 175 for Hard
      Quest Level Requirement: 90
      Starting Quest: To Pantheon (NPC: Beldar)
      Starting Quest for Nova: Beldar's Call (NPC: Beldar)
      Note that if you are an Angelic Buster or Kaiser, the quest line is much longer for you!

      Notable drops:
      • Cubes (Most bosses drop cubes, but Ranmaru drops a LOT of Cubes.)
      • Japanese equip set
      These equips are not the best, but they’re great placeholders for CRA gear, especially for Reboot players.

      Boss Level Requirement: 120 for Normal, 180 for Hard
      (This boss has no prequests.)

      Root Abyss
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      After killing each of the bosses once for the questline, you must kill the Normal versions 10 more times each to unlock the ability to challenge their Chaos versions.

      Notable Drops:
      • Pieces of Time (Chaos Von Bon only, exchange 5 for Eagle Eye Top)
      • Pieces of Mockery (Chaos Pierre only, exchange 5 for Trixter Bottom)
      • Pieces of Anguish (Chaos Crimson Queen only, exchange 5 for Royal Hat)
      • Pieces of Destruction (Chaos Vellum only, exchange 15 for Fafnir weapon)
      • Crimson Queen Soul Shards (Magnificent Crimson Queen Soul)
      • Vellum Soul Shards (Magnificent Vellum Soul)
      Boss Level Requirement: 125 for Normal, 180 for Chaos
      Quest Level Requirement: 100
      Starting Quest: [Root Abyss] An Urgent Summons (NPC: Neinhart)

      Notable drops:
      • Papulatus Clock Chair (Normal and Chaos only)
      • Papulatus Mark (Hard only)

      Boss Level Requirement: 115 for Easy, 155 for Normal, 190 for Chaos
      Quest Level Requirement: 115
      Starting Quest: [Papulatus] The Light of Chaos (NPC: Ghosthunter Bob)

      Notable drops:
      • Stone of Eternal Life
      • Blackheart pet ([Pet Box] Blackheart is shared in Normal, instanced in Hard)
      Boss Level Requirement: 120 for Normal, 170 for Hard
      (This boss has no prequests.)

      Note that the quest line starts at “To Grendel’s Library” and continues on to “Castle Visit.” From there, you need to do “[Tynerum] Demon Invasion” onwards.

      Notable Drops:
      • Superior/Reinforced/Solid/Cracked Gollux Pendant
      • Superior/Reinforced/Solid/Cracked Gollux Belt
      • Gollux Coin (Trade to Lucia for Gollux Scrolls, Rings, and Earrings)
      Your Gollux gear should only be scrolled with Gollux scrolls! Do not use Spell Traces or other scrolls.

      Boss Level Requirement: 140
      Quest Level Requirement: 130
      Starting Quest: [Crimsonheart] To Grendel's Library (NPC: Grendel the Really Old)

      Pink Bean
      You need to do a bulk of these quests to unlock 5th job anyway, so might as well finish it up for Pink Bean.

      Notable drops:
      • Pink Holy Cup
      Boss Level Requirement: 160 for Normal, 170 for Chaos
      Quest Level Requirement: 145 for Memory, 150 for Regrets, 160 for Oblivion
      Starting Quest: Path to the Past (NPC: Temple Keeper)
      These quests take a LONG time and require saving items throughout them. Make sure to keep at least 10 of every mask you find as well as the three items that Dodo, Lilynouch, and Lyka drop.
      Several of these quests also require you to be above a certain level to proceed, which is listed above.

      Notable drops:
      • Pieces of Ruin (Normal only, Exchange 15 for an Empress weapon)
      • Pieces of Darkness (Normal only, Exchange 5 for an Empress hat/overall/gloves/shoes/cape)
      • Cygnus Soul Shards (Magnificent Cygnus Soul)
      (CRA gear is better than Empress gear, though it’s worth collecting for mules.)

      Boss Level Requirement: 140 for Easy, 170 for Normal
      Quest Level Requirement: 165
      Starting Quest: [Required] Chief Alex (NPC: Chief Alex)

      Notable drops:
      • Extraordinary Energy Core (Grade S)
      • Diffusion-Line Energy Core (Grade A)
      • Absolab gear (Hard only)
      • Beserked (Hard only)
      • Lotus Soul Shards (Magnificent Lotus Soul)
      Trade 20 Grade A cores and one Grade S core to Sensitive Squaroid in Haven to get an Absolab coin. From there you can grade Absolab coins to Three-Hands for Absolab gear. (Three-Hands has weapons, gloves, shoes, and capes.) Grade A cores are obtained from Scrapyard dailies from One-Eye.

      Boss Level Requirement: 190
      Quest Level Requirement: 120
      Blockbuster: Black Heaven (You must complete all of Black Heaven to unlock Lotus)
      To access Blockbusters, use the Dimensional Mirror to go to the Ereve Conference Pavilion.

      Notable drops:
      • Twisted Stigma Spirit Stones
      • Faint Stigma Spirit Stone
      • Absolab gear (Hard only)
      • Magic Eyepatch (Hard only)
      • Damien Soul Shards (Magnificent Damien Soul)
      Trade 20 Faint Stones and one Twisted Stone to Quartermaster Sakuro in Deserted Camp to get Absolab Coins to trade to Supplier Salio. (Salio has weapons, hats, overalls, and shoulders.) Faint Stones are obtained from Dark World Tree daily quests from Alchetto at the Deserted Camp.

      Boss Level Requirement: 190
      Quest Level Requirement: 135
      Blockbuster: Heroes of Maple, Act 4 (You only need to complete this act to unlock Damien.)

      Notable drops:
      • Lucid Soul Shards
      • Lucid Droplets
      • Arcane weapons (Hard only)
      Boss Level Requirement: 220
      Quest Level Requirement: 220
      Starting Quest: Festival of Dreams (NPC: Rabbit Mask)

      ☆ Story-based quest lines ☆

      Complete the quests below to unlock some of the best items in the game.

      Masteria Through Time (Blockbuster)

      Notable rewards:
      • Antellion Guardian medal
      • Subani-Roid or Dr. Jang-Roid (Permanent Android with shop)
      This is a Blockbuster with FOUR acts that you have to hold spacebar through (and occasionally fight some stuff). It takes a long ass time, but rewards you with the best medal in the game that isn’t time-limited. Check your lightbulb to teleport to the area to start the Blockbuster. (And no, the quest does not ever disappear from your lightbulb, even after you finish it.)

      Quest Level Requirement: 33
      Starting Quest: [Masteria Blockbuster] Lost Hero’s Call

      Class Emblems

      To get the Gold Emblem for your class, there’s a different quest for nearly each class, some more difficult than others. This is going to seem like a huge cop out to this guide, but I really just recommend googling your specific class emblem guide as they all require you to do various things at various levels. Your Gold Emblem is equippable at level 100, so you need to make sure to get it.


      Notable rewards:
      • Tyrant Gloves
      • Hard Magnus Reset Ticket
      • Chaos Vellum Reset Ticket
      700 Anti-magic is needed for an Enheim Coin. 200 Anti-magic and one Anti-magic Stone is needed for a Kritias coin.

      Quest Level Requirement: 160
      Starting Quest: [Kritias] Sudden Kingdom (NPC: Neinhart)


      Notable rewards:
      • Sweetwater gear
      Complete the theme dungeon until you are allowed to do voyages. Kill the bosses on the voyages for a chance to get Sweetwater gear. You can also be rewarded with more gear in the end. The Sweetwater Eye and Tattoo are both buyable in the shop for 250 Commerci Dinero each.

      Quest Level Requirement: 140
      Starting Quest: [Commerci] Neinhart’s Call (NPC: Neinhart)

      Yu Garden

      Notable rewards:
      • 50% Epic Potential Scrolls (6 per week)
      Complete dailies to earn up to 26 Yu Garden Coins a day.

      In Reboot only, you can grab Epic Potential Scrolls from Feng Shao who is available in town between specific hours. (6 p.m. to 2 a.m. UTC) The merchant sells a random assortment of items, but the items change by channel. Epot scrolls are 30 coins each.

      Quest Level Requirement: 140
      Starting Quest: Stop! Inspection! (NPC: Zhen Long)
      This questline activates once you enter Yu Garden.

      ☆ Limited-time events ☆

      All of these quests have the usual event level requirement of 33 or higher.


      Notable rewards:
      • Glimmering Wondroid Heart
      • Different Wondroids
      • Glimmering Wondroid Equips

      Wondroid has come around twice as of writing this. This quest line should appear with an icon on your event sidebar. You must complete a jump quest that involves saving a Wondroid to be able to buy the Hearts. From there you need to collect coins in Investigation mode to buy the Glimmering Wondroid Heart and whichever Wondroid you choose. The Wondroids can only be bought once you saved them.

      The Glimmering Wondroid Heart is level 120 and permanent, making it a must-have in Reboot.

      Dark Lords of Darkness (Totems)

      Notable Rewards:
      • Dark Totems
      The daily consists of doing a set of four quests to get 10 totems. To get the quests you’ll have to pick up the various ETCs that drop (each drop corresponds with a quest). These totems are very good and only otherwise obtainable from randomized systems like Marvel Machine. The totems you get are random, so it's entirely possible that you go through the event without getting a single Dark totem for your class.

      The quests entail:
      • Killing 200 mobs
      • Staying logged in for 30 minutes
      • Collecting 30 of an item
      • Collecting 10 of an item with a lower drop rate
      Maplehood Watch
      Notable Rewards:
      • Exclusive perm NX covers
      • Various Royal Hairs
      • Miracle Circulators
      • Platinum Scissors of Karma or Red Cubes (Reboot-only)
      • Legendary Potential Scroll
      • Fafnir Gear
      Please note that the mobs killed per quest need to be within 20 levels of you (below and above). Please note that the rewards received are RANDOM and you are not guaranteed to receive the “best” items in the pool.

      Every day you will have to kill 200 monsters within your level range.

      Tuesday’s Quest (Gachapon)
      • Completable 3 times a day per character and each time you do so you’ll receive 5 Gachapon Boxes (Nebulites, Fafnir gear, and Legendary Potential Scrolls) and 3 Avatar Boxes (permanent NX).
      Thursday’s Quest (Beauty)
      • Completeable 3 times a day per character and each time you do so you’ll receive 1 Maplehood Watch Hair Coupon. Take it to NPC Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon to receive a new hairstyle within the Maplehood rotation.
      Saturday’s Quest (Enhancement)
      • Completable 2 times a day per character and each time you do so you’ll receive a Miracle Circulator and a different reward depending on your server (Reboot will receive a Red Cube, non-Reboot will receive a Platinum Scissor of Karma).
      Sengoku High
      Notable Rewards:
      • Sengoku Hakase Badge
      • Sengoku Shodan Pin
      • Sengoku Totems
      Everyday you are given a Sengoku High entry ticket, where you face off against boss versions of various Maplestory classes. At the end, you fight Ranmaru and earn Oda Coins. You can buy more entry tickets using NX, but if you are free-to-play, you can only typically afford to grab one of the above items per event, so choose wisely. Each of these costs 1,000 Oda Coins. The Badge and Pin are both best-in-slot, whereas the totems give you a full-screen kill skill called “Warring States Manifesto.”
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