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      Any new player to the game wouldn't know any of the abbreviations and many of the terms used by other players. So here's a list to link to any new player who starts to ask what every term means, along with some short explanations to a few basic features.

      If you think there is anything missing here, send me a message through Discord(CatFace there too, currently in both official and reddit servers), I rarely check messages on dexless.

      To any newbie reading this, just use a search function to find whatever you're looking for, this list isn't alphabetically ordered.

      Any boss that has multiple difficulties usually have the difficulty added as a prefix(i.g cht for chaos horntail).
      the common difficulties for bosses in the game are: easy,normal,hard,chaos and for gollux exclusively, hell.
      now for the list of the bosses themselves:
      ht- horntail, dragon boss in leafre, used for some exp and starting gear.
      zak- zakum, totem boss in the mines of el-nath, used mainly for exp.
      ra- a set of 4 bosses with their chaos variant being a source for strong equipment. the 4 bosses are vellum(vel), crimson queen(cq, queen),von bon(vb, chicken) and pierre(clown)
      pap- papulatos, clock(?) boss in ludibrium.
      pb- pink bean, a boss in temple of time.
      vl- von leon, lion boss in the lion king castle.
      ark - arkarium, in temple of time as well
      mag- magnus, hard variant is a source of tyrant gear
      cyg- cygnus, a boss in future ereve
      lomian- lotus and damien.
      other often mentioned bosses with no abbreviations for the sake of "whats a hilla":
      hilla(hard variant can give a temp pet), ursus(18 members bear boss), gollux,princess no, cygnus, lotus(boss of haven), damien(boss of dark world tree, lucid, will

      ar- arcane river, a set of multiple areas, all being lv200+, consisting of vanishing journey(vj), chu chu island(chu chu), lachelein(lach), arcana, morass and esfera. Each unlocking at a different level.
      dwt- dark world tree, lv190+, source of absolab gear.
      lhc- lion heart castle
      cwk- crimsonwood keep
      sy- scrapyard/haven,lv190+, source of absolab gear.
      other often mentioned areas with no abbreviation:
      pantheon- home of the nova and flora, used for easy transportaion without access to an htr(hyper teleport rock).
      tower of oz- 50 stages time limited quest.
      mp- monster park, daily solo dungeons that reward exp and a few other items.

      fes 1-4- forsaken excavation site, a set of maps within future perion(180+).
      sfd- slurpy forest depths, a map in chu chu island(210+).
      rev1-3- revelation place, lachelein(220+)
      chickens1-3- chicken festival, lachelein(220+)
      clp- cavern lower path, arcana(225+), very popular map.
      lp1/2- lower path, arcana(225+)
      cup- cavern upper path, arcana(225+)
      up1/2- upper path, arcana(225+)

      pot- potential, bonus stats that can be applied to almost all items, has 4 tiers: rare,epic,unique and legendary, the stats are unrelated to flame stats.
      bpot- bonus potential, similar to potential but with a slightly different options pool.
      pot- might also refer to potions or pieces of time

      flames- used to additional stats to almost any equipment and reroll existing additional stats, the stats are unrelated to potential stats.
      nodestones- used to obtain 5th job skills and boosts.
      htr- hyper teleport rock, available for nx in normal servers and meso in reboot. enables instant teleportation to most maps.
      spell traces- used to scroll equipment.
      cubes- used to reroll an existing potential, there are multiple cube types with different limitations and behavior.
      circ- miracle circulator, used as another way to reroll inner ability, with the option to keep the old stats and higher tier up rate.
      scrolls- commonly mentioned scrolls: css(clean slate scroll, change to regain a failed scroll slot), primes(specific scrolls with high stat gain), chaos scrolls(grant random scroll stats, different variations are available).
      wse- weapon, secondary, emblem. grouped together for their common potential pool.
      wilderness/hunters- wilderness hunter buff

      common equipment sets:
      sw- sweetwater, obtainable from commerci.
      cra gear- the equipment obtained from cra bosses, lv150
      absolab- obtainable from damien and lotus(also requires items from their respective areas)
      arcane umbra- obtained from lucid and will(also requires items from their respective area, with butterfly droplets being obtainable in both lach, arcana and morass)

      bt- beast tamer
      dw- dawn warrior
      bw-blaze wizard
      wa- wind archer
      nw- night walker
      tb- thunder breaker
      drk- dark knight
      i/l- ice and lightning mage
      f/p- fire and poison mage
      bish- bishop
      ab- angelic buster
      bam- battle mage
      bm- bow master
      mm- marksman
      bucc- buccaneer
      da- demon avenger
      ds- demon slayer
      db- dual blade
      lumi- luminous
      phant- phantom
      mech- mechanic
      merc- mercedes
      nl- night lord
      shad- shadower
      wh- wild hunter
      There are more classes obviously but those are the ones that are usually abbreviated

      att/atk- attack
      matt/matk- magic attack
      str,dex,int,luk- the 4 basic stats, every class focuses on one of those(excluding da)
      ap- ability points, the points applied to either the 4 basic stats, mp or hp.
      sp- skill points, points invested in leveling up skill.
      hyper stats- seperate points system that can be invested in various stats.
      pdr- percent damage reduction, how much of the attack's damage is reduced by the enemy(a boss usually).
      as- attack speed
      ied- ignore enemy defense, reduces the enemy's pdr(multiplicative in a diminishing fashion:from 0%, +40% and +30% results in 60% total ied)
      sf- star force, stars give extra stats to gear and have an effect on the players damage in specific starforce maps.
      af- arcane force, comes from arcane symbols, similar concept to star force.
      range- on the stats page appears as "damage", how much damage a single line of a 100% attack can deal.
      bonus damage- pretty self explanatory but important to note that it is already applied in the visual damage range.
      boss damage- bonus damage that only applies against bosses. stacks additively with normal bonus damage.
      final damage- a damage multiplier that multiplies over everything. additional final damage will also multiply the existing final damage.
      ia- inner ability, another source of stats.
      dps/dpm- damage per second/minute.

      additional systems:
      link skills- a skill(usually passive) that a character can share to another character on the same account on the same world.
      legion- a complex world-wide system that gives bonuses to the players characters on that world based on total level of characters in it, picked bonuses from a grid, specific class bonuses and a few other factors. supplies useful coins for the legion coin shop as well.
      pq- party quest(most pqs arent used anymore with the exception of drpq(dragon rider),dipq(dimension invasion),cpq(commmerci),hmuto(chu chu pq called muto, and on hard difficulty) and kenta pq)
      alliance- a group of guilds that form together into an alliance.
      world alliance- multiple game worlds that play as on(grazed,mybckn and khroa), not to be confused with guild alliance.
      v matrix- the skill system for 5th job.

      dmt- double miracle time, higher tier up change for potentials with red and black cubes, red and black cubes on discount and a chance to rank up twice.
      mhw- maplewood watch, quests that reward a bunch of nice items.

      fj/dj- flash jump/double jump.
      hs/dhs- holy symbol/decent holy symbol,bonus to exp and drop rate.
      se/dse- sharp eye/decent sharp eye, bonus to crit rate and crit damage.
      si/dsi- speed infusion/decent speed infusion- bonus to attack speed.
      co/dco- combat orders/decent combat orders, increase skill levels
      kishin- skill used by kanna to increase the mob count and spawn rate of a map.
      hms- holy magic shell, defense skill used by bishop.

      carry- help another player by killing a difficult boss for them to get it's rewards.("carry me cra please")
      cc- "change channel", usually a request to move to another channel when the current one is taken.
      ks- kill steal, killing monsters in a map thats taken by someone else.
      bl- buddy list
      gp- guild points
      cap- usually refers to getting the daily maximum of 5000 gp a day with guildies.

      Game servers:
      gms- global maplestory
      kms- korean maplestory
      tms- taiwan maplestory
      thms- thailand maplestory
      cms- china maplestory
      msea- singapore maplestory

      ch- channel
      iframe- invincibility frames, being unable to take damage for a certain time.
      mule- any character that isnt the main character of the player.
      fr- flag race, guild jump quest
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