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      Class Properties

      In comparison to most classes, Kaiser performs exceptionally well at:
      • dealing a high number of lines per second
      • full kill-on-spawn coverage on small to medium sized maps
      • consistent and high damage over time on bosses with little movement
      • a wide base of stats from skills (makes cubing weapon/secondary/emblem more forgiving)
      In comparison to most classes, Kaiser is very poor at:
      • outputting maximum potential damage over time on highly mobile bosses
      • obtaining critical rate
      • dealing high damage per line
      • surviving boss fights
        • no skills that grant invincibility nor reduce damage taken based on MaxHP
        • no freely accessible upward movement; dependent on platforms
        • increased player hitbox in Final Form
        • long cast animation on Wing Beat
      • mobbing before 4th job advancement

      Class Optimization

      Inner Ability
      • Line 1: Attack Speed +1 Level
        • With "Decent Speed Infusion", "Extreme Green Potion", and its innate skills, Kaiser has an attack speed of (1). To reach the maximum speed of (0) self-sufficiently, it requires this inner ability.
      • Line 2 or 3: Critical Rate
        • With innate skills, Kaiser sits at a measly 50% critical rate. Compared to other benefits Inner Ability can provide, Critical Rate is one of the best.
      • Line 3 or 2: Buff Duration
        • Extending the time during which Kaiser can spend in Final Form is an increase in overall damage over time.
      Hyper Stat

      In order of importance:

      Critical rate should be applied as much as possible in order to reach 100%, whereas the remaining stats may be applied evenly.
      • Critical Rate (up to 100%)
      • Critical Damage / Ignore Defense / Damage / Boss Damage
      • Knockback Resistance (up to 100%)
      • STR
      • Speed / Jump (if below 140% and 123% respectively)

      In order of importance:

      Critical rate should be applied as much as possible in order to reach 100%, whereas the remaining stats may be applied evenly.
      • Critical Rate (up to 100%)
      • Critical Damage / Ignore Defense / Boss Damage
      • Knockback Resistance (up to 100%)
      • STR
      • ATT

      Skills within each priority level are in no particular order. Players who are looking to farm or train will want to aim for the Training nodes, while those who will be purchasing nodestones from the market may begin directly with the Bossing nodes.
      • Priority 1 or 2: Bossing
        • Nova Guardians
        • Gigas Wave Boost
        • Wing Beat Boost
        • Tempest Blade Boost
        • Decent Speed Infusion (also obtainable via glove potential)
        • Decent Sharp Eyes (also obtainable via glove potential or nebulite)
      • Priority 1 or 2: Training
        • Blade Burst Boost (also affects explosion damage)
        • Inferno Breath Boost (also affects lingering flame damage)
        • Stone Dragon Boost
        • Weapon Aura
      • Priority 3: Extra Damage
        • Bladefall (not affected by Tempest Blade Boost)
        • Decent Advanced Blessing (also obtainable via hat potential)
        • Decent Combat Orders (also obtainable via shoe potential)
        • Erda Nova (at least level 1)
      • Priority 4: Convenience / Utility
        • Decent Holy Symbol
        • Might of the Nova
  • Skill Info

    Kaiser has enough skill points to max every skill. As a result, only the max level stats (including cumulative bonuses from later job advancements) of useful skills will be noted, as well as the general uses of the skill.

    Skills that are not listed are made obsolete by others, or are passive skills.

    Kaiser Basics
    • Realign: Attacker Mode
      • Attack +45, Critical Chance +20%, Boss Damage +18%
    • Vertical Grapple
      • Allows for quick upwards vertical movement
      • [​IMG]
      • Distance traveled (sling) past the target platform is 40% of the distance traveled to the target platform
      • [​IMG]
      • Pressing the skill key mid-grapple will cease the pulling effect, but the sling effect will still occur based on distance already traveled. By pressing the skill key shortly before arriving at the target platform, we can minimize the amount of sling effect. This is particularly useful for bossing situations in which controlling your hitbox and acute movements are required.
    • Transfiguration
      • Attack Speed: +1, Speed: +10, Jump: +20, Power Stance: +40%
      • Attack Speed is given once the green orb is filled. Yellow and Red orb do not provide additional attack speed.
    • Dragon Link
      • Once a core mechanic of this class, it is now useless. See this video for an explanation.
    • Exclusive Spell
      • Attack% and M.Attack%: + 4%, Duration: 40 min

    Kaiser (I)
    • Air Lift
      • Set Jump Distance, Max Speed: +20, Speed: +20
      • One of the slowest and shortest "double-jump"s in the game.
      • Its trajectory provides a small upward boost.

    Kaiser (II)
    • Piercing Blaze
      • Monsters Hit: 12, Damage: 250%, Stun Chance: 80%, Stun Duration: 2 sec
      • Kaiser's only skill for crowd control, pushing monsters.
      • Used mainly as a device to quickly dash horizontally in cases there is insufficient time to double jump, or when a movement of exact distance is required horizontally.
    • Tempest Blades
      • 5 swords; 400% damage with 4 attacks per sword
      • cooldown 10 seconds
      • Attack: +20
      • In Final Form, deals 5 attacks per sword
    • Blaze On
      • Duration: 240 sec, Attack Power: +20, Attack Speed: +2
      • Always have this buff active.

    Kaiser (III)
    • Wing Beat
      • Damage: 200%, Number of Attacks: 40, Chance to Slow Attacked Monsters: 40%
      • Cast delay: 720 ms
      • Attack delay: 300 ms
      • This skill will be used for both training and bossing.
      • Both cast and attack delay are not affected by attack speed.
    • Pressure Chain
      • Pulls 8 enemies dealing 280% damage 2 times, Stun Chance: 95%
      • Cast delay: 750 ms
      • Range: 8x Character width
      • Kaiser's longest reaching repeatable attack skill.
    • Final Form
      • Duration: 60, Final Damage: +15%, Critical Rate: +40%, Power Stance: +100%. Ignores enemies's attack ignore and attack reflection effects.
      • Teleport: press the skill key with a directional key. This can be used to pass through enemies and their attacks.
      • [​IMG]
      • Affected by buff duration%
      • Does not benefit from Transfiguration (see Kaiser Basics) bonuses during use.
      • Increases the size of character hitbox both horizontally and vertically.
      • Soul summon cast delay is significantly reduced while active.
    • Stone Dragon
      • Summon Duration: 60 sec, Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 400%, Slow Chance: 75%, Slow Duration: 3 sec
      • Range: 2.5x character width on either side of the summon
      • Used for training. Summon is fixed in place.
      • Affected by summon duration%.
    • Cursebite
      • Duration: 240 sec, Abnormal Status Resistance: +60, Elemental Resistance: +60%
        Final Damage against monsters with Abnormal Status increases by 25%.
      • Always have this buff active. Almost all of Kaiser's skills inflict an Abnormal Status.

    Kaiser (IV)
    • Gigas Wave
      • Mobs hit: 1, Damage: 330%, Number of attacks: 9
      • Cast Delay: 720 ms
      • Range: 7x character width
      • In Final Form
        • Mobs hit: 3
        • Number of attacks: 11
        • Cast Delay: 780 ms
        • Range: 7.6x character width
      • Used mainly for bossing
    • Dragon Barrage
      • Max Mobs Hit: 12, Damage: 550%, Number of Attacks: 4
      • Range: 6.8x character width
      • Cast delay: 810 ms
      • In Final Form
        • Mobs Hit: 12, Damage: 550%, Number of Attacks: 5.
        • When attacking normal monsters, Damage +40%
        • Range: 8x character width
      • Used to traverse longer distances than "Piercing Blaze", but only when needing to move, without jumping, the exact distance of this skill. Otherwise, it is faster to walk + "Piercing Blaze" or double jump.
    • Inferno Breath
      • Damage: 300%, Number of Attacks: 8, Max Enemies Hit: 15
      • Continuous 200% damage dealt afterwards for 20 sec
      • Cast delay: 1530 ms
      • Range: 13x character width
      • Cooldown: 20 sec
      • Used mainly for training.
      • Lingering flames are randomly generated along the path of initial flame.
      • Enemies are hit instantly when they spawn onto the flames.
    • Blade Burst
      • Mobs Hit: 12, Damage: 300%, Number of Attacks: 5.
      • Cast delay: 660 ms
      • Range: 4.6x character width, 5x character height
      • After initial attack, explosion damage hits 12 enemies for 225% damage 4 times.
      • Explosion attack has a built-in lag system; it will delay itself for up to 1.5 sec if no enemies are present. Use this to preemptively place attacks in areas that will spawn enemies.
    • Nova Warrior
      • Increases all stats assigned APs by 15% for 900 sec
      • In damage calculation, it is as if you have assigned an additional 15% through AP. ie. This amount is later multiplied by stat%.
    • Nova Temperance
      • Erases all current abnormal status effects, and provides immunity to them for 3 sec
      • Cannot erase Stun, as you are not able to cast the skill. Does provide immunity to Stun.

    Hyper Skills

    Bonuses only apply to the named skill during its use. Bonuses will not show in the Character Stat window.
    • Gigas Wave - Reinforce
      • Damage +20%
    • Gigas Wave - Bonus Attack
      • Number of Hits +1
    • Inferno Breath - Blaze
      • Damage +20%
      • Does not apply to the initial attack. Applies only to the lingering flames.
    • Inferno Breath - Burn
      • Flame duration +10 sec
      • Cooldown remains at 20 sec.
    • Wing Beat - Reinforce
      • Damage +20%
    • Wing Beat - Pummel
      • Duration +5 sec
    • Wing Beat - Extra Attack
      • Number of Hits +8
    Gigas Wave and Inferno Breath skills are to be used for bossing and training respectively. Wing Beat skills should be applied at all times.
    • Ancestral Prominence
      • Damage: 1000%, Number of Attacks: 8, Max Enemies Hit: 15
      • Cooldown: 60 sec
      • Fills Transfiguration gauge by a significant amount
      • Grants invincibility during skill animation (roughly 3.5 sec)
      • Used mainly for clearing a maps and should be used whenever possible to fill the Transfiguration gauge
    • Final Trance
      • Duration: 60 sec, Final Damage: +30%, Critical Rate +40%, Movement Speed +10. Negates enemy's Attack Ignore and Attack Reflect effects.
      • Cooldown: 300 sec
      • Not affected by buff duration%.
      • Does not benefit from Transfiguration (see Kaiser Basics) bonuses during use.
      • Teleport: see Kaiser (III) - "Final Form"
    • Kaiser's Majesty
      • Cooldowns Reset, Duration: 30 sec, ATT +30, Attack Speed +1. Negates enemy's Attack Ignore and Attack Reflect effects
      • Cooldown: 90 sec.
      • Hyper Skill cooldowns not reset.
      • Able to reset "Terms and Conditions", the Angelic Buster link skill.

    V Skills

    Common Skills
    • Rope Lift
      • Passive Effect - All Stats +25
    • Decent Sharp Eyes
      • Duration: 255 sec, Critical Rate: +10%, Critical Damage: +8%, Cooldown: 180 sec
      • Passive Effect - All Stats: +5
    • Decent Combat Orders
      • Duration: 255 sec, All Skills: +1, Cooldown: 180 sec
      • Allows some Kaiser (IV) skills to go beyond the standard levels 20 and 30
    • Decent Advanced Blessing
      • Attack Power: +20, Magic ATT: +20, DEF: +425, Max HP: +475, Max MP: +475, MP Consumption: -12%, Duration: 255 sec
    • Decent Speed Infusion
      • Duration: 255 sec, Attack Speed: +1, Cooldown: 180 sec
      • Passive Effect - All Stats: +5
    • Erda Nova
      • Damage: 300%, Number of Attacks: 5, Bind Duration: 10 sec.
      • Bind Duration: +100% depending on damage inflicted with Erda Nova. This effect is negligible on bosses, as the "damage inflicted" is measured against the MaxHP of the enemy.
      • Cooldown: 325 sec
    • Decent Holy Symbol
      • Duration: 255 sec, EXP: +32%, Drop Rate: +22%, Cooldown: 180 sec
    Race/Job Skills
    • Weapon Aura
      • Enemy DEF Ignored: 14% for 130 sec, Final damage: +5%, Cooldown: 180 Sec.
      • Aura Wave (every 4 sec) - when you use an offensive skill, send out the same number of waves as the number of attacks in that skill to deal 75% of that skill's damage on up to 10 enemies
    • Might of the Nova
      • Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 4000%, Number of Attacks: 10
      • After use, a buff is applied that saves you from death one time in the following 900 sec.
      • Cooldown: 1200 sec
      • Does not stack with Bishop's "Heaven's Door".
    • Nova Guardians
      • Duration: 42 sec, summons 3 Kaisers with limited movement range.
      • Kaiser VI - Attacks up to 10 enemies for 825% damage 4 times.
      • Kaiser XV - Attacks up to 10 enemies for 500% damage 6 times.
      • Kaiser XXVII - Attacks up to 10 enemies for 1775% damage 2 times.
      • Attack delay for each individual summon: 2820 ms
      • Activating the skill while Kaisers are summoned re-summons them at your location. Kaisers can be re-summoned once every 15 seconds.
      • Cooldown: 120 sec.
    • Bladefall
      • Used in place of "Tempest Blades" after they have been summoned
      • each blade strikes for 1000% damage 4 times and creates a pool of magma where it lands
      • magma hits up to 12 enemies dealing 700% damage 6 times
        • can be triggered manually by pressing the skill key again
        • up to 2x damage the longer is remains planted in the ground
      • Cooldown: 30 sec
      • In Final Form: blade strike 5 times, magma strike 7 times
  • Gameplay

    Kaiser training is generally as follows:
    • Cast "Stone Dragon" and "Inferno Breath" on remote platforms, particularly those without another set of platforms above or is out of reach using "Blade Burst"
    • Navigate the map using the "Final Form/Trance" teleport function, casting "Blade Burst" where you stand, and "Wing Beat" in the direction from which you came.
    • If in Final Form, the teleport feature may be used after the initial animation of "Blade Burst". The following explosion will take place in your original location. Use this to traverse horizontally and upwards quickly, while leaving a trail of explosions behind.
    After V Skills are obtained:
    • Rotate use of "Nova Guardians" and "Weapon Aura"
    • Use "Bladefall" whenever available
    Due to the limited vertical range of Wing Beat and the reliance of platforms/ground for all of its summons, Kaiser is most efficient in maps that are vertically short with a minimal number of platforms.
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