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      This guide is meant for players who have gotten to the point of being able to join a party for Normal Lucid, have few or no prior runs, and would like to know what it is they have to do in this boss fight.

      I will not be going over stat/range requirements or party compositions as this will differ depending on a variety of factors. I will note that 540 AF should not be a hard requirement because parties were clearing NLucid in Reboot before that amount of Arcane Force was possible but you would likely need a lot more range to make up for the loss in AF to be a contributing member of a party. A Phase 1 clear time of 10-12 minutes is likely the minimum amount your party will have to be able to do in order to clear Phase 2 in time.

      Normal Lucid is a boss with approximately 24T HP split into 2 phases of 10 life bars of 1.2T each with your standard end-game boss PDR of 300% and an Arcane Force requirement of 360 in order to deal full damage. You'll need 450 AF for the 1.1x damage multiplier and 540 AF for 1.5x. You'll have a lifecount of 10 and a time limit of 30 minutes to get through her.

      Let's get to it!

      Phase 1

      You'll find yourself in a long horizontal map with Lucid stationary in the centre. During this phase, butterflies will accrue in the background until a certain threshold has been reached which will then trigger an onslaught of butterflies that will hunt you down and kill you. There are 2 altars in the map on the left and right sides where you can hold down the npc interact key on to cleanse the background of butterflies and prevent this from occurring. The party is allowed one cleanse during each HP bar. There are also butterflies flying around shooting at you throughout this phase that deal minimal (10%) damage.

      P1 Lucid is lazy and would rather let her minions do most of the work. That's why she sits in one spot and only does 2 attacks. She'll summon several sickles around her that will then move outward from whatever direction they're pointing towards. They do about 35% damage so most of the time you can tank 1-2 and pot through more if need be but they're easy enough to dodge.

      The other attack she'll do is she'll summon several lines of flowers that you'll see for a second or two and will deal 25% damage if you're in their hitbox when they disappear (also very easy to dodge).

      Golems will be summoned in the air, drop down on unsuspecting people, and stand there looking menacing. They do about 80% damage on impact and will kill you if you're still under them after that initial hit.

      For classes with low stance, Mihile link is a must for Lucid as one golem being dropped near you will often knock you back into another one leading to your death. Golems take a fixed amount of damage of 500k max per line so classes with more lines on their skills than others are better at clearing them out. They're a nightmare for positioning as you can't tele past them without dying and the bane of all classes that only hit one target with their bossing skill if they're between them and Lucid. If your FJ is large enough, you can jump over them. A nightmarish mushroom that also takes fixed damage will occasionally be summoned and walk around slowly dealing 50% touch damage.

      Bombs (like the ones in Ursus) will randomly appear above character's heads from time to time, Group up in order to tank/nullify the damage. They do 199% HP damage so you'll need 3 or more people to safely take the hit depending on who's holding the bomb when it goes off. Do not attempt to iframe this as a bomb holder if you're near few people as it'll still pass the bomb damage onto them (Ethereal Form is fine to use though).

      Take note of the messages that appear in the centre of the screen. When one of them reads [​IMG]
      you'll have a couple of seconds before a dragon will start flying down on either the left or right side and even less time to move to the safety of being behind its mouth before it does a breath attack that's really just a green Chaos Vellum breath. It goes on for a few seconds so you can iframe through this if your iframe has a long enough duration.

      Around her 3rd HP bar, one of the messages will read
      If you have a bind in your party, you'll want to save it for this moment as this is the time when she decides to go crazy and start summoning multiple golems at once. The bind prevents the golem storm during its duration but after that, you'll have to fend your way through the rocky hordes, hopefully clear Phase 1 and move onto...

      Phase 2

      You're now in a map with multiple platforms all strewn haphazardly around the place. There's no bottom to this map so if you fall off it, you'll be resummoned on one of the platforms on the lower half.
      Lucid has finally gotten off her rear and decided to fly around wreaking havoc upon you. When P2 Lucid is binded, it prevents any attacks she would do but she still flies around. Unless you're a class with great mobility, you'll want to have rope lift equipped to move around and position with ease.

      The butterfly mechanic is in play once again but this time if too many butterflies accumulate in the background, all the platforms will disappear and a bullet hell sequence where multiple butterflies and Lucid will put out circular patterns to dodge occurs.
      Most people try to maneuver within the top middle area to dodge bullets (50% touch damage). There is an altar at the top left and bottom right that you can use to cleanse those pesky butterflies off of the background.

      Golems do appear but they don't do a notable amount of impact/touch damage anymore. The important thing to know about them is that they temporarily break the platforms they land on.

      Lucid has 3 main attacks in this phase.

      Sickles: She'll stop in one place, shimmer with a blue/purple aura, and do the same sickle attack she does in P1.

      She'll flash pink, teleport into the background of the map, laser lines will shine where they'll be hitting and then actually occur. They deal about 35% damage. Just constantly keep moving until the duration of this attack is over to dodge them. Jumping off the map over and over is useful for this.

      Touch Damage:
      She'll flash red and respawn in the centre of the map but now she does touch damage of 75%. She does the same pattern for this attack starting from the centre, moving left and flying around in a clockwise circle until she stops at the top right. You can dodge this easily by not being around the middle when she spawns and then moving onto the middle platform while she's drawing circles in the air.

      For bullet hell, lasers, and touch damage, after their duration is over, Lucid will reappear in the last place she was before those sequences started..

      Her dragon makes an appearance again with the same message of "Lucid has summoned a powerful monster!" It doesn't matter whether it comes down left or right, the dragon breath hits most of the map in its middle area. The only safe spots are the two platforms at the top and one small platform at the bottom. The safest spot is the small top right platform because the top left one can be broken by golems and if you accidentally fall off the bottom one, you'll reappear within range of the breath. I have to emphasis the importance of Mihile link for low stance characters again because you need to ensure you don't get knocked off a platform by something hitting you while this attack is occurring.

      Bombs return as well but the only thing you need to know is that the most common place to meet when people start seeing bombs is on the platform right in the middle of the map.

      Both dragon and bombs can occur at the same time as one of Lucid's attacks so you may find yourself in situations where dragon breath is happening with a bomb on you while you try to dodge lasers from time to time.

      P2 Lucid also has an enrage mode that comes on in her last 3 bars of hp but all it does is increase the frequency of her main attacks.

      That should be all you need to know in order to mechanically survive through this fight. Just keep that DPS up and you'll live to see her disappear into a ball of sparkles and butterflies.

      Addendum regarding Lucid Drops:
      After the fight ends, you'll be teleported to a room with a box you'll hit to open akin to the one in Pierre and Crimson Queen. Everyone should change to drop gear if they have any and the person with the highest amount of drop% should hit the box. If you have familiars on, try to turn them off right immediately or before you enter the room. If you are a Sengoku class, make sure Blackhearted Curse + Yuki-musume Shoukan and Sengoku Force are not on when you enter because they will trigger and open the box before anyone can change to drop gear. If you are a Hero, turn off Burning Soul Blade before you enter the treasure room for the same reason.

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