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      Whether you've just read the BiS guide and saw that tyrant glove is a great glove but not sure how to obtain it, or you just want to run Hard Magnus one more time this week, this guide will show you how to reach Kritias, get the resources needed and buy yourself your precious items.

      Why would you want to go to Kritias?
      In case you don't know Kritias and it's rewards, here's a few of the most valuable rewards available from it:
      • Tyrant glove- an extremely good glove beaten only by a transposed sweetwater glove, that requires a tyrant glove to make, and an arcane umbra glove. the glove is superior, meaning each star is worth a lot of stats.
      • Weekly bosses resets- some weekly bosses have a reset card at the Kritias shop which allows you to fight them one more time each week.
      Getting to Kritias
      first thing first, you want to know how to get to Kritias, there are a couple ways to do it:
      • When you reach level 170 Neinheart will give you a quest in your light-bulb that will take you to one of the lowest level maps in Kritias.
      • It is not recommended, but you can get to that first map from Leafre by using the portal between Leafre and Kritias in Bird Nest I.(it is located far from town and the travel time is simply unneeded).
      • Maple Guide- you can teleport directly to Kritias using the maple guide, given that you're in the level range(which is about 170-220) or have a stamp in one of the 3 available teleport locations.
      • You can save Kritias maps to an HTR only during the quest line since the maps aren't actually the same maps. teleporting to the saved maps after the quest line will put you on the same map on the post-quests maps.
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Leaving Kritias
      no one wants to stay in this teleport negating hole forever so here a your ways out:
      • Ranheim Academy has an all-town portal similar to the pantheon portal and can be used to get to most other towns.
      • Town Hall is the only map in Kritias that doesn't block teleporting through quests, HTR and the sorts, and has an inter-dimensional portal.
      • If you really want you can use the normal portal back to Leafre, not recommended.
      Quest Line
      Before getting to the tedious process of farming anti-magic and anti-magic stones, you need to complete the whole quest line, the quest line is really straight forward but relatively long, requiring a kill and fetch quest in most of the maps in Kritias.
      Once you finished the quest line you unlock the daily quests and the bi-hourly invasion.

      Daily Quests
      every day you can complete 5 quests one after the other, you can't skip quests or do them out of order:
      • The first 3 quests will require you to kill and/or fetch drops from the monsters in the southern part of Kritias, which contains the blue mobs which are the lowest levels. the quests reward you with a USE item that instantly gives you 600 anti-magic.
      • the 4th is similar but in the north eastern part, with orange mobs in it, it can also send you to the intermediate magicians map, which is nearby. each quest will give a similar USE item, this time worth 1200 anti-magic each.
      • The 5th quest will either be a similar. although longer quest, in the north-west part of Kritias, which contains purple mobs, or a quest requiring you to kill magicians from the 3 maps around Kritias with the 3 kinds of them or just the corrupted ones. this quest will reward you with a single anti-magic stone.
      The quests are available in the light-bulb and can be handed in using it too(takes a few seconds to register)

      Note: in the future patch Ark, there are only 3 quests each day, with the 1st being like the 1st kind, but giving 2 items at once, 2nd being like the 2nd kind and giving 2 of those at once, and the 3rd quest is like the 5th quest available now.

      Anti-Magic Farming
      All monsters in Kritias drop anti-magic in the form of an item that looks like the use item from the dailies but when picked up it gives a random amount of anti-magic instantly. You can farm anti-magic that way and collect up to 10,000 anti-magic(15,000 if using an AMP entropy) a way like that, personally I recommend sticking to invasion and dailies since anti-magic stones take time to get anyway but you can use this method if you slacked on dailies and need to close the gap between your anti-magic stones and anti-magic.
      (thanks to ray for reminding me people are lazy and you all will end up with 390 stones and 20k anti-magic)

      Every two hours at the 5th minute between 8am UTC and 10pm UTC an invasion will start.
      All players which completed the quest line will receive a notification 5 minutes in advance no matter where they are.

      When the timer hits 30 minutes(starts at 35), the invasion will start.
      It is recommended to change channels right when it happens or wait in the Cash Shop and exit when the invasion started because it doesn't teleport players properly most of the time.
      Once you're inside the invasion maps there are a couple important things to know:
      • The objective of the invasion is dealing enough damage by picking up bombs that drop in the invasion maps. the invasions "HP" will be visible by clicking the + icon near the invasion timer.
      • Every monster in the invasion maps has a chance to drop a bomb.
      • After a while mini-bosses will start to spawn which are guaranteed to drop 2 bombs.
      • The invasion HP is shared across the whole server.
      • You can still kill monsters and pick up bombs after the invasion is finished but mobs will not spawn.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Once the invasion is over, mobs will stop spawning and reward will be available at the map Northern Barracks from the NPC Blundell. Usually it will take a while for the invasion to kick you out of the invasion maps so you can change channels or go in and out the cash shop to leave.
      The rewards from an invasion are:
      • 1 anti-magic stone if you dealt any damage to the invasion, 4 of you got the last hit.
      • 1/3000th of your invasion damage in anti-magic, up to 1000.
      Invasion rewards will only be given if the invasion was beaten in time and will be available until the timer to the next invasion starts.


      You can trade 700 anti-magic for an Anheim Coin or 1200 anti-magic and an anti-magic stone for a Kritias Commemorative Coin from the NPC Levian in Anheim Academy

      Kritias shop
      The NPC Keilbarren in Marketplace sells items for Anheim Coins and Kritias Commemorative Coins, the most notable of them are the tyrant gloves, boss reset coupons and A.M.P. Entropies, which increase the amount of anti-magic you can get.
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Optimising coin farming
      the fastest way to get coins is obviously doing all daily quests and invasions every day but there are a few methods to increase your rates:
      • A.M.P. Entropies increase the anti-magic you get by 1.5x, including the amount obtained by the USE items from the daily quests, it is advised to keeping the USE items until you have enough to buy the amount of coins you want including the 1.5x effect. example: you want the tyrant glove which needs 480000 anti-magic total, so instead of farming 480000 anti-magic you can save your USE items and use them all at once after drinking the potion, assuming you didn't have any anti-magic to begin with, you only need 320000 anti-magic worth of USE items.
      • Drop rate- as expected bombs are affected by drop rate so any source will make reaching the 1000 cap easier.
      • Kanna- having a kanna using kishin in the invasion maps will increase dramatically the amount of mobs and mini-bosses spawning and will make reaching the 1000 anti-magic cap much easier, also kishin will make the daily quests and the antimagic farming faster.
      • Party- Bombs dropped by the mini-bosses are instanced but dropped for all players of the party, in other words, if someone in the party kills a mini-boss, everyone gets 2 instanced bombs for themselves. bombs dropped by normal monsters aren't instanced and whoever picks them up first gets the points.
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