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      The petite planet is apart of the second season for the 13th anniversary on GMS. You can find Maple World Elements while grinding which will be essential to establishing the different types of environments. In specific areas, you can find green crystals which when basic attacked can drop Maple World Seed Sprouts.


      Breaking red crystals found throughout the Maple world drops the various Maple World Elements used to set the biomes.
      There are specific seed locations located throughout the Maple world. There are eighteen different seeds in total; three for each different environment. The different biomes include grassland, mountain, desert, snowfield, beach, and ocean. You obtain seeds by basic attacking the green crystals.

      • Henesys: Can be found on these maps. [​IMG]
      • Leafre: Found throughout these maps excluding the dragon maps. [​IMG]
      • Ereve: Any part of Ereve. [​IMG]
      • Elluel: Two maps to the left of the Elluel town with the slimes. [​IMG]
      • Mu Lung: This portion of Mu Lung Garden. [​IMG]
      • Korean Folk Town: Any of these maps again. [​IMG]
      • Ariant: Found within the first two right maps of Ariant. The bunny maps. [​IMG]
      • Burning Sands: Any of these maps excluding the first two mentioned. [​IMG]
      • Sunset Road: The maps with the Sunset Road title. [​IMG]
      • Rien: Any part of Rien. [​IMG]
      • Riena Strait: Found within any of the monster maps of the questline. [​IMG]
      • El Nath: In any of these maps. [​IMG]
      • Kerning City - Swamp Region: Because the swamp is the beach. [​IMG]
      • Elinel Fairy Academy: I found the seed within the three left side maps. [​IMG]
      • Sleepywood: The first two maps to the right from town. [​IMG]
      • Key: [​IMG]
        • Red: Western Waters
        • Green: Eastern Waters
        • Blue: Deep Sea
      • Grassland Rewards:
        • Primal Essence
        • Confusion Fragment
        • Brilliant Dusk Essence
        • Cubic Blades
        • Various Herbs and Ores
      • Mountain Rewards:
        • Epic Potential Scroll 50%
        • Meister's Cubes
        • Incredible Chaos Scrolls of Goodness
        • CSS 10%
        • Spell Traces
        • Occult Cubes
      • Desert Rewards:
        • 75,000 - 1 billion mesos
      • Snowfield Rewards:
        • 200 - 30,000 Honor EXP
      • Beach Rewards:
        • 50 - 8,000 random Trait points
      • Ocean Rewards:
        • Pendants of the Spirits 1-14 Days
        • 2x EXP Coupons (15 minutes)
      Thanks for reading my guide! Feel free to add me on the GMS Reboot servers. My in-game name is Desolants.
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