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      Tested in game by me: 9/15/2017
      The reason for this is because I couldn't find an up-to-date values of dice rolls in one place, outside of the game at least. When I tried to searched for it, the information was either outdated and incorrect, or just non-existent.

      This guide doesn't have roll percentages, just the effects the dice give.

      The skill descriptions are in the skill tab, but here is the brief:
      • Roll of the Dice is the main skill of the three; the other two are buffs to it
      • All pirates have access to Loaded Dice with 5th job
      • Explorer Pirates + Mechanic have access to all three skills, giving them access to roll all three dice
      • All other pirates without Roll of the Dice skill gets it from Loaded Dice, but they can only use one die
        • The Roll of the Dice skill is found on the 5th job tab, and has a set duration and cooldown of 180 seconds
      The chart below represents all of the values you can get for rolling specific amount of the same faced dice in one buff usage. The in-game tool-tip will show these same values.

      Die # Buff Effect 1 2 3
      [1] Dice cooldown reduction* -90 sec --- ---
      [2] Additional defense +30% +40% +50%
      [3] Additional HP/MP +20% +30% +40%
      [4] Additional critical rate +15% +25% +35%
      [5] Additional damage +20% +30% +40%
      [6] Additional experience +30% +40% +50%
      [7] Additional ignore defense** +20% +30% +40%

      *Cooldown based on Roll of the Dice (180 second cooldown)
      **Only Buccaneer and Corsair can roll a 7 with their hyper passive, Double Down - Addition

      The correlation of having more of the same faces is: Dice Effect plus 10% per die

      Here are some example rolls to give you an idea on how the skills work in game:

      • [7][7] = 30% ignore enemy defense
      • [7][7][1] = 30% IED - 90 seconds of cooldown
      • [1][1][1] = 90 second cooldown, regardless of how many [1] you roll.
      • [3][2] = 20% HP/MP + 30% Defense
      • [4][5][7] = 15% crit rate + 20% damage + 20% ignore enemy defense
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  • Build

    Max all the dice skills that you have access to.
  • Skill Info

    Here are the three Dice related skills for context:

    Roll of the Dice

    Double Down


    Loaded Dice
    (Node Level only affects the passive effect)
  • Gameplay

    Set Loaded Dice to 6 for guaranteed EXP.
    Set Loaded Dice to 5 for guaranteed extra damage.
  • Guide Version


    Game Version



    1.0 guide introduced.
    1.1 added Bossing Tab.
    1.3 fixed ghetto chart into a real chart.
    1.4 added skill info.
    1.5 added skill build.
    1.6 fixed broken English
    1.7 fixed incorrect information about amount of dice
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