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      What is this guide?
      This is a guide aimed at new and returning players who play on the Reboot server. Teaching them how to acquire, enhance, and proceed through the equipment flow.

      It simplifies numbers and other data to make information easier to digest. In the future, my sources, resources and more will be made available in the "Discussions" tab.

      Enhancement Types
      Before we get into which equipment you'll be using we'll first take a look at how you can enhance your gear, knowing the effectiveness of each type of enhancement is very important as there are some items in the game that cannot obtain some types of enhancement and that will affect our choice of equipment.

      Potential can give extra stats, skills and other effects to equipment. But it is mostly used to obtain extra stats. They can be of Rare, Epic, Unique and Legendary quality.

      Potential can be given to a piece of equipment with Potential Scrolls.
      Rare scrolls - Rewarded from sudden missions, elite boss drops and others.
      Epic Scrolls - Obtainable from the Yu Garden Black Market, Elite Boss drops, Legion Coin Shop, Events, Reboot Gift Box, and others.
      Unique Scrolls - Occasionally given out as a high-tier reward in events and in Reboot Gift Box
      Legendary Scrolls - Scarcely given out as ultra high-tier rewards in events.


      Items may already drop with potential imbued, when that is the case, the items will have an "aura" around its overworld sprite, like the following:
      Potential can be revealed with the magnifying glass icon button in your inventory.
      If your potential only has 2 lines it can be expanded to have 3 with a potential stamp.

      Potential can be reset with a type of item often reffered to as "cubes". In Reboot there are 5 types of cube available to the player:
      Occult Cube: Obtained as a reward from Elite Bosses, Raid Bosses and other tasks in bulk. Can only reroll items up to Epic Potential, so it is particularly useful for rerolling things from Early to Mid-game.

      Master Craftsman's Cube: Sometimes rewarded from Sudden Missions, Bosses and Mining/Harvesting, can also be purchased from the Leafre and Henesys general stores for 7.5 million meso. Can reroll up to Unique, is usually used as soon as it is obtained in an attempt to tier-up Late-game Epic items to Unique. Can't be crafted in Reboot.

      Meister Cube: Rare drop from Bosses and Mining/Harvesting. Is virtually equivalent to a Red Cube. Generally used to reroll Legendary equipment in hopes of a better Potential. Can't be crafted in Reboot.

      Red Cube: Can be purchased from the Cash Shop for 12 million meso, also rewarded as a Daily Gift. Generally used to reroll Legendary equipment in hopes of a better Potential.

      Black Cube: Can be purchased from the cash shop for 22 million meso, also rewarded in the last day of Daily gifts. Black cubes also have the highest chance of increasing the tier of your potential and also have the added benefit of allowing the player to choose between their current potential and whatever else they roll.

      Desirable potential lines:
      Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Emblem (WSE):
      +ATT% or +M.ATT%, +BossDamage%, +IgnoreEnemyDefense%, +Damage%, +PrimaryStat%, +AllStat%
      +Critical Damage, +PrimaryStat%, +AllStat%
      Rings, Earring, Face Accessory, Eye Accessory:
      +PrimaryStat%, +AllStat%, +MesoObtained%, +DropRate%
      All other pieces of equipment:
      +PrimaryStat%, +AllStat%

      Starforce Enhacement (a.k.a. Stars)
      Stars give stats, attack, defense and HP to equipment, they are also needed if you want to farm at "Starforce maps", which are places that require the user to have a certain amount of stars - across all equipment - to deal proper damage. The maximum amount of stars of an equipment is determined by its level.
      When to stop Starforcing:

      10 Stars = There is a significant jump in meso cost when going from 9 ->10 to 10->11, a couple hundred thousand meso turn into several million. This is a decent stopping point for mid-game equipment if you already don't have a lot of meso to spend.

      12 Stars = From 12->13 stars and onward Starforce Enhacement has a chance to destroy the equipment in the process, but that can be mitigated until 17 Stars by paying twice as many meso in the process.

      15 Stars = There is a jump in cost in Starforce enhancement, at this point each attempt will make you 40-60 million mesos poorer. It is also the maximum amount of stars for level 120 equipment.

      17 Stars = You cannot safeguard your attempts further than 16->17. This is the full-stop point for any equipment that is one-of-a-kind (Kanna Treasure Ring) or just really hard to obtain (Magic Eyepatch).

      22 Stars = The chance for success when Starforcing drops tremendously from 30% to just 3%, attempting to go beyond this point is pure madness. One can count on their fingers how many times people achieved 23 stars, but it's usually done by the same 2 Korean streamers.

      Notice that there is a huge drop of success chance when going to 23, 24 and 25 stars.

      Any stars after 15 give a large amount of attack and magical attack to equipment, meaning that any item that can receive more than 15 stars is pretty much automatically better than those that cannot.

      Bonus Stats (a.k.a. Flames)
      Bonus Stats appear as yellow numbers on all valid equipment.

      Normal equipment can receive between one to four lines
      Boss equipment

      Boss equipment Normal Equipment
      Frozen Set All numbered sets
      Necro Set Sweetwater Set
      Von Leon Set Sweewater Accessories
      Empress Set Sengoku Treasure Set
      Root Abyss Set Masteria Explorer Set
      AbsoLab Set All Gollux sets
      Arcane Umbra Set Theme Dungeon Rewards
      Boss Accessory Set
      Pitched Boss Set

      The following can't receive Bonus Stats:
      -Shields and other secondary weapons
      -Android Hearts
      -and Medals

      Note: Equipment obtained before the introduction of Bonus Stats and some equipment bought from NPC shops will not have Bonus Stats, but they can still receive them if a rebirth flame is used on them.

      Soul Weapons
      This type of enhacement only applies to primary weapons level 75 or higher. It cannot be transposed, so it's best to only do it to weapons you intend to use for a long time. Soul weapons have mechanics of their own that I won't explain in great detail in this guide. But the basics are these:

      • Some bosses in the game drop soul shards on death.
      • 10 soul shards can be converted into a soul of that boss with a random type.
      • Fusing a soul with your weapon will give your character a skill according to the boss.
      • Fusing a soul with your weapon will give your character extra stats according to the soul type.
      • Some bosses are better than others and will give better stats for the same soul type.
      First, your weapon must be converted into a soul weapon using a Soul Converter. You can and should convert a weapon even if you don't have a soul to apply to it. Soul weapons without a soul will still have +10 attack / +10 magic attack bonus with a full soul gauge.

      The following is a table

      Enhancement Mechanics

      Transfer Hammer
      Will maintain:
      • Starforce (one star is lost during the transfer)
      • Potential (up to Epic)
      Won't transfer:
      • Bonus Stats
      • Soul Weapon
      Allows the user to transfer the potential and starforce (1 star is lost in the process, cannot be done on equipment with 0 starforce) from one equipment to another of higher level. Equipment need to be transfered to another that occupies the same slot up to 20 levels higher if it's bewtween equipment below level 100, and up to 10 levels higher if it's between equipment higher than level 100.

      The transfer does not need to happen between equipment of the same class, and the same slot rule can be applied to Tops, Bottoms and Overalls since they occupy the same slots. However, weapons need to be of the exact same type to be transfered.

      Potentials of Unique and Legendary quality can be transfered but the item to which they're transfered to will have an Epic Potential.

      Will maintain:
      • Starforce
      • Potential Tier
      • Bonus Stats
      Won't maintain:
      • Soul Weapon
      A process exclusive to Sweetwater equipment. It can only be done from level 140-150 equips to equipment with Sweetwater in its name.

      Similar to transfer hammer, transposing takes away a star but allows you to keep all of the stats and attack gained from that star. Meaning you can essentially have the last star twice.

      Equipment Transfer
      Will maintain:
      • Starforce (up to 12)
      • Potential
      • Bonus Stats
      • Soul Weapon
      Not to be confused with the Transfer Hammer, Equipment Transfer is a process that can be done with equipment that was destroyed during Starforce Enhancement. It preserves pretty much everything as long as you have another of the original piece of equipment. So it can't be done to equips you can only obtain once.


      A brief dictionary explaining some abbreviations and words used by the player base.

      3Door / 3 Door CRA - (Boss) The first 3 bosses from Chaos Root Abyss

      Abso / AbsoLab - (Equipment) A Level 160 set obtained from Haven and the Dark World Tree.

      BiS / Best in Slot - (Equipment) The best possible item that can occupy an equipment slot.

      CRA / Chaos Root Abyss - (Boss) The 4 bosses of Root Abyss at their hardest difficulty | (Equipment) The Level 150 set obtained from said bosses.

      cyg / Cygnus - (Boss) The Version of Cygnus from the Gate to the Future | (NPC) The leader of the Cygnus Knights.

      Damien - (Boss) A level 190 boss required to obtain half of the AbsoLab set.

      DMT / Double Miracle Time - An event in which cubes are discounted, and the chance for a potential tier-up is increased.

      DWT / Dark World Tree - (Region) A location in Sleepywood in which Damien resides.

      ecyg - (Boss) Cygnus boss that can be challenged at level 140 without pre-quests.

      epot - Potential of Epic quality

      Gollux - (Boss) a level 170 Boss from the Crimson Forest

      Hellux - (Boss) Non-official term that refers to Gollux at his highest difficulty, in which none of his weakpoints are destroyed.

      hhilla / Hard Hilla - (Boss) Hilla at her hardest difficulty.

      Instanced - Implies that something can only be seen / picked up / accessed by a single player.

      pot - Potential

      RA / Root Abyss - (Boss) A group of 4 bosses that can be challenged starting at level 125 | (Location) The sub-region in Sleepywood in which those bosses reside.

      sw / Sweetwater - A Level 160 set obtained from the Commercci Republic Party Quest.

      General Enhancement Guidelines
      Early Game
      Recommended Potential Tier: Rare or Epic
      Recommended Starforce: 5, 8, 10, 12
      Mid Game
      Recommended Potential Tier: Epic
      Recommended Starforce: 12
      Late Game
      Recommended Potential Tier: Legendary or really good Unique
      Recommended Starforce: 17 / 22
      End Game
      Recommended Potential Tier: Legendary
      Recommended Starforce: 17 / 22
      Armor and Weapons


      The numbered sets

      These are the sets dropped by normal monsters in the field. There are 9 of these in the game, starting from Basic, 1st, 2nd, all the way up to 8th. The latter is featured in the mid-game armour section.

      Basic 1st X Set 2nd X Set 3rd X Set
      Level 20 40 60 80

      4th X Set 5th X Set 6th X Set 7th X Set 8th X Set
      100 110 120 130 140

      These sets drop according to monster level, to know which set a mob will drop, add 10 to their level, take that number and compare it with the numbers above. The dropped set will be the highest level set that is either equal or lower in level. If that didn't make sense, look at the table below for examples.

      Mob Level Mob Level +10 Equipment dropped
      87 97 3rd X Set (80)
      89 99 3rd X Set (80)
      90 100 4th X Set (100)
      91 101 4th X Set (100)
      92 102 4th X Set (100)

      Frozen Set - and why it is not that good
      Obtained from: Burning events

      This set is a modified version of the 9th Maple Anniversary - Onyx Set, with some parts of the set removed. It is given to a burning characters and other classes once they reach level 100 during some assisted levelling events and is significantly stronger than the numbered set level 100. But it still is worse than all of the mid-game sets.

      Since Transfer Hammer can only pass the Potential and Starforce from one equipment to the next, those two become the only two things worth investing in during this phase.

      Getting Epic Potential equipment in the early-game can be absolutely game changing. A good potential reveal in the early game will help you throughout your entire journey and can get transfer hammered all the way through to the latest of late-game armor.
      Elite Boss and Rune of Riches rewards

      Purple Senior Equipment
      These level 60 equips


      Necro Set
      Time to obtain: 1-5 days
      Pre-requirements: Level 120
      Dropped by: [Boss] Normal Hilla (daily), [Boss] Hard Hilla (weekly)
      Necro is the easiest boss-set to obtain in the game, even the weakest of classes can solo kill Normal Hilla at level 135. Like most raid boss items, the Necro set receives the bonus from being a boss drop.

      Pensalir / Utgard
      Time to obtain: <1 hour
      Pre-requirements: None
      Dropped by: All monsters level 130 or higher

      Von Leon Set
      Time to obtain: 3-19 days
      Pre-requirements: Level 125, Complete the Von Leon Castle Theme Dungeon
      Dropped by: [Boss] Hard Von Leon (daily)
      Sold by: Murt - for Lion King Medals (after completing the questline given by Murt)

      The Von Leon set is the best mid-game set one can easily obtain on their own, that is, without the help of other, significantly stronger, characters assisting you. It has slightly lower base stats to that of pensalir, but easily surpasses it once bonus stats are taken into account, as the entirety of the set receives the bonus from being a raid boss drop, and Pensalir doesn't. However, it comes with several downsides, including, but not limited to:
      • Cannot be Transfer Hammered/Transposed onto Late-game equipment. (Level too low)
      • Significantly harder to obtain when compared to Necro or Pensalir
      • Has objectively ugly headwear
      But don't worry, you can simply use Pensalir or any other level 140 equipment as a way of bridging the gap between this level 130 set with the 150 sets.
      Von Leon (easy): Drops 1-4 medals
      Von Leon (normal): Drops 7-8 medals
      Von Leon (hard): Drops 0 medals, Drops 1 Von Leon Weapon + 0 to 3 Von Leon equipment

      Even if one cannot defeat Von Leon, you also have a chance to obtain the Lion King Medals from the Rose Garden "post-dungeon-content".

      A total of 19 Medals are required to acquire the entire set from Murt.

      Empress Set
      Time to obtain: 2-5 weeks
      Pre-requirements (Easy Cygnus): Level 140
      Pre-requirements (Normal Cygnus): Level 170, Complete the Knight Stronghold questline [Level 165]
      Obtained from: Piece of Ruin / Piece of Darkness

      This set is a reward from defeating the corrupted Empress Cygnus inside the Gate to the Future, it is worse than all of the Late-game sets and may take longer to obtain than some of them.

      However, this set has some notable advantages when compared to other sets, it's by far the best set in this section of the guide even before taking Bonus stats into account, it's pre-quest can be completed in a single sitting, it can be transfered/transposed to late-game equipment, and it can be partially used along with other armor sets such as CRA.

      Classes who use shields will need to defeat the Empress anyway since doing so is the best way to obtain the crafting recipe recipe for the best shield in the game. Beast Tamer mules also benefit greatly from the passive set effect of additional skill levels, since they don't have enough SP to maximize their skill tree.

      With an "Empress reset ticket" purchased in Kritias, you are able to defeat the Empress twice in a week,
      effectively cutting the time needed to obtain by half.

      The Empress set has a different name for each job:
      Warrior - Lionheart Set
      Magician - Dragon Tail Set
      Bowman - Falcon Wing Set
      Thief - Raven Horn Set
      Pirate - Shark Tooth Set


      Tyrant Equipment
      These armor pieces aren't really a set, and don't actually give any set bonuses. They are grouped together because they have distinct caracteristics such as their name and their unique method of obtaining.
      The following 4 equips are also something called "Superior Items", which are items that are more expensive to Starforce but receive greater stats. But you don't even need to starforce them to make them into viable equipment as their base stats are already better than many items..
      Tyrant Cape
      Time to obtain: 1 week
      Pre-requirements: Level 175, Complete the Helisium Reclaimation questline until you are able to challenge Treglow
      Dropped by: [Boss] Hard Magnus (weekly)
      Sold by: Mayala (x70 Magnus Coins)

      Tyrant Boots
      Time to obtain: 8 weeks
      Pre-requirements: Level 175, Complete the Helisium Reclaimation questline until you are able to challenge Treglow
      Sold by: Mayala (x70 Magnus Coins)

      Tyrant Belt
      Time to obtain: 12 weeks
      Pre-requirements: Level 175, Complete the Helisium Reclaimation questline until you are able to challenge Treglow
      Sold by: Mayala (x100 Magnus Coins)

      Tyrant Gloves
      Time to obtain: 7-134 weeks
      Pre-requirements: Level 165, Complete the Kritias questline
      Sold by: Keilbarren (x400 Kritias Comemoration Coins)

      Root Abyss Set (a.k.a. CRA)
      Time to obtain: 2-3 weeks
      Pre-requirements: Level 170, Defeat each Root Abyss Boss 10 times [Level 125]
      Obtained from: Piece of Anguish / Piece of Time / Piece of Mockery / Piece of Destruction
      This is a reward for defeating each of the Root Abyss bosses in Chaos difficulty.
      Root Abyss Set is such a good set that it's hat, top and bottom are better than most sets that are of higher level than CRA.

      Time to obtain: 5-6 weeks
      Pre-requirements: Level 190, Complete Black Haven and Heroes of Maple Blockbusters
      Dropped by: Lotus (Hard) and Damien (Hard)
      Sold by: Three-Hands and Supplier Salio

      To buy the sets from the 2 NPCs it is necessary to collect special coins by doing weekly missions and defeating the bosses from the two regions.
      AbsoLab set is rewarded from 2 different branches of content in the game.

      The Black Haven branch:
      Rewards: AbsoLab Gloves, Shoes, Cape and Weapon.

      The Heroes of Maple branch:
      Rewards: AbsoLab Shoulder, Hat, Overalls and Weapon

      Do not get the hat and overalls - The Root Abyss set gives large amounts of attack despite being composed of only 4 pieces. It is also the highest level set that has both Top + Bottom instead of Overalls, because of this, it is possible to get twice as many Stars, Potential Lines and Bonus Stats when compared to an equipment of similar or higher level.

      You will eventually switch to the absolab hat, but that is explained later.

      Time to obtain: ?? months
      Pre-requirements: Level 140, Complete the Commerci Theme Dungeon
      Dropped by: Commerci Voyage Bosses

      Usually, set bonuses give stats of very little meaning like Defense and Increased HP/MP when the player only has 2 or 3 pieces of the set equipped and give their most important bonuses like attack and boss damage when the set is complete or close to complete. Sweetwater has it the other way around, dishing out Defense and HP / MP bonuses in the last two set bonus lines. This almost completely discourages completing the set and favours set mixing the same way it's done with AbsoLab.

      But because the drop rate of each item is so low and requires such large amounts of invested time every day and the fact that it still requires doing other sets to use the transposing mechaninc, I can't really recommend that anyone actually seek it out. Going for this set turns the game into much more of a chore, instead of something that can actually be fun.

      Arcane Umbra Weapon
      Time to obtain: 18 weeks and ~720 hours
      Pre-requirements: Level 220 complete Lachlein questline, Level 235 complete the Esfera
      Sold by: Kanto
      Dropped by: Lucid (Hard), Will(Hard)

      The Arcane Umbra weapon is the second strongest weapon in the game to most characters. The most common way of obtaining it is to collect arcane river droplets and butterfly droplets to trade them for phantasmal coins and buy it, alternatively, it can drop after defeating either of the Hard Bosses at the Arcane River.

      Arcane Umbra Armor
      Time to obtain: 70 weeks and ~2800 hours
      Pre-requirements: Level 220 complete Lach questline, Level 235 complete the Esfera questline
      Sold by: Kanto & Dimo
      Dropped by: Lucid (Hard), Will(Hard)

      The rest of the Arcane Umbra set is obtained the same way as the weapon, one must trade "etc." items for coins to buy them from merchants, the difference being that you must also do that with droplets that are also obtained in the Esfera and beyond.

      Like AbsoLab, the overalls are never obtained as their Chaos Root Abyss counterparts are better.

      Genesis Weapon
      Time to obtain: 9 months
      Pre-requirements: Level 255
      Dropped by: Black Mage

      The Genesis weapon is the strongest weapon in the game, after being obtained it needs to be liberated to unlock its full potential.

      To liberate it, one must go on a long questline in which each of the Black Mage's commanders are defeated at their strongest difficulty and the Black Mage himslef is struck down multiple times. Because he is a boss that can only be defeated once a month, it takes a long time to liberate the weapon.


      Fill those slots!
      Early game accessories are focused on getting more starforce and some extra stats, any equipment is better than an empty slot. Pretty much all of these are skippable but are worth going for if you're struggling to level your character, or if you need just a little bit of Starforce to be able to farm effectively at a specific location.

      Common Earrings:
      The following are popular farming maps that drop low level earrings:
      Wild Boar Land
      Stairway to Sky I
      Ice Valley II

      Theme Dungeon Rewards

      Sailor Belt
      Type: Belt
      From: Riena Strait
      Starting Quest: (Lv.30) [Riena Strait] Get it Strait

      Sailor Mask
      Type: Face Accessory
      From: Riena Strait
      Starting Quest: (Lv.30) [Riena Strait] Get it Strait

      Fairy Mark
      Type: Eye Accesory
      From: Ellinel Fairy Academy
      Starting Quest: (Lv.30) [Theme Dungeon] Ellinel Fairy Academy

      Octopus Earrings
      Type: Earring
      From: Gold Beach
      Starting Quest: (Lv.30) [Gold Beach] Golden Opportunity


      Platinum Crusader Ring
      Type: Ring
      From: Silent Crusade Chapter 3
      Starting Quest: (Lv.90) [Silent Crusade] A Cry for Help

      Boss accessory set
      Stone of Eternal Life
      Type: Pocket Item
      From: Hilla
      Starting Quest: None

      Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory
      Type: Eye accessory
      From: Zakum (Any difficulty)
      Starting Quest: [Zakum] Statue of the Dead

      Condesed Power Crystal
      Type: Face accessory
      From: Zakum (Any difficulty)
      Starting Quest: [Zakum] Statue of the Dead

      Silver Blossom Ring
      Type: Ring
      From: Horntail (Any Difficulty)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.130) [Horntail] Moira's Whereabouts

      Horntail Necklace
      Type: Pendant
      From: Horntail (Normal)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.130) [Horntail] Moira's Whereabouts

      Chaos Horntail Necklace
      Type: Pendant
      From: Horntail (Chaos)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.130) [Horntail] Moira's Whereabouts

      Merchanator Pendant
      Type: Pendant
      From: Arkarium (Easy / Normal)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.90) [Silent Crusade] A Cry for Help

      Noble Ifia's Ring
      Type: Ring
      From: (Quest) Ifia's Hope
      Starting Quest: (Lv.115) [Lion King's Castle] Desolate Castle

      Royal Black Metal Shoulder
      Type: Shoulder
      From: Magnus (Any difficulty)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.115) [Easy Magnus] Magnus Simulator

      Dea Sidus Earring
      Type: Earring
      From: Horntail (Any Difficulty)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.130) [Horntail] Moira's Whereabouts

      Type: Earring
      From: Hilla (Any difficulty)
      Starting Quest: None

      Golden Clover Belt
      Type: Belt
      From: Pink Bean (Any difficulty)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.140) [Temple of Time] Path to the Past

      Masteria Explorer Set
      Type: Shoulder, Belt, Ring, Pendant, Earring, Eye accessory, Face accessory
      Starting Quest: (Lv.170) [NLC] Welcome bakc to NLC!

      Sengoku Treasure Set
      Type: Shoulder, Belt & Ring
      Starting Quest: (Lv.140) [Hiezan Temple] Regards, Takeda Shingen

      Boss Accessory Set (Part 2)
      The following are still part of the Boss accessory set but are worth keeping until the late-game because they are either no better alternatives to them, or they can be transposed on to Sweetwater accessories.

      Pink Holy Cup
      Type: Pocket Item
      From: Pink Bean (Any difficulty)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.140) [Temple of Time] Path to the Past

      Papulatus Mark
      Type: Eye Accesoory
      From: Papulatus (Chaos)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.115) [Papulatus] The Light Of Chaos

      Dominator Pendant
      Type: Pendant
      From: Arkarium (Normal)
      Starting Quest: (Lv.90) [Silent Crusade] A Cry for Help

      Sweetwater Accessories
      The sweetwater pendant, monocle and tattoo are all best-in-slot equipment. You can also use the Transposing mechanic with the monocle and pendant and combine them with the Papulatus Mark and Dominator Pendant, respectively. Transposing is done to these equipment to obtain good Bonus Stats because Sweetwater equips don't receive a bonues since they are not boss equipment.

      Superior Gollux Set
      All gollux accessories can be bought from the NPC Vendor "Lucia", and Superior Belts and Earring can drop if fighting Gollux at his highest diffficulty, nicknamed "Hellux" by the community

      Gollux Rings
      Both the Solid Gollux Ring and the Reinforced Gollux Ring can receive more than 15 stars, and therefore are guaranteed to be potentially better than any other ring that can't.

      Meister Ring
      For a sizeable amount of resources, accessory crafting meisters can make this level 140 ring.

      Kanna Treasure Ring
      This ring is part of the Sengoku Treasure set, which has been mentioned in the Mid-game portion of the Accessory guide. Unlike the other rings above, you can only obtain one of these per created character. So be careful when starforcing it.

      Ring round-up
      The best configuration to fill the 4 ring slots is as follows:

      1-Superior Gollux Ring (22 stars)
      2-Meister Ring (22 stars)
      3-Reinforced Gollux Ring (22 stars)

      4- Solid Gollux Ring (20 stars)
      4- Kanna Treasure Ring (20+ stars)

      Pitched Boss Set
      The pitched boss set is composed of 9 items that rarely drop from the hardest bosses in the game. All of these are non-instanced drops, meaning it that whenever a piece of equipment drops, it is available to all members of the party to pick-up, but only one of them cna actually pick-it up.

      Type: Face accessory
      From: Lotus (Hard)

      Magic Eyepatch
      Type: Eye acessory
      From: Damien (Hard)

      Dreamy Belt
      Type: Belt
      From:Lucid (Hard)

      Cursed Spellbook
      Type: Pocket Item
      From: Will (Hard)

      Endless Terror
      Type: Ring
      From: Gloom (Chaos)

      Commanding Force Earring
      Type: Earring
      From: Darknell (Hard)

      Source of Suffering
      Type: Pendant
      From: Verus Hilla

      The following are also present in the "Other slots" section in greater detail.

      Black Heart
      Type: Android Heart
      From: Lotus (Hard)

      Genesis Badge
      Type: Badge
      From: Black Mage

      Other Slots
      Unlike the other sections of the guide this one is not divided into Early-game, Mid-game or Late-game sections, rather this section lists "Target equipment".

      There is little gain to be had by seeking out / enhancing the pieces of equipment that are not listed here as they are significantly weaker and/or get replaced by better gear after a short amount of time.

      Shield Bearers:
      Hero, Paladin, Shadower, Explorer Mages, Evan, Blaze Wizard, Battle Mage
      These 9 classes should aim for the Deimos shield of their class:
      -Deimos Warrior Shield for warriors
      -Deimos Shadow Shield for thiefs
      -Deimos Sage Shield for magicians

      This is the highest level shield in the game, and also the only one that can receive more than 15 stars. Because of the later, the shield is able to receive close to five times as much attack and stats compared to the best Secondary Weapon alternative. Recipes used to craft the shield are easily obtainable by defeating Cygnus

      A low level shield can be purchased at the Lith Harbor Armor Store
      Alternatively, a normal sub-weapon can be bought from Neville, a merchant present in most major towns.

      Dual Blader
      The Katara, a DB's second dagger, is half the reason they are called Dual Bladers.
      DB's should aim for a Sweetwater Katara transposed with either a Fafnir Rapid Edge or Tsukuyomi's Sword of Sorrow at 16 stars

      Weaker Kataras can be obtained simply by killing normal monsters in fields. Low level Kataras can also be purchased from weapon vendors in major towns.

      Kanna does not use a secondary weapon, instead, she uses another Fan equipped by Haku in another tab of the equipment window.
      Base stats, set bonuses and Soul Weapon are ignored for the second fan. But all other enchancements are applied (Potential, Starforce, Bonus Stats)
      Simply use another one of whichever fan you're using as your primary when you get to late game.

      Like Dual Blade, Kanna can use the weapons obtained from killing monsters, or the weapons from weapon merchants as placeholders.

      All others
      The secondary weapon obtained from Pricness No ends up being the best one to all other classes that
      do not use a shiled, katara or fan.
      Princess No seconary weapon
      Time to obtain: 3-5 weeks
      Pre-requirements: Level 160, complete the Hiezan Temple questline.

      Princess No is a weekly boss that drops captivating fragments, which can be combined to form the best secondary weapon.
      Despite the pre-requirement quests being available at level 140, the player must be level 160 to actually be able to complete them.

      Common Secondary weapons can be purchased from the NPC Neville in all major towns.

      During mega/tera burning events, burning characters that reach level 100 are given a Frozen secondary weapon which is better than the ones sold by Neville.

      During anniversary events (from late April - until early June), Onyx secondary weapons are sold in the event shop. Onyx secondary weapons are equivalent to the frozen ones, but can be obtained on any character instead of only burning ones.

      There are also Evolved secondary weapons, from the Evolution lab daily dungeon (Level 100), these take the longest to obtain from the intermediary secondaries, but are also the strongest of them.

      Golden Emblem - Your first Best-in-Slot
      This level 100 emblem is given to the player, either automatically upon reaching 4th job advancement or by completing quests at level 100. Some characters may also need to purchase the emblems from Vendors.

      -All explorer classes (except Jett) need to do the Explorer quetline to receive the :
      Starting quest:
      -At a crossroads (for Warriors)
      -Door to a new world (for Magicians)
      -BFFs (for Bowmen and Pathdinders)
      -A somewhat decent proposal (for Thiefs and Dual Bladers)
      -Kyrin and Athena Pierce (for Pirates and Cannoneer)
      Ending quest:
      -Maple Island's Savior

      The following classes can purchase their emblems instead earning them:
      -Angelic Buster
      -Xenon (not called an Emblem for Xenon, but essentially the same thing)

      MapleFest Emblem
      Rewarded to attendees of the yearly MapleStory convention, the MapleFest emblem has slightly better stats than the standard golden one. Obviously an extremely limited item, if you are able to go to Los Angeles for the event, buy me a pink bean mug or something.

      Antellion Guardian
      This is the best medal in the game, and it is obtained from the Masteria through time Blockbuster.

      Crystal Ventus Badge
      Dropped from: Magnus (Any difficulty)
      One of the easiest badges to obtain in the game, and possibly the best badge most characters will obtain. It is part of the Boss accessory set and has no easy to acquire alternatives.

      Sengoku Badge
      Available during sengoku high events. These badges are special as they are able to receive both Starforce enhancment and equipment Potential. Making them significantly stronger than any other badge in the game.
      However, sengoku high events are unlikely to return to MapleStory in the forseeable future, as evidenced by their sudden dissappearence since 2018.

      Sengoku High event dates
      June 2015
      August 2015
      June 2016
      August 2016
      February 2017
      July 2017
      February 2018
      September 2018

      Note: This table is incomplete and events may have gone further back than June 2015

      Genesis badge
      A rare drop from the Black Mage, it is the strongest badge obtainable in the game.

      Android / Android Heart
      Androids need to be of higher rank than the hearts they have equipped.

      Permanent Lidium Android Heart
      These are rewarded during some events along with a special android.

      To a reboot player, the best possible permanent heart is that of a Wondroid. Wondroids and Wondroid Hearts can exclusively be obtained during the Mechanichal Heart / Mechanical Utopia events, because these events happen so rarely it is advised to prioritise obtaining them whenever these events happen.
      Event Date
      Mechanical Hearts May-June 2017
      Mechanical Hearts Returns February 2018
      Mechanical Utopia February 2020
      Next event (estimation) May 2021

      Black Heart
      Not to be confused with Hilla's pet, Black heart is a rare drop from Hard Lotus, it is part of the Pitched boss set. It is also temporary once traded-in, as such, it should only be used sparingly when preparing to face against very powerful bosses.

      The level 75 dungeon "The Afterlands" has the best permanent set of totems that don't come from events. After completion, 4 totems are given to you, one of each main stat.

      Yu Garden
      This level 140 region has the best non-event totems in the game. They are, however, temporary. Obtaining the totems doesn't require you to do many quests related to the region, and farming the items required to redeem the totems isn't terribly hard.

      Dark Halloween Totems
      These are the best totems in the game, and are traditionally given out as a reward during halloween. Sometimes they are used as a reward during unrelated events.

      In non-Reboot servers, Starforce Enhancement is what comes right after Scrolling the equipment. Since scrolls do not exist in Reboot, putting equipment in the enhacement window will simply redirect you to the Starforce Enhacement.
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