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      Table of Contents:
      0. Guide Formatting and General Tips
      1. The Tutorial
      2. First Job Advancement
      3. Second Job Advancement
      4. Third Job Advancement
      5. Fourth Job Advancement
      6. Hyper Stage
      7. Fifth Job Advancement

      Guide Formatting


      Nearly all classes automatically have their levels set to 10 after tutorial completion.
      Some classes will already start at level 10 and their respective tutorials will abridge levels 10 through 30.

      Characters such as Shade, Cadena, Illium, Pathfinder, Hoyoung and Ark have their Tutorial Questlines until level 30.
      It is strongly recommended that you follow those questlines instead.

      I have a Hyper Teleportation Rock:

      10-15: Golem's Temple Entrance
      15-23: Golem Temple 3
      23-30: Waste Treatment Plant 3

      I don't have a Hyper Teleportation Rock:

      Victoria Island

      Golem's Temple Entrance
      15-30: Golem Temple 3
      20-25: Mushmom Forest Trail
      23-30: Giant Tree

      Edelstein Strolling Path 1&2
      17-21: Edelstein Strolling Path 3
      21-30: Streetlight Row

      10-21: Hedgehog Prickleyard 3
      21-30: Waste Treatment Plant 3

      [ Quests ] Story Quests
      14-23: Oda Scout
      17-30: Oda Warrior

      30-60: [ Theme Dungeon ] Doing any 3 of the following Theme Dungeons should get you to level 60
      1. Elodin
      2. Ellinel Fairy Academy
      3. Gold Beach
      4. Riena Strait
      Some classes such as Kineses and Hoyoung have story quests connected to these dungeons.
      30-40: Stray Dog Alley 1&2
      40-50: Mr. Hazard's Lair 1, 2, & 3
      43-48: [ Quests ] Kerning City Quests
      48-60: Wild Boar Land

      60-72: Military Camp 1 (Hidden Map found in "Excavation Intermission Area" through the castle door)
      60-77: Silent Swamp / Humid Swamp
      65-81: Stairway to the Sky I
      72-90: Ice Valley II
      83-100: Sahel 2 / Desert of Serenity
      90-100: Lab - Area C-2

      100-115: [ Boss ] Normal Zakum (Once a day)
      100-108: West Leafre Forest
      100-113: Sky Nest II [*x5]
      105-120: Cloud/Sky Terrace <5> (worse EXP than the map below, but usually has higher burning)
      108-120: Toy Facotry <Apparatus Room>
      115-140: [ Daily Quest ] Monster Park
      120-130: Forgotten Passage [*x28]
      125-135: Black Mountain Entrance
      130-140: Tiger Forest II (Quests on Tiger Ridge and Tiger Forest I)
      135-140: Moonlight Ridge (Quests on Fox Ridge Flash and Goblin Ridge)

      140-149: Red-Nose Pirate Den 2
      140-200: [ Daily Quest ] Monster Park
      143-154: [ Theme Dungeon ] Commercci Republic (starting at level 140 is not recommended)
      145-150: [ Theme Dungeon ] Kerning Tower
      145-154: 2F Cafe <4> [*x80]
      148-161: 5F Cosmetics Shop <3>
      160-171: Boswell Field III & IV
      160-175: [ Boss ] Normal Horntail (requires good HP/survivability)
      165-180: [ Theme Dungeon ] Omega Sector
      168-185: Inside the Mothership: Corridor 203
      180-190: Inside the Mothership: Corridor H03 [*x140]
      185-192: Deserted Southern Ridge
      191-203: Forsaken Excavation Site 2

      Farming in the Arcane River is different from farming in the rest of the game.
      The maps you should go to are based on the amount of AF you have, and how far you've come in the Arcane River.
      When choosing your farming location, keep in mind the following:
      1. Never go to maps to which you don't have 100% of the AF needed.
      2. Having 110% or more of the required AF means that you deal increasingly more damage (capped at 150%)
      3. Having 150% or more of the required AF means that you take 1 damage from monsters (including elites)
      4. If you are playing a fragile/weak class, choose maps to which you have 150% of the needed AF.
      5. Experiment with different maps, characters have different reach and mobility. Try to find a map that works for your character.
      6. Use the Battle Analisys to keep track of your EXP and Meso rates, so that you can collect objective data over which map is best.

      Vanishing Journey
      Note: As you're staring out on the arcane river, you can invest some hyper stat points directly into arcane force and/or join a level 25+ guild for additional AF.

      30AF: Weathered Land of Rage
      40AF: Fire Zone
      60AF: Below the Cave

      Reverse City
      Most maps in Reverse city are great for levelling, as long as you stay away from the ones inside the M-Tower because they're too large to farm alone. Out of the maps in Reverse City, the following are deserving of special mention:

      40AF: Subway Tunnel 1&4
      100AF: Hidden Research Train

      Chuchu Island

      Since there are so few optimal farming maps in Chuchu Island all of them are bound to have little to no burning field bonuses. Because of this, high burning maps in Reverse City will wield a lot more EXP to the player than Chuchu

      100AF: Five Color Hill: Mottled Forest 1
      100AF: Slurpy Forest Depths
      160AF: Skywhale Mountainside 2

      Yum Yum Island
      All of the maps in Yum Yum island are strikingly similar to each other, just pick a region according to your class and pick the map with the highest burning within it.

      130 AF: [ Region ] Mushbud Forest
      ( Longer maps with a couple of layered platforms. Preferable by classes with good horizontal mobility or that can attack as they move. The class should have a tall attack hitbox as the platforms in these maps are a bit far from each other. Examples: Dual Blade, Aran, Wild Hunter )

      160 AF: [ Region ] Illiard Field
      ( Boxy maps with 2-3 layers of platforms. Recommended for classes with really tall attack hitboxes or lots of full map attacks. Examples: Corsair, Mercedes, Kanna )

      160 AF: [ Region ] Fungos Forest
      ( Maps with lots of small platforms. Good for classes that can attack several platforms while not having to move too much. Examples: Luminous, Ice/Lightning, Evan )


      210AF: Revelation Place 3
      210AF: Chicken Festival 1 (very popular with Kannas)
      210AF: Chicken Festival 2&3
      210AF: Occupied Dance Floor 1 (requires good vertical mobility/reach)


      320AF: Between Frost and Thunder 2
      360AF: Cavern Lower Path
      360AF: Lower Path 1

      Morass is generally disregarded as a farming location. It contains mobs of similar levels to that of Arcana, but in terrible-for-training platform arrangements, and at much higher AF requirements.

      It still contains some noteworthy locations for people who exclusively train solo, without the help of Wild Totems or Kannas. Morass might also be an alternative in desperate times, such as a 2x EXP event in which all maps in Arcana are full.

      440AF: Bully Blvd. 2
      480AF: Shadowdance Hall 4
      520AF: That Day in Trueffet 3


      600AF: Mirror-touched Sea 2 (The better of the MTS maps)
      600AF: Mirror-touched Sea 3 (Similar to MTS2, but usually has higher burning)
      600AF: Mirror-touched Sea 6
      640AF: Radiant Temple 3 (Another option for those without Wild Totem/Kanna)


      Sellas is a sub-region, similar to Reverse City and Yum Yum Island. It contains a lot of broad, boxy maps, and might be a difficult place to level in if you character doesn't have good vertical mobility. It has very similar AF requirements to Esfera but has significantly stronger mobs.

      600AF: Final Edge of Light 4
      640AF: Plunging Depths 4
      670AF: Star-Swallowing Sea 1

      Disclaimer: I have yet to go past Sellas myself in my own adventures, meaning everything below has not been personally verified by me. However, the following information isn't just a bunch of blind guesses over which map name I thought sounded cool. It is a set list of maps built with the help of my current and former guildmates, and community feedback.

      If you decide to follow through this portion of the guide, it is strongly recommended, more so than in the previous section, that you utilize Battle Analisys and try out a wide range of locations to check if the given maps are best for you.


      670AF: Last Horizon 2
      730AF: Void Current 4
      820AF: Labyrinth of Suffering Deep Core 1
      880AF: End of the World 1-4
      880AF: End of the World 1-5
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