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      Nearly all classes automatically have their levels set to 10 after tutorial completion.

      Different jobs might have access to different regions.
      Region specific leveling:
      Victoria Island
      Golem Temple 1
      15-30: Golem Temple 3
      20-25: Mushmom Forest Trail

      Eldestein Strolling Path 1&2
      17-21: Eldestein Strolling Path 3
      21-30: Streetlight Row
      27-30: Road to the Mine 2

      East Pantheon Plains
      15-23: Orange Forest
      20-30: East Pantheon Forest

      Job Quests
      14-23: Oda Scout
      17-30: Oda Warrior

      30-37: Ellinel Fairy Academy
      30-39: Violet Clam Slimes
      35-43: Golden Beach Resort
      38-47: Hardwave Beach
      43-48: Kerning City Quests (you'll probably skip most of them)
      47-48: JM's Conspiracy Theory (Gives half-decent exp for just talking and killing 1 boss mob)
      48-60: Wild Boar Land
      50-57: Riena Strait
      54-60: Underwater Ice Cave 2 (requires doing half of Riena Strait)
      55-60: Perion Quests, of which the following are talk-only quests:
      • The Transformation Potion (10 Boogies, in the highest part of town)
      • Poor lost Christopher (Sophia, in the potion store)
      50+: Easy Zakum (use a rune before entering / only recommended if you're REALLY struggling.)

      60-77: Silent Swamp
      72-86: Ice Valley II (unkind to classes with low mobility)
      83-100: Sahel 2

      100-108: Normal Zakum (use a rune before entering)
      100-108: West Leafre Forest
      108-120: Toy Facotry<Apparatus Room> / Toy Factory <Process 1> Zone 5
      118-126: Forgotten Passage[*x28]
      126-135: Black Mountain Entrance
      134-148: Goblin House
      135-140: Mu Lung: Practice Field: Beginner

      140-149: Red-Nose Pirate Den 2
      140-160: Temple of Time Quests
      143-154: Commercci Republic Theme Dungeon
      148-161: 5F Cosmetics Shop <3>
      154-162: Detour to Oblivion 4 [*x90]
      158-166: Henesys Ruins: Market
      160-171: Boswell Field III
      164-174: Knight's District 2
      168-179: Inside the Mothership: Corridor 203
      170-176: Knight's Chamber 1
      176-184: Knight's Chamber 2
      180-188: Hall of Honor
      186-192: Deserted Southern Ridge
      191-200: Forsaken Excavation Site 2
      194-200: Warrior Grounds

      Farming in level 200+ is a bit different as your power will highly fluctuate between mobs depending on the arcane force (AF) of the map. After this point you should really focus on getting more and more arcane symbols so you can advance to better maps.
      • Note: You are not restricted to level up at these specific AF levels for each map, these values are the least amount of Arcane Force that you need to level up comfortably, as you take no damage and deal increased damage to the mobs.


      0-50 AF: Weathered Land of Rage
      60-80 AF : Extinction Zone: Fire Zone
      90AF-lvl210: Below the Cave


      150AF: Five Color Hill: Mottled Forest 1
      150AF: Slurpy Forest Depths


      320AF: Revelation Place 3
      320AF: Chicken Festival 3


      540AF: Cave Lower Path / Lower Path 2
      720AF: Abandoned Area


      660AF: Bully Blvd. 2
      720AF: Shadowdance Hall
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