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    1. Swics
      Its great. It has great training spots and it helped me a lot along the way.
    2. Kingnas
      Simple, easy to understand
    3. CatFace
      ezak at 50 gives too little meso to bother. at level 80 in sahel 2 you deal about half damage, I doubt an "unfunded" player will kill efficiently there. future henesys and ereve are really bad compared bad to the newer alternatives like kerning square and omega sector. there are more maps in chuchu, lach and beyond, just one option isnt enough, each class excels at its own map.
      1. CatFace
        CatFace's Response
        that is certainly better now, i would add the minimum af as well to arcane maps and possibly some of the maps in verdel for before 30, not exactly sure which but the spawn seems good around there, needs htr
      1. Rentorock
        Rentorock's Response
        Thank you for your criticism. I have added Omega Sector and Kerning Square maps and also have adjusted the starting level for Sahel 2. But I'll stand by my decision of keeping Zakum as a level 50-60 leveling alternative as there are many classes that struggle the pre 3rd job phase such as kaiser, that have a decent damage output but not a lot of good skills for mobbing.
      1. CatFace
        CatFace's Response
        ezak little exp*