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      1 - 100 :
      Just use whatever you pick up

      100 - 120 :
      • Get Frozen set if you're a burning character (This set is BiS until Fafnir aka CRA)
      • Get Armor/Weapons from Normal Zakum and training in Leafre
      • Kill every Normal Root Abyss boss to unlock Chaos Root Abyss for Fafnir set (Must clear 10 times to unlock)

      130 - 140 :
      • Get Pensalir Armor/Weapons from training in Korean Folk Town or starforce maps in your range

      150+ :
      • Get Face/Eye from Normal Zakum
      • Get Pendant/Ring from Normal/Chaos Horntail carry
      • Get Earrings from Normal Hilla or Normal/Chaos Horntail carry
      • Get Badge from Normal Magnus carry
      • Get Ring/Belt/Shoulder from Princess No prequests (DON'T LOSE KANNA'S TREASURE RING)

      180+ :
      • Get Face/Pocket item from Normal/Chaos Pink Bean carry
      • Get Weapon from Commerci Voyages & Merchant Trade Union as a placeholder if you can't get Fafnir yet
      • Get Hat/Top/Bottom/Weapon from Chaos Root Abyss carry
      • Get Cape from Hard Magnus carry as a placeholder
      • Get Pet from Hard Hilla carry if you need one

      190+ :
      • Start doing Dark World Tree and Scrapyard weeklies.
      • Get Weapon/Shoulder from Dark World Tree : You get 12 stones per week. You need 140 stones from the weeklies and 7 drops from Normal/Hard Damien carry
      • Get Gloves/Boots/Cape from Scrapyard : You get 12 stones per week. You need 120 stones from weeklies and 6 drops from Normal/Hard Lotus carry
      You can do all of the weeklies on multiple characters.

      Misc. :

      • Get 3 of the event rings from whichever event is out right now. You're going to want any 3 out of these : Chaos Ring and Master SS Ring are top priority then get Synergy Ring (If you are willing to get it on 5 characters), Reboot Cosmos Ring, or Reboot Vengeful Ring
      • These rings will help boost your damage early on and eventually be used as drop gear.
      • It's gonna be tough starting out and getting these carries without a guild, so I suggest you join one. Try not to spam chat asking for carries and instead just meet the GP requirement for the guild to get carried through bosses.
      • Gollux isn't here because it's very unlikely for you to get a carry after the recent changes.
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