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      Quite literally, this post is contains information on upcoming updates analysis and summary on them. Rather than a guide, it ended up in a heap of somewhat organized bunch of data...

      Do note that 90% of the info listed below are based from KMS, which I can't assure that all of the contents either will be same in GMS, or will be arriving at right date. All dates except for Maple Film Festival Passport are just predictions using some math-y calculations and graph trends.

      Here's something you can listen to while reading. Credit to our best MapleBGM supplier, SlipySlidy.

      This guide is (story related) spoiler-free, so feel free to look around owo

      Contents :

      Maple Film Festival Passport

      Theme Dungeon - Fox Valley

      Grand Athenaeum 5th Episode : Shadow Alchemist

      New job : Ark

      Arcane River : Esfera, and Commander Will

      Maple Film Festival Passport - 7th of March, 2018, official date
      Requirement : Lv 33 and above, Zero characters must have cleared 2nd chapter.

      Uses and gives away Popcorn Coins.

      film fes.jpg

      Participate in each film's event and earn stamps on your Maple Film Festival Passport.

      Here are the list of events:

      -Monster Cabbie : Parody of A Taxi Driver, a Korean drama, in KMS

      -Detective Kemdi : Parody of Detective Conan

      -Spitfire : Parody of Dunkirk in KMS

      -Deplorable Maple : Parody of Dispicable Me in KMS

      -Standoff : Parody of The Good, The Bad, The Weird in KMS

      Event Stats per stamp Maximum number of stamps Maximum stats
      Monster Cabbie All stat +3 / Max Hp +150 / Max Mp +150 20 All stat +60 / MHp +3000 / MMp +3000
      Detective Kemdi Attack +1 / M.Attack +1 20 Att +20 / M.Att +20
      Spitfire Damage dealt to normal monsters +3% 10 +30%
      Deplorable Maple Boss Damage +3% 10 +30%
      Standoff Ignore Enemy Defense +3% 10 +30%

      You will receive [MFF Cinemaphile Title] upon participating the MFF event, which expires on April 11th, 2018. Equipping the title will grant you the additional stats mentioned above.
      Upon obtaining all stamps of the events, you will be rewarded with [MFF Cinemaniac Title], which expires on end of May 2nd, 2018. The Cinemaniac title has same stats as Cinemaphile, but has longer expiration date.

      Monster Cabbie


      -Basically, you are a taxi driver and your main task is to kidnap take the monster "customers" into your taxi and drive them to their destinations and earn meso.

      -Monster Cabbie is a solo content, meaning no parties required.

      -The higher levelled "customer" will pay more meso.

      -Pilot Irvin will randomly appear in the middle of the map, who can take all of the customers in your cab to their destinations at instant.

      -For last 30 second, you will get a bonus time which allows you to earn extra money than the usual amounts.

      -Stirge, Jr Wraith, Wraith and Shade are Kerning city customers (top left)
      -Wild boar, Iron hog, Iron boar and Fire boar are Perion customers (top right)
      -Orange mush, Green mush, Horny mush and Blue mush are Henesys customers (bottom left)
      -Evil eye, Curse eye, Cold eye and Surgeon eye are Ellinia customers (bottom right)
      -Rock spirits (the Arcana mochi one) wants to be friends with maple world monsters and are willing to go to any destination.

      -You can convert the cab meso to real meso on 1:1 ratio (on weekends and public holidays, 1:2 ratio)
      -You can convert the cab meso to Popcorn coin on 500 000 : 1 ratio
      -You can save on money and use them later to upgrade your taxi for better event game play.

      -Many achievements are available which rewards 20~150 Popcorn Coins.

      Detective Kemdi

      detective kemdi.jpg

      -Invitation flies to the top of your character's head every 15 and 45 min mark during 10.15am ~ 11.45pm (KMS based, unsure on GMS)
      -Obviously you can't get invited if you're in CS or Auction or such.

      -Game of 5 rounds, which you will have to crack the code of 3 digits, no repetition.
      -You get 15 attempts, and if all used up, or if the top 30 places are filled in, the round ends.
      -Each player gets different and unique code, so you can't really yell out the answer...
      -X indicates all 3 digits wrong, indicates right digit but wrong place, and O indicates correct digit and place. If the correct code was 1/2/3 and entered 3/2/1, the game will show one O and two △.

      -Rewarded per round, if your inventory was full and didn't receive them then talk to Kemdi in the exit map.
      -First place gets 20 Coins, 2nd ~ 5th get 15 Coins, 6th ~ 10th get 10 Coins, 11th ~ 20th get 5 Coins, 21st ~ 30th get 3 Coins, and entry reward is 1 Coin..


      -Must be Level 100+, or cleared Chapter 2 for Zero characters.

      -Exactly same as Hunter's Arena.

      -Costs 10 Coins to spawn 500 monsters, maximum at 3000 for level 200's.

      -Receives 120% exp

      -Solo content, but shares the map with other players.

      Deplorable Maple


      -For every 3 Elite monsters defeated will result a Deplorable Maple Elite monster to spawn.

      -Upon defeating the D.M.E.M, a bonus stage (like after defeating an Elite boss) takes in effect, and mini Deplorable Maple monsters will be spawned. These mini mobs give extra exp.

      -The bonus stage will last up to 30 seconds, and around 40 mobs spawn per stage.

      -You will get a stamp for defeating 100 mobs, so you will need to activate the bonus stage 3 times per day in order to obtain a stamp every day.

      -According to one of my friends, defeating all of the elites spawned by Rune of Darkness will trigger the event immediately.



      -Similar to the gauge of Nova event.

      -Stay in Henesys, Leafre, Perion, Sleepywood, Orbis, El Nath, Ludibrium, Magatia, Edelstein, Haven, Mu Lung, Deserted camp, Pantheon, Nameless Town, Chu Chu Village, Lachelein Main Street, Grove of the Spirit Tree, and Trueffet Square to slowly gain points.

      -Hunt monsters near your level to obtain Film Piece. (unofficial name) (10 points per piece)

      -Hunt elite monsters to obtain up to 11 Film Pieces at once.

      -Maximum daily limit : 10,000 points
      -100 Film points can be converted into 1 Movie clip, which then can be used to obtain 1 Popcorn Coin.

      Maple Film Festival Coin shop : The King of the Rings

      Coin shops are available in Henesys, Leafre and Nameless Town.

      You can buy almost every single event rings from this shop.

      Item Cost Tradeability
      Jewel Craft Ring 10 coins Untradeable
      Jewel Craft Box 10 coins Untradeable
      Adventure Dark Critical Ring 1,500 coins Transferable between account
      Synergy Ring coupon 800 coins Untradeable
      Synergy Ring cube 30 coins Untradeable
      Cosmos Ring 10 coins Untradeable
      Cosmic Atom 60 coins Untradeable
      Cosmos Ring cube 30 coins Untradeable
      Reboot Cosmos Ring 1,200 coins Untradeable
      Vengeance Ring 10 coins Untradeable
      Vengeance Stone 60 coins Untradeable
      Vengeance Ring cube 30 coins Untradeable
      Reboot Vengeance Ring 1,200 coins Untradeable
      Completed Onyx Ring 500 coins Transferable between account
      Onyx Stones 100 coins Untradeable
      Reboot Onyx Ring 1,500 coins Transferable between account
      Enhancement Sack 15 coins Untradeable
      Traits Sack 15 coins Untradeable
      Random Snack Damage Skin Box 80 coins Transferable between account
      Random Film Festival Mask Box 40 coins Transferable between account
      2 MFF exclusive chairs 700 and 1,000 coins each Untradeable
      2 MFF exclusive permanent riding coupons 250 and 350 coins each Untradeable

      [Ring Master Chair] can be obtained when obtained all rings above. This includes rings obtained from previous events.


      Note that there are no Nodestones or Enhancement Scrolls in the shop.

      Recommendations on things to buy : Adventure Dark Critical Ring and Completed Onyx Ring :

      These two rings are a great way to increase the oh-so-rare Critical Damage which, combined with 100% crit rate, increases your damage like hella high.

      For Onyx ring, you would need it to be fully upgraded, and the most ideal element would be Fire rather than Ice, in my opinion, because Fire has 20% chance to inflict status whereas Ice has 10% chance. Status might not seem important, but after the introduction of Cadena and her Link Skill, they are quite worth having (at least, if you don't have 100% status)

      Some additional patches:

      -New bunch of achievements, like a lot.
      -Very minor changes on bosses
      -PSOK can now apply to SOK items

      [Theme Dungeon - Fox Valley] & Additional Patches - Estimated date : 20th of March, 2018

      Theme Dungeon - Fox Valley

      Requirement - Lv 185 or above

      fox valley.jpg

      Yes, it's near the Shade tutorial area, Pointy ear Fox Village. Due to this, an additional Shade-exclusive script is available. There is also a tiny Explorer-exclusive script.

      Ironically, Fox Valley is not linked to the Fox Village. You will never be able to get into Fox Village through Fox Valley.

      To summarize the story, a storm strikes in the Village and the player has to meet the Fox God to stop the disaster.

      I am not going to write the whole story because one, spoiler, and two, too much translations to be done...

      Additional Patches

      -Nerf on Item Fusion system cri

      -Zero re-opening

      -Additional reward on Pollo & Fritto : Bonus Potential Scrolls

      -Wisp's Wonderberry

      ARK - V Care - Estimated date : 15th of May, 2018

      Patches focused on 5th Job Advancement:

      -Transferable Arcane Symbol within account

      -V core upgrade system

      -Changes in 5th Job requirements - removal of cooltime of Arcane Stones, filling exp into each stones are now compulsory.

      -Chu Chu Island bait changes

      -Pollo & Fritto minor changes

      -Grand Athenaeum : 5th Episode - Shadow Alchemist

      -Increase in HP of Elite bosses - by 750 times (!!!)


      Grand Athenaeum : 5th Episode - Shadow Alchemist is based on Zero's tutorial story, when Alpha was referred to as Eight, meaning the 8th memory before the cycle of brainwashing. The story is shown from the perspective of Fang, an alchemist, and the story in general heavily relates to Zero's past and Commander Will's past.

      ARK Coin shop

      Available in Henesys, Leafre and Nameless Town.

      Item Cost Tradeability
      Epic Potential Scroll 50% 100 coins Untradeable
      CSS 10% 30 coins Untradeable
      Master Craftsman's cube 70 coins Untradeable
      Special Medal of Honor 70 coins Untradeable
      SP reset scroll 50 coins Untradeable
      AP reset scroll 50 coins Untradeable
      Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 60% 100 coins Untradeable
      Gold Potential Stamp 20 coins Untradeable
      Special Bonus Potential Stamp 30 coins Untradeable
      Innocent scroll 50% 50 coins Untradeable
      Golden Hammer 50% 30 coins Untradeable
      Bonus Potential Scroll 50% 150 coins Untradeable
      Nodestone 50 coins Untradeable
      Choose Arcane Symbol coupon 50 coins Untradeable
      Damage Skin Extractor Coupon 1,500 coins Untradeable
      ARK Random Damage Skin Box 80 coins Transferable within account
      Transcendent of Time Damage Skin 300 coins Transferable within account
      Superstar Damage Skin 200 coins Transferable within account
      ARK chair 300 coins Untradeable
      Pepe sleeping bag chair 400 coins Untradeable
      Dangling Nest chair 700 coins Untradeable
      Discovery Campfire chair 1,000 coins Untradeable
      Round Ship permanent riding coupon 1,000 coins Untradeable
      Steam powered ship permanent riding coupon 300 coins Untradeable
      Cruize permanent riding coupon 400 coins Untradeable
      Naked Bike permanent riding coupon 250 coins Untradeable
      Damage skin slot increase coupon 100 coins Untradeable
      Trait boost potion 300 coins Untradeable
      Job Advancement coin 300 coins Transferable within account
      Character slot coupon 200 coins Untradeable
      World map Teleport 1 day coupon 15 coins Untradeable
      Mastery book 20 10 coins Tradeable
      Mastery book 30 20 coins Tradeable
      Final Figuration main colour change coupon 50 coins Untradeable
      Final Figuration sub colour change coupon 50 coins Untradeable
      Final Figuration colour reset coupon 30 coins Untradeable
      Power Elixer x100 coupon 5 coins Untradeable
      Pollo & Fritto ticket 20 coins Untradeable
      Chaos Ring coupon 3,500 Untradeable

      According to research & comparison of patches between KMS and GMS, it is likely that the V Care Patch will release at the same date as ARK : Main Patch.

      ARK - Estimated date : 29th of May, 2018

      -New playable job : Ark

      -Chance of Bonus Potential Stamps, Soul shards and Cubes dropping from Elite bosses are decreased.



      Ark is considered as a Pirate class, and he is a half-Specter High Flora, his Specter part often referred as a "monster arm".

      His name comes from Noah's Ark, which is quite fitting to his story line which I won't bother going through cough. To summarize, he wakes up in a deserted planet Verdel with half of his body turned into a Specter, and he meets the Caravans and accompanies them in order to unveil his past and his identity, and escape from the lifeless planet.

      Ark uses knuckles as his main weapon, uses STR stats, and uses Pass of Abyss as his secondary weapon. Regardless of whichever knuckles he equips, it does not visually show up on the character due to his arm.

      Also Kinesis' VA ahh owo theyre both cute

      ark male.png

      His personality in the story, unlike the illustration and concept unlike Luminous, is very gentle, kind and justified, to the point where Cadena mentions him as a "nice bloke". He is also reasonably good mannered.

      Almost all of Ark's skills covers massive areas, and due to his great mobility, Ark has an incredible ability to mob with ease. It can literally go head-to-head with Aran's mobbing capability.

      Ark's functions can be described as a well balanced combination of Zero, Kaiser and Cadena. Ark uses a system similar to Kaiser's Morph Gauge to transform into a full Specter, and uses various buffs and skills in his Normal form which then requires an alternating switch play between Specter form and Normal form. He also requires some skill cancel while bossing, to stop moving all over the place and remain at one spot.

      Maintenance sounds a bit complicated, but according to surveyed KMS users, Ark is a lot easier than Illium in contrast.

      With first impression, great damage & increase in attack stat, AoE skill in 3rd Job, diagonal mobility skill, stance and superstance, useful Link Skill and basically has 55% base crit rate.

      Funnily enough, the whole concept of Ark is opposite of Illium, such that Illium is associated with blue, a ranged job, a magician, dark skin tone, red eyes and mechanic-related skills, whereas Ark is associated with red, a close combatant, a brawler, pale skin tone, blue (and yellow) eyes and skills that require to attack with a part of the body.

      Personally, I would totally like to main Ark, just only if Blasters were a bit less addictive.

      ark female.png
      Also, gender-swapped Ark isn't that bad. Prettier than Illium

      He slept for about 500 years and still has eyebags

      Esfera - Estimated date : 19th of June, 2018

      The 6th and the last area of Arcane River, Esfera, is patched in.

      Requirement - Level 235 and above I can hear the crying

      Requires 560, 600 and 640 Arcane force


      The members of Maple Alliance, Ollie from Ereve, Melangeur from Pantheon, and Shumett from Edelstein, joins the player at Morass and accompanies the player to Esfera, the sea of origin.


      New boss : Commander Will is also available along with the patch.

      I haven't researched too much on Boss Will himself, but all I heard about was that the difficulty is beyond what Lucid gives you.

      The Arcane Force required while Boss fight is 760.

      The boss level is 250, which means even with max level you won't get higher level bonus damage.

      Story mode Will's Hp is equivalent to Normal Cygnus.

      Upon defeating Hard Will, he will drop Cursed Red/Blue/Yellow/Green Magic Codex (pocket item), Cobweb Droplet, Mirror World Nodestone and Will's soul shard.

      Using the Mirror World Nodestone will grant you a Skill node : Spider in the Mirror

      Also some additional patches :

      -Reward point now resets every midnight if not accounted via CS

      -Mini game : Discovery Arena is added for limited time

      -Discovery Link, similar to Hunter's Arena, is added for limited time

      Personal Opinion on which way the current Maplestory Director is going towards to
      Terrible for unfunded or light players. The director is literally trying to kill them all... On the other hand, he is rewarding the highly funded players with more challenging things. Basically saying to them "spend more money".
      Kind of a waste on Fox Valley and Ark. I think the team could've done better, like putting some effort in details of stories, and event-promotions and exclusive rewards. All they gave for Ark as new job was Ark damage skin, and that was it. (ARK chair does not count because it's referencing to Event ARK, not job Ark)
      Also this director really hates the previous director
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