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      This guide is mainly aimed at those planning to main a Wild Hunter and take the class to endgame. Some of this is from my own experiences in playing the class, and some of it is from discussions and attempts to optimize equipment and potentials with other players. I am a Reboot player, however a majority of this will also be true for non-Reboot players.

      Wild Hunter is the archer class for the Resistance branch. It is probably the tankiest of the archer classes and boasts the greatest party buffs out of all the archers, having both Call of the Wild and Sharp Eyes. This guide will cover: training and maps, node setup, bossing, WSE potentials, hyper stats, legion and inner ability.

      • 5th job turns you into a crazy cat lady/cat dad
      • Another Bite gives you lots of lines
      • Fastest archer alive
      • Can move while attacking, even while using jaguar skills
      • Can change your jaguar's look (Kinda)
      • Dexterity gear is usually the cheapest
      • Easiest mobbing out of any class
      • Did I mention lots of cats?

      • Ends up with a ton of skills to manage past 5th job
      • Requires a lot of funding to feel good while mobbing
      • Not enough cats before 5th job
      • Crossbow looks absolutely terrible with and without nx
      • Optimal boost nodes are basically all your skills, gl farming or affording all those nodes
      • People will call you a wild hacker
      • Still not enough cats after 5th job

      Special Jaguars
      There are 3 special jaguars you can capture. I recommend capturing all the special jaguars, however you only need to capture one in order to cap the bonus on Jaguar Link. You can find them by talking to Black Jack at the Resistance Headquarters and then simply going through each channel until they spawn. I do not know the spawn rates, but Snow White and Armored Crimson are pretty common, while Jaira is very rare. Of course if you are playing a low population server, you might not run into any problems finding them all. Onyx jaguar is an event only jaguar, and was only obtainable from an event several years ago and has not been available since.
      Image Jaguar Name Jaguar Effect
      [​IMG] Snow White 10% buff duration
      [​IMG] Armored Crimson 10% reduced damage received
      [​IMG] Jaira 5% critical rate
      [​IMG] Onyx 10% buff duration

      Hyper Stats
      You should max them in this order:
      1. Damage
      2. Critical Damage
      3. Boss Damage
      4. Ignore Enemy Defence
      5. Critical Rate
      6. Dexterity (Will be at level 9 technically)
      Then you can throw the remaining points into whatever you would like. I personally max out knockback resistance for a bit more safety during bossing.

      Inner Ability
      This setup isn't too hard to get, but you may spend a lot of honor rolling your 2nd and 3rd lines once you get 20% boss on the first one.
      Line Roll Comments
      1st 20% Boss Damage This goes for both Reboot and non-Reboot
      2nd 21 attack or 20% critical rate Both Reboot and non-Reboot should aim for attack but either is fine
      3rd Attack, critical rate, buff duration, meso obtain, or drop rate Meso obtain is for Reboot players

      Some notable pieces you should get are:
      Class Legion Piece Bonus
      Jett 1/2/3/5/6% Critical Damage
      Shade 1/2/3/5/6% Critical Damage
      Hayato 1/2/3/5/6% Critical Damage
      Kanna 1/2/3/5/6% Boss Damage
      Demon Avenger 1/2/3/5/6% Boss Damage
      Beast Tamer 1/2/3/5/6% Ignore Enemy Defence
      Blaster 1/2/3/5/6% Ignore Enemy Defence
      Marksman 1/2/3/4/5% Critical Rate
      Night Lord 1/2/3/4/5% Critical Rate
      Mercedes 2/3/4/5/6% Skill Cooldown Reduction
      Mechanic 5/10/15/20/25% Buff Duration

      Then should also get dexterity and strength pieces, but they are not as important as the ones listed.

      You should focus on getting to 6k Legion level which unlocks the entire outer region and then eventually getting to 8k. At 6-7k Legion you should focus on filling in the critical damage and boss damage areas on the Legion board. At 7k-8k you should start filling in the ignore enemy defence area also. At 8k you should be able to cover all 3 areas and then either fill in an inside area for dexterity or branch into critical rate. If you are training then you really only need to fill in critical damage and the exp bonus areas.


      WSE Potentials (Weapon, Secondary, and Emblem)
      These are with an Arcane Weapon, Pink Bean title, Monster Park Medal, level 3 links, two boss nebulites, max traits, and 8k Legion. For Reboot this is with Chaos Vellum helm for the 4 piece Arcane set (I know its not techincally out yet), and for non-Reboot it is using a transposed SW hat and Zero link. This does not take into account things like Kanna or Bishop party buffs, guild skills, or time-limited event items. If you think something has changed or want to do these calculations yourself, then you can use either WSE optimizer here.

      Both of these setups are aimed at maximizing your damage against endgame bosses with 300% damage reduction (Chaos Vellum, Lotus, Damien, Lucid, and eventually Will). There are several cheaper and more easily obtainable alternatives if you are willing to sacrifice a very small (0.1-1.5%) amount of your damage, but they will not be explicitly listed like below.

      • 33% attack
      • 70% Boss
      • 9% attack
      • 21% attack
      • 30% Ignore Enemy Defence
      It is fine to switch the ignore enemy defence line with the 9% attack line on your secondary. It is also fine to cube for 2 line attack and 1 line boss on both your weapon and secondary which is much cheaper, but it won't the best possible configuration; Not that it really matters.

      • 70% Boss
      • 10% attack
      Bonus potential
      • 33% attack
      • 70% Boss
      • 9% attack
      Bonus potential
      • 30% attack
      • 21% attack
      • 30% Ignore Enemy Defence
      Bonus potential
      • 30% attack

      I realize that bonus potential is extremely expensive, so a perfect setup is probably a pipe dream for 99.99999% of players. However, the overall setup does not change a whole lot if you just settle for 2 lines of attack on your bonus potentials, as you would still want 2 lines of boss and 1 line of attack as your main potential on your weapon and secondary.
      Skill Icons - Maple Wiki, AyumiLove, and Orangemushroom
  • Build

    This section will cover optimal boost nodes and skill nodes. The skill build before 5th job can be seen in the "Skill Info" tab in the skill descriptions.

    Boost Nodes
    Wild Hunter nodes arent very complicated if you plan on training enough to open up the majority of the node slots and want to get all the skills. However, they can be broken down into three sets of tri-nodes, from most important to least important.

    Tri-node 1:
    • Wild Arrow Blast
    • Summon Jaguar and Another Bite
    • Final Attack
    Tri-node 2:
    • Exploding Arrows/Jaguar Rampage
    • Sonic Roar and Jaguar Soul
    • Hunting Assistant
    Tri-node 3:
    • Dash 'n Slash and White Heat Rush
    • Swipe
    • Drill Salvo

    If you want the reasoning behind why the boost nodes are set up like this then you can look at my battle analysis on a straw dummy below.

    Skill Nodes
    Must Haves:
    • Jaguar Storm
    • Resistance Infantry
    • Primal Fury
    • Viscious Shot
    • Rope Lift for Lucid
    • Decent Combat Orders
    • Decent Advanced Blessing
    • Decent Holy Symbol
    • Guided Arrow
    • Special Nodes

  • Skill Info

    Another Bite*
    This isnt a skill that is granted normally, rather it is granted by the Summon Jaguar skill in first job and is a debuff all your jaguars can apply. It can be applied to enemies with jaguar basic attacks, and jaguar skills. Enemies can have up to 3 stacks of Another Bite and the stacks last up to 8s, and you can continually refresh the timer on the stack while the enemy has the max number. You will deal 1 extra line of damage per attack per Another Bite stack. Only your main attacking skill in each job can proc the extra damage from Another Bite, so its not quite as OP as it sounds.

    1st Job Skills
    Icon Name (Skill points) Description and Thoughts
    [​IMG] Double Shot (20/20) This is your training skill until 2nd job.
    [​IMG] Swipe (1/1) Your first jaguar skill. You probably wont use it til 4th job and you go to fight Zakum. Has a 30% chance to apply an Another Bite stack and has a 5s cooldown. Find a key spot for this thats easy to reach as you will be hitting this a good amount while bossing.
    [​IMG] Summon Jaguar* (1/1) This skill is extremely important for bossing. Allows you to use jaguar skills while also using your main abilities, and is the source of Another Bite. The jaguar also has basic attack that has a 15% chance to apply an Another Bite stack.
    [​IMG] Jaguar Rider (1/1) This skill is what makes Wild Hunters mobbing stronger, and boost your mobility. It halves the damage and doubles the lines of your main attacking skill while also allowing it to hit more mobs.
    [​IMG] Double Jump/Graviboots (5/5) Allows you to flash jump. One flash jump while off your jaguar, two flash jumps while on your jaguar.
    [​IMG] Jaguar Management (1/1) Allows you to switch which jaguar you summon/ride. Note that it does not matter what jaguar you choose, you will always get the benefits of all the special jaguars you have captured.
    [​IMG] Resistance Auto Crank (20/20) Passive that boosts your attack by 20, attack range by 50, movement speed by 40, and jump by 20.
    [​IMG] Natures Wrath (20/20) Passive that boosts your critical rate by 25%.
    [​IMG] Wild Lure (1/1) Causes mobs and bosses to agro onto your jaguar. Probably the most useless skill in Wild Hunter's entire kit. I recommend not wasting a key spot for it.

    2nd Job Skills
    Icon Name (Skill points) Description and Thoughts
    [​IMG] Triple Shot (19/20) This is your training skill until 3rd job.
    [​IMG] Dash 'n Slash* (1/1) This is your second jaguar skill. Has a 80% chance to apply an Another Bite stack with a 7s cooldown. This skill is a double edged sword as it has a high Another Bite chance, but will also move your jaguar out of position. Can also be used as a dash while riding your jaguar. Still a useful jaguar skill and should find a spot onto a key, but will be your least utilized jaguar skill.
    [​IMG] Crossbow Mastery (10/10) Passive that gives you 50% mastery, and 10% damage.
    [​IMG] Soul Arrow: Crossbow (10/10) Buff that gives you 20 attack and infinite arrows.
    [​IMG] Call of the Wild (10/10) This is THE buff. Makes you take 15% less damage, increases your avoidability chance by 15%, increases your MP by 15%, and the insanely good part of giving you and your party 10% attack and magic attack.
    [​IMG] Final Attack (20/20) Passive that gives your attacks a 40% chance to do 1 extra weaker line.
    [​IMG] Physical Training (5/5) Passive that gives you 30 extra strength and dexterity.
    [​IMG] Jaguar Mastery (10/10) Passive that gives you some 20% hp and 50% knockback resistance.
    [​IMG] Crossbow Booster (10/10) Buff that gives you 2 extra attack speed. Becomes less useful once you get Wild Arrow Blast, as it does not increase the fire-rate, but will increase the startup animation.

    3rd Job Skills
    Icon Name (Skill points) Description and Thoughts
    [​IMG] Enduring Fire (20/20) This is your training skill until 4th job, and maybe past that if you don't have kishin/frenzy.
    [​IMG] Sonic Roar* (1/1) This is your 3rd jaguar skill. Has a 40% chance to apply an Another Bite stack with a 6s cooldown. This jaguar skill does the most damage, so will be the one you use the most out of all of them. Find a key spot for this thats easy to reach as you will be hitting this a lot while bossing and mobbing at 5th job.
    [​IMG] White Heat Rush (19/20) This is your mobility skill. You can use it once every time your character touches the ground. May be awkward using it at first, but highly recommend finding a spot for it and utilizing it as much as possible.
    [​IMG] Hunting Assistant (20/20) This skill is extremely useful. It's a "turret" that will cover an area for you while mobbing, and increase your dps during bossing.
    [​IMG] Feline Berserk (20/20) This buff is like Call of the Wild 2.0. It gives you 20% attack, increases your speed by 15, and gives you 1 attack speed. Also passively increases your hp by 50%.
    [​IMG] Flurry (20/20) This is a pretty useful passive while at low levels or if you don't links. Gives you 40 dexterity, 40% dodge chance, and then if you happen to dodge an attack then your own attacks get 100% critical rate for 1s.
    [​IMG] Jaguar Link (10/10) This is a very strong passive. Gives you 10 attack, and then 3% critical rate and 2% critical damage per jaguar you have captrued, up to 6.
    [​IMG] Backstep (15/15) Reduces your damage taken by 20%, and allows you to "lock" yourself facing one direction. Personally don't use this skill anymore as the delay between locking/unlocking was getting myself killed and was not worth the very small increase in dps. But if you happen to have low ping, this skill can be pretty useful.

    4th Job Skills
    Icon Name (Skill points) Description and Thoughts
    [​IMG] Wild Arrow Blast (30/30) This is your bread and butter training skill. You get to hold this down and run around on your jaguar destroying everything.
    [​IMG] Jaguar Soul* (1/1) This your fourth jaguar skill. Unlike the others that could be spammed, this one has a long cooldown of 210s and has a 100% chance to apply an Another Bite stack. This skill is actually a bind, so is very useful for bossing, and will help to set up your burst in 5th job.
    [​IMG] Drill Salvo (30/30) This is another turret summon like Hunting Assistant. More useful for increasing your dps while bossing than it is for mobbing as it only lasts 8s with a 30s cooldown.
    [​IMG] Sharp Eyes (30/30) The classic archer buff. Gives you 20% critical rate and 15% critical damage.
    [​IMG] Maple Warrior (30/30) Another classic buff. Gives you 15% all stats assigned by AP.
    [​IMG] Hero's Will (5/5) Cleanses your abnormal statuses. Pretty much useless.
    [​IMG] Crossbow Expert (30/30) Passive that gives you 70% mastery, 30 attack, and 8% critical damage.
    [​IMG] Wild Instinct (10/10) Passive that increases your defence by 50% and gives you 30% IED.
    [​IMG] Advanced Final Attack (30/30) Passive that gives you 20 attack and increase the damage of final attack as well as increases the chance to 70%.
    [​IMG] Natural Force (30/30) Passive that gives you 30% elemental damage resistance, and increases your abnormal status by 15.
    [​IMG] Extended Magazine (30/30) Very strong passive that gives you 15% final damage and 60 all stats.

    Hyper Skills (Actives)
    Icon Name (Level Obtained) Description and Thoughts
    [​IMG] Exploding Arrows/Jaguar Rampage* (lvl 170) Does a large AOE attack while riding your jaguar that hits up to 15 enemies with okay cooldown of 14s. Does a very strong attack with a 100% chance to apply an Another Bite stack while u have your jaguar summoned, with the same cooldown as before. This skill is very good for mobbing, and allows you to make sure you can get and keep your Another Bite stacks up while bossing.
    [​IMG] For Liberty (lvl 200) Buff that increases your damage by 10% for 60s, has a 120s cooldown.
    [​IMG] Silent Rampage (lvl 150) Strong buff that increases your damage by 40% and makes your final attack chance 100% for 40s, has a 160s cooldown.

    Hyper Skills (Passives)
    Icon Name (Level Obtained) Description and Thoughts
    [​IMG] Feline Berserk - Reinforce (lvl 143) Gives Feline Berserk another 5% attack. This is a must have.
    [​IMG] Feline Berserk - Vitality (lvl 162) Gives Feline Berserk another 10% hp passively. Pretty useless because you're already tanky enough wihtout it.
    [​IMG] Feline Berserk - Rapid Attack (lvl 183) Gives Feline Berserk another attack speed. Pretty useless becuase of Wild Arrow Blast.
    [​IMG] Summon Jaguar - Enhance (lvl 149) Increases your Another Bite damage by 10%. This is a must have.
    [​IMG] Summon Jaguar - Reinforce (lvl 168) Increases your Jaguar Skills damage by 20%. This is a must have once you hit 5th job.
    [​IMG] Summon Jaguar - Cooldown Cutter (lvl 189) Decreases you first 3 jaguar skills cooldowns by 10%. This is a must have.
    [​IMG] Wild Arrow Blast - Reinforce (lvl 155) Increases your Wild Arrow Blast damage by 20%. This is must have. Its exactly like Boss Rush but works for everything, not just bosses.
    [​IMG] Wild Arrow Blast - Guard Break (lvl 177) Increases your Wild Arrow Blast IED by 10%. Not worth taking this as its better to invest into our Jaguar Skills as they do a majority of our damage while bossing.
    [​IMG] Wild Arrow Blast - Boss Rush (lvl 195) Increases your Wild Arrow Blast damage by 20% against bosses. Not worth taking, same reason as above.

    5th Job Skills
    Icon Name Description and Thoughts
    [​IMG] Jaguar Storm This is the first Wild Hunter 5th job skill. Using this turns you into a crazy cat lady or cat dad. The skill summons 7 additional jaguars to fight alongside you for 40s with a 120s cooldown, and they do 75% damage of your normally summon jaguar. These summoned jaguars will also use jaguar skills as normal, meaning you can achieve very good burst with Jaguar Rampage and Sonic Roar, or you can cover a large area while mobbing and alternate between Swipe and Sonic Roar.
    [​IMG] Primal Fury This is the second Wild Hunter 5th job skill. This skill has very high damage and applies 3 stakcs of Another Bite, but a long cooldown of 150s. This skill is less used for the damage while bossing and more for the 12s invinciblity it grants when using it. While mobbing it can be used to essentially one-shot elite mobs that spawn in your map.
    [​IMG] Viscious Shot This is an archer common skill. It allows your critical rate to exceed the 100% cap, and then gives you 45% of your uncapped critical rate as critical damage for 30s on a 120s cooldown. This is a must have skill for bossing.
    [​IMG] Guided Arrow This is an archer common skill. It allows you to summon a seeking arrow that will damage mobs and bosses you hit. It can only hit 1 enemy at a time, but does 800% damage with a 30s cooldown. The arrow will disappear after doing damage 45 times or when 30s cooldown is up. It's a useful skill for bossing if you can remember to keep summoning it, and really good for mobbing if it can one-shot.
    [​IMG] Resistance Infantry This is a Resistance common skill. It allows you to summon a resistance infatry unit that acts as a turret, it does good damage on up to 12 enemies and lasts 10s with a 25s cooldown. This skill is very usefull for mobbing and bossing, defintely a must have.

    *Note: All jaguar skills including Another Bite gain damage based on your character's level, up to the level cap of 250. So if you are truly looking to maximize your damage, then you will want to get to 250.
  • Gameplay

    Wild Hunters have the nice ability of having 100% knockback resistance while riding their jaguar, so you never have to worry about being at the mercy of the mobs when looting or traversing maps. Training maps up until 5th job are the same as any other class. However, you may find yourself struggling more than other classes at low funding while training due to your main skill being a hurricane. Before 5th job, Wild Hunters have very basic training; Basically hold down Wild Arrow Blast while on your jaguar and run in circles, while occasionally using Exploding Arrows and setting up Hunting Assistant.

    Post 5th job it gets a bit more interesting but doesn't change too much. Jaguar Storm can cover large areas of maps and you can use Swipe and Sonic Roar while focusing on another part of the map with Wild Arrow Blast. Jaguar Storm can cover a single large platform or can cover several smaller uneven platforms, which will open up new maps to train/farm at that you normally would have a hard time at. Resistance Infantry acts as a shorter more potent Hunting Assistant and can cover an area with a high rate of fire making it good at killing high concentration of mobs. Primal Fury can be used to basically one-shot elite mobs that spawn, which can help to keep you and your kanna alive (Don't have to worry about reflective elites and elites that can arrow key spam your kanna).

    Training Maps Post 5th Job
    Arcane River Area Map Names
    Vanishing Journey Eastern Cave Path 2 and Below the Cave
    Chu-Chu Island Dealie-Bobber Forest 1, Bitty-Bobble Forest 1/2, and Slurpy Forest Depths
    Lachelein Nightmare Clocktower 1F and Revelation Place 3
    Arcana Cavern Lower Path, Deep in the Cavern - Lower Path 1, and Labyrinthine Cavern
    Morass Haven't tested any maps personally but none of them look too great at a glance

    There are a two things to note if you want to know if you are training/farming effeciently. The main one being that you can hold Wild Arrow Blast while riding your jaguar and run wihtout having to stop to kill mobs. The second one being that while using Jaguar Storm your Swipe can one-shot mobs.

    It isn't too complicated. The hardest part to get used to is utilizing all your jaguar skills and managing cooldowns. Basically comes down to using Wild Arrow Blast and using jaguar skills in unison to get Another Bite stacks. You should combine jaguar storm with viscious shot for some pretty insane burst, and if possible you should also use Silent Rampage and For Liberty beforehand. And then you should be paying attention to your other skills and using Hunting Assistant, Drill Salvo, Resistance Infantry, and Guided Arrow when they are off cooldown. If you find yourself in danger then you can use Primal Fury to grant yourself 12s of invinciblity to get yourself to safety.

    Managing Another Bite stacks
    If the boss has zero Another Bite stacks then your next jaguar skill will always apply 1 stack of Another bite, so you should use Sonic Roar or Swipe.
    If the boss already has 1 stack then you basically follow this rotation (Can interchange the order of Swipe and Sonic Roar):
    • Jaguar Rampage
    • Sonic Roar
    • Swipe
    • Sonic Roar
    • Swipe
    • Sonic Roar
    • Swipe

    Reviving and Rebuffing
    There is no reason for you not to have the maximum level of the Resistance link skill, which will give you 8s of invulnerability when respawning. This 8s is enough time to rebuff yourself with self-buffs, but usually not enough to both rebuff and get back into position. However, you can get an edge in with the link skill if you buy buff freezers or have a Battle-roid, which will allow you to get back into position in bosses like Chaos Vellum, Hard Magnus, Lotus, and Lucid without having to worry about mechanics.

    Rebuffing in general should not be too much of a worry as Wild Hunter buffs have a base duration of 5 minutes, and can easily become 7+ minutes with buff duration. The biggest problem is paying attention to your decent skills, as they only last 4.25 minutes with a 3 minute cooldown, meaning they will be out of sync with your other buffs. I personally have the 6 buffs split into 2 macros, and then have Decent Advanced Bless and Decent Combat Orders next to those macros. You can rebuff while moving using macros (On or off you jaguar), which may give you the extra mobility to avoid boss mechanics while rebuffing.

    Knockback Resistance
    While off your jaguar, you only have 50% knockback resistance. Which is not much of a problem in most bosses as they will already have Super-knockback on their skills or there isn't much danger in getting knocked back. You can get on your jaguar to get 100% knockback resistance and while you won't do your maximum damage here are times when it can really help to avoid knockbacks, or simply give you more mobility. Bossing isn't always about DPS (Can't do damage if you're out of lives).

    There are a few bosses that are annoying with 50% knockback resistance while fighting with your jaguar:
    Boss Comments
    Horntail He can just constantly knock you off the small platforms and its just annoying having to climb back up. Though it becomes less and less of a problem the more damage you do.
    Chaos Pierre He can knock you back with his basic attacks, which can get you stuck in hats.
    Chaos Vellum He can knock you back during his 2nd phase when he does his poison gound attacks. If you play too close to tails you can get knocked into them by the poison when it lands.
    Lucid First, with golems in the first phase which can blast you across the map when they fall near you, which will kill you a majority of the time. Second, with the small butterflies Lucid spawns that shoot projectiles at you. Though this is more annoying in second phase when standing on a platform to dodge the Dragon where they can knock you off to your death. You usually wont be able to hit her during this period anyways, so you can just get on your jaguar for the 100% knockback resistance.

  • FAQ

    Q: Best boost node trio to get?
    A: Wild Arrow Blast, Summon Jaguar and Another Bite, Final Attack.

    Q: Optimal boost nodes to get?
    A: Everything essentially, not including the attacking skills from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job.

    Q: Do I need attack speed?
    A: Nope.

    Q: What should I get on my Legion board?
    A: Crit damage, and then boss damage, and then ignore enemy defence.

    Q: What inner ability should I get?
    A: 20% boss damage, 21 attack or 20% crit rate.

    Q: What link skills should I get?
    A: Beast Tamer, Cannoneer, Phantom, Demon Avenger, Demon Slayer, Kinesis, Luminous, Kanna, Xenon, Cadena, Hayato, and Illium. Non-Reboot players can replace Illium link with Zero link. If you are training you should replace Cadena, Hayato, and Demon Slayer with Mercedes, Aran, and Evan.

    Q: How do I get the Onyx Jaguar?
    A: You can't. It was from an event several years ago and has never been back since.

    Q: How often do the special jaguars spawn?
    A: No idea, but checking all the channels right before or right after a maintenance usually yields good results.
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