KMS 2023 Summer Showcase: MapleStory New Age!

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    Today they released some more information about the 2023 summer showcase for the MapleStory New Age update! With these extra details, it seems like this update will be pretty big and quite exciting! The venue itself is huge, they have additional ways to watch it this time, and the teased teasers (lol) look like they’re hinting towards something important.

    Here is the teaser video, it was actually released a couple of weeks ago but I wasn’t here lol.

    Showcase Details


    The showcase will take place at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on June 10 at 3:00 PM. Today, they revealed that the event would be split into two parts:

    • Part 1: Theme Song for Each Job Branch Concert
    • Part 2: Update Showcase

    Tickets will be on sale starting from May 15 at 8:00 PM. They cost 15,000 KRW each, and one person can only buy one ticket (usually they let each person buy two but I think they’re trying to counteract resellers).

    In addition, for people who aren’t able to buy tickets to the actual event, they have also rented out six CGV cinemas. You can buy tickets to watch a livestream of the showcase on the big screen. They cost 12,000 KRW each.

    And of course, for those who can’t get tickets to either, they’ll be streaming the event on the MapleStory YouTube channel.

    Concert Preview


    It seems that starting from May 22, they will begin gradually releasing teasers for the update, with two different parts.

    The first part is titled Posters. They have only released the first one so far, but it seems every job branch will be getting a new poster!

    • Showcase
    • Adventurers
    • Knights of Cygnus
    • Heroes
    • Resistance
    • Nova
    • Zero
    • Kinesis
    • Lef
    • Anima

    The second part is titled Videos, and it seems like there will be special songs for each job branch as well.

    • New Age Logo video (the video above)
    • Highlight Melody: Knights of Cygnus
    • Highlight Melody: Kinesis
    • Highlight Melody: Zero
    • Highlight Melody: Lef
    • Highlight Melody: Anima
    • Highlight Melody: Resistance
    • Highlight Melody: Heroes
    • Highlight Melody: Nova
    • Highlight Melody: Adventurers
    • Theme Song Pre-Release: Heroes

    I probably won’t make a new post for when they start getting released, but you guys can check them out yourself on the official website. It says to watch their social media for updates so I’ll probably at least retweet them or something on Twitter if you wanna follow there.

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