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    As a follow up to the MapleStory customer conference which took place last weekend and a precursor to the test server patch which will be released tomorrow, MapleStory’s director Kang Won-ki has released a letter to players titled ‘We will repay you with a changed MapleStory.’

    Hello, this is MapleStory’s general director, Kang Won-ki.

    To all of the customer representatives that attended the conference and all of the customers who watched the video from home, we sincerely thank you. We will do our best to ensure that the voices you shared were not in vain by carefully reviewing and reflecting the valuable opinions you gave us.

    Also, we apologize to any customers who felt discomfort from some inconsiderate vocabulary and expressions used during the conference. There were expressions due to the tense emotions and unfamiliar environment. We ask for your understanding.

    We are currently reviewing the questions which were provided in writing during the conference. We will quickly organize the responses from the development team and we will provide a notice on the homepage together with our improvement plan, which was promised at the conference.

    We are currently reviewing the opinions delivered in writing among the questions of the conference.
    We will quickly summarize the responses from the development team and inform you through the homepage along with the improvement plan promised at the meeting. In addition, the changes we promised for April can be confirmed in the April 15 test server update release notes.

    Among the various methods that MapleStory is considering in order to strengthen our communication with customers, we are currently preparing the specific operation plan of the customer advisory group and the reorganization of the discussion board, and other additional measures will be organized and shared soon.

    “Maple is painful.” When we heard these words from a customer representative, our hearts truly ached. MapleStory goes beyond a simple game to some customers, and has become an important part of their precious memories. We are very sorry that we have left scars on customers’ memories due to our poor operation, and our hearts are broken. Our mistakes are big. So now we will change.

    We will do our very best to make MapleStory joyful now, not just joyful memories for our customers. We ask for your concerns and reprimands so that MapleStory can have a more healthy service going forward.

    Thank you.

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