KMS Angelic Buster Remaster Confirmed!

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    The upcoming job remaster has been confirmed with a new teaser on the homepage, and it’s none other than MapleStory’s idol, Angelic Buster~! They’re even framing it as her comeback haha. They released the schedule for the next few weeks as well as an article (with space for 2 more).


    The schedule for the remaster will be as follows:

    • November 9
      • Concept Photo
      • Comeback Inteview
      • 1st Test World
    • November 16
      • ‘Shining Heart’ MV Teaser @Maple Now
      • 2nd Test World
    • November 20
      • ‘Fly Away’ Lyric Video
    • November 23
      • ‘Shining Heart’ MV
      • 1st Mini Album

    Angelic Buster, Comeback on the 23rd! Preview the Spectacular Transformation… Comeback Expectations ↑

    Angelic Buster 1st Mini Album [Provided by Eskada Entertainment]

    MapleStory’s idol Angelic Buster will make a comeback with her first mini album on the 23rd.

    Angelic Buster’s comeback arrives 3 years and 2 months after her last single ‘Star Bubble’, and this activity brings an unprecedented transformation. Angelic Buster has maintained a consistent image since her debut, and her fans’ curiosity is rising about what kind of look she’ll show off.

    Eskada Entertainment said “The title song of this mini album is ‘Shining Heart’, which captures Angelic Buster’s unique, vibrant pink energy with a lively melody”. In addition to the new song, this mini album will be filled with a variety of things like the full version of Angelic Buster’s main song ‘Fly Away’ and ‘Star Bubble’.

    In the meantime, before her full-scale comeback, Angelic Buster’s comeback schedule poster has also been released on the official MapleStory website. The fever for her comeback is expected to heighten starting with the release of the concept photos on the 9th, the ‘Shining Heart’ MV teaser on the 16th, the ‘Fly Away’ full version on the 20th, and the ‘Shining Heart’ MV on the 23rd.

    With the news of this comeback bringing excitement both within and outside of Grandis, we’re looking forward to a pink November presented by Angelic Buster.

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