Burning World Leap Coming Soon!

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    • Wednesday, January 27, 2021 (End of Maintenance) - Thursday, February 18, 2021 (Start of Maintenance)

    As the saying goes, the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and Burning World's flame is drawing to a close. However, while this new world is soon to be consumed, a new life awaits your characters in the other worlds of MapleStory!


    Lv. 150+ characters on Burning World will be allowed to leap to another non-Reboot world of your choosing during the World Leap period, taking their equipped items, inventory, and mesos with them to join their new communities. When this period begins, all Burning World characters will be moved to the Burning Leap Zone map, where they will be able to speak to the NPC Mover to complete their exodus.

    • Characters on Burning World must be at least Lv. 150 in order to World Leap, whether they were Mega Burning characters or not.
      • Zero characters must be both Lv. 150+ and having completed Story Quest Act 2.
      • It will not be possible to leave the Burning Leap Zone map during this period, making it impossible to gain any more EXP. Make sure you're Lv. 150 before the January 27 maintenance!
    • Even if you have more than five Lv. 150 characters on Burning World, only five of them will be allowed to World Leap.
    • You do not need an empty character slot on the destination world for your new character (you will be granted a free Character Slot if you are at your unlocked limit on that world), however if you have reached the maximum character limit on that world, you will need to delete a character in order to make room for them.
    • Characters can be transferred to non-Reboot worlds only.
    • Characters in Guilds will not be able to World Leap until they have either left or disbanded their Guild.
    • Your character's equipped items, inventory, and mesos will be transferred with your character, but items within your Storage, Cash Shop Inventory, mail, and auction house will not be transferred. Make sure you clear everything out before taking the big leap!
    • You may send your Burning World characters all to the same world, or to different worlds.
    • Medals obtained from regularly-resetting rankings will not be transferred, and your rankings in those pieces of content will also not be transferred.
    • Your character cannot World Leap if they have the following items in the inventory:
      • <Mountain of Awakening> Growth Potion 1
      • <Mountain of Awakening> Growth Potion 2
      • <Mountain of Awakening> Growth Potion 3
      • <Mountain of Awakening> Growth Potion 4
      • Awake Ring Coupon
      • Awake Ring Exclusive Enhancement Scroll
      • Character Slot Expansion Coupon
      • Job Advancement Coin
      • Epic Potential Scroll 100%
      • Special Bonus Potential Scroll
      • Golden Hammer 100%
      • Innocence Scroll 60%
      • Gold Potential Stamp
      • Special Potential Stamp
      • Master Craftsman's Cube
      • Meister's Cube
      • Bonus Occult Cube
      • Scroll for Pet Equip. for ATT 100%
      • Scroll for Pet Equip. for M. ATT 100%
      • Karma Eternal Rebirth Flame
      • Karma Rejuvenation Flame
      • Karma Meister's Cube
      • Karma Bonus Occult Cube
      • Karma Chaos Scroll of Greatness 60%
      • Karma Eternal Rebirth Flame x10 Package
      • Karma Powerful Rebirth Flame x10 Package
      • Red Cube x5 Package
      • Black Cube x5 Package
      • Bonus Potential Cube x5 Package
      • Karma Star Force 15-Star Enhancement
      • You may sell these items to Luna on the Burning Leap Zone map to proceed with World Leap.
      • You are unable to use these items in Burning Leap Zone. If you would like to use them, you must do it prior to January 27 maintenance.

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