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    Welcome to the MapleStory Art Corner! To celebrate the wonderful community that's helped to make Maple World such a vibrant, colorful place to be, we've decided to take this space to display some of our favorite fan art that we've gathered from you, our players! If you'd like to submit your own art, you can do so via this handy form (please be sure to include your artist name in the filename).

    Here are our favorite submissions this week ~ Please remember that the links to websites operated by third parties are not under the control, or endorsed by, Nexon and Nexon is not responsible for the contents of any linked website.


    Artist: basura7
    Character: Basura of Demethos

    "Drew this because I really love Battle Mage's skills! Proud main, never get tired of playing this class <3"


    Artist: BlueScythe
    Character: KinesisMono of Khaini

    "Ever since Kinesis and Ark got released on MapleStory, I loved both of them immediately. They are still my favorite characters to this day!"


    Artist: Azurius
    Character: MaestroX629 of Chaos
    Facebook: @DsAzurius

    "I just really like Kaiser's design. He is also my main character."


    Artist: Khov
    Character: Zombie69 of Luna
    Twitter: @_DreamingSoul
    Instagram: @hospital_for_soulsss

    "I've played Maple since 2008.. and it's so cool now too! I like that Maple does things like this for the artists, thanks!
    Here's my artwork of an MMORPG that I like a lot #MapleStory

    My Mercedes class Lvl 221, I hope you like it!"


    Artist: Leyu
    Character: Shiya of Bera
    Twitter: @LeyuArt
    Instagram: @leyuart

    "Angelic Buster is pretty cute I guess."


    Artist: Klepht
    Character: Klepht of Windia
    Twitter: @Klepht19970606
    Instagram: @klepht8606

    "I LOVE THESE BROTHERS SOOO MUCH!! Demon and Damien are the cutest in the universe! Really hope they can have a happy end 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。"

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