Community Update: Black Mage Revealed

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    During Community Manager, Aru’s trip to South Korea in June, he attended a Nexon Korea showcase event for the MapleStory community in Seoul! This special in-person event, titled MapleStory: The BLACK revealed the next big update for MapleStory.

    The event also featured a live concert by 2nd Moon, as they played music to commemorate the 15th anniversary of MapleStory in Korea.

    Aru got to experience the excitement along with hundreds of Maplers! There’s tons of exciting stuff coming with the Black Mage’s entrance this winter:

    • Fight against Commander Hilla, reborn with the powers of the Black Mage!
    • Join the Maple Alliance and help them prepare for war with all-new missions!
    • Check out all-new regions to explore as Arcane River expands!
    • Up your skill game as all classes receive new 5th Job skills, and more!

    The Black Mage is coming and we’re far from prepared. Run from it, dread it, and watch the video from Korea with us to get HYPED!

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