[Complete] Unscheduled Maintenance - December 17, 2017

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    [Complete] MapleStory has completed maintenance at 1:51 AM. We have extended your Cash Shop items by 24 hours. We will also be giving additional compensation as mentioned below in a future maintenance. Thank you for your patience.

    [Update] 1:03 AM

    Earlier today we discovered an issue with the Mega Burning Project event in which illicit players were using a packet hack to force multiple characters on various accounts to a burning status. Once we identified the issue, we immediately took action to bring the servers down to avoid further abuse and confusion from all players affected. We have now blocked the packet hack that illicit players were using and have taken action on those accounts we found to be the cause of this hack. There will be also an ongoing investigation to determine if there are any other actions needed as a result of this hack. For all legitimate players who were affected by this issue, please note the following:

    • We will not take any action on your account due to benefiting from the issue.
    • We will not remove any burning event rewards you may have redeemed.
    • If some of your characters were burned illicitly in the same world as a legitimately burned character, we have decided to remove all burning status effects from all characters in that world.
      • If your character’s burning status was removed, you will be able to burn a new character.

    We understand the frustration that this issue may have caused and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We will be extending the end date of the Mega Burning Project event and providing compensation for this issue in a future maintenance.

    [Update] 12:12 AM - We've identified the vulnerability for the packet hack and provided a fix for it. We are still discussing steps to resolve the burning characters caused by the illicit players. We will update in the next hour. Thank you for your patience.

    [Update] 11:06 PM - We are still looking into fixing the burning characters affected by the illicit players. We will update in the next hour. Thank you for your patience.

    [Update] 10:06 PM - We have found a critical issue with the burning event that was caused by illicit players using packet hacks. Currently a fix is being tested. We will update in the next hour. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    MapleStory is under an unscheduled maintenance as of Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 6:40 PM PST (9:40 PM EST / 3:40 AM CET / 1:40 PM AEDT).

    Please note that the estimated length of time for each maintenance is subject to change without notification.

    Thanks for your patience!


    Sunday, December 17, 2017
    PST: 6:40 PM – TBD

    EST: 9:40 PM – TBD
    CET: 3:40 AM (Dec 18) – TBD
    AEDT: 1:40 PM (Dec 18) – TBD

    What will be unavailable:

    • All MapleStory game servers

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