[Completed] All Servers Temporarily Unavailable - March 22, 2023

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    [​IMG][Updated March 23 at 3:41 AM PDT] All servers are now back online! Cash shop items have been extended by 14 hours. Please restart your Nexon Launcher or Steam to make sure that you get the latest client. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to address the issues!

    Changes and Updates:

    • The root cause of the constant channel crashes has been identified and fixed.
    • Fixed the issue where Mixed-Dye Hairstyles were not being properly applied to the character from the Salon.
    • Fixed an issue where viewing the Character Information window of any character would cause the game client to close.
    • Players that had their Fairy Bros' Golden Giveaway progress reset due to logging into Super Yeti x Pink Bean world now have their progress restored.
    • "Yeti x Pink Bean" is no longer misaligned on the Europe region world selection screen.
    • Compensation for the extneded downtime after the v240 patch has been distributed. Please claim your items from the gift box icon before April 5 at 11:59PM UTC.
      • Compensation Box
        • 2x EXP Coupon (15min) x20
        • 2x Drop Rate Coupon (15min) x20
        • Special Medal of Honor x5
        • Symbol Selector Coupon
        • Trait Boost Potion
        • Extreme Growth Potion
      • Golden Giveaway Golden Pass

    [Updated March 23 at 2:45 AM PDT] We have verified the fixes and are wrapping up testing on the live servers. We appreciate your patience.

    [Updated March 22 at 9:17 PM PDT] We are in the process of internally testing some server file fixes and will provide an update on completion time when possible.

    Hi Maplers,

    We have decided to bring all servers down in order to investigate the root cause of the channel crashes that have been coming after the v.240 Double Trouble Recharge update maintenance and address it as soon as possible. We apologize for the downtime and will provide an update at the top of this post when we can.

    - The MapleStory Team

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