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    They updated the Customer Conferece Suggestions Notice Board again with 32 new questions and answers. They’re the ones from 276-307, and I’m not gonna translate them all again (you can use Google Translate), but I’ll include a list of the more interesting answers.

    Character Growth

    • They are not currently considering an expansion of Union ranks and attacker ranks (for level 275+).
    • In 2021, they will prepare an update to the attack power formula for level 250+ Union characters.
    • In June, the Link Skill daily transfer limit will be increased. They will review additional changes to the UI and convenience while trying to maintain the Link Skill concept of transferring one character’s abilities to another character.
    • In September, they will change the 5th job advancement so that you fight a separate Magnus boss so players are not locked out if they already cleared that day.
    • In June, they will change it so that monsters in Sellas will drop Primal Droplet Stones in regular worlds. This is because Sellas and Esfera are connected areas in the story and doing so will allow them to lower the congestion in Esfera hunting grounds.
    • They have no plans to re-release Florina Beach right now.
    • In June, the Chaos Root Abyss boss pre-requisites will be eased.
    • They are reviewing the addition of level 280+ hunting grounds to be released within the year.
    • They are not reviewing the introduction of a direct Star Force ceiling system.
    • They are reviewing if it is possible to improve the Star Force enhancement system and add new equipment/accessories as a countermeasure to the ‘glass ceiling’ created by the discontinued Miraculous Equipment Enhancement Scrolls.

    Cubes and Other Probability Type Items

    • They are reviewing areas in which they can give a better probability experience when using Cubes but more internal discussions are needed for a ceiling system.


    • In 2021, they will review Reboot World’s meso supply and demand to adjust the Intense Power Crystal prices, along with other Reboot World improvements.
    • In June, they will improve the damage increase/decrease multiplier based on level in Reboot World.


    • They stated that they do not intentionally create patterns for new content or bosses that block them from being cleared. In MapleStory, the difficulty is set by considering the control required to clear a boss as well as character growth levels. For Chosen Seren, it was designed based on existing equipment and character growth levels as well as an additional requirement of a certain level of the newly added Authentic Force. In this case, they are constantly checking users’ play records to see if it is going according to their design intentions, and if there is anything wrong, they will adjust it step-by-step.
    • They are not currently considering allowing overalls to be anvilled to tops/bottoms because of how the Mysterious Anvil was implemented. The complexity of the item may increase and cause errors. However, they are aiming to increase diversity in appearances by increasing their focus on cosmetic items with the Cash item attribute of being able to cover game items.

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