KMS Developer Comments on Discussion Board Topics (5/31/2021)

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    Another month, another post by the development team with their comments on what was posted on the discussion board.

    Hello. This is MapleStory.

    We will share the development team’s thoughts about the total of 3,374 posts from the discussion board from April 28 to May 30.

    During this period, we focused on topics which had single posts with a high number of recommendations and topics with a high number of posts overall.

    During this process, posts registered by the same users repeatedly were considered as 1 post. In addition, we would like to inform you that comments on things that were previously answered by the Conference Suggestions Notice Board, previous developer comments, or developer notes from the update release notices have been excluded from this notice.

    <Developer Opinions on Discussion Posts with High Recommendations>

    The Reboot World vac pet prices are not reasonable when compared to regular worlds.

    To match Reboot World’s special characteristic of not being able to trade with other users, we have set the price by removing the probability elements and releasing Luna Petite pets with a different method than regular worlds.

    We lowered the barrier to entry by lowering the initial acquisition price (purchasing the pet) and by setting a structure where you pay an additional cost for each usage duration (reviving the pet), every individual is given the utility value of the item. Even if you don’t use your Luna Petite pet, the pet itself will not disappear, so you can choose to revive it or not according to its utility value.

    In an environment where you cannot trade with other users, when there are no probability elements, we think this is the best model at this point to allow users who value the experience differently to spend money according to their individual needs.

    It is necessary to make the Reboot World passive’s level ranges more segmented.

    The Reboot World passive is being tested continuously, and we are checking the opinions you have given us through the April 15 and March 13 test world updates. By June 2021, which is the planned date for the official patch, we are preparing improvements while considering changes to the overall experience, in addition to the Reboot World passive.

    We request that you cancel the operation of the advisory group.

    Thank you for your interest in the user advisory group’s activity and for sending us your opinions. We were able to specifically identify various concerns that you had with the user advisory group. Therefore, we also reviewed the user advisory group’s activities from the beginning and concluded that nonetheless they would be helpful for the future of MapleStory, so we shared our thoughts in the [Detailed Notice About the User Advisory Group]. Please continue to watch out and share any additional comments you may have in various methods such as the discussion board.

    Improvements are necessary to display the number of remaining monsters in Monster Park.

    It is uncomfortable that in Monster Park, content where you can only move to the next stage by killing all of the monsters, it does not display the number of remaining monsters. We have informed you through the Suggestions Notice Board that we are going to increase experience from daily quests and Monster Park in June so we will prepare to apply this as well at that time.

    Please improve the boss entry pop-up window’s UI/UX to make it more convenient.

    We have confirmed a variety of opinions from many people about the convenience patch. The boss entry pop-up window was changed so that you can instantly move to bosses immediately since the previous boss matching was not very useful, as mentioned in the conference. Based on the current boss entry usage patterns, we will further review the parts that require improvements.

    <Developer Opinions on the Discussion Posts’ Representative Topics>

    Improvements are necessary to hunting grounds as people are concentrated only in popular maps.

    We know that there are maps which are highly preferred due to their layout or number of monsters. We think this problem is caused by lack of concepts and diversity of each map, and because of that, players will find the maps with higher experience efficiency in normal situations. Therefore, we will prioritize reviewing hunting grounds of areas with higher map usage rates so we can improve them.

    Please add keyboard setting presets.

    Considering the various environments and situations where you enjoy MapleStory, we think that keyboard setting presets are a useful feature.

    When we look at adding improvements to the game, we focus on two things.

    First, how many people would benefit from this improvement, or how large of an effect the improvement would have even if it is for a small number of people. → Keyboard setting presets would provide convenience benefits to a plot of people who love MapleStory, so the development priority is high.

    Second, how much time and manpower is required to develop it. → However, we confirmed that keyboard setting presets will require a fairly long time to develop.

    Therefore, it would be difficult to add this in the June patch, but it is a feature which will provide convenience to many people so we will review it and add it as soon as possible.

    Please add a Practice Mode for each phase and improve it so that potions are not consumed.

    At this point, there are no plans to introduce Practice Mode for each phase as the current boss monster Practice Mode places more importance on profiency in the overall challenge process from entering to clearing rather than repeatedly practicing specific patterns.

    Also, please note that the items used in Practice Mode are set as the minimum cost for being able to build your proficiency through Practice Mode.

    Please release Character/Mannequin Hair/Face Extraction Tickets to make them tradeable in the same world.

    In the current situation where cosmetic items are used for various characters and mannequins, we have confirmed many opinions for the wish of releasing beauty extraction type items. Hairs and faces are currently being created and released based on the current settings per character. At this point, there are no parts under review for expanding the usage range of Hair/Face Extraction Tickets. In the future, if the time comes where changes to hairs and faces are needed, we can review ‘tradeable in the same world’ Hair/Face Extraction Tickets.

    Please add a Storage NPC to event maps.

    Depending on the type of event, you may be able to use the event shops only in event maps. Items sold in event shops are mainly sold as ‘tradeable in the same world’ and we overlooked the hassle of having to go to the Storage to move items purchased from them. From the June update and onwards, we will add Storage NPCs to the event maps when possible to avoid inconvenience.

    <Discussion Board Posts Statistics>

    We have summarized the discussion board’s posts by type and representative opinions for each sub-topic. Please check the table to see what content users are most interested in.


    Thank you.

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