KMS Developer Comments on Discussion Board Topics (6/30/2021)

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    Another month, another post by the development team with their comments on what was posted on the discussion board.

    Hello. This is MapleStory.

    We will share the development team’s thoughts about the total of 2,112 posts from the discussion board from May 31 to June 29.

    During this period, we focused on topics which had single posts with a high number of recommendations and topics with a high number of posts overall.

    During this process, posts registered by the same users repeatedly were considered as 1 post. In addition, we would like to inform you that comments on things that were previously answered by the Conference Suggestions Notice Board, previous developer comments, or developer notes from the update release notices have been excluded from this notice.

    <Developer Opinions on Discussion Posts with High Recommendations>

    New characters are continuously being released but the number of Link Skill slots has stayed the same and needs to be expanded.

    Players’ number of characters has increased due to the continous release of new classes, but the number of Link Skill slots has been fixed at 12 and not expanded, which is inconvenient.

    As mentioned at the conference, the expansion of Link Skill slots is currently under review. In the June 17 update, we first increased the daily Link Skill transfer limit, and the Link Skill expansion method will be announced as soon as our review is complete.

    Please shorten the cooldown of the Meisterville teleport.

    Meisterville is used by many players to get the ‘MVP experience’ buff effect. However, if a large number of people suddenly gather, it becomes a situation where various unexpected issues can occur. We ask for your understanding that we cannot help you move to this map more easily and conveniently.

    Please improve the acquisition method for Weekly Guild Points.

    The intention of setting the Weekly Guild Missions’ numbers as they are currently was encourage gathering 40 guild members as one of the goals of guild growth.

    We have tried to check with enough data to see if it was working as intended, but there hasn’t been much time since the guild reorganization and some bugs have also occured, so we our accumulated data is insufficient.

    When enough data for analysis has been accumulated, we will check the Noblesse skill points acquisition status and prepare additional improvements to the Weekly Guild Missions.

    Please roll back the June 17 patch’s Elite Boss alert display changes.

    That patch fixed certain errors with the Elite Boss appearance notification and there was some misunderstanding due to insufficient explanations in the release notes.

    Elite Boss notifications should not be displayed in areas where Elite Bosses do not appear or in areas where Elite Bosses appear in irrelevant areas, but there was an error where certain areas had unnecessary notifications.

    In areas like Cernium and Hotel Arcs where Elite Bosses do not exist, Elite Boss notifications from Fox Valley which is not connected will no longer appear, and in Asylum, Verdel, Edelstein, and Leben Mine areas with monsters below level 140 where Elite Bosses cannot appear, notifications from Savage Terminal and Mechanical Grave will no longer appear.

    Please reveal the logic that was changed to improve the Reboot Seed Ring acquisition difficulty.

    With this improvement, we removed rings that did not match the job’s main stat from the reward list. Since existing rewards were not replaced with others, the chance of getting main stat rings has been slightly increased as a result. Seed content, including the rewards, will be further reorganized in 2021.

    Please split the application time of Wealth Acquisition Potions and Experience Accumulation Potions.

    Since splitting the Wealth Acquisition Potion’s duration into shorter time periods can increase the supply of mesos and items, it is something that needs to be approached carefully while closely reviewing the changes to the overall game economy.

    However, we think there is enough room for improvement to split the Experience Accumulation Potion into shorter time periods, and we will notify you about this after reviewing it.

    <Developer Opinions on the Discussion Posts’ Representative Topics>

    Please add systems that can allievate growth difficulty.

    We are making various improvements to alleviate the difficulty of character growth such as reducing the amount of experience required to level up, improving hunting grounds, and increasing the experience from Monster Park.

    However, there are still many opinions about certain level ranges where experience gains are insufficient, and the development team believes that we need to take more action to alleviate growth difficulty and improve the growth experience.

    In addition to the various improvements we have promised this year through the conference, we would like to hear your opinions on the things that need further improvement. As a part of this, the growth experience has been selected as one of the topics for the reorganized discussion board, so we request many players’ opinions.

    Please delete or improve boss monsters’ daily entry limit.

    We set the entry limit for boss monsters as a challenge, but there are cases where entries are unintentionally consumed due to things like system errors. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will try to find ways to improve the daily entry limit by monitoring the frequency of these errors.

    Please release invisible weapons for all classes.

    When transparent weapons are equipped, it often looks awkward when weapons are not visible in skill actions. Because of this, we have no plans to release any other invisible weapons in addition to to the ones currently on sale.

    Please add a feature to skip stories.

    As said in the conference’s written inquiry answers (item 184), for story content that is essential to the character growth process, we will improve it so that you can skip stories if you have already a record of clearing that content on your account.

    Please improve the World Leap event’s fixed starting worlds and resetting of certain things after moving.

    If the starting worlds were not fixed during a World Leap, it is possible that items from mutliple worlds within the same account would be concentrated into a single world. Since this could have a significant impact on the game economy, we have fixed the starting worlds to prevent this in advance.

    In addition, certain items such as Union Coins and storage slots are information stored per world, and it is technically impossible to move them to other worlds.

    Because of this, we ask for your understanding that the resetting is currently unavoidable. In the future, we will review the technical aspects and try to improve them so that you can World Leap more conveniently.

    <Discussion Board Posts Statistics>

    We have summarized the discussion board’s posts by type and representative opinions for each sub-topic. Please check the table to see what content users are most interested in.


    Thank you.

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