KMS Discussion Topic Selection & Background Information (3/24 ~ 4/25)

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    The MapleStory team has chosen the next discussion board topic, opinions about reorganizing the official homepage guides for new and returning players.

    Hello. This is MapleStory.

    We are informing you about the next discussion board topic and duration.

    • Topic: Opinions about reorganizing the official homepage guides for new and returning players
    • Duration: March 24, 2022 ~ April 25, 2022

    Opinions about reorganizing the official homepage guides for new and returning players

    MapleStory has been in service for a long time since 2003, and has provided a variety of content and systems. For smoother usage by all players, we have a [Guide > Game Information] section on the official homepage. However, we are aware that the homepage’s guides do not provide adequate help for new/returning players who are looking for information. For this reason, the management team is trying to provide information through official channels so that new/returning players can easily access game information. This will start with a reorganization of the homepage guides.

    Therefore, in this discussion board, we would like to hear from players about the difficulties they have experienced due to the lack of information on the homepage guides and look for opinions on what areas need improvement. The goal is to closely examine the priorities of the opinions given by players to supplement our content and update the information while in the long term, reorganize the overall guide structure to improve accessibility, practicality, and intuitiveness.

    THe homepage guide reorganization schedule will be announced at a later date after reviewing the opinions left on the discussion board. Thank you for your interest and participation.

    Leave Topics You Would Like to Discuss

    Next, we would like to thank you for the various opinions given on the ‘Leave topics you would like to discuss’ board. We have checked all the opinions left on the discussion baord from December 1, 2021 to February 3, 2022. We request your understanding that the most requested topics were related to job balance patches, and as mentioned before for our topic selection criteria, they are not suitable for discussion topics.

    Even though they were not selected as discussion topics, we have still checked all of the opinions you have left, and we will display the top 10 topics for reference.


    Thank you.

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