KMS Golden Hands Awards Apology, 64-Bit Client Update & The Seed Ring Box Rates

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    There were a couple notices over the past couple of weeks which I didn’t cover, as well as the release of the Seed Ring Box rates which they mentioned they would do in the patch notes from last week. Not gonna fully translate them but I’ll give a general summary!

    Golden Hands Awards Apology


    As I mentioned in my post about the Golden Hands Awards winners, a lot of players were unhappy with the judges’ choices since a lot of them seemed to be more of the joke ones. The MapleStory team put out an apology saying they were inexperienced with contest events like this and didn’t have a clear selection criteria that matched what players wanted.

    To make up for this, they will actually be expanding the list of user-designs that will be released in-game to include the Silver Hands Awards winners as well. This means another 10 hairs/faces/pets and 20 outfits!

    They also released the prices of the items from this event beforehand.

    • Hair Coupon (choice): 5,500 Cash
    • Face Coupon (choice): 3,500 Cash
    • Outfit Set: 9,900 Cash
    • Pet Package: 9,900 Cash

    A second notice about this was released last week, written by Director Won-ki. He talked about the schedule for releasing these Silver Hands Awards winners’ items, and said that taking into consideration the development team’s work on currently existing items as well as the upcoming winter update, they are planning to release them by January 2022.

    To get them ready as fast as possible, they will also be delaying the regularly scheduled Cash Shop updates which we usually get.

    1. November Royal Hair Coupon/Trendy Royal Face Coupon
      • The November Royal Hair Coupon/Trendy Royal Face Coupon planned to be released on October 14 will not have new hairs/faces and will only be updated with a new list of hairs/faces.
      • The Reboot Hair/Face Coupons will be the same.
    2. Maple Royal Style (103rd Special Label), Masterpiece (13th Master Label)
      • The Maple Royal Style and Masterpiece planned to be on sale on October 21 will not take place, and the Maple Royal Style (including the 103rd Special Label) is planned to be on sale on November 25.
      • The Reboot Master Set/Master Label Hair Coupon will be the same.
    3. Wisp’s Wonderberry (15th Wonder Black), Luna Crystal (4th Luna Petite)
      • The Wisp’s Wonderberry and Luna Crystal planned be on sale on October 28 will not take place, and the Wisp’s Wonderberry (including the 15th Wonder Black) and Luna Crystal (including the 4th Luna Petite) are planned to be on sale on January 2022.
    64-Bit Client Update

    The 64-Bit client is confirmed to be released on September 15. The patch for version 1.2.354 has already been scheduled from 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM. As mentioned in the previous post, all players will have to update to a 64-Bit operating system to play the game from now on.

    The Seed Ring Box Rates

    They included in the patch notes last week that they would release the Seed Ring Box rates by next week, and today they added them to the section on the homepage with probability-type items. This includes the regular Alicia’s Ring Boxes, the Hidden Ring Box (10 Broken Box Pieces), and the new Shining Ring Box (100 Broken Box Pieces).

    You can look through the pages yourself with Google Translate.


    On Maple Inven, a user named 마빡도로시 made a summary of the box rates, so I translated their table above.

    Source: Orange Mushroom's Blog