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    Hi Maplers!

    Happy Valentine’s Day~ Your day may be filled with flowers and hearts or computers and sweets, but at the end of the day, MapleStory never forgot about you and I hope you didn't too. You might ask, are you not sick of me yet after all these years? Never, that's called true love and I take no objections. Now, what's Valentine's Day without whispering some cheesy sweet nothings? Maplers, I've got you covered so hear me out. AHEM!

    • My favorite place in Maple World is right next to you.
    • I love all the adventures, dailies, and prequests we have been through.
    • It’s been a journey leveling up… one I’d do all over again (...just about 49 times).
    • You’re my cuddly, huggable Rock Spirit.
    • I never believed in LUK until I found you.
    • I know loving me isn’t always the easiest. But trust me, the pixels are worth it.
    • I’m yours. Sorry, no refunds or exchanges available. (Do not contact Customer Support)
    • Good times. Bad times. Fun times. Tough times. No matter what, you’re always by my side.

    Did you fall for me all over again? No need to say a word, I know just by looking into your eyes. These always work like a charm ❤

    Happy Valentine's Day, Maplers ♡( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )♡

    - The MapleStory Team

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