Important Changes to Buff Freezers

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    Attention Maplers,

    With the v.244 update, currently scheduled for August 30, we will be making changes to the way buffs interact with character death. Instead of removing any active buffs from characters upon death, characters will now have their buffs persist without the use of a Buff Freezer.

    With this upcoming change, we would like to inform you that Buff Freezers, Cash Shop items which currently protect the player from losing their buffs upon death, will be removed from sale during the Cash Shop Update on August 23, 2023, and any Buff Freezers purchased before the removal date will naturally expire before the v.244 update. In addition to this, Buff Freezers will not appear in the current run of Marvel Machine and any unused Buff Freezer Marvel Machine coupons will be disabled

    We hope that this change to death penalties and Buff Freezers will make for a better MapleStory experience going forward.

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