Karma Koin Online Redemption Update

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    Attention Maplers,

    On September 1, we updated our Karma Koin redemption systems with regards to the use of purchased Karma Koin cards. Going forward, all Karma Koin cards that have been purchased and are redeemed through the Nexon website will reward NX in accordance with the exchange rate between the Karma Koin card currency type and the supported currency closest to the player’s locale if the player's local currency is not supported. For players redeeming Karma Koin cards in CAD, NZD, or AUD currencies, these will be converted into USD or EUR upon redemption.

    Please note that this change affects very few purchases of Karma Koins, and you may not be affected by the change even if your currency is listed above. For more information about Karma Koin, see the Karma Koin FAQ in the Nexon Support Center.

    We maintain our NX conversion rates to be in accordance with local tax laws and regulations, as well as currency exchange rates, in order to make sure that all of our players pay the same amount for the same items. We ask for your understanding that changes such as these must be made to provide a fair experience for all of our players.

    Thank you,

    -The MapleStory Team

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