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    It’s the same as the test server patch, changes to Fairy Bros’ Daily Gift as well as some minor game related changes and a couple of events. These periods of no content in between the summer and winter really suck haha.


    Here’s the other world selection screen.

    Here’s the Maple Update Info Centre video for this patch.

    Fairy Bros’ Daily Gift Reorganization


    The requirements to receive the Fairy Bros’ Daily Gift have been changed.

    • You must now defeat 300 monsters around your level per day to receive the gift.
    • Only monsters that you have killed yourself will be counted in your daily number of monsters killed.
    • Your daily number of monsters killed is recorded per character. (This means you must defeat the monsters on the character you want the gift on.)
    • Your daily number of monsters killed is reset at midnight.
    • If you defeat 300 monsters inside a Premium PC Room, you can receive the next day’s gift in advance.

    The Fairy Bros’ Daily Gifts have been changed. Starting from March, the following items will be given out.

    1. [3 Days] Teleport World Map
    2. 2 2x Experience Coupons (30 Minutes)
    3. Pendant of the Spirit (7 Days)
    4. 10 Strange Cubes
    5. 500 Scroll Traces
    6. Special Medal of Honor
    7. 500 Mileage (x2 if you are MVP Bronze I or higher)
    8. Mastery Book Set (gives 1 Mastery Book 20 and 1 Mastery Book 30)
    9. 2 2x Experience Coupons (30 Minutes)
    10. 3 Mysterious Meso Bags
    11. Powerful Rebirth Flame (x2 if you are MVP Bronze II or higher)
    12. Selective 8 Slot Expansion Coupon
    13. Character Slot Expansion Coupon
    14. Red Cube (x2 if you are MVP Bronze III or higher)
    15. [3 Days] Teleport World Map
    16. 2 2x Experience Coupons (30 Minutes)
    17. Pendant of the Spirit (7 Days)
    18. Miracle Circulator (x2 if you are MVP Bronze IV or higher)
    19. 1000 Scroll Traces
    20. Personality Trait Growth Elixir
    21. 1000 Mileage (x2 if you are MVP Silver or higher)
    22. Damage Skin Storage Slot Expansion Coupon
    23. Selective 8 Slot Expansion Coupon
    24. 5 Mysterious Meso Bags
    25. Eternal Rebirth Flame (x2 if you are MVP Gold or higher)
    26. 50% Epic Potential Scroll
    27. Additional Cube (20 Mysterious Meso Bags if you are in Reboot World)
    28. Black Cube (x2 if you are MVP Bronze, x3 if you are MVP Silver, x4 if you are MVP Gold, x5 if you are MVP Diamond)
    Game Related

    Certain areas’ quest difficulties have been adjusted, decreasing the number of monsters/items required to complete them.

    • Temple of Time
    • Destroyed Henesys

    Certain quests in the Lion King’s Castle area will now be automatically started/completed to reduce inconvenience.

    • Second Tower’s Key (level 115+, Jenn)
    • Third Tower’s Key (level 115+, Jenn)


    The Maple Contents Map has been improved.

    • A Maple Contents Map tutorial quest has been added.
    • A Help feature has been added that helps answer questions you may have.
    • Temple of Time quests have been added to the recommended quest list.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    New Grandis area monsters have been added to Monster Collection.

    • Savage Terminal
    • Verdel
    • Asylum
    • Fox Valley


    The Vertical Sync option has been added.

    • Vertical Sync is a feature that adjusts the frame rate of the game based on your monitor.
      • On: The frame rate of the game is set to the monitor’s frequency. If you do not have any specific issues, they recommend you use this.
      • Off: The frame rate of the game is set based on computer performance, regardless of monitor frequency. In some cases, the game might have delay due to V-Sync so disabling it might solve that issue.
    • You can turn the option on/off in the Options – Graphics – Screen tab.


    In Meisterville, the size of the collection farms have been increased, and the ore veins/flowers will respawn at regular intervals.


    Lie Detectors will now be sold by Menx in Meisterville.


    Lie Detectors have been improved. The UI’s buttons have been removed, and the size, colour, and font of the informational text will now be randomly chosen.

    This is yet another way they’re trying to crack down on automatic lie detector solvers that bots use, after stuff like randomizing the colour/size/appearance of command key inputs in runes and mining.


    In the following party quests, you will now have to enter commands in certain stages. You must enter the correct arrow keys in the given amount of time or you will be removed and placed back in the entry map.

    • Forest of Poison Fog
    • First Accompaniment
    • Traces of the Goddess
    • Romeo and Juliet
    • Kenta in Danger
    • Escape
    • Dragon Rider
    • Pirate Davy Jones
    • Dimensional Crack


    An anti-afk monster has been added to the party quests Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake and Ariant Coliseum.

    • Stalking Red Stirge

    In the Forestof Poison Fog party quest, if you lose the Purple Magic Stone item, you can talk to the NPC Elin to receive it again.

    Changing channels in Dead Mine: Passage will no longer move you to Forest of Dead Trees 4, you will remain in the Passage map.

    The following errors have been fixed.

    • Fixed an error where certain Cash Items could not be searched for in the Auction House.
    • Fixed an error where certain monsters’ skills in Monster Life did not appear correctly.
    • Fixed an error where the Perion’s Eraser achievement could not be completed normally depending on the character’s quest progress.
    • Fixed an error where you could not receive the completion stamp for Nett’s Pyramid Hard Mode in the Contents Map.
    • Fixed an error where using Soul Split on Hard Will’s 2nd phase would cause the reflection’s pattern to change.
    • Fixed an error where completing Urus in certain conditions would give you an E rank.
    • Fixed an error in Fox Valley where certain maps’ ropes were broken.
    • Fixed an error where Polo and Fritto’s bounty hunter portals appeared on certain maps that did not give experience.
    • Fixed an error where Mechanical Grave’s special quest reward information did not match the actual rewards.
    Skill Related

    The following errors have been fixed.

    • Fixed an error where you could not move sometimes when using Rope Connect immediately after using Double Jump.
    • Fixed an error where if an Archmage (F/P) used Flame Haze on certain monsters, a Poison Mist would be created at a different location than the monster.
    • Fixed an error where Bishop’s Advanced Bless’ required skill conditions in the description were incorrect.
    • Fixed an error where Bowmaster and Marksman’s Illusion Step’s DEX boost did not stack with the Elixir of Dexterity.
    • Fixed an error where when Mercedes used Wrath of Enril while using Elemental Ghost, afterimages would not be created.
    • Fixed an error where Eunwol’s Fox Trot was not considered a movement skill.
    Cash Shop

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Choice Hair Coupon and Choice Face Coupon have been updated with a new set of choices.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The March Royal Hair Coupon will be on sale from February 22 to March 21. The Trendy Royal Face Coupon has also been updated with a new set of faces.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Gold Apple has been updated with a new set of rewards including:

    • Chaos Pink Bean Mark
    • Picture Diary Damage Skin
    • Damage Skin Storage Slot Expansion Coupon
    • 10 Core Gemstones Voucher
    • Good Morning Toast Chair
    • Source of my Power Chair
    • Springtime Duck Riding
    • Rainbow Swing Riding
    • Magnificent Souls


    The Royal Style Coupon will be on sale from February 28 to March 21 and has a new set of items!

    • Raven’s Wing Hat
    • Raven’s Wing Coat
    • Raven’s Wing
    • Raven’s Wing Shoes
    • Mmm… Delicious
    • Bubbly Rainbow
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This month’s Special Label is the Little Crayon set! If you collect all 5 items, you’ll receive the Growing Up Quickly Chair.


    The Master Label is still the Master Blood set.


    Help the Toben Hair Warrior!


    This event will run from February 28 to March 14.


    As a Maple veteran, it is your duty to help out all of the poor noobs in Maple World. Your goal for this event is to teach this Toben haired warrior about all the things he needs to know to excel in MapleStory!


    There are 10 lessons in total, and each is a different mission you must complete to teach the noob. They unlock one more lesson each day of the event, and you can catch up if you miss any days.

    1. Defeat 1,000 monsters around your level (7 Day Pendant of the Spirit)
    2. Defeat 15 Elite Monsters (2,000 Scroll Traces)
    3. Clear 1 Polo & Fritto Portal (Gold Potential Stamp)
    4. Use 3 Runes (Selective 8 Slot Expansion Coupon)
    5. Achieve a 500 Combo Kill (Craftsman’s Cube)
    6. Achieve 400 Multi Kills (Personality Growth Potion)
    7. Clear 2 Sudden Missions (50% Epic Potential Scroll)
    8. Fight the Flame Wolf 1 time (Storm Growth Potion)
    9. Defeat 2,000 monsters around your level (Meister’s Cube)
    10. Defeat 1 Elite Boss (Maple World Teacher title)

    After completing all 10 lessons, you can complete an additional lesson once per day that requires you to defeat 1,000 monsters around your level for 2 2x Experience Coupons (15 minutes).


    The Maple World Teacher title gives 15 all stats, 15 attack/magic attack, 15% boss damage, 15% defense ignore, and 750 HP/MP. The stats will expire on March 29.

    Higher and Higher, Crown Stacking

    The Crown Stacking event will take place from March 15 to March 28.

    Every day, you can collect Sparkling Stars from monsters around your level. Collect 30 of them to receive experience, a Crown, or a Crown Fragment randomly. This quest can be completed up to 10 times per day.

    If you complete this quest 5 times in a day, you’ll also receive 2 2x Experience Coupons (15 Minutes).

    You can trade in 10 Crown Fragments to receive a Crown that you have not already collected. If you have already collected all of them, you’ll just get experience.

    Through the Crown Stacking UI, you can see all of your collected Crowns and choose to wear one from each category (Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Purple). For each Crown worn, your character’s stats will be increased.

    If you can complete a sentence that Cassandra gives you using your Crowns, you’ll receive the Crown Stacking Craftsman title.

    If you collect every Crown in a category, you’ll also receive special prizes.

    • Red: 60 Strange Cubes
    • Blue: 1 Craftsman’s Cube
    • Yellow: 50% Additional Potential Scroll (regular worlds)/5 Mysterious Meso Bags (Reboot worlds)
    • Green: 50% Epic Potential Scroll
    • Purple: Gold Potential Stamp
    • All categories: Powerful Rebirth Flame
    Sunday Maple


    The Sunday Maple event will take place on March 4, 11, 18, and 25.


    On March 4, the following benefits will take place:

    • Number of Elite Monsters summoned at the same time will be increased from 1 to 2
    • Daily limit on using Mileage Bags from Elite Monsters will be increased from 5 to 20


    On March 11, the following benefits will take place:

    • 5x chance to receive Magnificent Souls when trading in 10 Soul Fragments
    • Receive 2 2x Experience Coupons (30 Minutes)


    On March 18, the following benefits will take place:

    • 50% discount on potential reveal costs
    • 50% discount on Scroll Tracing (regular worlds)
    • 2x drop (Reboot worlds)


    On March 25, the following benefits will take place:

    • 2x rewards from all Arcane River daily content
    • 2x experience when defeating the Flame Wolf
    • 2x experience from Polo & Friotto’s Bounty Hunter portals

    Source: Orange Mushroom's Blog