KMS KMS ver 1.2.308 – Detective Rave’s Case Journal!

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    A new patch has been released! It’s basically the same as the test server one, featuring the new theme dungeon in Savage Terminal in Grandis, Detective Rave’s Case Journal! There’s also a couple events including the returning Detective Pepe and a new one, Tactical Relay.

    The next patch, which will be the first patch for this year’s winter update, will be on December 13. Look forward to seeing the teasers pop up in a couple of weeks from now!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Here’s the other two world select screens.

    And the Maple Update Info Centre video!

    Theme Dungeon: Detective Rave’s Case Journal


    In the lawless city of Savage Terminal, an extraordinary investigation begins! Uncover a villainous plot with Detective Rave!

    • Participant Requirements: Characters level 175 or higher
    • How to Participate: Accept the quest “[Detective Rave’s Case Journal] Winner!! Free Luxury Sightseeing” from the lightbulb notification on the left side of your screen.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The following monsters have been added.

    • Dangerous Hedgehog (Lv. 175)
    • Dangerous Ooze Waste (Lv. 176)
    • Dangerous Black Market Hoodlum (Lv. 178)
    • Dangerous Nutria (Lv. 179)
    • Dangerous Mr. Hazard’s Crony (Lv. 181)
    • Dangerous Spectre Stray Dog (Lv. 182)
    • Balloon Guruger (Lv. 183)
    • Archer Guruger (Lv. 184)
    • Enraged Guruger (Lv. 185)


    After completing the Theme Dungeon, you’ll receive a special medal.

    • Detective Rave’s Honorary Assistant (9 all stats, 200 HP/MP, 1 attack/magic attack, 20 defense)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Here’s the new illustrations for this theme dungeon.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Here’s the new NPCs and their illustrations.

    Los Gurugers

    Only one new BGM for this area, it’s pretty good but of course you’ll also be able to listen to the Savage Terminal BGM which is a banger.


    For a short period of time, a special Open Celebration event will take place!

    • Participant Requirements: Characters level 175 or higher
    • How to Participate:
      • Accept the quest “[Detective Rave’s Case Journal] Quick Gift to You!” from the lightbulb notification on the left side of your screen.
      • Within the event period, complete the Detective Rave theme dungeon.
      • You can receive your prize, the Ocean’s Lamplight 13 Chair through the star notification on the left side of your screen.
    Game Related


    The Game Exit confirmation window has been reorganized.

    • Play information from the time you logged on to your character until now will be displayed.
      • Play time
      • Level and experience changes
    • The [Unreceived Rewards] section has been added, which will list any rewards you have not yet claimed.
      • Union Coins
      • Monster Collection Expedition rewards
      • Deia’s G-Potions
      • Mu Lung Dojo Points
    • Items in your inventory that will expire within 24 hours will be displayed.
    • Any impending events that will be available at a specific time only will be displayed.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lie Detector usage and user reporting have been improved.

    • A character can now only be lie detectored once every 10 minutes.
    • The conditions required to use a lie detector on someone have been changed.
      • A character in combat
      • A character in the harvesting farm
    • When you use a Lie Detector, a list of all nearby characters will now be displayed.
      • You can use the Lie Detector by typing in a character name like before or choosing one from the list.
      • Characters whose names are in red on the list have already been Lie Detectored in the last 10 minutes.
    • Characters currently completing a Lie Detector will have an effect on top of their heads. This effect is only visible to the character who used the Lie Detector.
    • Fixed an error where you would not receive the results of the test and meso rewards if you were no longer in the same channel.
    • You can now right click on a character to use a Lie Detector on them.
      • If the button is grey, the character has already been Lie Detectored in the last 10 minutes.
      • This will automatically consume a Lie Detector item from your inventory.
    • Characters who have used 1 or more Lie Detectors during the week will receive a weekly Lie Detector stats message. It will display your weekly used amount and effectively used amount.
    • The number of times you can report a user per day is now displayed in the User Report UI.
    • You can no longer report users for illegal program usage in world-merged party quest channels.

    While existing buff items and stacking buffs are active, using a Cash item that will not stack will now activate a confirmation window to let you know that the effects will not stack.

    You can now only use the Meso Market and Auction House’s selling features, the Cash Shop gifting feature, Cash item trading, and package delivery after your character has been created for 3 days and you are level 61 or higher.

    When connecting from a new IP, the block duration on trading items and mesos will now only go down while you are logged in.

    Burning World and Challenge World’s character names can now be used when creating new characters.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an error where monsters’ movement stopped intermittently.
    • Fixed an error where while Vellum was bound, it could not be hit in certain areas.
    • Fixed an error where while fighting Demian, a Sword of Destruction or Transcendent Stone would sometimes still be created even if you didn’t complete a Stigma and die.
    • Fixed an error where if you used the Scroll Trace and Star Force Enhancement UI inside Flame Wolf when time ran out, you would not be able to move in the exit map. You can no longer use Scroll Traces or Star Force items inside the Flame Wolf map.
    • Fixed an error where the Flag Race invitation would not appear in the End of the World area.
    • Fixed an error where you could not use the Flame Wolf portal inside the Goblin Ridge.
    • Fixed an error where the Mileage quest for defeating Chaos Pierre would appear as completed while fighting him before actually defeating him.
    • Fixed an error where quests from Yang in Ludibrium would sometimes not complete even after meeting the completion requirements.
    • Fixed an error where Soul Master’s Solunar Slash skill’s master level sometimes appeared as 0.
    • Fixed an error where Wild Hunter’s Call of the Hunter skill’s summoned monster attacking would sometimes cause you to return to the login screen.
    • Fixed an error where Bishop’s Unstable Memorize would not ignore Heal’s cooldown.
    • Fixed an error where Zero’s Advanced Spin Cutter skill description had lower values for the sword slash than it actually was.
    • Fixed an error where Paladin’s Guardian Spirit skill when used in Urus would revive all allies.
    • Fixed an error where Hero’s Sword of Burning Soul would not be released after entering Urus.
    • Fixed an error where Warrior’s Aura Weapon skill’s aura wave sometimes did not activate.
    • Fixed an error where if Thief’s Venom Burst skill’s poison brought an enemy’s HP to 1, the poison would disappear but the effect would remain.
    • Fixed an error where Thief’s Shadow Partner skills when registered as a Pet Skill would cause other attacking skills’ motions to be repeated twice.
    • Fixed an error where when the Special Core: Overcoming Experience I would activate, the buff would be called Rune’s Experience incorrectly.
    • Fixed an error where the client would exit if you opened the Union UI while clicking the OK button for Boss Matching.
    • Fixed an error in Monster Life where moving the curser to a certain button then to another place would cause the sound effect to continue playing.
    • Fixed an error in Monster Life where after using the Farm Name Change Coupon, you could not cancel the UI.
    • Fixed an error with Alicia’s Ring Box and Root Abyss’ Sealed Box where if you received an item that was instantly placed inside a special bag in your inventory, that bag would appear instead of the item in the results window.
    • You can now use the Quick Move menu in Korean Folk Town in Reboot World.
    • Fixed an error where Mercedes’ Link Skill Transfer quest’s Link Management skill location was incorrect.
    • Fixed an error where Black Bean equipment had certain stats randomly given to it.
    • Fixed some of Maple Chat’s NPC Irene’s unnatural dialogue.
    • Fixed an error where when whispering users on a different channel while using the Item Link feature, the item name would appear twice in your message.
    • Fixed an error where after using the Item Link feature in Buddy/Party/Guild chat, deleting the link would cause the link to remain in the chat.
    • Fixed an error where the Spirit Pendant could have additional options. Any previously acquired additional options have been removed.
    • Fixed an error where the client would sometimes exit while changing Inner Abilities.
    • Fixed an error where double jumping from a high position in a hunting map would sometimes cause you to be moved to the login screen.
    • Users sitting in chairs can no longer use the follow feature.
    • In the Cash Shop, the prices and quantities of bundled items have been changed to look better.

    Detective Pepe’s Detective Agency


    The Detective Pepe’s Detective Agency event will run from November 15 to November 28.


    The self-proclaimed best detective in Maple World! Detective Pepe and his trusty assistant Yeti have returned. Join them in solving various cases in their Detective Agencies through 14 episodes.

    Each day, you can login and collect 200 Detective Agency Entry Tickets from monsters around your level.


    Take them to Detective Pepe to begin an Episode. One will unlock every day of the event at 10 AM and you must do them in order. You can catch up if you miss any days as well.


    Every time you complete an Episode, you’ll also get a special reward!

    1. Spirit Pendant (7 days)
    2. 500 Mileage
    3. 2 3x Experience Coupons (15 minutes)
    4. 10% Clean Slate Scroll (20 Strange Cubes for Reboot)
    5. Special Medal of Honour
    6. 100% Golden Hammer (30 Strange Cubes for Reboot)
    7. 100% Epic Potential Scroll
    8. Damage Skin Storage Slot Expansion Coupon
    9. 3 Strange Additional Cubes (50 Strange Cubes for Reboot)
    10. Detective Agency Yeti x Pepe Damage Skin
    11. 3 Core Gemstones
    12. Powerful Rebirth Flame
    13. 2 Meister Cubes
    14. Eternal Rebirth Flame
    Tactical Relay

    The Tactical Relay event will run from November 29 to December 12.

    In the Tactical Relay event, you must clear 12 stages of missions every day. Challenge them with your characters and complete bonus conditions along the way!

    Sunday Maple


    On November 18, the following benefits will take place:

    • Receive 1 of 3 Shabang Shabang Damage Skins
    • 50% discount on Ability reset costs


    On November 25, the following benefits will take place:

    • +300% experience from Combo Kill Orbs
    • 3x daily clear count and experience from Sudden Missions
    • Sudden Mission appearance rate increased


    On December 2, the following benefits will take place:

    • 1+1 enhancements when Star Force enhancing items up to 10 stars
    • 2 Elite Monsters will spawn at the same time


    On December 9, the following benefits will take place:

    • 2x rewards from Arcane River’s 1st~6th areas’ daily content
    • 2x experience from Pollo and Fritto’s Bounty Hunting
    • 2x experience from Flame Wolf

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