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    The first patch of the MapleStory Glory update has been released (a little more than a week ago but that’s besides the point). This patch, titled The Day After, is the beginning of the new story after the defeat of the Black Mage. It’s basically a pre-update patch since it doesn’t have much content, but there are a lot of QoL changes.

    I’m going to cover two patches in one since they put out another patch this week to add a Burning World (the servers are way crowded haha) and some other bug fixes. There was a KMST patch last week for the content we’ll be getting on July 4 so I will just cover that when it hits the official servers this week. I’m also working on the Ho Young skill translations, that’ll be out whenever its done [​IMG]

    Spring Project

    All world’s base character slots have been expanded from 4 to 8.

    When you are wearing multiple rings or pendants, the range difference shown on the tooltip used to only be based on the item in the first slot, which made it difficult to compare them. You can now click the mouse wheel while hovering over one to compare the item to a different ring or pendant you are wearing.


    Equipment tooltips will now show the number of upgrade slots you can recover using Clean Slate Scrolls, beside the number of available upgrade slots.

    The number of upgrade slots available and the ‘Golden Hammer applied’ text’s locations have been changed to make them easier to see at a glance.

    You can now right click on hotkeys to remove them.

    You can no longer open the V Matrix UI while the Shortcut Settings UI is open.

    To keep upgraded Cores safer, when you open the V Matrix UI by talking to a V Core Master NPC, you must now enter your 2nd password to open it.

    To prevent accidental disassembly of upgraded Cores, a notice will popup if you attempt to disassemble upgraded Cores.

    To prevent mistakes when disassembling Cores, the ‘new Core acquired’ effect will disappear when clicked.


    5th job skills’ tooltips will now show if their master level has been increased using V Matrix Slot enhancements.

    When Star Force enhancing, to prevent mistakes, after you check the Destruction Protection box, it will remain checked even after your enhancement is completed.

    You can now use Return to Nearest Town Scrolls and the Maple Guide’s teleports while inside the Dream Breaker entry map.

    An information quest has been added for the Dream Breaker ranker rewards.

    In Urus, to prevent accidental matching, after 18 people have been gathered, the matching button will be disabled.

    The Torrential Zone’s Bait have been removed and replaced with Runes.

    Fritto’s portals’ experience rewards have been increased for places with monsters level 120 or higher.

    The difficulty of Fritto’s Egg Thief mission has been decreased.

    You can no longer use pets in Flag Race to reduce confusion and ensure fair matches.


    When you are resetting an item’s potential, the UI will now display the remaining number of cubes.

    If your potential’s rank goes up, the ‘One More Time’ button will be disabled to prevent mistakes.

    You can now change your pet’s auto pot settings while being hit by monsters.

    In the Maple Auction, the option to search for exact keyword matches first has been added.

    In the Maple Auction, when selling items, a popup will show the price per unit and total selling price in Korean.

    When buying items that cannot be purchased more than one at a time in NPC stores, it will no longer ask for your purchase quantity.

    The repurchase tab in NPC stores has been revised to provide more information.

    When advancing dialogue in certain content or when reviving other characters in Urus, instead of the fixed Space key you can now use your NPC Chat key.

    Reboot world’s item tooltips have been improved to show if they are actually tradeable.

    When using the Teleport World Map on the World Map, if you cancel the usage the directions will now be displayed.

    When talking to the Unknown Mage and asking him to return a Soul Weapon to a regular weapon, a guide to resetting Soul Weapons will be displayed.


    The Cash Wardrobe now has a sorting feature. You can now search using one character. When searching with one character, only item names will be searched.

    When a Safety Charm expires, a message to purchase a new one will be displayed.

    When you are using a Luna Crystal, you can now see the trade between the base and the result right from the UI.

    Certain Cash items can now be placed on quick slots and used with shortcuts.


    When using Android shops, they will now show the image of your equipped Android.

    Cash items that cannot be traded will now have the Untradeable tag in their item tooltip.

    You can now delete unneeded Cash items in the Cash Shop by right clicking on them in the Cash Shop’s Cash Wardrobe and choosing delete.

    When you are using a Masterpiece, only items that can be used as a base or material will be selectable in the inventory.

    The VIP Hair Dye Coupon’s colour choices will now be the same in all towns.

    When you are trying to change your character hair and it is not saved in a Mannequin, a confirmation window will appear. However, if you have the hair saved but it is a different colour than your current one, the confirmation will not appear.

    Items that cannot be refunded after purchasing will now display that information in the Cash Shop.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Skill Related)

    Fixed an error where basic attacks and certain skills did not apply attack speed increasing effects.

    Fixed an error where Wind Breaker’s Howling Gale and Phantom’s Mark of Phantom’s Wind Aura/Mark of Phantom Thief would disappear if you died and revived with the Buff Freezer.

    Fixed an error where turning Archmage (I/L)’s Ice Aura on and off repeatedly would cause freeze stacks to accumulate all at once.

    [​IMG] Bishop’s Genesis icon has been changed.

    Fixed an error where the client would shut down if Pathfinder used Cardinal Transition after learning the 5th job skill Blink.

    Fixed an error where Flame Wizard could not summon the Flame Fox for Spirit of Flame while in the air.

    Fixed an error where if Windbreaker used Howling Gale in a macro, it would only use 1 Wind Aura.

    Fixed an error where Night Walker would receive damage from Damage Reflect after activating Darkness Ascension.

    Fixed an error where Eunwol’s Fox Spirits could hit ally NPCs.

    Fixed an error where if Blaster used Vulcan Punch while Aura Weapon was active, the aura wave would not be activated.

    Mikhail can no longer use chairs or ridings while using Rho Aias.

    If Kaiser was in Final Figuration form when inflicted with the transform status, after the status ends you will return to the Final Figuration form.

    Fixed an error where if an Illium summoned the Crystal after falling into the torrents in Hungry Muto, skill effect transparency would apply to the Crystal.


    Urus’ Golden Time has been changed to 2pm – 10pm for the summer.

    Fixed an error where the Restraint Ring could not be exchanged through trades.

    Fixed an error where the message for exceeding your Mileage accumulation limit was not appearing.

    Fixed an error where trading hairs with one in your hair room would cause the Mix Dye ration to be reversed.

    Character creation will be blocked in Scania and Luna, unless you already have at least one character in those worlds.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Etc)

    Fixed an error where items in the Cash Wardrobe had to be moved to the inventory and back to show their tradeable status.

    Certain hair names have been changed. Certain hairs that did not have the format of “Colour + Hair Name” will now use that format.

    You can now open the Hair Room and Face Room in the Equipment window’s Cash tab even if you do not have any Mannequins.

    The Cash equipment My Friend Pink Bean will now properly cover all weapons.

    When creating a character, if the hair name appeared too long it will now appear normally.

    If a UI becomes transparent after entering the combat state then you exit the combat state, the transparency will end accordingly.

    To reduce duplicated information in equipment tooltips, the “Can be enhanced up to N stars” text has been removed.

    When using the Item Link, equipped items’ tooltips will now be shown as well.

    Fixed an error where linked Arcane Symbols’ growth amount were sometimes wrong in the chat window.

    Fixed an error where even if you blocked friend requests, people not on your buddy list could send account buddy conversion requests.

    Fixed an error where certain cooldown reset skills applied to profession crafting cooldowns.

    The Room of Truth’s cumulative weekly entry number reduction has been changed from 5 to 1.

    Fixed an error in Reboot World where items that could be traded through the account 1 time were tradeable infinitely.

    Fixed an error where when using the storage, inventory slots that you have not unlocked yet would appear to be usable.

    Fixed an error where the boss queue did not turn off after entering Cygnus and Magnus.

    In Chaos Von Bon, after Von Bon is defeated, all remaining falling clocks will disappear.

    Fixed an error where if you entered Suu without being in a party and tried to reenter, it would say you already cleared this week.

    Fixed an error where certain ropes in Labyrinth of Suffering Center 6 did not work.

    Fixed an error where Pathfinder could not complete the Maple Achievement <Adventurer’s Journal Chapter 1>.

    Fixed an error where Mikhail doing the Fairy Academy Elinel quests would have issues with Nineheart’s quest.

    After you have reached the daily limit for clearing Flame Wolf, the portal will no longer appear.

    Fixed an error in Pollo’s Stormwing where the Snowman’s experience applied abnormally.

    Fixed an error where the Spirit of Darkness skill did not reappear for a long time after is ended.

    Dark Knight’s Reincarnation will no longer activate in Black Heaven when playing the Demolishizer minigames.

    Fixed an error where Tenebris, Labyrinth of Suffering and Limen’s drops did not match their levels.

    Fixed an error in The SEED’s 29th floor where you could create Red Sand Fragments without having 10 Red Sand Powders.

    Fixed an error where certain SEED rings’ descriptions mentioned MP costs but did not consume anything when activated.

    • Crisis – H Ring
    • Crisis – M Ring
    • Crisis – HM Ring
    • Recover Stance Ring
    • Recover Defense Ring

    Certain SEED ring skills have been changed to consume HP.

    • Restraint Ring
    • Ultimatum Ring
    • Limit Ring
    • Health Cut Ring
    • Mana Cut Ring
    • Durability Ring
    • Crit Damage Ring
    • Crit Defense Ring
    • Crit Shift Ring
    • Stance Shift Ring
    • Ring of Sum
    • Level Puff – S Ring
    • Level Puff – D Ring
    • Level Puff – I Ring
    • Level Puff – L Ring
    • Weapon Puff – S Ring
    • Weapon Puff – D Ring
    • Weapon Puff – I Ring
    • Weapon Puff – L Ring
    • Swift Ring
    • Overpass Ring
    • Shield Swap Ring
    • Reflective Ring
    • Burden Lift Ring
    • Risk Taker Ring
    Cash Related


    Hyper Megaphones have been added to the Mileage Shop. You can purchase them using 100% Mileage, up to 5 per month per Nexon ID.

    Royal Hair/Face

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The July Royal Hair Coupon will be on sale from June 20 to July 17. The Trendy Royal Face Coupon has been updated with new faces.


    In addition, for the first time, you can buy a July Royal Hair Coupon or a Trendy Royal Face Coupon entirely for Mileage in the Mileage Shop! You can only buy one of each per Nexon ID.

    Reboot users can purchase the equivalent Reboot Hair/Face Coupon.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    To go along with the new Face Rooms, Mannequins will be on sale from June 20 to July 17. You can also purchase Hair Room Slot Expansion Coupons and Face Room Slot Expansion Coupons.

    The Face Room and Face Room Slot Expansion Coupon have been added.

    • Now, when you use a Mannequin, you’ll have the option of choosing to store it in your Hair Room or Face Room.
    • You can save your character’s current face and colour in a Mannequin in the Face Room.
    • You can put up to 3 Mannequins into your Face Room by default.
    • You can buy up to 2 Face Room Slot Expansion Coupons to increase your maximum number of Mannequins to 5.
    Royal Style Coupons

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Maple Royal Style Coupon will be on sale from June 27 to July 17. It features new items including the Cream Soda Crush set.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    There’s also the 75th Special Label: the Forever Sea set. If you collect all 5 items, you’ll also receive the Underwater Sea Chair.

    MapleStory Glory


    The MapleStory Glory update is the beginning of the story after the battle with the Black Mage.

    The Maple Alliance was victorious after a fierce war with the Black Mage! However, the war has left wounds and unknown threats still remain in Maple World.

    Become a member of the Alliance’s elite team Glorion to defend Maple World against giant changes and new threats. Glorion will carry out various important missions for the Alliance.

    Once again, respond to the Empress’ call and protect the glory and peace of Maple World!


    The Glory update is split into 4 parts.

    • The Day After (June 20)
    • Borderless (July 4)
    • Reckless Taoist Ho Young (July 18)
    • The Chosen One (August 8)
    The Day After

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Day After is a set of story quests, taking place after the war against the Black Mage. Almost every class has unique settings and dialogue!

    An awesome user on Twitter (@satsumikan) compiled and translated all of them, so if you’re interested, check it out here!



    The Glorion event will run from June 20 to August 28. This is the main feature of the summer update, similar to the Black Mage and Adventure updates.


    To join Glorion, you must complete The Day After quests on a character that is level 101 or higher (or a Zero who has completed Chapter 2 of the story quests). After completing them, you will become a member of Glorion with the Scout rank. Your rank will be shown as an icon beside your character’s name.

    This will allow you to start collecting Glory Points. 100 Glory Points will automatically be turned into 1 Glorium.


    After joining Glorion, you can use the Glory alert icon to move to the Outpost automatically.


    There are a total of 6 Glorion ranks. You begin at Scout and can work your way up by paying Glorium to Cygnus. Each rank will unlock at a different date. Your Glorion rank will be shared between all characters in the same world.

    • Scout: automatically given
    • Sergeant: 300 Glorium (July 4)
    • Guardian: 800 Glorium (July 18)
    • Master: 1,500 Glorium (August 1)
    • Commander: 2,000 Glorium (August 8)
    • Supreme: 3,000 Glorium (August 22)


    Of course, as your rank increases, you’ll receive various benefits. The first of which is an increased daily cap on Glory Points.

    • Scout: 10,000 Glory Points
    • Sergeant: 15,000 Glory Points
    • Guardian: 20,000 Glory Points
    • Master: 25,000 Glory Points
    • Commander: 35,000 Glory Points
    • Supreme: 50,000 Glory Points


    The Alliance Supply Shop will also have better items as your Glorion rank increases. The shop will be revealed at a later time.


    Finally, you’ll receive the Glorion Force skill which will be upgraded based on your rank. The skill will be revealed at a later time.


    Every time you rank up, you will be given a Special Supply Box by Cygnus, which will contain various items.

    • Scout
      • Glorion Sword Voucher
      • Glorion Hat Voucher
      • Glorion Uniform Voucher
      • Glorion Cape Voucher
      • Glorion Damage Skin
      • Glorion Golden Emblem Voucher
    • Guardian
      • Glorion Ring: Guardian
      • 30 Selective Arcane Symbol Vouchers
      • 10 Core Gemstones
    • Master
      • Glorion Ring: Master
      • 5 Red Cubes
      • 10 Strange Additional Cubes (10 Craftsman’s Cubes in Reboot)
    • Commander
      • Glorion Ring: Commander
      • 5k Maple Points
      • Gaga Coin (100m mesos)
    • Supreme
      • Glorion Ring: Supreme (40 all stats, 4000 HP/MP, 25 attack/magic attack)
      • 10k Maple Points
      • Inkwell Coin (200m mesos)


    As part of the elite Glorion team, you’ll be given various missions by the Alliance. There are 4 different types of missions.

    • Regular missions: missions given to all members regardless of rank (Nineheart)
    • Weekly missions: missions given every week in addition to regular missions (Nineheart, beginning on July 4)
    • Elite missions: missions given in Cernium based on your Glorion rank (Idea, beginning on July 18)
    • Challenge missions: missions given every day which give more rewards as your character grows stronger (Helena, beginning on July 4)
    Glorion Regular Mission: Nineheart’s Request


    The Regular Mission: Nineheart’s Request event will run from June 20 to July 3.


    For the first regular mission, Nineheart needs your help to collect lost supplies for the Alliance. He’ll give you a Communication Magic Orb to use.


    When you use it in a map with monsters around your level range, Nineheart will appear on a transport ship.


    While killing monsters, they’ll drop Lost Supplies which Nineheart will automatically pick up.


    When he has enough, an Alliance soldier will appear to take them, and help you fight in the meantime. You’ll receive Glory Points every time this happens.


    There’s a total of 10 stages, each requiring a certain amount of supplies to be collected before you can receive a certain amount of Glory Points (from 50 points at stage 1 to 5000 points at stage 10).

    Nineheart will automatically disappear if you change maps or log off, but your current stage status and collected items will remain.

    MapleStory Glory Pre-Registration: Glorion


    The MapleStory Glory Pre-Registration event will run from June 20 to July 4. The rewards will be given out from July 4 to July 17.

    To pre-register for your rewards, all you have to do is complete The Day After quest and become a member of Glorion. You can do this once per Nexon ID.


    After July 4, you can login to receive a Glory Pre-Registration Box. It is account tradeable. The box will give the same thing to everyone, as well as a couple of special additional rewards if you participated in the Tenebris expedition last summer during the Black Mage update.


    All players will receive a free Mannequin. This item allows you to save one hair or face in your Hair/Face Rooms.

    If you participated in the Tenebris expedition last summer, you’ll also receive 1000 Glorium and a Glory Money Box. The box gives 10m mesos and if you’re lucky, you might also get:

    • Gaga Coin (100m mesos)
    • Inkwell Coin (200m mesos)
    • 1k Maple Points
    • 10k Maple Points
    • 100k Maple Points
    • 1m Maple Points
    Tera Burning + Overlimit


    The Tera Burning event will run from June 20 to August 28.


    When you create a new character during this event, you can choose to make them a Tera Burning character! Note that you can only do this once per Maple ID.

    Characters can only become Tera Burning characters when they are created. You cannot change your Tera Burning character but if you delete it, you can make another one.


    The main benefit of a Tera Burning character is the ability to gain two extra levels per level up. This effect will take place until level 200!


    You’ll also receive the Eternal Flame title which gives 15 all stats, 15 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage, 10% defense ignore, 750 HP/MP, 10% bonus experience and 30 Arcane Force.

    The title can only be used after completing the 5th job advancement and its stats will expire in 14 days.


    At level 150, you’ll receive the Expiring Root Abyss Set Box which when opened will reward you with a full level 150 Root Abyss set. These items will have Epic potential and 12 stars, but will expire in 30 days.


    At level 180, you’ll receive the Root Abyss Armor Box, which gives a full set of Root Abyss armor that does not expire (but they’re untradeable).

    At level 200, you’ll receive the Root Abyss Weapon Box, which gives a Root Abyss weapon that does not expire (but it’s untradeable).


    At level 100, you’ll receive the Legendary Secret Box which when opened will reward you with 4 Mastery Book 20’s, 4 Mastery Book 30’s, and a full Black set.


    At level 30, you’ll receive the Level 30 Equipment Box which is self-explanatory.


    When your Tera Burning character is created, it will receive a Snail pet that has 25 hours of magic. It comes with meso loot, item loot, auto loot, and auto HP/MP. You cannot use the Water of Life on it.


    The Overlimit event will run from June 20 to July 17. It is an extension of the Tera Burning event as it only applies to Tera Burning characters.


    First of all, every time you level up from level 201 to 220, you’ll receive various rewards.

    • Level 201~210: 10 Arcane Symbol: Road of Vanishing, 3 Core Gemstones, 2 3x Experience Coupons (15 minutes)
    • Level 211~220: 20 Selective Arcane Symbol Vouchers, 5 Core Gemstones, 2 3x Experience Coupons (15 minutes)


    In addition, at level 205/210/215/220, you can complete missions to receive special rewards.

    • Level 205: clear Monster Park: Road of Vanishing 2 times
      • 10k Maple Points
      • Overlimit Growth Potion (can be used at level 219 or higher to level up once, if used at level 220 or higher you will receive a certain amount of experience)
    • Level 210: complete the Chew Chew Island story quests
      • Inkwell Coin (200m mesos)
    • Level 215: clear Monster Park: Chew Chew Island 2 times
      • 20k Maple Points
    • Level 220: complete the Lacheln story quests
      • Overlimit Damage Skin
      • Unique Emblem Box (gives you a Unique potential rank Emblem for your class, completely untradeable)
      • 2 Inkwell Coins (400m mesos)
    Burning World: Quatro


    Burning World will be open from June 27 to August 29. From August 29 to September 25, you will be able to World Leap your characters from this world to other worlds.


    Burning World is a time-limited special world which gives various benefits for rapid growth. All characters in Burning World will receive the special Burning skill while they are in the world, which gives:

    • 1.5x experience
    • 50 attack/magic attack
    • 30% damage to regular monsters
    • 30% damage to boss monsters
    • 30% critical rate
    • 30% critical damage

    In Burning World, you can create up to 4 Mega Burning characters, who will have the following benefits:

    • +2 levels for each level up, up to level 130
    • Snail pet
    • Level 30 Equipment Box
    • Legendary Secret Box
      • Black Hat
      • Black Cape
      • Black Suit
      • Black Weapon Box
      • Black Secondary Weapon Box
      • 8 Mastery Boxes
    • Keep on Burning title
    • BURNING medal
    • 10th Anniversary White Armor Set Box
    • Teleport World Map (30 days)
    • Equip/Use/Etc./Set-up inventories expanded to 56 slots


    In Burning World, if you have a level 100 or higher character, you can also create a Zero! However, you cannot burn a Zero (or the new character Ho Young).


    After August 29, you will no longer be able to train your characters in Burning World. Instead, you’ll be able to World Leap up to 5 characters (at least level 130) to any other world (except Reboot/Reboot 2).

    If you haven’t moved your characters by September 25, they will be deleted along with their items and Cash items.


    In Burning World, you cannot purchase the following items from the Cash Shop:

    • Character Slot Expansion Coupon
    • 4/8 Slot Storage Expansion Coupon
    • House Wedding Ticket

    The following features are not available in Burning World:

    • Meso Market
    • Transferring Link Skills
    • Maple Union
    • Monster Collection
    Sunday Maple


    The Sunday Maple event will take place on June 23 and June 30.

    On June 23, the following benefits will take place:

    • 2x experience from Pollo and Fritto’s bounty hunter portals
    • 2x experience from Flame Wolf
    • 2 Elite Monsters will spawn at one time

    On June 30, the following benefits will take place:

    • 1+1 enhancements up to 10 stars when Star Forcing items
    • Receive 20 Selective Arcane Symbol Vouchers
    • Receive 1 Storm Growth Potion

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