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    A new patch has arrived, and with it comes… three events. This patch also contains some updates to the MVP system. There were some changes from the previous KMST patch which are covered in a section at the beginning.

    Basically, come back on March 19 to see what we get in the next KMST patch.



    • Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot
      • Returning with more abundance! From the Petal Skin Coupon to a Custom Mix Dye Coupon! Don’t miss the gifts prepared by the Fairy Bros!
    • Special Classes with the Toben Hair Warrior
      • Which classes this time? Together with the Toben Hair Warrior, receive lessons from various teachers to complete powerful skills!
    • Maple Hashtag
      • Maple Hashtag has returned with new hashtags and emoticons! Complete your own custom chair and receive daily rewards!
    • MVP Membership Renewal
      • Check out the new MVP membership service.
    MVP Membership Renewal Change Details

    The addition of the MVP Black rank has been suspended.

    • Many players love MapleStory, and in the existing MVP membership service, there were many more MVP Diamond ranks than MVP Gold.
    • Instead of increasing the conditions of MVP Diamond, we added new ranks above it to provide even better benefits.
    • However, the MVP Black rank raised many concerns among players since its conditions were too high and could not be reached in certain environments. Therefore, we are suspending the addition of the MVP Black rank.

    The MVP-only channels will not be added.

    • The addition of MVP-only channels to help alleviate the issue of lack of hunting maps in large worlds was not an idea that resonated with players, so it will be cancelled.
    • In addition, for the first half of the year, to help alleviate the issue, development will be focused on improving hunting map efficiency and delays in using content.

    Gift Packs

    • The current Gift Pack method was changed to help improve various inconveniences such as receiving rewards based on the previous day’s rank as well as receiving random rewards every day, causing differences in rewards for those at the same rank.
    • However, the Gift Pack changes also reduced certain benefits that many players enjoyed. We have tried to alleviate this as much as possible with the following updates.
      • Bronze rank will now receive Gift Packs.
      • Mu Lung Dojo Unity Centre Entry Charms will now be given to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Red ranks.
      • Monster Park Free Entry Tickets will now be given to Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Red ranks.
      • MVP Plus EXP Atmospheric Effects will now be given to Gold, Diamond, and Red ranks. (The MVP Plus EXP Atmospheric Effects have been combined into one item, without design differences based on your rank.)
      • The MVP 50% Additional Experience Coupons which were tradeable through the account have been removed and replaced with tradeable coupons.
      • The Dream Breaker Entry Coupons removal will be maintained as they were largely unused.

    Rank Achievement Rewards

    • When you achieve Bronze ranks, the titles given by the Item Packs will now have permanent stats. Any existing titles will be changed after the February 27 update.
    • After the Gift Pack changes, Silver rank players could not receive Teleport World Maps anymore, so the Silver Special Pack will now give an MVP Special Teleport World Map (15 minute cooldown).
    MVP Membership Renewal

    MVP New Rank


    A new MVP rank has been added.

    • MVP Red: requires 1.5 million Nexon Cash spent in the last 3 months

    When you achieve MVP Red rank, you will receive the MVP Red Royal Pack. You will also receive Gift Packs with items based on your MVP Red rank. More information below.

    These new ranks will receive the same benefits to Star Force enhancements, Maple Auction, and Fairy Bros’ Daily Gift content as MVP Diamond rank.

    Gift Packs


    The Daily Pack has been removed. MVP Bronze and higher ranks will now receive Gift Packs. These Gift Packs can be collected up to 3 times a month, once for each of the 3 different periods of the month (once per Maple ID).

    • 1st Period: 1st~10th of the month
    • 2nd Period: 11th~20th of the month
    • 3rd Period: 21st~last day of the month

    The Gift Pack rewards will be based on your MVP rank at the time of claiming the box. If your MVP rank increases, you can claim an additional Gift Pack that contains the extra items that you would have received. (e.g. if you were MVP Silver on February 20 and claimed the Gift Pack, then got to MVP Diamond, you could claim another Gift Pack that would contain all the items for MVP Diamond minus the items you had in your first Gift Pack).


    Here are the items included in the Gift Packs. The MVP 50% Additional Experience Coupons stack with other experience buff effects. However, the MVP Plus EXP Atmospheric Effect, the Mu Gong’s Nutritious Tonic, and the MVP 50% Additional Experience Coupon will not stack with each other.

    Rank Achievement Rewards (Item/Special/Royal Packs)

    The Item Packs given for achieving Bronze ranks have not been changed.


    The Special Packs given for achieving Silver, Gold, and Diamond ranks have been changed.


    • The MVP Special Damage Skin has been changed to an On/Off set-up item.
    • You can double click it to activate the Damage Skin. You can check the item’s name to see if it is On or Off.
    • If you deactivate it, you will use the Damage Skin you previously had.
    • If you apply a Damage Skin Coupon or a saved Damage Skin, the MVP Special Damage Skin will be automatically deactivated.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    If you achieve MVP Red or Black rank, you will receive a Royal Pack. These can be claimed once per character per month, but the Maple Points will only be given out once per month per Maple ID.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Skills)

    Fixed an error where certain projectile skills would remain on certain maps after the character died.

    • Archmage (I/L)’s Frozen Orb
    • Pathfinder’s Raven Tempest
    • Dual Blade’s Flash Bang
    • Cannon Shooter’s Monkey Rush Boom
    • Cygnus Knights’ Cygnus Phalanx
    • Flame Wizard’s Blazing Extinction
    • Wind Breaker’s Howling Gale
    • Night Walker’s Stardust
    • Luminous’ Morning Starfall
    • Demon Avenger’s Bat Swarm
    • Kaiser’s Wingbeat

    Fixed an error in Pollo and Fritto’s Bounty Hunting where certain barrier skill effects appeared in Eagle Hunting and Courtship Dance.

    Fixed an error with giant bosses such as Dusk where if multiple projectiles applied at the same time, their number of hits would be decreased.

    If Phantom dies while using Steal Skill, the skill will now be cancelled.

    Fixed an error where Blaster’s Guard’s damage reduction did not apply to certain monster attacks.

    Blaster’s Hurricane Mixer’s description has been updated to match the current logic of the passive effect’s Hammer Smash damage boost not applying to the shockwave.

    Fixed an error where Mechanic could not activate the Rune of Transference effect while on the Metal Armor: Tank.

    Fixed an error where Adele’s Creation would sometimes appear while Adele was invisible in cutscenes.

    Fixed an error where if Adele learned Resonance – Extra Healing, they could only use Impale with 15 or more Ether.

    Fixed an error where Adele’s Resonance did not deal damage to Urus.

    Fixed an error where if Adele used a hidden portal, other characters would see Feather’s effect.

    Fixed an error where if Zero used Shadow Rain consecutively, sometimes the client would exit.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Boss Monsters)

    You can no longer reset your Ability inside Flame Wolf.

    A message will now be displayed if you fail to defeat an Elite Champion.

    The Elite Champion’s Brilliant Flower and Killer Bees will no longer spawn in the same location. If there are other characters in the map, the Brilliant Flower will take more damage.

    Fixed an error in Reboot where if certain classes defeated Demon Balrog, they would receive weapons that were not for their class.

    Fixed an error where you could not receive the Prison Key if you were moved from Von Leon to the prison.

    When you exit Lucid, the bomb will now be removed.

    In Lucid, if you do not defeat a Nightmare Golem and take damage from moving into it, you will now receive a message in the chat window.

    Fixed an error where defeating Easy Lucid would not give you the Maple Guide’s completion stamp.

    Fixed an error where Dusk and Dunkel had increased HP in Reboot.

    Fixed an error in Dusk where if you used certain teleport skills while on the tentacles, sometimes you would fall to the bottom of the map.

    Fixed an error where if you tried to queue for Black Mage, it would require you to be in a party.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Quests and Maps)

    Fixed an error with a Haven weekly quest that had the incorrect location of the Modified Laser Android.

    Fixed an error where Kinesis could not begin Riena Strait quests until level 50.

    Fixed an error where Illium could not use the portal after killing all the monsters for the Sculpture Modification quest.

    Fixed an error in certain Yum Yum Island quests where Bepi and Mupi’s images were swapped.

    Yum Yum Island’s rope lengths have been decreased overall.

    Fixed an error in Yum Yum Island’s Illiyard Moor where characters could go off the screen.

    Fixed an error in Yum Yum Island’s Fungus Forest where mushrooms in the background appeared to float in the air.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Items)

    Fixed an error where while using Toad’s Hammer, the transfer would fail when items were transferred to certain equipment.

    Chaos Scrolls will now show a system message of which stats were changed.

    Fixed an error where the Rising Sun Earrings and the Crescent Moon Earrings’ appearances were the same.

    Fixed an error where level 60~130 monsters dropped weapons 10 levels lower for Pathfinder, Blaster, Cadena, Adele, Illium, Kinesis, and Hoyoung.

    Fixed an error where the Maple Warrior’s THrone Chair could not display numbers higher than 10,000 properly.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Etc)

    Burning/Burning 2 have ended and can no longer be used.

    Fixed an error where if you pressed Enter while the Chatting Emoticon UI was open, an emoticon would be sent.

    Fixed an error where item links could not be seen if the chat was minimized.

    When items are acquired or consumed, if they are put in/consumed from your inventory, the acquisition message will now state which section of your inventory they are in.

    Fixed an error where herbs/veins mined by other characters would remain.

    Fixed an error where Monster Life monsters appeared on maps where they shouldn’t. Only one Monster Life monster can now appear in a map.

    Fixed an error in Monster Life where sometimes monsters would stop moving and could not be played with.

    Fixed errors with certain achievements.

    Fixed an error where the Sharenian’s Demon Riding skill description was missing the guild level conditions.

    You can no longer enter the Cash Shop while creating a post in the Guild BBS.

    You can now see the location of your alliance members in the guild UI.

    Fixed an error where the guild UI login information was not updated if you logged in as offline and changed to online.

    Rune names will now be displayed above platforms, characters, and monsters.

    Fixed an error in Pollo and Fritto’s Bounty Hunting’s Treasure Hunt where if you used Pet Food multiple times, the client would exit.

    The SEED’s 39th floor Irene has been changed to another NPC.

    Fixed an error where certain Yum Yum Island monsters did not take damage when hit.

    The maximum number of Damage Skin Storage slots has been increased to 36.

    Fixed an error with certain faces where expression images were misplaced.

    Cash Shop

    Royal Hair and Face

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The March Royal Hair Coupon will be on sale from February 20 to March 18. The Trendy Royal Face Coupon has been updated.

    Choice Hair and Face

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Choice Hair and Face Coupons have been updated with new selections.

    Maple Royal Style


    The Maple Royal Style Coupon will be on sale from February 27 to March 18. IT has new items like the Romantic Spring set.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    It also includes the 83rd Special Label: the Rhymes of Abyss set. If you collect all 5 items, you’ll also get the Lake of Enlightenment Chair.


    The Master Label set is still the Master Star’s Herald set.


    Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot


    The Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot event will run from February 27 to June 17.


    The Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot, filled with sparkly gifts, has returned! Every day, you must stay logged into the game for 1 hour to collect an attendance stamp. As you collect stamps, you’ll receive special gifts.

    After being logged in for an hour, you can press the Complete Attendance button to receive your stamp. On weekends, you’ll receive 2 stamps at once!

    Note: your online time and rewards will be on a per Maple ID basis. You can only accumulate online time on characters level 101 or higher.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [COLOR=var(--color-text)]When you collect a certain number of stamps, you’ll receive rewards![/COLOR]
    • 9 Stamps: Petite Wave Pet Voucher
    • 18 Stamps: Random Mix Dye Colour Lens Coupon Voucher
    • 27 Stamps: Fairy Wonky’s Glow-in-the-Dark Tree Leaf Voucher (a Cash weapon that can be worn by all classes)
    • 36 Stamps: Random Mix Dye Hair Coupon Voucher
    • 45 Stamps: Fairy Bros’ Selective Damage Skin Box (select one of 190 Damage Skins from the past)
    • 54 Stamps: Thunder Horse Riding Voucher (a riding that allows you to use the Teleport World Map feature with a 30 minute cooldown for 90 days)
    • 63 Stamps: Soft/Blushing Flower Petal Skin Voucher
    • 72 Stamps: Mannequin Voucher
    • 81 Stamps: Floating Rock Spirit Voucher
    • 90 Stamps: Wave’s Headphones Voucher
    • 99 Stamps: Fairy Bros’ Selective Chair Box
    • 108 Stamps: Fairy Bros’ Selective Face Coupon Voucher
    • 117 Stamps: Fairy Bros’ Selective Hair Coupon Voucher
    • 126 Stamps: Basic Damage Skin (Unit)
    • 135 Stamps: Custom Mix Dye Coupon


    In the attendance board, you can press the Golden Pass button to spend 3000 Maple Points to complete an attendance stamp that you did not receive.

    Special Classes with the Toben Hair Warrior


    The Special Classes with the Toben Hair Warrior event will run from February 27 to March 11. The Toben Hair warrior has returned! Meet teachers experienced with adventures and take special classes!


    Talk to the Toben Hair Warrior to receive the Special Classes skill. After you get it, you can begin the “Finding Memories with Toben Hair Warrior” quest.


    When you accept the quest, you can hunt monsters around your level to collect 20 Memory Fragments. They will be combined into a completed memory and given to a random teacher. You can collect up to 5 memories per day.

    If you collect all 5 memories, the Toben Hair Hero will also find additional memories, based on the day of the event you have completed. You can choose which teachers to give these memories to.

    • Day 1~2: 1 memory
    • Day 3~4: 2 memories
    • Day 5~6: 5 memories
    • Day 7~8: 10 memories
    • Day 9~10: 20 memories
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Based on the teachers you give the memories to, the Special Classes skill will give you various stats. The skill will last until March 25, and is shared between all characters in the same world.

    • Chief Stan: 5/10/15/20 attack/magic attack
    • Mrs. Ming Ming: 10/20/30/40 all stats
    • Dances with Pigs: 500/1000/1500/2000 max HP/MP
    • Manji: 5%/10%/20%/30% defense ignore
    • Vikin: 5%/10%/20%/30% damage to regular monsters
    • John: 5%/10%/20%/30% damage to boss monsters
    • Jane Doe: 5%/10%/15%/20% buff duration
    • Mr. Pickall: 5%/10%/15%/20% critical rate
    • Arwen: 10/20/30/40 Arcane Force
    • Wing: 2.5%/5%/7.5%/10% experience acquired

    Each stat has 4 levels, and has a certain number of memories required to increase the level.

    • Level 1: requires 1 memory
    • Level 2: requires 2 memories
    • Level 3: requires 6 memories
    • Level 4: requires 9 memories


    When you complete the additional memory quests, you will receive rewards. They can only be received once per world.

    • Day 2 mission: Special Medal of Honor
    • Day 4 mission: 30 Selective Arcane Symbol Vouchers
    • Day 6 mission: Personality Trait Growth Potion
    • Day 8 mission: 10 Core Gemstones
    • Day 10 mission: Special Classes Chair Voucher
    Maple Hashtag

    The Maple Hashtag event will take place from March 12 to March 25.

    During this event, you’ll be able to freely design your own Hashtag Master Chair (Ver.2) using a Hashtag Phone!

    You can hunt monsters around your level to acquire Hash Points. you can get up to 100 Hash Points per day per character.

    Based on your Hash Points, your Hashtag Phone’s level will be increased.

    • Level 1: requires 100 Hash Points, basic background, maximum 1 hashtag, choice of 3 expressions
    • Level 2: requires 300 Hash Points, choice of background colour, maximum 3 hashtags, choice of 6 expressions, choice of character pose
    • Level 3: requires 700 Hash Points, choice of background colour or picture, maximum 5 hashtags, choice of 9 expressions, choice of character pose
    • Level 4: requires 1000 Hash Points, choice of background colour or picture, maximum of 7 hashtags (hidden hashtags revealed), choice of 12 expressions, choice of character pose

    The total number of Hash Points you collect will be displayed as the number of likes on your chair.

    Each day, if you acquire 100 Hash Points, you will complete the daily mission and receive rewards. This can be claimed once per world.

    • 4 2x Experience Coupons (15 minutes)
    • 2 Core Gemstones
    • 5 Selective Arcane Symbol Vouchers
    Sunday Maple

    The Sunday Maple event will take place on March 1, March 8, March 15, and March 23.

    On March 1, the following benefits will be active:

    • ?

    On March 8, the following benefits will be active:

    • ?

    On March 15, the following benefits will be active:

    • ?

    On March 23, the following benefits will be active:

    • ?

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